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  1. I think the bigger issue was peoples dogs running off leash in the area ..... there is a ton off deer on the island and it was becoming a problem with dogs chasing them so making it off limits was an easier solution for the city
  2. Here's a link i believe superfly brings them in but I have never seen them in a shop I got mine direct form the source https://www.riverroadcreations.com/
  3. Its always better before the daily rubber hatch and yes they do look up
  4. Felts are great till you get out of the water...... be careful on hills, grass,mud or anything but rocks in the Bow
  5. On most streams seems like a lot of water to take on unless you aren't really fishing and exploring instead ..... now if you told me you were walking 5 klics first and then fishing it makes more sense
  6. I think I would be more concerned about hitting a Angler than I would barbwire ......
  7. If you are 65 or older and an Alberta Resident and have a WIN card you may get your license for no charge
  8. Lets hope the water stays high a little longer and we get more rain so the trout get a break
  9. While the price and weight of the Klymit UL raft is appealing I think I would want something more substantial if I was going to use it somewhere like Fortress Lake and raft out on the river afterwards ....... maybe look for a used one of these https://www.greenbelly.co/pages/pack-rafts or ....... https://www.alpackaraft.com/rafting/product/scout-2019/
  10. Sorry to hear this but you are not the first https://www.washingtonflyfishing.com/forum/index.php?threads/154249/#post-1562259
  11. Don't give up yet and keep in mind some of the rivers hold them too.......
  12. I do not see this being an issue given that the border is still closed and likely will stay that way for at least a few more months ....... likely to be a quieter river this summer ..... hope to see more boats with only one occupant for the meantime or at least family units ......
  13. You are correct it is called a jackplate and is one way to lift your motor to the desired height...... the other way is to built up your transom but this is best done by welding a sleeve over the transom if it is a motor larger than a 10hp I have one this with a couple of johns over the years but they were 40 HP....... I think you would be okay with a little kicker ie 5 to 10hp as they do not weigh a lot and have less torque
  14. I think we are a little away as Manitoba had no new cases Sask had one and we had 216 today on Apr 28th people need to chill ......
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