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  1. My suggestion is to get a camera with the zoom/quality you want and when you think it can get wet put it in to a dry bag.
  2. Yeah they all suck, i use the telephone cable ones.
  3. Earlier this year I picked up a 5wt switch for the Bow and love it. I feel a 6wt is a little much for the Bow but if you plan to do most of your fishing elsewhere for bigger fish then go for something larger. Also I thought i'd mentioned that you don't exactly need a spey rod to catch big browns. The bigger fish are generally not found in the middle of the river, most guys use a SH 6/7wt rod fishing tight to the bank. On the other hand if you just want a spey rod that's cool too, they are a ton of fun to cast and there's really no reason why it wont work for what you are doing.
  4. I basically just use one camera for everything and know little about taking photos. For me a good waterproof, shock proof camera is a must for any outdoorsy person, you can take it anywhere without worrying about it getting damaged. Before i had this camera i would never consider taking the camera where i do now and because of that missed out on lots of memories I could have captured.
  5. olympus tg-4, it shoots great photos and is a tank. took it to the ski hill, the ocean, the mountains it goes everywhere.
  6. Thanks but they dont have any in stock
  7. Looking for CS86 or CS86x hooks. Thanks
  8. I don't think there's anything to interpret, its pretty clear that no one is allowed on.
  9. K, im tired of seeing people on the island, who should i notify?
  10. So when this happens who do you call, police, RAP? Saw someone by the 17th Ave Blackfoot bridge yesterday with what definitely looked like a civilian craft.
  11. I love the attire, there's something about watching people fish in suits.
  12. One can definitely EN the Bow but the various EN styles is best suited for shallow rivers where you are able to wade to the areas that hold fish. When people say they EN I assume they are Czech/Polish nymphing (OP correct me if i m wrong). There are just too many areas on the Bow that you can't tight line, to fish the bow you need to be versatile, going with total EN setup on the Bow will severely limit the areas you can fish. Sure you can catch some fish but you'll spend a lot of time moving between the areas that cater to your method. I'm not saying EN techniques don't belong on the Bow because they definitely do just be aware that every situation is going to call for a different approach. My suggestion to the OP was not to go all out EN, but to be more versatile. As to why i don't think the Bow is great for EN. You cant EN the Bow with this method alone, of course there's no single method to fish the Bow, but from my experience EN setups are very specialized which makes changing to different techniques time consuming. In contrast the Elbow River is great for EN, you can use your EN setup everywhere, if its the only technique you know you'll be fine.
  13. The Bow isn't a great river to Euro nymph (EN) but there are sections that will work, generally a suspended indicator will be your best method to fish the Bow. Because of that I wouldn't get a dedicated EN rod. You'll find that a lot of the good water you want to fish is unwadable and out of reach using EN techniques. Personally I'd stick with your 5wt to EN but also keep your setup versatile so when the situation arises you can pop on a suspended indicator to fish those hard to reach places. I did a lot of EN with my 9' 6wt and it worked just as well as my EN rod, the only difference between the two rods is the extra reach the EN rod gives. If your 5wt has a sensitive tip then you shouldn't have a problem detecting those subtle strikes. Nowadays I use a 9' 5wt to nymph the Bow using the techniques mentioned. If you are set on getting a EN rod id go with a 4wt. EN is generally done in the shallow riffles so most of the time you aren't going to be catching really big fish. Saying that i have caught some 20" fish using my 4wt EN rod and it handles the fish fine. The 3wt on the Bow is probably too light, you don't want to fight a fish for too long especially when the water is warmer.
  14. David


    Hey Murray, I would go with Simms. I use the low end Simms Freestone. Fished for 2 seasons over 100 times, mostly wading. At the end of last season there was a seam coming apart and Simms sent me a new pair within a few weeks. Have never tried anything else so really cant comment on those. All I can really say is that the Simms customer service and guarantee is hard to beat.
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