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  1. Yes the government is trying to mislead people to think that they actually care what you have to say. Exploration continues. Is there nothing worth protecting that is more valuable than a quick buck?
  2. monger


    I have a TFO BVK 8wt that I have used for Steelhead and bonefish. It gets the job done
  3. Eggs are collected from Job to stock lots of mountain lakes like Rawson
  4. Walk more than a 100 yards to go fishing.....are you crazy????? I need to drive my truck, make some mud bogs, destroy some vegetation so I can park my truck 10 feet from the water. Walk some where....that is crazy talk
  5. So good Gary. Can't wait to join the retired fishing team instead of trying to cram it in on the weekends
  6. monger


    Looks like you are having a fun summer
  7. The lack of respect in the world today is incredible. What ever happened to leaving the place cleaner than you found it? I remember as a kid we would move rocks out of the way to pitch the tent. When we were packing up, my Dad would make us replace the rocks! I sure miss the old days we people cared about the woods and the next the guy coming
  8. I find they are harder to catch next time when they are dead
  9. Me and another guy built a lot of fence along the Dogpound while working for Fish and Wildlife in the mid-80's. We also built a lot of log walls to stabilize the eroding banks. The fences were to keep the cows off the banks and direct them to certain watering areas. The landowner still owns the land from the fence to the water's edge, unless there has been some legal agreement established by the government. Government funds just paid for the fence for habitat protection, the fence does not necessarily mean you can walk streamside without permission. It would be wise to speak to the landowner
  10. The irrigation district also has a habit of shutting the water pretty much off to the river at the dam and diverting all the water to the Belly, then------> St. Mary's river. In other words, screw the trout and give the water to the farmers.
  11. Brent....is there not some legislation around SARA animals that would limit destructive habitat disturbances?
  12. The Cutthroats and Bulls in Line Creek and the Fording River BC have been decimated by coal mining. The concentration of Selenium in the downstream waters is now 25X acceptable levels. There are a number of deleterious effects documented from significant levels of Selenium. Do we need more industialization, sediment, and Selenium leaching in an area where the threatened Bull trout go to spawn?
  13. Where the grass meets the mud....that pretty much leaves you standing in the water in a lot of places. Probably best to talk to the landowner along the section you want to fish before you get started. Having run-ins with grumpy guys sours the day
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