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  1. Thanks Monger Next project is a 4” Wide Drum Perfect - photos to follow mid-summer
  2. And here are the two 4" large arbor cork drawbar drag reels...
  3. Finally finished the 2 Rulon/Stainless stacked drag large arbor reels... - the guts of the drag assembly
  4. I have a couple hundred 3/8" Kold Kutter screws that I'll part with. I'm thinking I'll let them go in batches of 50. PM me if you need some.
  5. My next project - inspired by Wrighter Stacked Rulon/Stainless drag The reel...
  6. Thanks for your kind assessment.
  7. Nice looking reel. Glad to hear that your disc drag worked out well. Your response is timely. I'm just getting ready to cut metal on a couple of large arbor disc drag reels. I've made a few of these with cork disk drag but I'm open to suggestions. I design from scratch so all options are open. Please PM a copy of your drag design - I may change my design and incorporate yours. BTW - is that an iron ring in your first photo?? Brent
  8. Here's a nice old Hardy St. George - 3" / ribbed brass foot / honest patina and a 3-3/8" Young that was badged for WILSON & LENFESTY, Victoria B.C. This one had a cracked winding plate and missing winding knob. It took a little TLC to get it back on the water.
  9. And another one... My version of an Aerial centrepin reel... Here's a link to the spin/runout test. https://youtu.be/AeLMiKEcihU
  10. This thread had been dormant for a long while - any other reel makers want to chime in? 7" rendition of the old Hardy Fortuna deep sea reel. This is an anti-reverse cork drag reel. Hardy actually made these up to 9" diameter.
  11. Remove the old glue residue - light scraping should work. Try not to damage the visible part of the burl insert. Reglue with something like 3M 2216 epoxy. 2216 does not set as hard and glass-like as most other epoxies. Be sure to clean all new epoxy out of the reel seat pocket. Drill and pin the butt cap with .040" Nickle Silver wire - two pins at 90 degrees either side of the pocket. I have the stuff you need and plenty of time on my hands - PM me if you want some help with this simple fix. Regards Brent
  12. So far this season has been the best I've had since I started floating the Bow in '85. Some phenominal days and some average days.
  13. Rick I’ll bid $550 on the Bow River float Brent
  14. Rick I'll go $450 for #1 - the Bow River float Regards Brent
  15. According to the 2019 regs Rainbow Trout (RNTR) are not likely present at the Bow River. Stay home guys - I'll take one for the team and try to find the elusive RNTR this summer.
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