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  1. Can the carp be used as agricultural feed?
  2. Did some exploring on my way back to Edmonton from the Okotoks wedding I attended this past weekend. Followed Barry Mitchell's advice from his Trout Highway book. Not sure I did end up following it that well. But nothing. Nada. Went up Johnson's creek as well, same result. And I fished some pretty fishy water. I'm no pro fisherman, but I know how to get 6-9 inch fish to bite from a small stream!! As in, not even a sign of a fish. As in, chuck a rock into a pool, see what you spook. z.e.ro. Maybe I was in the wrong stretch... Maybe its a hidden gem for some of the Calgary crowd who might know it better than me. But I won't be back anytime soon; too many other places I can fish, and that location doesn't work at all for an Edmonton angler. Not to mention the quad brigade and the rifle shooting (is there a range?). I'll pass, thanks. lol. Too bad, it is pretty country, and I got to drive one of the few remaining blank spots on the map for the Forestry Trunk road. All that's left is the portion south of the Red Deer River / Panther river confluence...and I will have driven it all from Grande Prairie down to the Crownest Pass. Only took me 21 years...
  3. I always make a blanket generalization that virtually everything - except designated natural areas - is private land east of QE2, and crown land - especially crown land available to randomly camp on - is virtually non-existent. True?
  4. Hi Everyone: I'm not trying to horn in on anyone's secret spots, but can someone tell me if there is non-classified water near Sparwood? The only thing I can find is the Flathead river. I ask, because my nephew has a summer job down there. He bought his annual non-res license and wants to fish. Trouble is, $21 per day does add up when you are a student trying to save money. Anyways. if anyone has suggestions, I'd appreciate them. I used to know the area somewhat well, but now, not so much. Plus, I've noticed formerly unclassified systems are now classified, as you drive north from Cranbrook. So...I don't know! Pm me if you prefer. Cheers, Smitty
  5. Hi: Well, I noticed this the other day on Facebook: I can't make this. I'm in Edmonton, and June is stupendously, insanely busy for teachers. I think I am losing my mind. Lol Anyways, if anyone here in Calgary wouldn't mind volunteering for use to do some shopping, my students and I would be eternally grateful. If this is anything like the April tackle swap, which my dad and I were at, there are some decent prices for tackle and fly tying supplies. I am looking for leaders, tippet, and fly tying tools and materials. Really appreciate any help. PM me or text 780-970-7886 Thanks! Mike
  6. Add to the above: 3) Good place to eat in Black Diamond on the way back? Thanks bcubed. Keep the replies coming, friends! -Smitty
  7. Hey everyone: Planning a camping trip down south Sept-19-21 with a group of 20+ students. Looking for a few recommendations. 1) Any nice day-use picnic areas between Okotoks and around Black Diamond / Longview? Wanted a nice spot for a quick (30 minutes) lunch 2) Wanted to take the students on a short, easy hike along the Whaleback Ridge. Any recommendations here? Anything related to the science curriculum would be great; unique geology, fauna, plants, trees, animals, etc. Also, if this short hike could gain some modest elevation so some scenic pictures could be taken, that would be awesome.
  8. Just to clarify, all the official bids are on Facebook, right? I found round 1 confusing; just seemed people were bidding here and on Facebook...
