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  1. David

    Foam Stamps

    Thanks for the input everyone! I guess while we are on the topic, what hopper stamp size does everyone recommend for the bow?
  2. Anyone know which retailers in town sell them? Looking for hopper stamps in various sizes. Thanks
  3. If its the Bow definitely not. Which river are you talking about?
  4. Google maps says its closed? is that right?
  5. My suggestion is to get a camera with the zoom/quality you want and when you think it can get wet put it in to a dry bag.
  6. Yeah they all suck, i use the telephone cable ones.
  7. Earlier this year I picked up a 5wt switch for the Bow and love it. I feel a 6wt is a little much for the Bow but if you plan to do most of your fishing elsewhere for bigger fish then go for something larger. Also I thought i'd mentioned that you don't exactly need a spey rod to catch big browns. The bigger fish are generally not found in the middle of the river, most guys use a SH 6/7wt rod fishing tight to the bank. On the other hand if you just want a spey rod that's cool too, they are a ton of fun to cast and there's really no reason why it wont work for what you are doing.
  8. I basically just use one camera for everything and know little about taking photos. For me a good waterproof, shock proof camera is a must for any outdoorsy person, you can take it anywhere without worrying about it getting damaged. Before i had this camera i would never consider taking the camera where i do now and because of that missed out on lots of memories I could have captured.
  9. olympus tg-4, it shoots great photos and is a tank. took it to the ski hill, the ocean, the mountains it goes everywhere.
  10. Thanks but they dont have any in stock
  11. Looking for CS86 or CS86x hooks. Thanks
  12. I don't think there's anything to interpret, its pretty clear that no one is allowed on.
  13. K, im tired of seeing people on the island, who should i notify?
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