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  1. But there is a different way to make your thoughts known. Here is a link where you can share your thoughts. https://talkaep.alberta.ca/aep-fisheries-management?tool=survey_tool#tool_tab regards,, Don
  2. This is a copy of a note I wrote to a I suspect these meetings are more than hot air. There has been a movement headed by a retired Alberta biologist and past Fish and Game Assoc. Provincial President to increase the kill fishery at several lakes in the NE part of Alberta. He has solicited support from many including Municipal Govts, Chambers Of Commerce and the like. The splatter effect has already been felt in Rocky by the Govt legitimizing illegal perch stocking at Struble Lake SW of Rocky. This allows fishermen to keep perch now. This seemed to be a sop to illegal stockers and will encourage more illegal stocking. Further, there was a lot of whining and yodelling when Dolberg Lakes were changed. The Barrhead newspaper attempted to sway public sentiment by publishing strange statements. One has to recall the incredible effort it takes to return to some decent fishing and for the anglers to risk jumping back to the past seems way past silly. With the change of Govt. I have no idea what to expect. I guess, doing nothing risks it all, Don
  3. Bcubed, what would/should be done? 1) no equipment allowed into Canada from infested areas. 2) no equipment allowed across provincial borders from infested areas. 3) commercial ag,ing operation found not cleaning clients gears fined <$ 100,000. 4) add to prohibited fish list that must not be imported into Alberta, increase fines for importers. Several years ago the list in Alberta was one fish long whereas other provinces had 80>100 on the list. 5) educated the public to keep from stocking exotics like goldfish. The list could go on forever but what is the point. Who cares? Don
  4. The mind set of NOT dealing with fisheries issue goes much further back in time that tbe UPC. If anglers, commercial angling operations really gave a *hit, they would force the Govt to change. Don
  5. In Alberts many years ago one of the joys of spring was watching very large trout take advantage of newly stocked trout. Doesnt happen much anymore. Few big trout left. But not everywhere. Saw several rainbows become groceries over the past three years at Mitchell Lake. Don
  6. WD, Asian Carp, Zebra mussels are now just over the Sask border, exotic fish stocked everywhere. The list of lack of action could go on for pages. when in the he’ll are we gonna off our butts are really deal with what is killing our fisheries. Don
  7. Just got this from a friend fishing in South America. It was quite the trip from El Calafate! The photos don’t do it justice. Vast expanses of Patagonia emptiness and “lumpy” barely describes it. Immediately upon arrival our waders and boots were disinfected and then it was time to string up rods and fish! Are we not yet embarrassed that we don’t require visiting or returning anglers to clean their gear and the best part, please find me a guide or guiding service who asked their clients not to drag their diseased stuff into A,berta, we deserve what we got. respect the resource,, nope we crap on it. Don
  8. order Paving meeting held Nov. 28 saw a audience of perhaps 75. The audience was composed of most of the landowners within close proximity of the proposed wet gravel pit, several downstream landowners, business owners located along the stream, Trout Unlimited representatives from Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, Alberta F&G, Alberta Conservation Association, Red Deer Watershed Alliance & Butte Action Committee, plus a number of interested Anglers, landowners and county residents. Border Paving had their Hydrologist Consultants, fisheries consultant, plus in-house staff presenting info. 1) As expected, water and how to protect the North Raven River from potential effects on the stream was the major focus of the audience. The Hydrologist presented his findings which the audience felt meager at best. Many expressed the view of why risk the stream. This section of the meeting used perhaps 70% of the 2 hour session. 2) Border provided “story boards” showing pit locations, exactions, end pit lakes and the like 3) Border outlined a desire to combine applications for both pits as requested by Dept. of Environment. 4) Road use, anticipated use of the pit, operating hours were all detailed. 5) As part of the application process, attendees could sign in for further info sent to them, use a response sheet provided by Border. All responses sent or recorded become part of tbe package provided to the County . For those who wished to comment on the application, please see previous post for letters addresses. Regards, Don
  9. Folks,Adjoining the lands of Border Paving, the proponent of the gravel pit, and within 50 yards on both the east side and north side are lands held under title by the Alberta Conservation Assoc., Trout Unlimited Canada, Alberta Fish and Game Assoc.. These lands were purchased by the above authorities with additional contributions of Central Alberta Trout unlimited Chapter.If you purchased a fishing or hunting license and or are dues paying members of one or more of those organizations, these lands belong to you and you must have standing in any decision rendered. These lands held by the above groups have management plans developed by the owners whose decisions reflect any similar owner decisions. Examples of these decisions include land use, access, grazing and the like. Please address all comments about the application of Border Paving to:Planning Dept.Country of Clearwater,4340 47 Ave, Rocky Mountain House, AB T4T 1A4Please write a letter as letters have much more “weight” than emails or online petitions. Regards,Don
