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  1. Yes my sister and I used to watch Cahoon sit on the bank waiting for risers as we reeled in fish. Never understood why he was waiting. Finally old enough now to get the hunting part of fly fishing
  2. My parents built that house. Spent a few days along the river down there
  3. Thanks Doc. I have just used the BBCode "forum link" in the past. Cougar came right up to the deck of the house across from Legacy Island. Very interested in the barking dog inside
  4. What does "rich text" vs "plain text" mean. Not accepting my photo link
  5. Not shy [img]https://i.imgur.com/ZrJPr6b.jpg[/img]
  6. No change to Police regs.....hopefully there are some trout to exercise
  7. Better late than never. Unfortunately the leaching will continue forever.
  8. Sorry for your loss Don. 64 is too young
  9. Please be warned of some offensive language:
  10. What ever happened to casting to find fish. Everybody wants a short cut. Working for them is satisfying. Humans are too clever for their own good sometimes. This will increase angler caused mortality.
  11. Well done. Thanks for the share
  12. I don't think the government ever chased down the culprit. A little forensic fish DNA sampling would illuminate things. It has been too long a time and millions of fish later. A guy I worked with knew the owner of the farm. Fish farm now grows Talapia. Township Rd 250, Range Rd 274. You can follow the ditches from there. Easy to see how carp got in Weed lake north of Langdon and all the way to the NE to the Red Deer River. Then you have eco-vandals moving live fish around. People are so un-informed of the devastation that can happen in the long run
  13. Ground Zero for Prussian Carp: A fish farm along an irrigation ditch northeast of Chestermere Lake (east of Calgary)....fish released into the ditch. Those irrigation ditches eventually end up dumping into the Red Deer river downstream of Drumheller. After that you have all the criminals moving live fish around in buckets to new waterbodies. The damage level continues to grow and now is being passed on to Saskatchewan. Eventually the carp will probably get to Hudson Bay
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