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  1. https://pubs.acs.org/doi/full/10.1021/acs.estlett.2c00677?casa_token=LAHxa-HBaPcAAAAA%3AvrwduxVD1EdRYn_9kiyq00lqzORPTQ2QX32-TZ7w7tk7lezqlWfOGgyHKtSrFW1bOoB_WPDLOnA6wGI So we have already documented the issue with runoff from the mines into the Elk river, now we see the pollution is also airborne and transported east to Alberta. We don't need any new mines on our eastern slopes
  2. Way to easy Kyle. Pretty fancy tools
  3. A good 9ft 6wt should be fine, maybe a 7wt if you are going to throw some heavier streamers. Sounds like a fun spot
  4. Another guy on the Ancient Geezer Fishing Team. You old guys go get 'em
  5. Heard of another fellow getting his converter stolen just south of Calgary along the river valley while he was fishing
  6. Hope the message gets received by the right audience. I also hope the "birds" stop moving fish around their province with their buckets and cars
  7. But Toolman, all the trout below Carsland have never counted. They were called "steers" by the Bios ....just excess production and not worth worrying about. That way you don't have to fix the screen, and subsequent loss of trout down the irrigation ditch to McGregor. Anyone taking temperatures in the Fish Creek area?
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