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  1. Yeah epic is the right word for it. Ive played that part of the video many times over. Incredibly good picture,right angle and timed just right. So neat looking down on it. Way to go Dad and River.
  2. All you need is some form of ID like a drivers license as proof of age. Nothing else for fishing. Now if you hunt then you will need to keep your WIN to get your hunting license as its not free to seniors.
  3. Some of you folks tie alot of flies. Way to many to comment on them all. But wow this dragon fly got me. I can imagine a selection of blue,yellow and the green ones. Just awesome looking fly. Always personally liked Dragon Flies even when i was a kid. Grew up in Dragon Fly country. Used to catch them in a liitle net then let them go after studying them some with magnifying glass. Just a Beautiful tie Mr. SilverDoctor.
  4. I love the old stuff. Keep adding if you will please. The only old reel i have is a very early 70's Intrepid Rimfly Regular. I use it sometimes on a 7ft6" Cabelas CGR fiberglass rod. Its not exactly a popular collectable item but its close to mint condition with very few scratches. It gets lotsa comments as its a very noisy clicker. Have no clue how to put a picture of it here.
  5. Im partial to very old British made stuff, due to my heritage in part i suppose. Thanks for posting it. Was a great hour and some particularly when practising isolation.
  6. You will have to get something like a 14 wt. or so for those Dinos in the river now.
  7. No need that i can see for barbs not pinched on trebles, especially on a C&R lake. Is it me or do so few seem to care. I see youve caught the flyfishing bug. Nice to see you over here Wayne.
  8. I would have thought that would be a manufacturer defect. Im guessing you have been in to see them about this. What do they say? Reason i jumped in on this is cause i use TFO's. They dont particularly suit me. There are other brands which suit me better for casting, but i cant pass up the warrantee being local with no muss no fuss.
  9. What a wonderful gift that would be and what a way for a newbie to get broke in listening to Hardy music. Hopefully that person appreciates what he/she is getting.
  10. Please do. That would be great as far as im concerned anyway.
  11. Yes a great find indeed. Love old reels. Especially vintage Brit fly reels. I hope you get great pleasure out of using it.
  12. Yes and when i look at that picture and others ive seen like it im most thankful to be living here.
  13. Wow! Why would anyone put them selves through that? Way to much male bonding going on there. What ever happened to peace and solitude while fishing.
  14. Who would have thought. Damascus steel in a fly vise. Absolutely beautiful wood case it comes with to. Now thats eye candy!
  15. Thanks for putting these up. Lots of stuff to read. Im going to enjoy going through everything.
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