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  3. Is this the jigging equivalent of sight-fishing? looks pretty damn cool, but $3k is a hefty bill Had never heard of it but watched this video, its pretty wild ..
  4. This week my guest is Henry Cowen [@49:05], author of the new book Fly-Fishing for Freshwater Striped Bass, which is really a complete guide to chasing these great gamefish. They get huge, they often feed in shallow water, and are just about the perfect fish to chase with a fly rod. You'll learn their seasons, how to present your fly, and what tackle and flies you'll need to chase them. In the Fly Box this week, we have some great questions from listeners, including: How do newer Orvis rods compare to older ones like the All-Rounder? Any tips for casting from a kayak? How do the Orvis Hydros
  5. I don't have personal experience but I roll with some goofs that only fish walleye on some tour thing. They both use Livescope and when both of them got the systems last year neither could stop freaking out about how awesome the views are. One even said like you, almost too good. I understand the system isn't even close to cheap. I'd like to hear more from others.
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  7. My father-in-law is looking for a new fish finder for lake fishing. He has one but likes to sit in one spot and chronomid fish, traditional units need to move at 3-5mph to pick up anything (or so we understand). The side images are ok for reading structure and depth of the bank but not for picking up fish (that I can tell anyway). Enter this Livescope from Garmin. Watched a few videos on youtube and it looks - amazing. Like almost too good, like you can see a fish (albeit a large one) and this guy almost bonks it on the head a lure Anyone have experience on a lake or to ice fi
  8. Boy, am I confused. Here I thought the invasive species were Aussie miners. Don
  9. I don't think the government ever chased down the culprit. A little forensic fish DNA sampling would illuminate things. It has been too long a time and millions of fish later. A guy I worked with knew the owner of the farm. Fish farm now grows Talapia. Township Rd 250, Range Rd 274. You can follow the ditches from there. Easy to see how carp got in Weed lake north of Langdon and all the way to the NE to the Red Deer River. Then you have eco-vandals moving live fish around. People are so un-informed of the devastation that can happen in the long run
  10. Monger, wouldn't said fish farm be responsible for the clean up if they are in fact guilty of fish the dump?
  11. Get these glue on mounts. this allows you to mount a scotty mount to your tube then you can put real oarlocks on. My buddy has em on his zodiac, works great. Can also add rod holders and such. Dont think id do anchor locks with it, but other than that.... https://www.stevestonmarine.com/Scotty-Pad-Glue-On-For-Inflat-Black-341BK?language=en&currency=CAD&gclid=Cj0KCQiAvvKBBhCXARIsACTePW_JDttR_h5Um0IW_BKDVzG9vQ6GcNxq0O2x41L96h-G7XMphJmhPaIaAlX7EALw_wcB The mounts: https://www.stevestonmarine.com/Scotty-Mount-Locking-Push-Button-Side-Dec-241L?search=scotty mount
  12. The 2 lakes in harvest hills,have thousands.They aerate the lakes.Why can't F&W force them to shut the aerators down.Hopefully there by killing,them.in the winter.They're storm water lakes that eventually sees the .The over flow making it's way into the Bow River.
  13. https://photos.app.goo.gl/S129dZKh6pMUyP7B9 Wet flys
  14. #1 http://www.outdoorsmenforum.ca/images/buttons/report. Looking for a Partridge skin for flytying. If any one would like to part or sell one please let me know. Thanks
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  16. Ground Zero for Prussian Carp: A fish farm along an irrigation ditch northeast of Chestermere Lake (east of Calgary)....fish released into the ditch. Those irrigation ditches eventually end up dumping into the Red Deer river downstream of Drumheller. After that you have all the criminals moving live fish around in buckets to new waterbodies. The damage level continues to grow and now is being passed on to Saskatchewan. Eventually the carp will probably get to Hudson Bay
  17. In this week's podcast, we'll visit with the dynamic co-founder and president of Western Rivers Conservancy, Sue Doroff [34:50]. Over the past 30 years, Sue and her small, lean staff have protected nearly 400 miles of rivers with names like the Madison, Hoh, Klamath, and John Day--rivers beloved by fly fishers. If you've ever parked at Three Dollar Bridge on the Madison River, you can than the Western Rivers Conservancy for protecting that stretch of river from development and for maintaining public access. Find out about their unique special sauce and how they do this. In the Fly Box this we
  18. Swing, hit, and miss--why did you not connect with that fish? Did it just miss your fly? Did you strike too soon? Did you strike too late? Or did the fish refuse your fly even though it looked like a take? Dave Jensen and I [@44:47] discuss how you can (maybe) tell why you didn't connect--and it may not always be your fault. In the Fly Box this week, we have some great questions and tips from listeners, including: Why does my 7-foot, 4-weight rod make most things more difficult than my 9-foot, 8-weight rod? Can I use a float tube in a river? I have trouble getting my indicator or dry fly to f
  19. could you get the same material and just use an appropriate adhesive? I don't know myself as I have little experience with rafts. Possibly the costs involved makes this a moot point.
  20. Just going to give this thread a bump to the top.... Please show your support. The fishies thank you.
  21. Hey Bcubed, I haven't looked at the "towers" in real life but in looking at the pictures from outcast, those towers would be a very easy build for a fabricator, use a base of .500 UHMW..... now finding a fabricator in AB that will build anything not industry based is tough.
  22. Hey Fly Fish Calgary, Just thought I would let you know about two fundraisers we are hosting to raise some funds to help conserve the Bow River. 1. Online Silent Auction (Open Now - March 19 @ 9pm) https://www.32auctions.com/BowRiverTroutFoundation Bow River Guided Trips Guided W and W trip for 4 in the Eastern Slopes Red Deer River Guided Trip 3 Day Guided Backcountry Stillwater Trip staying at Northern Lights Lodge in Likely, BC Custom Fly Rod and Flies Gear, Cutting Boards, Hats, Mugs, Some really cool items 2. Virtual W
  23. I'm calling it a Valentine's Egg. First tie of this pattern, need to make it more bushy...steelhead will probably bite it...you know who you are!
  24. Ha ya i tried to see if they'd sell them as well to retrofit my Scadden.. no luck
  25. Some very nice footage and fish in this clip. Glad to see Terry hard at work.
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