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    It’s been quite a few years since I’ve put in the time exploring the east slopes of the Rockies, but I rectified that this year. For the past couple of months, I have spent at least two days a week walking and wading a beautiful mountain stream, trying to learn some of its secrets. It’s been food for the soul and I have been rewarded with awesome scenery, beautiful fish and nature at its finest
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    I'm just writing some new rules for the Buy and Sell area to be in line with other forums. Looking for feedback on any thoughts. We have had quite a few new users with only one or two posts placing ads and never being heard from again. I would prefer something like 30 days membership and 20 posts.
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    Hatch of #20 BWO)'s, short tail with CDC wings.
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    Turn the waders inside out. Then go to a dark room like your bathroom. Then shine a flashlight from inside the legs of the waders. You will see all of the holes instantly. Use a black marker to draw a small circle around any holes. Apply sealant to the inside of the waders. If the socks leak they will need to be replaced.
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    I mean, how many near accidents does it take to finally close the centre of the median.. walk in from police or down .. you'll be ok
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    Its always better before the daily rubber hatch and yes they do look up
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    I got them through Amazon.ca but I don't believe I paid what they are quoting now when I checked . Maybe I did but I do know I said piss on it after the third time I went down in a dirtyassed wet pile. I turn 70 in a couple weeks and don't bounce worth a damn anymore.
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    Felts are great till you get out of the water...... be careful on hills, grass,mud or anything but rocks in the Bow
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    Finally got my MRI on my knee from a crash on the rocks as I was wearing vibram or whatever Patagonia calls theirs. Get results next week. They suck on the bow but are better on streams that rocks are clean. Ive said it before ... can they not add some kind of grit into the rubber to add traction, as sole wears down new grit is exposed. A course silica .
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    Yup felt on the Bow, and be sure to get studs for your rubber soles!!
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    It was inevitable that it would end up here in southern Alberta, in spite of any attempts to prevent it. It's like trying to stop a common cold virus from spreading. Question is, where to from here?
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    ...and a Sz 20 'caddis' emerger...I probably wouldn't tie this small if they didn't catch fish...but they do!
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    Silver Doctor and ggp, you have both inspired me to continue with my Sz 20 journey. Boy these hooks are tiny! Sz 20 'october' emerger...whewph!
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    No need to soak down the whole wader if you know the general area of the pinhole. I just use a 500ml spray bottle And Fishin' Hole, Cabela's etc carry Aquaseal
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    So I've got about 50 to 60 Chironomids my sin tied few years back. I was going to toss them but maybe a young fly tier or fly fisherman can use them . https://photos.app.goo.gl/oLRDTWfE9GQWV5pZ8
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    Freestyle 'October Caddis' with olive deer hair and a few different orange dubbings.
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    German Brown Spider, Sz 14. Not why it's called a German Brown, but here we are. Might try a different hook, as the gap seems a bit excessive.
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    Double-wire Copper John, Sz 16. Little bit of flashback and some UV resin as well. This was a handfull !!
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    The lack of respect in the world today is incredible. What ever happened to leaving the place cleaner than you found it? I remember as a kid we would move rocks out of the way to pitch the tent. When we were packing up, my Dad would make us replace the rocks! I sure miss the old days we people cared about the woods and the next the guy coming
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    This but the jury is still out on the Rock Treads I've installed on my new Simms boots https://rocktreads.com/ I''ve got a sole comfort issue that needs sorting. I've been using Vibram soled wading boots since 2012 and until now the best solution to traction issues I've found has been Kold Kutter ice cleats https://koldkutter.com/products/kold-kutter-ama-legal-8
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    Aluminium makes a big difference.
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    Felt, or them aluminum bars kick some serious butt. Little heavy, but the snow sticking to felt issue is gone.
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    Felt for everything, I've switched to vibram recently and they suck. When drifting and not wearing waders I'm often found wearing soled crocs. They kick ass
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    I had a pair of Simms G3’s with Vibram soles. For a couple of years. Sold them and went back to Felt soles for this old guy again. Much more secure grip and so much safer.
