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  1. I have been using 6lb Maxima for dry fly fishing for years. Stuff never breaks and still fits in the eye of the #18 scud hooks I use for little dries. I don't nymph in rivers, but I do bobber fish in lakes a lot and do lots of streamer fishing. I have been using Seaguar Invizix fluorocarbon (10, 12lb) for a number of years and it is fantastic stuff. I am a firm believer is using as heavy a tippet as possible so that you can put tons of pressure on fish to get them in quickly. I don't use a net, but good quality, strong tippet allows to bring fish to hand quickly.
  2. Well done. Beautiful tools
  3. Yes my sister and I used to watch Cahoon sit on the bank waiting for risers as we reeled in fish. Never understood why he was waiting. Finally old enough now to get the hunting part of fly fishing
  4. My parents built that house. Spent a few days along the river down there
  5. Thanks Doc. I have just used the BBCode "forum link" in the past. Cougar came right up to the deck of the house across from Legacy Island. Very interested in the barking dog inside
  6. What does "rich text" vs "plain text" mean. Not accepting my photo link
  7. Not shy [img]https://i.imgur.com/ZrJPr6b.jpg[/img]
  8. No change to Police regs.....hopefully there are some trout to exercise
  9. Better late than never. Unfortunately the leaching will continue forever.
  10. Sorry for your loss Don. 64 is too young
  11. Please be warned of some offensive language:
  12. What ever happened to casting to find fish. Everybody wants a short cut. Working for them is satisfying. Humans are too clever for their own good sometimes. This will increase angler caused mortality.
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