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    I was biking with my daughter this morning along the Bow in Inglewood and noticed a dude with 2 rods, one on the ground pointing upwards with a bell attached to the tip while he was rigging up another. It was obviously someone who was fishing with bait. I called it in, and a conservation officer was there in 15 minutes. He watched from afar with binoculars to make sure he had enough evidence, just in case the guy snipped his line. I just received a follow-up call and he said that this guy was caught last week by another conservation officer in Strathmore... 4 illegal walleye. The conservation officer said this is a perfect example of why we should ALWAYS call in poachers and bait fishers. If it's a father-son out fishing and making an honest mistake, then the officers deal with them differently with a warning. However, with a repeat offender like this guy, they will definitely be a bit more harsh. It was great to see these guys at work and how much they care for the river. This officer is an avid flyfisher so he's quite passionate about protecting rivers like the Bow. One less bad guy on the water!
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    I recently had the exact same interaction, but I asked the guy his name and if his property operated a business. I then pulled out my phone and made it clear I was calling the cops. I told him I needed his info as I needed to know who I was going to have charged and sued for violating my charter given rights. He stated we didn't need to do that but I still had to leave, I responded with he has 3 options, 1 me calling the cops 2 me posting on all my social media where the best brown trout fishing is on this stream and he'll have to deal with all of us legally fishing 3 he can walk back to his house educated I also told him at the end of this id still be fishing it. He walked away muttering. We have to stand up to these guys. I have talked to anglers that have been scared off of this property numerous time. The land owner does it because he gets away with it. I also go to local detachment if the land owner gets threatening, even if nothing happens just to have the record. Stand for our rights guys, we loose stuff daily.
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    Add to the fact that there is one idiot that has started a "Random Camping (Crown land) Facebook Group"... Just what everyone needs more rednecks disrespecting the outdoors (yes I'm making a huge judgment with that statement)!!
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    Thank you Jay, this is how you do it.
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    Hey everyone, I got out west for the first time this year on the weekend, On Saturday evening after working later than expected I decided to try and out duel the rainy weather and head into the back country in search of some trout. I drove west and eventually found some clean enough water. The wet stuff caught me here and there but I managed to find enough friendly weather to make it a comfortable day of trout hunting on Sunday. The bigger rivers were high and dirty but I found the major tributary waters to be a little high but mostly quite clear and the little tribs were basically perfect. I fished mostly a dry dropper setup consisting of a Stimmy on top with a bead head Hare's ear nymph as the dropper while exploring the streams. I did tie on a big white streamer for a few minutes while trying to coax a big bull on a tiny stream to meet the inside of my net. I managed to get into a few fish, some small and some of a really nice size ... It turned out to be one of those days where each fish got better and better as the day went on with the best ones coming just before you call it quits and head back home. If you keep searching eventually the beautiful fish will find you. All in all I had a great time for my first outing of the year, I saw some gorgeous nature and some majestic landscapes, met a few wild and native trout along the way and enjoyed a little solitude. I captured some video images of this little adventure for you to enjoy. Check it out and let me know your thoughts. Cheers !! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_1B1JEHA60
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    For me the eastern slope streams have always just been the occasional mid-week day trip runs, especially during summer holidays/camping season. Some really good dry fly action to be had in September and even into October if the weather co-operates and then you can avoid the crowds!
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    Where did you read that none of us have permission to access creeks via private land? I know there is at least three of us in this thread that do.... And I do get your point - I have permission on a handful of places I access creeks to fish, and I hunt predominately private land myself too, but I guess we're all idiots.... Are you new to fly fishing? I think most of us on these brown trout creeks aren't fishing just a half mile stretch of creek, so why would you spend hours if not days trying to track down all owners and renters along a creek to ask permission to use public land? It is absolutely not inexcusable to not make a phone call or knock on a door.... For some places I fish it would take me all day to try and track owners and renters down to get "permission" to fish through their quarter sections. I love how you criminalize fly fisherman for "trespassing". We don't need to ask for permission to cross their property via the creek below the high water mark, plain and simple, it's not abusing a loophole whatsoever. 90% of the places most of us fish I think we could agree that there are never any issues with landowners. There are just exceptions that don't want anyone fishing, hunting, etc. Most weren't made that way and you're right is people legitimately trespassing or having a lack of courtesy that makes them how they are and ruins it for the rest of us, but there are still the crusty guys who've just always never wanted anyone out there. It is what it is. It has nothing to do with respect. High water mark is high water mark, with very very few exceptions PRIVATE LANDOWNERS DO NOT OWN THE CREEK/RIVER/STREAM: THE WATER, THE FISH, THE BOTTOM - THEY OWN NONE OF IT. The thread was started to get some information and learn how to deal with it. I will not be intimiated by bully ranchers. It's a mutual respect thing - I don't go on their property, they don't have an issue. If you catch me on your pasture above the high water mark without permission, sure, that's a different story, but not the one we're discussing. Don't assume we're all idiots and ignorant city folks because like you there's several of us have an agriculturual background...
