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  1. Professional guides enable the handling of LOTS of fish. I would suggest much more than the average joe on the side of the river. If there is a move to "limit angling effort/number of fish handled". the government better limit the guiding industry that exploits a public resource before the regulations go after recreational anglers. I don't want to see some crap about "rod days" and their associated monetary value being used as a reason to give the guiding industry a pass on limiting their impact.
  2. https://open.alberta.ca/dataset/40a348e3-dca0-4431-8142-e01006f3bc32/resource/e554bacc-dcf4-4952-8789-7adc5250b712/download/aep-bow-river-fisheries-management-zone-es1-pp1-2021-10.pdf There are currently two management actions immediately available to AEP Fisheries Management: reduce the angling effort, and/or reduce the number of trout each angler can catch. AEP is working with external agencies and angling groups to identify options that address high angling effort and catch rates. Consultation will occur to identify which options can be implemented. Failure to implement management actions will likely result in further declines of the Bow River trout fishery.
  3. Government discussion online Nov 3, 7pm see here to sign up: https://mywildalberta.ca/fishing/fisheries-management/default.aspx Looks like angling restrictions are in the works since that is the easiest thing for the government to control. Wise to get educated on restrictions that will be introduced. It will be interesting to see how the recreational anglers are effected in comparison to the guiding industry.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kjz8VGQiXGg
  5. A sign at the lake explaining the huge problem the carp create with the trout population would be helpful. The problem exists that certain folks are more than happy to harvest carp. A certain set of those individuals are responsible for the illegal introduction of carp into new waterbodies
  6. 5.5ft Lodgepole Branch is all one needs for Cutties
  7. Well done. Beautiful tools
  8. Yes my sister and I used to watch Cahoon sit on the bank waiting for risers as we reeled in fish. Never understood why he was waiting. Finally old enough now to get the hunting part of fly fishing
  9. My parents built that house. Spent a few days along the river down there
  10. Thanks Doc. I have just used the BBCode "forum link" in the past. Cougar came right up to the deck of the house across from Legacy Island. Very interested in the barking dog inside
  11. What does "rich text" vs "plain text" mean. Not accepting my photo link
  12. Not shy [img]https://i.imgur.com/ZrJPr6b.jpg[/img]
  13. No change to Police regs.....hopefully there are some trout to exercise
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