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  1. Social media will be the main contributor to declining fish stocks....... One reason not to own a cell phone ....... pictures and hotspotting..... whatever happened to french-mans creek....just saying
  2. I suspect you refer to whirling disease that likely arrived from the Sam Livingston back in the eighties via Johnson lake...... myself I always take new boots and waders on any foreign trip
  3. Perhaps a season closure from November to June with additional sectional closures in the spring and fall to protect the spawners ie.... upstream of Police for the Browns around the Highwood mouth in the spring, barb-less single hooks and maybe a little less of the grip and grin facebook mentality........ oh I was just daydreaming again
  4. Very Nice but tie some up with black posts for low light conditions and old eyes.......
  5. Yeah TFO's are a little weird that way ...... I have a TiCrX in a 8 wt that is awesome the 9wt in the same rod is a club casts like a 2x4 go figure......
  6. Gee, You think those might come in handy at this time of year......
  7. I'm not ..... saw one east of Shelby last year......
  8. Browns are just like a Trophy wife all looks no substance..... from my perspective you have done nothing wrong.... buy him a Deathstar and send after some chrome this fall
  9. Nothin like high water to bring them out.... nice silver
  10. Where's the fish from the Oldman and the Bow ...... guess you'll have time for those soon...... Nice report.... heading down to Montana next week....
  11. Even an old dog can learn new tricks..... when you stop learning you are too old.....
  12. bowbonehead

    28" Trout

    Always liked the bottom in that area...... nice fish too!!!
  13. Hey Rob, good find and yes they are loud.... everyone will know you have one on now..... I still have all mine from back in the sixties seventies era mine were purchased from WOODWARDS and Frenchies as this was pre fly shops.... you definitely will need to palm these as drag is minimal with the spring pawl set-up.....
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