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    Flying up/down a small sidestream on plane, with the chance of running into an oncoming boat/tuber/pontoon/wader in close quarters is acceptable???? I am afraid we will have to disagree on that one. The chance for something to go really wrong is too great. Just because we CAN do some things doesn't mean we SHOULD
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    Where the hell is the anchor to the shore using ferry angle to do it for you? They obviously need to re-read their swiftwater rescue manual
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    You know it really sucks when you lose one of your best fishing friends. Life is short. Shorter than i ever expected. I will always have great memories of spending time on the water, sitting by the fire, camping in remote locations, and sharing stories, thoughts, observations, and just being yourself, with my buddy. You almost take it for granted that we will be around forever, but then, just like that, it changes. Never will it be the same anymore. Times that you spent together are now a favorite memory, with no future trips or excursions planned as a result. I am not the first to lose a great friend, as we all do or will eventually, but my point is, cherish the times with your fishing buddy/s. Don't get bent out of shape if you have to wait to put in for your float, don't complain about the fish not biting, instead, take a breath, close your eyes and enjoy life. Be happy that you have someone that you can share time with doing the same things you like to do. Take a minute to tell your buddy how much you appreciate their friendship. I miss my friend Henry, who passed away last April. He was truly one of my very best friends, and to this day, i feel empty knowing there will never be any more fun times spent with him, just memories. When i do get out fishing or camping, he is always with me in spirit, but it will never be the same again. I know he would want me to continue on, carry on, and go on, but it is still tough without him. Thanks for letting me post this, and please, enjoy and value your time with your buddy/s and always cherish them.
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    Have also seen guys go over the weir. Not a good outcome. I saved another guy in a dead jet boat from going over years ago. We were the last 2 boats on the water. Lucky for him, I was still around. Things can go wrong in a second even for experienced boaters. Stay safe Guys and Gals.
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    I have about 20 minutes of video of FFD trying to free the boat BEFORE it actually got away from them. I will send them an email to see if they would like to use any or all of the videos i took in hopes they might want to review and possibly get some learning from the video. When i first seen the FFD discussing the recovery yesterday, they asked me if i knew who owned the boat. I don't. I thought that was a little weird as they told me they rescued the two of them the day before? Not sure what that says.
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    Did they seriously think they could manhandle a half submerged boat into the launch like that? Wow...
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    Curious why the fire dept took it upon themselves to remove it. In 3-4 more days, it would be dry on the rocks, easily bucketed and towed from the lot with little damage. How about now? Hoping for the best. Amazes me how how lucky people are on the Bow . Anywhere else when a boat sinks, it’s usually in the news since someone died with it.
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    Join Diddy hunting browns just after dusk and also see the smile on his daughters face as she gets her first Golden Browns .... on the wrong kind of rod but now she has been bitten by the fishing bug the right kind of rod is soon to come !!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hbm0cW22j6k
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    Dan, ive seen the same thing. Lots of colours but mostly on the light green colour. I wonder if it related to the adults. There are dark olive and bright blue. They seem to be of either sex if using “who is on top” criteria. Don
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    Jet boats in side streams better be ducking from incoming rocks
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    That's the Foothills Fire Dept boat, not CFD
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    Good intentions but lack of knowledge by the Foothills Fire Department. When I spoke to them they seemed full of confidence the boat would be found with no problem. Where was the owner? Nowhere to be seen!
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    As we get older we do lose those we love. Sorry for your loss. I've lost a couple of fishing buddies dear to me over the years including a previous Admin of this site "Flytier". Memories and pictures are what we have thank goodness. If you have a picture of an old buddy you miss feel free to post it here.
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    I have updated “The Trout Lakes of Northern Alberta” Same link:- https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mhdk6iuotzvifhw/AADmDNsCZNq9ly9s5WlI6n18a?dl=0 Any comments:- neilstuartsutherland@gmail.com
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    St. Marys is an incredible drift Elbow from from Canyon creek down is pretty cool but you better have your stick skills wired, take out at redwood or near Allen Bill used to be.... really a tough put in and take out. may not be good for a typical 17' drifter Any portion of the Bow above the weir.
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    What float you thinking of? Buddy and I are just going to uber if using 22 or police. It's also ~$20 from 22 to Glenmore, and ~30ish for police to 22, or Police to glen. vs the 55 of a shuttle obv. wont work out of town, and do lose the nicety of having your truck at the far end (can always shuttle to start the day though). Guy that sits with boat can always get the boat setup and do a bit of fishing while it's shuttled
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    agreed, i swamped my drifter a few years back going over the weir, a lesser boat would have been lost. The Harvey Passage should be left for kayaks.
