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  1. Cut off the feet of your old worn out waders....then you can use them in your boots for summer
  2. Yes, the amount of water removed at the WID weir near the zoo is probably the biggest threat to the river when discussing flows, temperature and dilution of contaminants as summer arrives However, this reduction/loss of water from the river is not even up for discussion from the government in power. Rather than discuss the gaping wound pumping fluid out, those in power want to bandage some scratches somewhere else
  3. Last time I checked I could still think. There is a significant amount of folks who are against catch and release/trophy trout stillwaters. That's why so many folks have to travel out of province to catch big trout. Pretty disappointing. Low stocking rates actually save money for the province, and lead to big fish if you don't put them in a freezer. Instead they just pour 500,000 little trout into Payne (and a great number of other put and take lakes) so they can be vacuumed up each year. Stocking reports are available for all to see
  4. This is the issue....so much disturbance, and there is no way to collect all the runoff from snow melt/rain events. The amount of water that will get treated (with limited success) in comparison to all the runoff is insignificant. Therefore we are left with a giant, ever-increasing problem of Selenium accumulation that will continue for centuries. Is the benefit of making steel with a cheap heating fuel greater than a legacy of selenium pollution? There is already technology available for making steel that does not use metallurgic coal....it just costs a bit more. We are not making any new mountains or rivers. The value of clean water is only going to go up as this messy planet ages
  5. Swivel is just 2-3 feet above the fly. I have found using mono for the first big section of leader is beneficial. If you start fishing more shallow and move your indicator toward you flies you will have more leader between your fly line and indicator. Fluorcarbon sinks and can affect your hook set if it sinks far enough. Mono works better. I fish from a tube, no electronics. I mark my anchor rope at five foot intervals for determining depth
  6. I have found the chironomids in AB tend not always to look like all the ones you see from BC. A good plan is to get a throat pump and learn how to use it so you can see what the bugs look like in the actual lake you are fishing. Color and size of the bug can be pretty important. I just use a corkie indicator with a tooth pick. Always works. Leaders....many use tapered leaders. I just tie on a piece of 15lb Maxima mono for 75% of my leader to a swivel. Then I will use 10 or 12lb Seaguar fluorocarbon to my flies. Use a non-slip loop knot to tie on flies. Anchor you boat. Cast downwind or slightly across. Tiny strip every once and a while. Start near the bottom. Can use hemostats or homemade weight clip attached to fly to lower down and find water depth. Set indicator so fly 6-24" off bottom to start. As hatches progress some times it pays to move fly up the water column. Use good quality hooks for bigger fish so the hooks don't bend open. I don't use a full sink line unless the water is over 25ft deep
  7. https://www.rmotoday.com/vox-populi/letter-the-kananaskis-fee-at-work-5203613
  8. It just seems like bizarre behavior to me. Half the fun of fishing is exploring and finding new challenges to figure out. If people camp at a hole there is no opportunity for the next person to experience it. This was never the norm in the past and now it is so common that I don't even bother going up. Everyone knows most of the fish are in the pools. If all the pools are hogged, doesn't leave much fun for the next group. Steelheaders rotate as they swing streamers down the river. Perhaps Cutthroat fishermen could rotate as they move up the river tossing their dry flies. Better yet, go for a hike a few miles up along the river and see some new water
  9. True Silver, and parking their guide boats
  10. How do feel about folks parking their butts on a hole on the mountain streams for the whole day?
  11. A study which showcases the results of bad handling behavior https://www.researchgate.net/publication/337655272_Can_smartphones_kill_Trout_Mortality_of_memorable-sized_Bull_Trout_Salvelinus_confluentus_after_photo-releases
  12. But it should be noted that many of us have witnessed incredibly poor fish handling skills. I have seen folks fight 18" trout for over 10 minutes, then drag them out of the water and set up for a measure, and photograph them. Those fish are dead! So, put some pressure on your fish, use as strong a tippet as you can get away with and get them into shore. Most trout in the Bow can be landed in under 2 minutes if you put the boots to them. Try to minimize air exposure to under 10 seconds. We can all do better. There are tons of anglers these days. Lets be willing to learn and accept some constructive criticism. Hopefully we can lessen our impact when so many other stressors are getting worse.
  13. But then you don't have to put pressure on industry or OHV to stop dumping contaminants, destroying habitat, causing excessive sediment loading, leaving hanging culverts, compaction of substrates, or removing giant volumes of water for irrigation.
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