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    jet boats will take their rightful place as the rulers of the Bow.... All hail the inboard
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    I actually have pulled Landtitles (or have copies) for "Sara's" (the land mentioned above) and for a place on the JP, proving them wrong when confronted (hasn't come to that, but I'm prepared)... P
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    I deal with Public Lands with my work, and it's a fairly complicated matter. The major issue is that 'technically' only a Legal surveyor can specify where that mark is. Typically, it's pretty damn close to the 1:2 year flood line, or where the vegetation trim line is. From the surveyors act: For the actual case of who owns the land, see the Water Boundaries information from AEP, and the information on accessing it. https://www.alberta.ca/water-boundaries.aspx To put it simply, unless they specifically have it on their title, a watercourse is crown claimed, and you have every right to be there. Worth fighting over, i'm doubtful, especially in that area, but worth asking for a name and phone number so you can talk to a land officer on it. I've had good and bad interactions with landowners on the Fallentimber, including where they have strung fences across the river (definitely illegal under both the Public Lands Act and Canada Navigable Waters Act). I would suggest touching base with the Public Land Officer for the region and bringing up the interaction and location.
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    'Pregnant' hot-spot scud. The reason I'm posting another scud is that this one popped out of my vise yesterday, and I searched for at least an hour! Found it wedged between my sling pack and a box, some 2m away!! Knapek Comp Scud hook, size 14.
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    Just playing around with a Dragon fly.
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    Good to see you strapping the go-pro on again, GBD ... and Deano, shy as ever. Nice prospecting on a not-so-nice day!
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    I think it's fair to say, regardless of the Public Lands Act, being a dick to a landowner is just asking for an unpleasant day for both of you for virtually no benefit, and will remove access across private land for other activities further. Sure you may be allowed to be on the river, but you might have just burnt a bridge for someone else who has been using the same land for hunting. I routinely fish on public lands next to private, and make sure to go out of my way to be kind and respectful when i run into a landowner. They may not have a right to kick you out of the 'public' section, but I'd rather have a good relationship with those that i run into, such that if i ever need anything they're more receptive (if you break your arm 12 km up the river, i'd much prefer to cut across land and not get chased off because you've been an ***hole to them in the past). Don't jump fences, dont open gates, be respectful, clean up some garbage be kind, keep your dog under control (and likely on leash) and 99% of your interactions will be positive. If you're going around looking for issues, you should probably take up a less quiet sport.. FYI, last time i asked for access from a landowner, not only did they provide me access, they gave me a key to the gate that allowed me to shave off 3 km of hiking by driving. Landowners aren't inherently enemies..
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    I can't believe how many people posting do not have the courtesy to ask land owners for access to property! With all of the information that is really available (county maps, iHunter app) it is inexcusable not to make a phone call or knock on a door, shake a hand and state your business. As someone who has spent years hunting on private land and being farmed raised I find it hard to fathom how many people in this sport claim a right to trespass by way of a loophole that is meant to protect navigation/commerce (the movement of goods and services by way of water, example one logging company couldn't buy of a section of river to stop another company moving logs, or as applies to mining, fur trade etc.) People are spending thousands on gear/fuel and won't spend the money for a few maps and couldn't be troubled by a simple human interaction. This year I lost access due to some land changing ownership and I can totally sympathize with the land owner's reasoning, too many people trespassing without permission! I hadn't been out on the land in question for a couple years but heard rumour of it changing hands, checked the maps, went for a drive and knocked on his door. We had a good friendly talk for well over an hour, lots to BS about as I come from a family farm background, and he explained some of the trouble he's had with the going's on and the lack of courtesy/respect. He runs a third generation small mixed farm operation who worked oil and gas when times weren't that rosy for agriculture and put three kids through university. It took hard work and smarts to get his hand on that quarter, people didn't respect that. Show some respect out there!