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    I sure hope not, all river users have the same rights as us anglers. There is no telling where anglers are going to stand to fish and many jet boaters aren't serious anglers, they think you standing in water is crazy...... Perspectives, we all share the Bow in a city of over 1,000,000
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    Jauhad, Rain getting to you. An argument with yourself is kinda scary Don
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    Awesome post! And I do wish for some better behaviour in regard to the time people spend handing fish. I can’t tell you how many times I see some Instagram Hero taking picture after picture, doing pose after pose. And some of these guys are catching serious fish on a regular basis. They must know better but they seem to have little regard for the fish they catch beyond their value in garnering more followers. General rule; if you are handling a fish for longer than you can keep your head underwater, after sprinting 100 M, you’re taking too long.
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    The Foothills Fire Department then. Sorry, hard to see that on my iPhone. Why are they doing property recovery? Safety issue? Attempting to remove a hazard from the river, how’d that work out? I suggest that the Fire Safety Boats are one of the greatest hazards on the Bow River, particularly when they buzz downstream in side channels, full of tubers (I’ve seen them do it). Back to the matter of boat recovery from flowing waters. During recovery efforts elsewhere they tie off the front on the boat before attempting to remove it from the rocks (or even to pop one off the bottom of the river, as the case may be). Water is heavy, you can’t hold back a driftboat full of water? Hindsight, more like no vision.
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    Wow, I what’s up with that. Secure the Bow of the boat to a tree on the shore before you try to move it off the rocks. What is the “Calgary” Fire Department boat doing here in the first place, isn’t this outside the city limits? Are they now responsible for property recovery? IMHO if the Fire Department is having trouble finding places to cut their 122 Million dollar budget this boat is the first place to start.
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    I was down today watching the Fire Department try to recover the boat. Unfortunately it did not go well as the boat ended up sinking after them getting it off the rocks. The boat floated down past the island and the fire department were still working on the recovery when i left. Don't know how to download the video but do have lots of pics and video on the efforts of the recovery Glad everyone got out safe which is the most important thing.
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    Whoops. Glad everyone got out ok (from your post).
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    Sorry about your loss. Definitely we take things for granted, and can be thankful for the things we have, while we have them. Wish you the best in your future fishing endeavors.
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    Folks, i've fished the Oldman River for something over 50 years and watched the changes. From the constant signs of land destruction, the loving sounds of quads and dirt bikes, from the villages of squatters things have changed big time. Damn but am I impressed. Only took a couple of years to change. Was it hard, must have been. Only took 50 years. Big trouble for where I live though. The herd will go somewhere. Don
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    Would be nice to start a list of hotspots for Prussians so we can all take time to target them.
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    Folks, here is a Conference Board of Canada survey on hunting , fishing & trapping. this stuff is important. only what is measured matters. https://na1se.voxco.com/SE/default.aspx Don
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    He is. They're transitioning it sounds like. The issue doesn't seem to be whether or not they're willing to do it, but whether or not they can find willing drivers for later in the day.
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    Don’t forget upper bow. Banff - Canmore (lonnnnggg float in very beautiful country) Canmore - Exshaw (bring a trolling motor for last slow section)
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    I drifted several sections of the Clearwater this year and you don’t want to bring s drift boat down it from Highway 22>Highway 752. It is thin in many places. I bottomed out my pontoon boat many times. Tbe river is in runoff right now and this will help the situation. Launching a drift boat is tough. There maybe only two spots in 12 miles. North Sask is even tougher to get boats in and out within a reasonable distance. Downstream of Highway 11 there is a take out at Drayton. Catch ya’ Don
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    Nice smoke jumper, I use that pattern very effectively on the mountain streams, upper Highwood, Oldman and Livingston
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    Some are not so ugly
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    just starting for the upcoming stonefly season. Playing with extended bodies EAstonefly X2.0, with mods. also planning on playing with the coloring pens.
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    The regulations state: Releasing Prohibited Fish You must immediately release every fish that cannot be legally kept because of species, catch limit, size limit or other regulation, without exception, even if the fish is injured or dead. When the fish is alive, you must release it in a manner that causes the least harm to the fish. The definition of Immediately is "without interval of time ". I would guess that for a large number of the pictures taken of Prohibited Fish and posted on this site, an "interval of time" was required after catching the fish in order to get the picture. I would then say that is breaking the law. Careful what you wish for. Some people can be real sticklers.
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