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  1. That's a positive spin on the situation. Kind of countered by the "its all going to s*#t " mindset.
  2. There are some big rainbows, and right now the backswimmers are on.
  3. I spoke a few years ago with an old timer, I believe he passed away a few years ago. He told me that he would string a net across the creek to catch fish and leave it overnight, then haul in a load for the winter. This was in west central Alberta. Maybe that behaviour was passed down.
  4. Wasn't in Alta, I caught them in Baynes Lake BC, the day before I got creamed on my bicycle. Was going to go for cutthroat in either the Bull or the White River but couldn't do much with one arm.
  5. My season was mixed, got out to some foothills streams early but the water temps were so low that the fish were sluggish at best. Then hit the Oldman drainage and as per others was overwhelmed by the amount of anglers at all the tourist spots. But I did the hike to quiet waters and was rewarded by doing so, tried the Bow on a few occasions and had one fish to show for it. Then I was hit by a red SUV towing a motorboat by Kikomun while riding my bicycle and my left arm got torn in half at the elbow so I had to heal up. I am right handed so did manage to flail away on some foothills streams in the past couple of weeks and dredge up a few fish to end the year. Was planning on fishing the White or the Bull but the accident kiboshed that, though the day before I managed to catch my first bass on a fly. So as I said mixed
  6. So I fish the Elbow and the population there has definitely changed; when I first fished it 25+ years ago there were fish rising everywhere and the sizes ranged from tiddlers to 20 inch fish. I caught mainly browns, but there were brookies, rainbows, bulls, whitefish, cutties and pike. Last fall I fished it and there were fish rising and I caught tiddlers and decent sized fish of around 15 inches mainly browns but some rainbows and whitefish. That being said the population numbers are down, the holding water is completely changed due to 2013, but I don't think the pressure is any higher. I rarely see any other anglers. Any thoughts and theories on this?
  7. With the Elbow the ring road construction is also a factor.
  8. Unfortunately even though there were plenty of people around, no one thought to chase after the red SUV pulling a blue and white speedboat. They all remembered to take pictures of the bones sticking out of my arm.
  9. Thanks for your kind thoughts and wishes. Pain is not bad, good drugs, and depending on what the specialist says the sky is the limit.
  10. I went to Baynes Lake for my vacation and ended up catching two bass on a mouse pattern. The bad part was I got run off the road on my bicycle just beside Kikomun and basically tore my left arm off at the elbow. Five hours of surgery in Cranbrook later I am back together but have a long recovery, rehab and physio in front of me. No fishing for the foreseeable future. If you are behind a cyclist and there is no shoulder don't try to pass, in a few meters there is usually room.
  11. A friend of mine has had a cabin off the Big Prairie Road for 15 years and he told me they are common in that area.
  12. Good luck. My guess is Jason Trump err I mean Kenney is going to cut spending on non-essential services to the bone. All you non-essential fly anglers.
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