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  1. Thanks for your input with some more background bcubed. The smaller number of fish in the Bow are getting beat up. It is time for changes to be made
  2. When it comes to discussing limiting angling it will be interesting to see if the only concerned "stakeholders" that the government listens to are the ones with a financial interest in the fish. Will it be just like what happened in BC.....guides pushing their agenda? Will we see it again......Limit access to the public and then artificially inflate rod days, increase fees and keep those dollars rolling in while we "protect" the fish. Perhaps saturating the media with advertisements for the opportunity to have a guided angling experience day after day has a deleterious effect on the resource! Just thinking out loud....classified bull trout streams, Skeena area steelhead
  3. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0165783619303133?via%3Dihub
  4. Thanks fishteck. "The largest percentage of fish are caught annually by guided anglers that equals the combination of non-guided boat and shore anglers" So the greatest angling stress (by far) comes from guiding....that sounds like exactly where the government needs to focus it's attention when it comes to limiting angling. If we see anything different than this there needs to be a lot of screaming coming from the public
  5. Hi Brian,

    Just wondering if you learned anything valuable at the fisheries meeting last night?

    I was wondering if they talked about limiting angling in any way along the Bow?

    Cheers, Rob Hampton

    1. BrianR


      No didn't go.Stuck in a walker,waiting for hip surgery...Brunsie   on this brd was there.That's his handle,give him a shout.

    2. monger


      Oh man, sorry to hear about your hip. Hope you don't have to suffer much longer

  6. https://www.thestar.com/calgary/2019/10/14/albertas-official-fish-is-listed-as-threatened-heres-why-the-rest-of-the-bull-trouts-ecosystem-is-in-jeopardy.html This has now become a Federal issue. I imagine soon there will no longer be any angling for these cool predators in the southern streams as seen in Montana. Since people can't seem to stop/limit themselves, the government will have to set some regulation boundaries. They have dragged their feet long enough with protection....let's see some new regs!
  7. Walton, I absolutely have wax on the ferrules....only way to keep them together (maybe tape is next like a spey rod). No other rods I own are as loose as the BVKs
  8. I have a BVK 6 and 8wt. I like the action of the rods, but the ferrules don't stay together very well. The components are pretty light weight, but acceptable. There is a reason the rods are cheaper than the high end rods
  9. eotr I am glad to hear you had a good year. As I only fished dries 95% of the time after the first week of July, my sampling technique is from a pretty narrow set of fish. I think with the increase in angler numbers the fish are getting more educated and perhaps they will be selecting smaller, sub-surface flies more in the future. The hopper fishing this year was great fun and think a lot of people enjoyed that. I am curious about your catch rates. Do you think on average you caught over 20 fish per day that were over 15 inches?
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