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  1. I do not see this being an issue given that the border is still closed and likely will stay that way for at least a few more months ....... likely to be a quieter river this summer ..... hope to see more boats with only one occupant for the meantime or at least family units ......
  2. You are correct it is called a jackplate and is one way to lift your motor to the desired height...... the other way is to built up your transom but this is best done by welding a sleeve over the transom if it is a motor larger than a 10hp I have one this with a couple of johns over the years but they were 40 HP....... I think you would be okay with a little kicker ie 5 to 10hp as they do not weigh a lot and have less torque
  3. I think we are a little away as Manitoba had no new cases Sask had one and we had 216 today on Apr 28th people need to chill ......
  4. I think you need to pick your spots ..... the off leash area and parking lot off southland and deerfoot is a gong show and should be monitored for numbers or else shut down ......
  5. whatever you do it needs to be a solo event...... not the three guys in a drifter I saw as I was driving down deerfoot on Thursday...... pretty sure they were not a family group
  6. Still have all my original RPL's to go along with the LL's I have both the XP's and use the VXP's as boat rods and I like them both.... the VXP's are definitely a little softer in my eyes which is not a bad thing .....
  7. I have not tried it and do not know anyone that ordered one but the whole thought process of them re-introducing it was to build the same rod as the original so I can not imagine it being any different
  8. I've got a couple of the original LLs and yes they are sweet dry fly rods..........
  9. All of NZ is shut down both Islands..... son lives in Christ Church and has been workin from home as has his entire company IT related
  10. I dislike visits to the hospital even more-so in today's climate hope your surgery went well and make sure you rehab properly...... oh and stay isolated...... hopefully we are mostly through this by the time run-off is done Cheers
  11. Arctic Gray-ling do exist in the Belly although more-so on the Montana side of the border.... however these are considered exotic as they were introduced to the drainage. They do exist naturally in the upper Missouri drainage and were also found in Michigan which are now extinct due to habitat degradation ....... So while they are found in Southern Alberta occasionally they are introduced vs the native ones found from the McLeod river north in Alberta ie Arctic watershed
  12. Rob, You may want to be careful its a bad addiction which is hard to get rid of....... neat video..... very similar to chasing Kingies on rays in New Zealand
  13. I would have figured those lakes were still frozen, need to get back there in a few months.......
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