  9. Hello everyone: My father and I are coming down to Calgary (from Edmonton) tomorrow to run a booth and sell some excess fly-fishing equipment we have. I am also keeping an eye out for any half decent, used, cheaply priced equipment. I have a class of 25 wildlife students in my class and I am taking them flyfishing 3-4 times. I could use some 4/5/6 rod and reel outfits, I figure one per 2 students. So 10 to 12 outfits would be ideal, as I have some already but I am looking to upgrade. If you have any used equipment lying around not being used, we could sure use the donation and/or be happy to pay a modest price for them. TFO, Redington, Superfly come to mind. Cheers. Mike P.S. You may certainly text me if you want to meet up; 780-970-7886 Info on the TU Tackle Swap tomorrow: Location - Crescent Heights Community Association (same as last year) Date - April 13th, 2018 Approximate Time - 1-4 PM
  10. Don, as usual, despite your impression, on a basic, fundamental level, we agree. For invasives, you say puhtata, I say poe-tay-toe! (Anyone catch the LOTR reference there?) Therefore, by your logic, Brown and Brook trout are invasives as well, as you well know. Lots of native fish in Red Deer / Clearwater - North Sask water basins before the Europeans showed up. The minnows, whitefish, bull trout, suckers, walleye and pike weren't stocked, to my knowledge (by all means clarify the facts if I am wrong...). Funny how you'll tolerate brown and brook, but you have your hackles raised for native-yet-invasive cutts in nearly vacant niche like the Upper Ram... And I know of Cow lake's potential. Another example; Crawling Valley was predicted to have the next rainbow trout record; but according to Kyle McNeilly it was always intended to be a transitional fishery before pike-walleye-perch-whitefish took hold. Yes, I know it was a different intent than Cow, I am simply pointing out that I am well aware of the fertility levels and potential of many of our pothole fisheries. It is sad indeed. Wasn't it Mr. McNeilly also promoting the stabilization of lake levels of Upper and Lower Kananaskis lakes as well? That those 2 lakes have / had the potential to grow huge trout if TransAlta could just stop messing with the littoral zone? Again, correct me if I am wrong on that account. But that was told to me as well from Jim Stelfox. Lots of pothole fisheries going to waste. And, to completely circle back to the original point, zero retention on perch ain't solving nothing until someone cites me some studies or evidence of this much ballyhooed "deterrent effect" improving the quality of our stocked fisheries. Otherwise it's just game of regulatory one-upmanship of "oh yeah, you did that, so we'll do this to show you!" My take anyways... I'll say no more on this dead horse; topic officially beaten to death! -Mike P.S. Anyone know what happened to Kyle McNeilly? After he stopped writing for the AFG, he kinda fell off the face of the earth... P.P.S. No brainer that trophy stillwater trout fisheries attract alot of attention. 20 boats on Muir mid-week by my count last spring...too bad the province isn't quite dialed into this yet in an "all-in" basis...
  11. In regards to Perch, they are not truly invasive though. Obviously, native to the province. They just happen to be undesirable in our artificial, stocked lakes.
  12. I agree with much of what you say here Sparkplug; yet much of what you are advocating for; isn't that already happening? Aren't we already concentrating on a small # of lakes? Based on my anecdotal observations of fishing Muir lake, and what many here have to say about Beaver (I'm relying on Don's comments alot) is that QSF fisheries are in heavy demand. And QSF's are relatively few compared to the total amount of put and take fisheries; so wouldn't that already qualify them as being a showcase fishery? And yeah, you said the magic work - 'yet'. And let's hope many of the beloved QSF's stay uninfected with perch. Could be a matter of time, unfortunately. The bios / gov't are reluctant to "convert" long-existing, traditional keep 5 trout a day lakes over to QSF's. Lots of pushback from the keep and eat crowd. Very tough to "transition" them. Lots of QSF's are "new" lakes such as the cluster of Pit lakes south of Robb. Those are much easier, politically speaking. And, absolutely, there will always have to be put and take fisheries. The problem with including perch is the (relatively) incompatible species issue. We already have plenty of cool-water lakes that sustain pike-perch-walleye-whitefish. What needs to happen here is education. Anglers should not be associating our trout stillwater fisheries as a source of "good" perch fishing. It's that simple. You might as well capitulate then and stock the pike, and have a Cow lake situation. Culturally speaking, that's the transition I'd like Alberta to go to over succeeding generations; keep the damn perch out of our trout lakes and accept it! lol Might take an existing QSF to get "ruined" by perch before the gov't takes drastic action and truly rehab lakes. So ya, step up enforcement, toughen fines, and concentrate on creating new fisheries into QSF's. Anyways, tough issue with gov't complacency and angler apathy (true for the vast majority of the 270,000+ licensed anglers).
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