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    Those of you who like me are concerned about potential coal mines on the Eastern Slopes might want to have a look at this video and share it widely. Understand too that it’s not just the Grassy Mountain mine. There are several other mines being planned including one on Cabin Ridge, which is right smack between the Upper Oldman and the Livingstone Rivers. All this destruction in order to send coal to China and dollars to Australia.
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    Thanks all. Marlborough quoted me about $3200. Mister Transmission had the parts in stock - cost me $1500 and got it back the same day.
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    I've seen a few Sapro infected Rainbows and one Whitefish on the Bow this season. Including a very large female Rainbow that we saw this week that had Sapro covering nearly half of its body. It still had healthy body mass but was behaving disorientated and confused, lingering along the shoreline at my boots. So try not to touch the fish if possible and don't use cloth mesh landing nets. And please read the link below for the facts on Saprolegniosis. Educate yourself and your fellow anglers. https://open.alberta.ca/dataset/8df05e4a-ae95-4481-ad68-9442c76e65ca/resource/49f775ff-63f5-469f-97bc-8573091d6a6c/download/saprolegniosisfactsheet-mar-2010.pdf
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    Its a start, in the link you can see the sampling of sampling. https://www.calgaryriverusers.org/1581-2/?fbclid=IwAR04spm6M6OnoUHJoziDXxrq-QPjk-Yo0nCALkiedZoQ-TRPPQvTSOE-7IU
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    Personally, I think I would keep it and use it till the threads were bad enough to require sending it in for warranty. A light coating of nail polish/head cement or uv resin would prolong the life of the thread. Don’t know if that would affect the warranty though.
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    Your good handle was mentioned: Silver Doctor, and your cousin too, Black Doctor. I love those old names, and the multi-coloured salmon flies are pleasing to the eye. I have fished a tributary to the Tweed, the Whiteadder, (wit-adder), on an estate in the Berwick area. It is a lovely area and river, much less wild than our eastern slopes of Alberta. I find, as I age myself, a sense of history and connection to it from these old films. The gentleman seated in the wooden boat held in place by another gent flashbacked to my first ever Modern era float on the Blue Ribbon section of the Bow. Our guide stepped over the side to hold the Hyde in place while my more accomplished and experienced friend cast to rising trout, one of many special moments of the day. Simple and effective, a lifetime has passed since it was filmed.
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    It was Ice Dubb Bloody black
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    Knibbes did some quality work on my F150 - rear end (pinion bearings) and exhaust manifolds. quality work, good to deal with and fair pricing. Since then they have done all my maintenance work. I go to the Crowfoot location.
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    I have spent a considerable amount of my time recently on the subject of the Bow River Water Management Policy and the impact on the Fishery. And along with others within the fishing and paddle community have managed to get the ear of senior AEP water and fishery staff as to ways to make improvements to water management operations for the Bow River. You may ask what this has to do with the subject of Bow River guides? A lot, because the water management debate has opened up the Cumulative Effects Computer Modeling needs for the survival of the Bow River trout fishery. The recent 2018 creel survey and the fish population surveys for the past three years all point to a need for ways to reduce the impact of one of the highest angling efforts in Alberta on a depleted fish population such as the Bow River. This combined with variable flows, lower invertebrate populations, and hydrological changes to the river, all point to a need to reduce the impact of angling on the Bow River fishery if its status as a world-class trout fishery is to be preserved. Although some say more research is needed to support fishery and water management change, there is a wealth of published information that supports immediate change to the Bow River fishery management policy to stem the tide of trout population declines. Although guide licensing is a hotly debated subject, when combined with special licensing to fish a fishery at risk such as the Bow River and possibly the Oldman River drainage, the angling effort will be reduced. Add to this a ban on triple-hooks, the use of barbless hooks, and possibly other gear restrictions one can see how the attraction to fish the Bow River where the recreational experience and fish populations would improve. LInk to CRUA website - The Bow River Water Management Policy andthe Impact on the Fishery
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    I find this post interesting as no one has addressed the major problem on the Bow River of lack of fish to chase by a growing number of guides who lack the experience to find the fish that are available. Certainly, many of the names listed as "good guides" are there because for their time on the water over the past 20 years. They have the knowledge to switch up to techniques to match an angler’s skill and preferred angling technique. But unfortunately, very few guides and anglers have the desire to improve their skills beyond just putting fish in the boat. There are government plans to license fishing guides in the next couple of years. I just hope that there is some restriction on who is classified as a guide. Maybe an apprenticeship program is needed. Spending a few days on the river in a guide school does not make a guide. And dragging a boat owner off the river to row for a corporate float trip does nothing for the credibility of the Bow River guiding profession. Clearly, this discussion has illustrated the importance to be careful what you are asking for in a guide. Fish numbers are not always the most important goal!
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    Got my rod and reel back Thanks to RedBeard and the forum.
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    Wish they woud do stocking in some of our small streams, they are suffering.
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    Vancouver Island would be great with beach fly fishing and small streams.
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    Well, that's not entirely true, it was seen every year, but it was usually a couple older tired fish post spawn that you would see, certainly not the numbers we've been seeing since last fall. If anything, runoff is helpful for our fish as it gives them lots of water and cool temperature, and we would have seen the sapro come mid july and august. We also would have seen this in 2005, and 2008 (i think that was the other big one, can't remember), however those years produced some of the best and healthiest trout in a long time. Runoff is natural, and last year was not record setting for amount of water in the riv. The low water in the fall was probably a big culprit. Not much water, warm water, getting pushed together, a warm fall that kept anglers out later, and then getting pounded on daily, including through their spawning period. Personally, i believe it's an increase in anglers, an increase in pressure, and an increase in handling. People need to start treating fish better, especially those who consider themselves ambassadors of the sport. Not directed at anyone, however something everyone should really think about. Do you really need another photo of a 18" trout from the river? Are you more concerned about getting the photo on facebook, rather then getting the fish back in the water. Lots of people need to examine their motives behind taking photos, especially with this increase in sapro. I also found it funny that the brownies that i've seen that are in less fished zones, are in great shape.. I would also say that any ncrease in didymo is likely from the low water in the fall. lots of growing hours, not much water for light to penetrate to..pretty optimal growing conditions. Personally i think we all forget that this time of year there is that big push of nasty *hit in the water after the first bump of water
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    Is there any doubt left in anyone's mind that China has bought off and blackmailed many western politicians.
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