  10. But there is hope. Some WD rainbows exist. http://www.leadvilleherald.com/free_content/article_57b4eee4-0d69-11e9-98f7-7756a0c5b312.html but.... how are we to deal with Asian Crap, Zebra Mussels, New Zealand Mud Snails? Don
  11. I’ve fished Whiteswan a number of times. Nearly every day near noon the wind comes up from the west which translates to 2’+ waves in the east end severely limiting where you can fish. The west end is not nearly as effected. For that reason I camp at Packrat. While there is road traffic by, it drops off in the evening. and overnight.. The flats at Packrat can readily accommodate a lot of boats with water depths from 2>20’. Chironomids, small leeches and pheasant tail nymphs all have been successful in the past. Don
  12. Border Paving Application Many of the folks who had read the Facebook or web site pages may not be aware of the steps that are taken for a Development Permit to be issued for the construction of the Gravel Pit. To aid in the understanding of what happens and when it happens I contacted Eleanor Pengelly, Development Officer, Planning & Development Department of Clearwater County where the proposed Gravel Pit will be located. Here are some general guidelines for the process regarding gravel (aggregate) pit applications in Clearwater County and timelines in the process. 1] The applicants hold a pre-application meeting with the County's planning department 2] The County provides the applicants with mailing information for adjacent landowners 3 The applicants schedule an open house to inform adjacent landowners of the proposal – this is to take place at the Butte Community Hall November 28/19. 4] The applicants invite adjacent landowners to the open house and advertise the open house in a local newspaper 5] The applicants hold their open house and present their proposal to the public, gathering feedback and answering questions (up to this point, the County directs inquiries to the applicants and encourages the public to attend the open house) 6] After the open house, as part of their development permit application, the applicants submit an open house report to the County, including who attended, what the concerns are and how the applicants will mitigate those concerns 7] Once the County deems the development permit application complete, the County sends out a referral package to adjacent landowners and affected parties such as Alberta Environment, to solicit comments regarding the proposal. 8] The County gives 30 days for referral comments to be received (all written comments received are compiled to be presented to the Planning Authority) 9] At this point, the applicants may provide additional information or amend their application 10] Once the final application information is complete, the County schedules the application to go to the Planning Authority (the Municipal Planning Commission) for a decision (this board meets once a month) 11] Once a decision is made, copies of the decision are sent out to the adjacent landowners. Municipal development permits are subject to appeal for three weeks from the date of decision 12] If appealed, a Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) public hearing is held. The SDAB can approve, change or refuse the permit 13] If a municipal approval is granted, the applicants provide a copy of their development permit to Alberta Environment so that the provincial applications can go forward (such as Water Act approvals, Code of Practice Registration, Reclamation etc.) 14] As far as municipal timelines go, these can vary anywhere from three to six months, depending on the complexity of the application and sequence of events. OK – now you have the process, I will add some personal comments about the process 1] If you want additional information about the Proposal, contact Bobbi Medin at Border Paving at 403 343 1177. 2] If you wish more clarification please contact Holly Bily (lead development officer) or Eleanor Pengelly at the Clearwater County Office. 3] In addition to provincial approvals, gravel pits are subject to municipal development permit approval. If you wish to comment on the Proposed Gravel Pit, you should: 1] Attend the public information session hosted by Border Paving November 28/19 at the Butte Community Hall from 5>8 pm. Your attendance and comments will be reflected in the Border Paving Development Permit Application to Clearwater County. 2] Letters to the Dept. of Environment regarding the application. I would write the Minister, Jason Nixon detailing your concerns. 3] My understanding, if the development permit is issued by Clearwater County, a Water Act Approval is required. This application triggers an another process where advertisements and public comments can be made. At this point, The Dept. of Environment Approval Officer Terrina Perley in the Red Deer Office should be where you write to express your concerns. 4] It must be understood that your concerns may not be considered as you do not fall within the guidelines of the Dept. of Environment for the directly effected. To be directly effected you generally must live within a short distance of the proposed development. Over the last near 30 years, the "directly effected concept" has virtually stymied may citizens who have concerns of how their province is managed. However, loud voices scare politicians. Make yours heard. Regards, Don Andersen
  13. The declining fish population is an action that already is past. We haven't stopped WD and recruitment is shabby, we are losing bugs all over as evidenced by a 50% reduction in aviary insect feeders. we haven’t done anything but increase destruction of the landscape. And your trying to convince me C&R is the issue. really? Don
  14. Fishtech, I read this report years ago. It was about retention fishing. killing ‘em and they are gone. What a concept. Don
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