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  1. I have a 5wt 8' 6" RPL that rotates between dries and a sink tip(6wt line...still works). I casted a friends's 5wt Recon....nice fast rod. It could do a sink tip
  2. Pretty good course. Lots of information that many anglers could use
  3. I appreciate that the government has recently shown far greater interest in the Bow river trout population. The river has been ignored for a long time because it just seemed to look after itself and we were blessed with awesome fishing for decades. I understand the complexity of the problem and the difficulty of narrowing down a short list of the most powerful factors putting pressure on the trout population. I just wanted to clarify that I have trouble going along with the suggestion the angling is THE MAJOR contributor to the population decline. For me, I have a feeling that it has more to do with the environment/water quality/habitat/disease than the number of hooks in the water. In the short term, it would seem prudent to try and do something in an area we can actually control.....angling. It would make sense that any help we can offer to the river would be wise. I guess time will tell if the trout populations will bounce back. I have seen significant fluctuations in the condition factors of the trout in the past, both rising and falling, since the 1970's. There have been years that produced huge fish even while the nutrient input from the sewage plants was decreasing with technological advancements. There are so many pieces to this puzzle. On a positive note, the rainbows that I have seen caught in the last month look to be in much better condition than they have been in the last 2 years. There are a few more fish breaking 20" and they are much heavier. Hopefully something good is going on
  4. This is quite the leap without any evidence: period of 2003 to 2013. Although the cause/effect for the decline was not determined, it was suggested that angling effort could well be the major contributor to the decline. Really??? Angling is THE MAJOR contributor to population decline. Do we know who made this suggestion? Was it the author of the paper that summarized all the bad science from the past?
  5. Chunks are falling like it's April
  6. You know fishinglibin....fish longer than your inseam are a real pain
  7. It is kind of sad isn't LastBoyScout. Years ago I got started on learning the finer points of lake fishing just to get away from all people. It is a fun game and the rewards can be significant
  8. monger

    Old guys

    Great shots Lornce. Eventually the ice will go
  9. A long ways and lots of pennies....but sure looks awesome!
  10. The influence of chemicals we are adding to the environment is no doubt having a significant effect. Ever-growing City/road runoff, herbicides/insecticides and the vast increase in pharmaceuticals excreted down the toilet are probably all adding to the problem. A complex issue indeed.
  11. Unstable banks that lost all their root protection continue to add fine sediments. This is going to be a problem for quite some time. Hopefully the rainbows can find enough food/change their hunting practices to put some more weight on. They are still quite thin compared to what used to be normal
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