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  1. You just need a big flat and a good bonefish to test it out....... nice work
  2. I have a set of 3 9'6" Sawyer square tops with the wide blades in good shape that I would consider letting go as I have 3 sets of oars and only 2 boats now...... out on the river again tomorrow but will be in town on Friday
  3. Saw his tracks on a friends deck earlier in the winter about 10 miles east ..... lots of bambi to feed on
  4. Definitely flood related as it rarely effects Brown Trout..... more of a Rainbow/Cutthroat disease as far as trout goes
  5. Cool looking ramp..... but maybe they could just use some of the rocks in a stairway like fashion instead of just piling them up..... I have taken to walking a little further to get away from the crowds and staying away from the usual access points
  6. I too struggle with Father Time and the challenges he presents us along the river...... most of the places these are placed are faster and deeper water and are really not wade-able although they do present some good catching opportunities because of the structure they create..... winter time and ice make them that much more of a challenge to fish off of ..... I wear ice cleats on my boots and all times in the winter and mostly avoid them at this time of year as for me its mostly about getting out for fresh air and a walk and any trout in the wintertime are a bonus in my eyes......
  7. I think the bigger issue was peoples dogs running off leash in the area ..... there is a ton off deer on the island and it was becoming a problem with dogs chasing them so making it off limits was an easier solution for the city
  8. Here's a link i believe superfly brings them in but I have never seen them in a shop I got mine direct form the source https://www.riverroadcreations.com/
  9. Its always better before the daily rubber hatch and yes they do look up
  10. Felts are great till you get out of the water...... be careful on hills, grass,mud or anything but rocks in the Bow
  11. On most streams seems like a lot of water to take on unless you aren't really fishing and exploring instead ..... now if you told me you were walking 5 klics first and then fishing it makes more sense
  12. I think I would be more concerned about hitting a Angler than I would barbwire ......
  13. If you are 65 or older and an Alberta Resident and have a WIN card you may get your license for no charge
  14. Lets hope the water stays high a little longer and we get more rain so the trout get a break
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