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  2. Thanks, Lornce. I'm pretty sold on the new hooks...now to convert some more fish!
  3. Float tube buddy in BC complete with a blue-green tattoo
  4. Thanks SD, I needed to verify my email in order to directly link.
  5. Last week
  6. I use a site called Imgur and post a direct link here, works great, really easy
  7. The better your casting, the more and fun you'll have and the more relaxed you'll be on the water. Pete Kutzer [46:13] is one of the finest casting instructors in the world, and not only that he's one of the finest anglers you meet, which means he teaches casting as a means to have more enjoyable fishing so he's pragmatic and flexible. He practices casting himself almost every day, and he gives us hints on how to practice at home no matter what kind of fishing you end up doing. You'll be glad you did—and so will your guide if you hire one. I n the Fly Box this week, we have some interesting questions and helpful tips from listeners, including: I need a rod for bass fishing as well as throwing streamers for trout. I only have light trout rods. Which rod should I choose? What is a competition hook and how does it differ from a regular hook? A good tip on how to make matte beads from shiny gold ones without painting or markers I know you should not go more than .002" difference when knotting on a tippet. Can I get away from bigger differences in heavy butt material? I have been fly fishing for 35 years and am looking for a more advanced course. Where should I go? Do you know anything about fishing in Switzerland? How can I target carp in dirty water? I am going Atlantic salmon fishing in Norway. Can I use a single-handed rod even though most people use two-handers? A tip from a listener on always mashing down the barbs of hooks when fishing with kids. My line gets twisted when I fish with a dry/dropper arrangement. Is there any way to lessen this? My tungsten beads crack when I hit my back cast on rocks behind me. Are there beads that are more durable than tungsten? How can I fish the tails of pools in small streams without getting drag? I can't get redfish running a surf line to eat my flies. Any suggestions? View the full article
  8. Last year I broke the same section on my crosswater and a couple months ago i emailed redington if it would be covered under warranty. I made a warranty request and emailed them if i could skip mailing the rod and just pay for the replacement piece. They asked for a picture of the damage and ended up waving the fee and mailed me a new crosswater combo kit free. I would send them an email and see what they can do for you.
  9. Keel - balanced rubber band grub, Sz 12, using another style of hook from the new brand. There is no barb, the hook point is angled out from the factory. Can't wait to get this one wet!
  10. Olive pheasant rump / peacock eye nymph with a rubber band abdomen. Sz 10, using a new brand of hook.
  11. Hey SD, Imgur doesn't have a Direct link any more. How did you share your pics?
  12. This is a 2 part question. The other day I got clumsy and broke a section on my 9 ft 5 wt rod. It’s not the tip section but the second section up from the handle. first question is does anyone have a good second section that I could buy. Second question, is anyone interested in the rest of the rod if I can’t find a second section? This is a Reddington, Crosswater 9 ft, 5 wt.
  13. Cutties on dries....it is the Way. Good to take Dad's stuff out now and again Good shots SD
  14. Earlier
  15. Just thought I would post a few of my favorite pictures, post if you have some favorites. Love Cutties on dries. Leftovers from tying orders. Dads tackle, still in occasional use.
  16. Jacks are an under-rated gamefish and under-utilized resource. They take a fly aggressively, fight harder than most other saltwater gamefish, and are common in most warmer saltwater ecosystems. Yet most anglers, and most guides, pass them up on the way to chasing the glamor species like bonefish, permit, or tarpon. They're missing a lot of fun. RA Beattie [34:28] is a talented film maker who regularly has films in the International Fly Fishing Film Festival (IF4) (International Fly Fishing Film Festival® - IF4™ (flyfilmfest.com) and his spectacular film, produced by RA and Jako Lucas, called "Jacks", is currently on tour with the festival. He talks about making fly-fishing films, and also his love of fishing for jacks. In the Fly Box this week, we have some fun questions and helpful tips from listeners, including: Where can I learn Spey casting in preparation for a trip I'm taking? I saw some large brown trout chasing shiners in the shallows. What fly pattern and tactics should I use? I keep missing strikes on a balanced leech under an indicator. What am I doing wrong? Great suggestions from a listener on how to train a dog to be a good streamside companion. Why am I having problems with short casts on my 9-foot 5-weight rod? Driving in Alberta, I see a lot of nice-looking rivers along the road. How can I tell if they have fish in them? What other patterns should I try those cool wing cases made from saddle hackles I see on the Tom Rosenbauer's Deep Caddis Pupa? A great tip from a listener on a special material for organizing your fly-tying bench. Where can I find flies with black beads? A tip from a listener on how to keep cool while fishing during the summer in the deep South. Why do I catch big wild rainbows in one pool and only smaller ones in the next pool downstream? Any suggestions for setting the hook on brook trout in a very tight stream View the full article
  17. have not caught one since I fished them for the last time in Northeastern B.C in the 1980s. . An absolute joy on the fly and gorgeous to the eye. I miss those simpler times
  18. Remember awesome days fishing for grayling in the Edson & Hinton areas. Missed them since moving to Southern Alberta.
  19. Our climate is changing, and regardless of whether you think it's human caused or natural it is changing. If you don't believe that you need to get outside more. John Gierach [58:00], thoughtful guy that he is, wanted to talk about this subject and how he deals with changes that have happened in his lifetime, and what we can all do to deal with climate change and still enjoy fly fishing, because as he says "we still gotta live" and to some of us fly fishing is life. I n the Fly Box this week we have lots of questions, many of them quite basic but still fun to answer because you can always give them a new twist. What is the best rig to catch trout with worms? (I hope he meant worm flies and not real worms) What can I do to keep my Depth Charge line from tangling? I am moving to Texas and want one rod for inland bass and one for inshore saltwater. Is there one outfit that can do this? Am I better off buying one high-end rod or several lower priced rods if I fish in a variety of trout situations? Can you overline bamboo and fiberglass fly rods? I have a dog that likes to chase rocks and sticks. Any tips on how to train a dog to be a good fishing companion? Is there any way to tell a trout rise from a chub rise? I am confused by fly line numbers and hook numbers. Can you explain them? What do fish deep in a lake take my Pat's Rubber Legs fished quickly? What do the fish think it is? How do you fish your Rabbit's Foot Emerger patterns? What do I do with my rod when tying on a new fly or landing a fish? Is there a better knot than a clinch knot for tying on size 18 to 22 flies? My welded loop has cuts in it. What can I do to fix that? What kind of dry/dropper arrangement do you use when there is nothing visibly hatching? A good tip from a listener on walking the banks of your favorite rivers in low water to get a sense for the bottom structure. Can you tell the difference between a male and female trout by looking at the anal fin? View the full article
  20. I have yet to catch one out of the Belly.
  21. They are a real living Jewel
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