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  1. Well I put about 50 fish to work with the old rod and reel this weekend. Had to slow the casting stroke down considerably, but it was pretty nice to fish. Fighting the fish was sure different, with the rod bending all the way down to the cork. Can't say the rod has bumped it's way into the line up, but I will use it occasionally. The reel sounds better about 10" under the water
  2. Thanks for your insights Lornce. Rod is 9ft 7", no other identification on rod or cap. When I find more time maybe I'll look into putting some effort into restoration
  3. Good for you! I know a local guy who has built some fine reels. People started to demand some, so he jacked up the price to scare people off. They kept hounding him. Folks will pay handsomely for quality and unique products
  4. Reel seat looks like it is stamped WEST WOODS PAT 1908
  5. Another picture for you Lornce. Looks like a chrome covered plastic line guard
  6. Thanks for the info folks. From what I found the rod looks to be a Fibalite #7, 8.5ft produced around 1976 The rod was my late uncle's who was not much of a serious fisherman, hence it was barely used. His wife bought it for him while on vacation in England. I also was given an old bamboo rod that looks like it has seen a few hard days. I'll post some pics of that later. Now I have my Dad's bamboo, Uncle's bamboo and this old Hardy fiberglass to go exercise some mountain fish on Family Fishing Remembrance Day. I may need some ear protection until I learn to enjoy all the reel noise
  7. So this #7 thing followed me home today. Looks barely used. Haven't used a glass noodle rod in years. And is this one of those reels that you can hear from 2 miles away? I need input from Taco and any other Hardy pros who can tell me what I have
  8. You mean I won't be able to go out and nymph the dumbest char in the water weekend after weekend in the same hole as they move to spawn.....
  9. At Sundance in Calgary there are a few large brown trout. I think they eat the perch. Small browns and brook trout have been stocked recently, but I don't think there is enough food around for them to grow big enough to become effect perch murderers. Hopefully some of the young trout learn to eat juvenile perch early in their careers
  10. Once the perch are present, only rotenone will get rid of them. Years of netting in Sundance (Calgary) did nothing to decrease numbers. Now other lakes have been vandalized with perch and some with Prussian carp. There is a very large segment of the population who wants fish meat and have no idea of what stunting is.
  11. One in my neighborhood has about 25 holes drilled through stucco on the corners of a luxury home on the lake. Folks are rarely home and the bird wants to move in I guess
  12. Northfork....I am just talking about replacing felt. I got my replacement felt from Springbrook/TFO outfitters in Calgary. The tube of cement in the package (barge cement?) does not hold up as well as marine GOOP. Remove all old felt from boot, roughed up sole a bit with a file. Cut out felt a bit bigger than required. Mark edges of boot on felt with a sharpie so you can place boot in exactly the right spot. Stuff the inside of boots with paper/newspaper. Cover soles and felt with a healthy layer of marine goop...check to see if you need to wait a short time before sticking things together. Once boots and new felts attached, I secure them by wrapping the felts to the boots with duct tape with as tight of wraps as you can. Be sure to get arch area very tight. Stuffing the boots with paper makes them stiffer for the tape wrapping process. I use lots of tape wraps so the boot looks like a mummy. Try to make sure you have tension on the felts from every angle. Then I leave them for 24hours
  13. Simms Freestones have been good for me. On my 3rd set of felts. A bit of stitching is finally starting to get a bit worn. I think I will get another set of felts on them. I use Marine GOOP for adhesive....works great.
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