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  1. I built on e from 2”*12” fir plank with triangular pieces constructed to have motor 90 degrees from the hull. pit supported a 9.9.
  2. I’ve watched the technicians calabtprate the system by first measuring the profile on the stream, determine velocity and measuring the level. I would imagine there is some type of calculation applied. As the levels change, so does calculated flow rate. However, and don’t you must love howevers. 1) this assumes stream contour remains the same. Over winter, depending on ice formation, stream contours may change. 2) the level device must be free to move. Ice impedes level device. As most of these stream flow samplers are located tight to the stream, ice would take som time to disappear. Tbe takeaway, use the information as an ABOUT flow and not exact. Don
  3. The water level measurement device is housed in small buildings where the measurement device freezes and therefore not accurate for <> 7 months. Don
  4. Sask. to reopen fishing access points. Can we be far behind. Sask knows what is important. Fishing Access is #1 - step #2 is also outlined, the other reopening steps are a tad fuzzy. https://www.saskatchewan.ca/government/news-and-media/2020/april/23/reopen-saskatchewan-plan Don
  5. It appears like both Sask. and BC are easing the fishing access restrictions so I would expect Alberta to follow suit. The question is how to formulate some well understood rules to lessen contacts between anglers. A couple of things that might be considered: 1) origin of the Angler as some areas of Alberta have infection rates much higher than others. Calgary infection rate is much higher that Edmonton or Central Alberta may mean Calgarians maybe limited to certain areas or banned till infection rate decreases. 2) boat vs bank or pier fishing. In Pontoon boats it is easy to maintain distance. Not so easy for others. 3) various fishing accesses are controlled by various govts, municipalities, private clubs, ACA which will lead surely to a raft of restrictions of which many will be different. Signage will be necessary to Inform anglers, 4) it would seem that some jobs may increase infection or chances of infection. Are those persons to be treated different. Lots of things to be considered, Whart I expect to happen is to have Govt drop to lowest standards possible so all persons can be captured within the rules. This is generally the case on nearly all Govt Regulations. regards, Don
  6. Lorne,

    Changed my password and email addresses April 24 @ 4:20 AM. Couldn't sleep.

    Would you make sure that happened.

    I'm going to log out now and see if I can get back in.

    Please send me an email later this morning please. donandersen@bamboorods.ca



  7. Life is getting better. Back into the rod shop for the last 3 days. Gotta get two rods ready for customers. Then some fly pictures. I may survive. Don
  8. Brian, how about we all do it. I suspect based on nothing more than the lousy success rate of FF types IDing fish species for Quirk Creek experiment we all need a tune up. Don
  9. For whatever it’s worth. $4,500,000,000 giveaway at 5% = $225,000,000 in interest campground closing = $5,000,000 Don
  10. It should be required for all anglers irrespective of age or presumed experience levels. it could be lodged on line and require a passing grade to fish. There could be a nominal charge or even none, however the course would include evidence of passing that you must carry to fish in Alberta. There should be no “by” for anyone. Don
  11. Folks,The Hunter Training guys have put together a real good educational program c/w an exam and certificate.AND ITS FREE!!!!!!! Not sure how that happened but my hat off to those that made this possible. It took me about 3 hours to do the program and answer the questions. This type of program has been requested by many individuals and fishing groups for many years. Clear evidence exists many anglers do not do fish identification well making species management all but impossible. https://319.yssecure.com/cart_builde...roductID=60179Hint, look to the right side and click FREE. Have fun,Don
  12. We had already prepared for a couple of weeks as Sandy doesn’t drive anymore. The local coop delivers so we can stock up on vegetables as needed. Don
  13. SD, Left knee replaced in March 17. Can’t go drive for 6 weeks. already going stir crazy. Don
  14. Perhaps 25 years ago I caught a Grayling of about 10” in the Belly River while fishing with Dean Baaynes. Heard fish Fish and Wildlife captured another near Glenwood. Don
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