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  1. The first Hardy Marquis I bought was in 1971. It still gets used 50 or more days a year. The Marquis forms the backbone of my reel collection with sizes 1>7 in use. I have 8 Marquis c/w many spare spools. After 100>125days/year since 1971 which means 4500 fishing days with only one issue detailed below, you cannot go wrong. The only issue I ever had with the reel is when they switched from nickel silver line guards to chrome plastic. That happened on one reel in the late 70’s. The Hardy rod you got will be a honey of a rod. The blank was built by J. Kennedy Fisher who also built blanks for many other rod companies including Winston when they were in SAN Francisco. i have owned several of the blanks all who have cast just great. The rod will not cast like the graphite’s of today but toss it a line it will very well. You will have to drop the (windshield on fast whip/whip stuff) exhibited by the fast action graphite bunch and adopt a more lazy stroke. Enjoy your purchase.As far as the Hardy drag, noise, I I hope they never change it. Like the grumble of a Harley, the throaty blast from a MGB , Hardy drag noise is what FFing is all about. regards, Don
  2. Folks, got the copied post below from another site. Alberta's Provincial fish, the Bull Trout, and the only species of Rainbow trout native to Alberta, the Athabasca Rainbow, are both listed as 'Threatened' by the province. On March 23rd the federal Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans announced that, on the advice of the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada, it would propose the addition of these species for addition protection under the federal Species at Risk Act (SARA) depending on input from the public. Listing under SARA would add federal support for their recovery with a focus on habitat restoration. A number of angling and wildlife organizations are looking at sending letters of support, some with conditions attached, but numbers matter to politicians and emails from individual anglers are sometimes as or more effective. There's a deadline for comment - April 22nd - and a requirement: "Interested persons may make representations concerning the proposed Order within 30 days after the date of publication of this notice. All such representations must cite the Canada Gazette, Part I, and the date of publication of this notice, and be addressed to Julie Stewart, Director, Species at Risk Program, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0E6 (fax: 613‑990‑4810; email: SARA_LEP@dfo-mpo.gc.ca)" The proposed Order can be found at: http://gazette.gc.ca/rp-pr/p1/2019/2.../reg1-eng.html The proposed designation poses a number of questions:1) will there be closed waters2) in waters where these trout exist, will fishing and not retention be allowed3) incidental catches may occur causing harassment or death4) what effect will the listing have on other users like forestry, drilling, quads5) what efforts will be undertaken to rectify past issues like hanging culverts and the like.6) will Anglers be allowed to target these species. Lots of things to think about.
  3. Tried at Phylis Lake and was a complete failure. In order for fish to grow large enough to be meat eaters, there has to be food. Perch ate it all. The big browns in Phyllis get to 10”. Don
  4. Shel, Only the flowing waters and Burnstick Lake contained pike. Every other lake only had minnow populations. These lakes were stocked with invavsives from somewhere. Cow Lake does contain pike, most have died due to winter kill. Catch rates are lower by far. What a trade - from 15 lb. rainbows to 2>4 lb, pike and tiny perch. To rotenone Cow Lake would cost upwards of a million dollars. To do other lakes in the area may add another million. Time for a perch killing tax in fishing licenses? $20/year/angler would do Phyllis and Tay the following year Struble and Twin. Don
  5. Smitty, Perch are invasive as are trout in lakes where they did not occur naturally. The question that should be asked, which lake stocking species draws the most Anglers? All of the lakes with the exception of Burnstick and Swan in the Rocky area were fish free. When trout were in Cow Lake you couldn’t find a place to park. Last year, opening day with illegally stocked perch and Govt stocked pike, there were a whole two of us fishing. Cow Lake raised trout to 15 lbs. Sad - what a waste of Fishing opportunity. Don
  6. Sorry Smitty - get your facts right, Cow Lake never contained perch and pike until stocked in there. I shspect Hassee was the same. The Alberta record rainbow at one time came outta Hassee, Perch create tiny trout. and here we sit - doing nothin. I was part of the group getting fines up to reconditioning mode, modern Fisheries made illegal stocking worthwhile. Talk we, do lots of that - doing one thing - nope. Don
  7. Smithy, we keep loosing Lakes to perch. The Anglers and govt sit on their asses. We need some cattle prods installed wired for 220v. If I could fix this idiocy, I would. This level of contempt for fisheries would get you skidded. Don
  8. Over 40 years nothing has been done about illegal perch except reward illegal stocking. Remember Cow Lake which was raising trout to 15 lbs.. Illegal finally stocking with perch resulted in rewarding that insult with stocking of pike, i was at Cow Lake last spring opening day. Me an one other guy. When trout were in there, the place was packed with people from across Alberta, Anglers vote with their feet. Get rid of the perch/pike. Don
  9. Stupid arrives again. Illegal stocking of perch now rewards the ***hole doing the stocking by the Province establishing a limit rather than not allowing retention. After 1/2 the lakes in the Rocky Area getting illegal perch stocking, the idiots running fisheries still reward law breakers. Don
  10. Five Geese on local pond yesterday. Don
  11. Bron, Just another cute poacher. They don’t even make decent flies. However, they do like killing things including people. I’ve been chased several times. Wonder if they could be trained to eat Goretex. Don
  12. Guys, I got a kick outta listening to people tell me that this or that lived here or there. One of these was a local biologist who is younger that some of my ties. So, I thought of the business of furs and realized the fur companies kept records. Further, if it was marketable, it was killed and traded for goods. Do take the time to read, as I have, the Factor Log for the fur types traded to the Fort at Rocky Mountain House in the 150 years of existence,. One otter traded by the natives who lived from the 49th to Grand Cache along the eastern slopes. Grizzly Bear and Wolverine hides were traded suggesting the natives killed and traded what they could to survive. The Manitoba Govt has the originals. I was allowed to see copies Lots of otters traded into Ft. Edmonton from the Crees from the Boreal Forest regions. Jayhad, clearly the info you had is correct but for the boreal forested area not the sub-alpine or alpine regions. Alberts is a huge place with many land types. Not all shared all species. As far as otters in Rocky. In fifty years of living here I has only seen otters for the past few years. Most of the govt biologists have never seen one. Last I heard they were still looking for otter *hit. i’ve seen Otters at Cow Lake, Prairie Creek, Clearwater River, Mitchell Lake, Beaver Lake and Ironside Pond. However I have seem fewer otters seen in the past couple of years. Why they arrived and why tbe numbers are down is not known. There is a fur limit of one for this region. Don
  13. Otters are an invasive species much like Asian Carp. However, they are “cute”. Disney strikes again. Don
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