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  1. absolutely concur. Nothing like having to spend a half hour picking up small pieces of toilet paper before setting up camp. . Why don't people simply throw the stuff in the fire or garbage. Last year had a very bad experience with an idiot with a drone and would not turn his music down. In his mind his campsite was his property and could do what ever he wanted with no respect for the other people in the area. Left a day early and called the RCMP. The RCMP got back to me and mentioned they showed up at the worst time for the idiot, he was hazing cattle. Didn't go well for him. ray.
  2. Was out last week for a few nights of camping and fishing and was shocked at the number of RV's parked all over the place. Never seen that many campers in the 30 odd years fishing the eastern slopes. But oddly the same basic number of anglers fishing this river (not overly crowded). When i got home and did a little research and found this. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/alberta-rv-sales-are-up-by-42-says-industry-group-1.1269835 This will make things difficult for all of us that camp and fish the eastern slopes. Just my two bits worth. Ray
  3. Be advised, ordered a bunch of hackle from this outfit feather emporium. (needed Size 10 and 12 hackle). Payed with paypal. He will not return phone calls nor answer emails but will take your money!!!! Had to put a claim in threw paypal and after a good month my package is in the mail. It'll be interesting to see if i actually get what i ordered. Ray
  4. yes i have and the one i used on my buddies boat was home made worked pretty good but had some design issues. So i ordered a Greys Platinum drogue after watching a bunch of videos from the uk. But have never used it due to selling my boat (tired of the crowds). If your interested in purchasing one send me pm
  5. Couple of very large grizzly's have been seen hanging around the North Ram between nice creek (cattle corral) and the trappers cabin. Didn't see the bears but had a very good look at there tracks. Spoke to the fella keeping an eye on the cattle and he has seen 6 different individual bears between the the forks and the trappers cabin. Ray
  6. yupp pretty much hat I've discovered. Not worth it unless you pay $2k
  7. Looking into buying an ebike to travel from base camp to access points. Will be used on gravel and a bit of trail riding. Need maximum range without recharging. thnks in advance ray.
  8. google grizzly's in Manitoba. Be nice to know what really happened. I'll bet they saw a bear with cubs from a distance, slowed down to take some close up and got to close, cubs scampered off, they then probably rolled in a bit closer for better photos, or tried to drive by trying not to disturb the sow. No matter what it's apparent they got to close the comments on the outdoorsman are frightening.!!!
  9. on my home lake (6000') I find that a sizes 12 - 16 tied in either black or maroon with a silver or silver and black rib and sometimes a red tag is all i use. I've been fooling around with beads lately and now my go to is a smallest white tung bead that'll fit the hook followed by a black tung 2.8mm bead for the thorax, this allows a very fast decent and hangs really well without a swivel in deeper water. Ray
  10. https://www.chapters.indigo.ca/en-ca/books/product/9780978478612-item.html?mkwid=sKLCrs73h_dc&pcrid=44154474422&pkw&pmt&s_campaign=goo-Shopping_Books&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIl6mL2JX61gIVnLjACh3I4g5SEAYYASABEgIjjvD_BwE If your in the Jasper area send me a pm.
  11. I have a hyde low pro that Ive been using for the last 5 seasons on a large mountain lake. The first year I started out with a minkota 55 but soon found out that if you get stuck in a wind storm or any kind of rough water it's kind of sketchy with the 55, get blown around and if your going against the wind it doesn't have the power to push threw. I stepped up to the 80 and no more problems but it's a 24 volt motor so you'll need 2 batteries (I run 2 banks with an inline switch to change banks without fumbling with battery post nuts) I can run and gun to various locations at full power for a full day usually about 5 miles one way and still have plenty of battery power to get me back to the dock safely. Bit more money but way cheaper in the long run due to the safety factor.
  12. If your coming up before the May long weekend all lakes will be still closed. It's been a weird year for weather here, we've been getting allot of snow in the high country lately but nothing down in the valley bottom. Most likely the rivers will be in run off. If you are planning on arriving after the long weekend send me a PM and I'll gladly provide a few lake options. Ray
  13. bought a 30lb from Jim,s jigs in spruce view ab. think i payed $50.00 for one. The freight was almost as much as the anchor.
  14. All the previously mentioned rivers near Taupo are all excellent but the hike in rivers in the Kaimanawa Ranges near Taupo, notably the head waters of the Mohaka and its tribs and the Ngaruroro river, unbelievable fishing and incredible scenery.
  15. Broken that requirement would make way to much sense!!!
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