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    Be advised, ordered a bunch of hackle from this outfit feather emporium. (needed Size 10 and 12 hackle). Payed with paypal. He will not return phone calls nor answer emails but will take your money!!!! Had to put a claim in threw paypal and after a good month my package is in the mail. It'll be interesting to see if i actually get what i ordered. Ray
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    My suggestion is to get a camera with the zoom/quality you want and when you think it can get wet put it in to a dry bag.
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    Realistically its probably a different guy, I roll brown trout streams in the fields and most are bordered with private land. I hide a lot just to avoid confrontations. Its part of the reason I'm building a mini jet boat, if I see a guy coming on his atv I'm just going to jet out. It's a shame, I'd love to post up the names of the land owners that are totally cool, but then id have to see all of you.
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    Absolutely - I think this bears repeating. It's important that we assert our right to access public lands and waterways. Be polite but don't yield on the issue.
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    Where the grass meets the mud....that pretty much leaves you standing in the water in a lot of places. Probably best to talk to the landowner along the section you want to fish before you get started. Having run-ins with grumpy guys sours the day
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    Hay BowLurker, you mean one of these. This is one done in the classical tie. Still a great searching pattern for Trout.
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    Gorgeous fly, SilverDoctor. C'mon, give us a Royal Wulff! I tied the 'extended-abdomen' wobbly stone again, with a new type of olive chenille. It's on a Size 8 Knapek Comp jig hook. Not a lot of real-estate, but a surefire hookset! -M.
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    This one is called a For and Aft.Good little Cuttie fly, although I've caught a few Browns with it also as a searching pattern..
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    Nice ties What are you using for the abdomin on this one/ Thanks BK
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    Great work! Always smart to just call it in. Once i made the mistake of confronting the poacher which resulted in a slashed tire.
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    Be sure to get your file number so you can collect your reward!!
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    Some of you folks tie alot of flies. Way to many to comment on them all. But wow this dragon fly got me. I can imagine a selection of blue,yellow and the green ones. Just awesome looking fly. Always personally liked Dragon Flies even when i was a kid. Grew up in Dragon Fly country. Used to catch them in a liitle net then let them go after studying them some with magnifying glass. Just a Beautiful tie Mr. SilverDoctor.
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    For little guys I just grab em accross back of head and retrieve fly. next size up to about 12-14 lbs I’ve used a grey glove , some kind of light chain mail. Grips those slippery buggers well. Past that size glove doesn’t work as my hands not big enough and fish are too strong. Next is cradle , get them in and orient them the right way that it’s reasonable to work on. Big ones easily crunch down jaw spreaders and dwarf your baker hook outs making getting fly out a challenge and hard on the fish. I will slide my hand under gill up to end of jaw getting no more than first 2 knuckles in. Any more and you will be a bleeder for sure after momma does a head shake or 2 as there are many teeth. Anyhow , hand under gill, head up, fish in control, hook quickly out and ready for a quick pic. Back in cradle for revival and off she goes.
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    Longhorn Caddis adult, size 14 Knapek competition midge hook.
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    Hope they took his gear. One week out from another offence sounds like he needs a stronger lesson this time.
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    This is called a West Fork Nymph, but I think it could pass for a wet-style Stimulator. Fun one in size 10!
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    I love tying Soft Hackles, gets you concentrated on the body more. Soft Hackle here is actually grey but a bit of yellow marker makes the color tick.
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    I guess I could call this a Blue-Winged something, but it's more like a Gray-Winged Blue! Size 18.
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    Orange Scud, Size 16. I've been experimenting with different leg materials, but Ostrich Herl seems to do the trick. Really loving these Knapek hooks!
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    I ended up going out and I learned one thing. I suck at catching big pike but I can catch walleye on a fly rod pretty good! I think we might have been a few weeks late for the big pike action , we did get several easily handled smaller ones and one around 10-12lbs that my buddy Paul got. Nice day to be out. I'll still be interested in finding a cradle for next season, I think I am kind of smitten by the pike fishing, they hit so hard and fight so hard too. The big one we got tore up the lake!
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    Holsinger's Green Wire Caddis, Size 14. This one's a real hit fished deep!
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    Beauty emerger matt. Here is a CDC emerger with translucent body.
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