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  1. monger

    Flats boot...Orvis Andros hiker review?

    Leaning toward Bahamas. Never done this before
  2. There is a good chance I am going to look for a bonefish in the spring. I was thinking a good boot might be wise. Any one try these Orvis Andros hikers?
  3. monger

    Elk Valley and selenium

    They are such hard fighters.....like those wet sock walleye
  4. monger

    Elk Valley and selenium

    Selenium also significantly decreases the endurance of muscle tissue. This makes a slow, rolling Cutt even lazier when you hook him
  5. Yes Lornce. Board won't OK a rotenone treatment, so now they are talking about throwing food pellets
  6. Mr Jayhad....that is just racism against Mykiss No guides.....now I can dream
  7. The study is based on historical F&W data collected in-house or via consultants. Over the years the sampling methods/areas/timing have been anything but standardized. In order to make sense of the available data, it was quite heavily massaged with some pretty complex statistical math. There are a large number of factors that can influence the river's productivity and population counts. A couple of major floods had very serious consequences in the short term, but the system seems to be able to rebound over time. There have been times when there was less fish around and times when the fishes' condition factors have been below what we normally expect. At present, things seem to be on the poor end of the scale (especially the rainbows). One thing about this study that I see as a blinking light.....there needs to be a standardized system established for collecting data so that we can compare numbers over years without creating fudge factors. Experimental design is a very valuable exercise before you even leave the desk to grab your electroshocker. So many complex things to consider, very few of which we may even be able to control. One thing that is easier to measure is the number of anglers and angler effort. The angler population has really exploded over time, and the average skill level is probably increasing as well. This angler effort is one thing the government can attempt to control. If angler effort is something they want to control, then the government needs to pay special attention to a subset in the angler population that is having the most impact in the fish handling arena....namely the guiding industry. Day after day pounding the water, skilled folks are putting a lot of pressure on this "threatened" resource. If the government wants to limit anglers and their impact, they better shine a bright light on the guiding industry before they start limiting access to Joe Public. Just a thought.
  8. No...but our community lake in Calgary has suffered the same fate. The trout are starving and can't grow
  9. But a lake of stunted 5" perch benefits no one. With no population controls, the value of a predator free perch lake quickly falls to near zero
  10. oh, just keep buying things you don't have the money for
  11. monger

    Odonata; butt breathers

    Classic film. Thanks for the share
  12. monger

    Fatal at Policemans

    Sad event. The cold water would steal energy very quickly. Be careful out there and make sure your wading belts are done up tight
  13. Considering the massive flows that came with the 2013 flood, the availability of reservoir space offered by Ghost reservoir was/is completely insignificant. Even with a completely empty reservoir, all that would have happened was a delay of a few hours of the rushing water. Building a new dam that would flood the town of Cochrane in the extremely rare event of another 200mm/day storm seems crazy. Daily water fluctuations on the river every time it might rain is silly. How did people ever live here for the last 100+ years
  14. Sorry for you pain. Your heart is in the right place. Don't give up on being a good guy
  15. monger

    Cabin on the Liv

    Fur must be really prime in July and August