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  1. So far this season has been the best I've had since I started floating the Bow in '85. Some phenominal days and some average days.
  2. Rick I’ll bid $550 on the Bow River float Brent
  3. Rick I'll go $450 for #1 - the Bow River float Regards Brent
  4. According to the 2019 regs Rainbow Trout (RNTR) are not likely present at the Bow River. Stay home guys - I'll take one for the team and try to find the elusive RNTR this summer.
  5. There was standing room only when I got there at 1:45PM Was the published time of 2 to 5 an estimate or general guideline? Why not just call it Saturday afternoon?
  6. Just tried it - seems to work fine for Bow flows from Banff to Calgary although there is no data yet for Carseland. Elbow flows also work.
  7. I just picked up this gorgeous bridle leather case for one of my reels - compliments of Robert Cochrane - thanks Robert http://www.robertcochrane.com/ --> no commercial interest
  8. Stacks These were made on manual machines. I've always wanted a Haas Mini Mill and a CNC slant bed lathe but can't justify them for my shop. No swiss machines used although they would be great for the small repetitive parts like pillars. No titanium experience.
  9. Bingo!! I haven't laughed so hard in years. Gana still talks about the rodeo. 8' 5piece cane rod / 6wt silk line / 3x tippet / #12 hopper. I still have the remains of the hopper and the 3x leader package tucked away in my memorabilia. You'll recognize your watch band in my screen saver... and in this grayling shot...
  10. Yes - it is extremely rewarding. Here's a Taimen I caught on a click pawl reel a few years ago... There are plenty more but you get the idea
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