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  1. There is a large group of people that are purely catch and keep anglers who would rather have a bucket full of small perch than the pleasure of catching a trophy trout. I have run into them all over the province and most noticeably in Central Alberta, caught some very nice browns on Stauffer one day and when I ran into a group at the access point, they asked how I had done. When I replied about the fish I caught they asked where the fish were, I said I let them go. The response was "Yeah right, good one". Your not a successful angler unless you keep what you catch.
  2. I have done the nest destruction before when they were building in my backyard, easy enough to get up. This one is hanging out over the street and about 80 ft in the air. Will try some other tricks I have been told and will see what happens.
  3. Oh and the magpies are building a nest in the tree that hangs over the road in front of my neighbors house. Direct line of sound to our bedroom window. Guess I'm getting up early every morning this summer
  4. I am using Simms now too. But I used to buy Chota and I found they were great, a bit warmer I found them more comfortable and seemed to last longer too. I used to buy them at Wholesale but couldn't find them anywhere else.
  5. You can stay in Canada and have the same experience. Fished the fabled Nile Creek on Vancouver Island and the anglers were packed in the same way. I slipped into a spot and starting casting, very afraid of snagging someone on my back cast. Starting chatting with the fellow next to me and he asked where I was from, so I told him Calgary and he replied. The Bow! what the hell are you doing here. So it comes down to the grass is always greener. And in reality the grass is pretty green right here boys (and girls)
  6. I looked at this and there is nothing new. No increase in access sites and other than the improvements to outhouses and garbage bins nothing else concrete either.
  7. I usually try to do that every year. Was somewhat successful last year, heard about a stream that had some smaller but gullible fish turned out the fish weren't that small. So I aim to do the same next year. Happy New Year!
  8. Yeah definitely not even worth fishing for those rolling lazy cutthroat. Keep fishing the Bow, or better yet the lakes in BC
  9. I concur with many of the observations purported. It is a good thing to examine the management of the Bow River trout fishery. That being said how does the angler pressure compare with some of the rivers in Montana? So is the trout population really in decline, from all I have read the statistical sampling is random at best. As for the creel surveys, I was at McKinnons a few years ago and TU was doing a survey and I just could not believe how many guides told them to F+@* off and leave their clients alone it was almost every boat. Too many variables to make a judgement in my opinion. Sure the fish numbers move up and down, so does the traffic on Deerfoot on a daily basis. Go figure!
  10. Well I can't claim to be an accurate sample point but all the rainbows I got on the Bow this year were 20 inches plus and fat. Now I only got three but then I only fished the Bow four times. Mind you I caught four rainbows on the Elbow in town and they were all around 10 inches, but also fat and healthy.
  11. I caught one once in Lees Lake, it came from the Allison Trout facility. Put up quite a fight jumped and ran, but I guess for the size of the fish it could have been stronger. But it sure got the attention of the fish whackers there. Especially when I released it.
  12. Maybe they put the big tigers in there to eat some of the invasives in that lake.
  13. I have had that experience, kept hooking fish and losing them. But they were rising so aggressively I kept casting. Finally checked the hook after I lost a particularly nice fish and no hook, just the shank of the humpy.
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