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  1. Dan, try Calgary Tent aind Awning at http://www.calgarytent.com/ they may be able to supply glue. Don
  2. Some years ago on CBC I learned that damsels have two colours which can be either male or female. The researcher believed it was a defensive move to confuse predators. Females are better groceries due to egg mass. Don
  3. Monger, lib that case, there are a lot of gay ones particularly in southern Alberta. Don
  4. Dan, ive seen the same thing. Lots of colours but mostly on the light green colour. I wonder if it related to the adults. There are dark olive and bright blue. They seem to be of either sex if using “who is on top” criteria. Don
  5. Jauhad, Rain getting to you. An argument with yourself is kinda scary Don
  6. Uber, it appears the correction maybe different than link originally posted. Spent the last hour looking for the original link. No luck. Don
  7. I drifted several sections of the Clearwater this year and you don’t want to bring s drift boat down it from Highway 22>Highway 752. It is thin in many places. I bottomed out my pontoon boat many times. Tbe river is in runoff right now and this will help the situation. Launching a drift boat is tough. There maybe only two spots in 12 miles. North Sask is even tougher to get boats in and out within a reasonable distance. Downstream of Highway 11 there is a take out at Drayton. Catch ya’ Don
  8. Folks, here is a Conference Board of Canada survey on hunting , fishing & trapping. this stuff is important. only what is measured matters. https://na1se.voxco.com/SE/default.aspx Don
  9. Folks, The Wild Alberta website used to have a link to Fisheries Management that detailed the Quality Lake Policy, the Perch Policy And Stocking Policy. They have disappeared. Are the policies still in place? i am looking for where they went. Don
  10. I’ve seen the missing gill plates on Staffer for well over 20 years. WD kills <10” fish. Don
  11. FishnChips says “ I have a Hardy JET 9WT that I collected a few years ago. The glass blanks are identical in colour to fibreglass Hardy Mooching Rods which were popular in the '70s on the BC coast.” The rod blank was made by J. Kennedy Fisher who built blanks for Winston & Hardy as well as a number of smaller companies. I have owned a number of blanks built by them. Wonderful rods. Don
  12. Taco, The Islander is Canadian after all. It is expected to be low key even apologetic. Don
  13. Peasant! Hardys are meant to be heard. Please send it to me, I appreciate quality. Don
  14. Taco, That is one rare critter. As far as I know only two have been captured in Alberta. Both by biologists. Lucky guy. Don
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