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    i learned a bunch about WD attending the virtual symposium. If you would like to watch the symposium, here is a link. It had a bunch of very informative info:
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    The AEP Whirling Disease task force that produced this report has had its funding severely decreased. Much of the work that they have been doing is going to be discontinued unfortunately. Last year they hosted an online virtual WD conference which I attended, where a lot of the research was presented. It really opened my eyes to the work the task force was doing. Dont get me wrong, work will still be done on this portfolio, but just not same amount or scope. BRTF was approached by the U of A looking for some financial support to do some site specific research on the Bow River. We are now looking into see what help we can provide them. Will get back to you with the progress once I have that info.
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    Mallard Point, Fish Creek Park. The reason is there is a Bird Sanctuary there.
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    Man, I haven’t tied a fly in along time. Finally bought some glasses & can see. Not a known pattern, just sat down and threw this together.
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    Eggs are collected from Job to stock lots of mountain lakes like Rawson
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    Hey Bro, Fill up your tub, roll waders inside out, roll up the chest to trap air in the legs, submerge. Bubbles will show, mark them with a jiffy marker and then seal. As for where to get aquaseal??? who knows. I recently ordered some off of amazon
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    I've seen your truck, that's why the facetious reply. I've always regretted selling my first gen even though everything but the engine was completely worn out @ 600,000plus Km.
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    Taco my truck is priceless so I’m sure you can’t afford it.
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    Can’t speak to the Nile boats but these new one from outcast... real oarlocks are a life changer https://www.outcastboats.com/osg-clearwater.html
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    My experience this year has been the same as others. Lots of little guys around the 6-8 inch mark and the odd 16 incher here and there. The bigger ones have been caught in the deeper water / pools.
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    I have a couple hundred 3/8" Kold Kutter screws that I'll part with. I'm thinking I'll let them go in batches of 50. PM me if you need some.
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    Fish up in the NW are in specific spots, especially the bigger ones. This year, there have been tons of little guys from 4 to 8 inches, which bodes well for the future. Any small mayfly nymph pattern will catch these fish. The big ones have been absent all summer in the heat, but some should show up in the fall. It is a tough stretch, but putting in time will reap rewards. Just have less expectation. especially in terms of size, than further south.
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    Much fewer fish in this section, I live up here also. You do have to look for the right kind of water. there are some decent fish but you do have to put in the time to find them. Trico's and small Mayflies on the river now.
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    This stream out west has been good to me this year. Most fish rose to my offerings.
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    Been just using machine screws and replacing them every couple of years. The Kold Kutters look nice but the shipping is heavy. Should check out some local motocross shops to see if they carry them.
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    I've been trying to get Kold Kutters but can only find them in the states and by the time you pay shipping, duty etc. they get expensive. Have you found a place to buy them in Canada??
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    I always found felt would get saturated with mud and algae and switched to vibram with hardbite cleats 4 years ago. I'll never look back at felt again!
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    Vibrant alone on slippery boulder and cobble freestoner streams is a HAZARD for anyone not wanting a fall. Forget about having secure footing. Had Simms vibram and exchanged them for felt, and suggested to the fly shop I purchased them at that they warn folks that they are not the same as felt on slick rocks! No questions asked when said I wanted to exchange them for felt boots after a days use.
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    Kind of funny, the first year I turned 65 and could fish without a license in this province, I had a bit of a panic attack. Ended up calling Fish and game, I guess my voice betrayed me and the patient young lady said really sir, you don't need to purchase a license in a very caring tone (more than likely not the only call she gets on the subject). That's what buying a license for 50 plus years does I guess. Met a CO out there streamside and I blurted out "I don't have a license" more from false guilt I guess. He chuckled and replied, didn't think you needed one. After chatting for a time about the mysterious ways of trout, a mutual love of the field and he shared a cup of coffee from my thurmos I felt more centered about it. Now on a pensioners budget I do appreciate the gift that is given us at 65.
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    Fish consuming folks are killing lots at Blood Indian Reservoir. Ignorant people will surely be moving them more. What a mess. There needs to be some HUGE fines imposed on folks who transport live fish
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    No worries Pipes. It is a good topic to discuss. Finding solutions to keep most people happy and that make sense beyond emotion is challenging. Sheep populations seem to be under quite a bit of stress. Hopefully a long term management plan can be created/implemented that allows them to thrive
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