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  1. Hey Scott: I answered your question, on the other forum, fyi. Good luck!
  2. Anyone know "GottaLoveCutts"? I replied to his Trading Post post about magazines, pm'd him twice. If anyone knows him, tell him to check his pm's! Smitty
  3. Not looking for anyone's spots, more asking the general question: How's the Upper Bow been the last few seasons (and obviously this year)? I ask, cause I had heard years ago now, that a mudslide and flooding did quite a number on the bug life. And then Canmore, Exshaw, Seebe started cleaning up the water treatment, and so the river is less fertilized now? True? Might be down there later this month with friends (mostly camping and/or golfing). I am the only fly-fisher. Is it worth my time to re-visit some of the spots I used to fish years ago, poking around Canmore and Seebe and just outside the Banff boundary? Has the fishery "come back"? Just wondering. Smitty
  4. Thanks for clarifying that; appreciate it. I have walked along these trails - outside the fence, but clearly, clearly above the high water mark, and I knew for sure this land still belonged to the farmer / landowner. I did make the assumption it was ok to walk along those trails, but you are absolutely correct, I should make the effort to ask and contact the landowner more often (I'm usually pretty good). Naturally, assumptions are dangerous...
  5. Dave Park told me that fishing license sales are up 30% this year, outdoor gear retail and RV sales are up significantly. Dad and I headed down to the Crownest Pass this Thursday; hopefully we can find some relative peace and quiet and some water to ourselves. Not hopeful for the "regular" stretches of water; I'm hearing its an absolute gong show in the Oldman watershed.
  6. Well, here's a side issue I am wondering about. it seems like some landowners are ok with "mild" trespassing. I am talking about where the fence is clearly set back from the bank to allow a walking trail that parallels the creek (and I assume to keep cattle out as well). So what's the deal with this? How do you guys treat this situation? Because there is no doubt - like this is 100% - that using this trail is indeed trespassing. I could never argue that these trails are below the high water mark; I'd look like an idiot. So...are we allowed to use these trails? As stated, wading a brown trout creek is not always possible. Is it a safe assumption - and for me, it is an assumption - that if there is a clear access from a bridge, and then a trail starts along the creek above the high water mark - I am good to go?
  7. Life is about probabilities though. In any given fishing trip, what are the chances you'd get into serious trouble requiring front line medical services of a smaller community? I live in Edmonton. I don't have the luxury of going to the Bow, 10 to 30 minutes by foot, or 5 to 20 minutes by car. Fishing in April (given that 90% of water is closed) is a 3.5 to 12 hour round trip for flowing waters containing trout. I've been doing this thought experiment myself for weeks. I go, got my food, extra jerry cans of gas, my porta-potty. I don't need to stop anywhere. Not once, not ever. I don't need to be around another person. I've been walking through crown land forest for 35+ years; I know my spots, I know my boundaries, I know my limits and I know how to stay away from people. Chances of even seeing another angler is less than 20%. Chance of me violating social distance at 25 feet, let alone 6, is zero percent. GoA limiting PP or PRA access isn't an issue where I fish either. The only thing left is...what if? As Scel says...what if I were to get into trouble and require medical attention? The chances are even less now, because (a) highways are less crowded, less traffic, and (b) I can specifically choose a spot with an easy, level hike and within 800m of a major highway. No bushwacking, grunting and sweating required. I have mitigated all the risk I possibly can...and I can't go? And the answer is...I haven't made up my mind yet! lol
  8. [re-posted] I am planning a camping trip for students, and we're thinking of going to southern Alberta. This would happen in May or by early June at the latest. Can anyone think of a decent trout lake or pond in the Crowsnest Pass where kids can fish from shore and have an actual shot at catching fish? Thanks! Smitty
  9. Just seeing if anyone could do me a favor and pickup a box of fishing magazines for me tomorrow. Calgary location, Marda Loop. It's a business, so anytime between 8am and as late as 4pm would work. I'm located in Edmonton, I could come get them at a later date. If you can do this, I'd really be grateful! Let me know via text, 780-970-7886 Mike (Smitty)
  10. Since it seems we are veering away from a Bow River analysis, I'll say that my season left something to be desired. Huge rainfall made river fishing near Edmonton an impossibility. Mcleod R, for example, was pretty much blown out the entire summer. Should have been way more focused on the lakes this year, as the water levels did rebound. When dad and I finally made it down south in August, we found extremely crowded rivers with incredibly picky fish. Wasn't the most fun trip I have had in southern Alberta. Oh we found some solitude on smaller waters,...guess what? Fish were still incredibly moody. Like I was taken aback. Talked to other anglers wasn't just us; that week in August lots of zero's being posted, including a couple of guided trips out of shops that didn't fare well either. Timing, I guess. Trip was salvaged by cutting it short a day and heading to central AB for more cooperative fish. Overall, just didn't get out enough. I'll fix that next year. Oh, wait, yes, we did have a pretty awesome beginning of the year in May at some QSF coal pits. Very impressive average sizes of fish. Guess it wasn't all a downer...lol. -Smitty
  11. Can the carp be used as agricultural feed?
  12. Did some exploring on my way back to Edmonton from the Okotoks wedding I attended this past weekend. Followed Barry Mitchell's advice from his Trout Highway book. Not sure I did end up following it that well. But nothing. Nada. Went up Johnson's creek as well, same result. And I fished some pretty fishy water. I'm no pro fisherman, but I know how to get 6-9 inch fish to bite from a small stream!! As in, not even a sign of a fish. As in, chuck a rock into a pool, see what you spook. z.e.ro. Maybe I was in the wrong stretch... Maybe its a hidden gem for some of the Calgary crowd who might know it better than me. But I won't be back anytime soon; too many other places I can fish, and that location doesn't work at all for an Edmonton angler. Not to mention the quad brigade and the rifle shooting (is there a range?). I'll pass, thanks. lol. Too bad, it is pretty country, and I got to drive one of the few remaining blank spots on the map for the Forestry Trunk road. All that's left is the portion south of the Red Deer River / Panther river confluence...and I will have driven it all from Grande Prairie down to the Crownest Pass. Only took me 21 years...
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