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  2. Haven't tried these as yet. Looks like they would work nicely.
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  4. I tied these from Pattern on In The Riffle. Anyone used them before?
  5. Giving the guiding group a pass in the light of their efforts to stop WD is ludicrous. Don
  6. Professional guides enable the handling of LOTS of fish. I would suggest much more than the average joe on the side of the river. If there is a move to "limit angling effort/number of fish handled". the government better limit the guiding industry that exploits a public resource before the regulations go after recreational anglers. I don't want to see some crap about "rod days" and their associated monetary value being used as a reason to give the guiding industry a pass on limiting their impact.
  7. https://open.alberta.ca/dataset/40a348e3-dca0-4431-8142-e01006f3bc32/resource/e554bacc-dcf4-4952-8789-7adc5250b712/download/aep-bow-river-fisheries-management-zone-es1-pp1-2021-10.pdf There are currently two management actions immediately available to AEP Fisheries Management: reduce the angling effort, and/or reduce the number of trout each angler can catch. AEP is working with external agencies and angling groups to identify options that address high angling effort and catch rates. Consultation will occur to identify which options can be implemented. Failure to implement management actions will likely result in further declines of the Bow River trout fishery.
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  9. Hey monger what page did it say about angling restrictions. I can’t seem to find it and would like to go over it. Thanks
  10. Government discussion online Nov 3, 7pm see here to sign up: https://mywildalberta.ca/fishing/fisheries-management/default.aspx Looks like angling restrictions are in the works since that is the easiest thing for the government to control. Wise to get educated on restrictions that will be introduced. It will be interesting to see how the recreational anglers are effected in comparison to the guiding industry.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kjz8VGQiXGg
  12. Back in the day when I was perpetually flat broke, I had a lot of experience with ultralight waders - all of it grim. They fall apart so fast as to be a false economy. The corollary to that is that they will fall apart in the middle of the trip you've been looking forward to all year. Save yourself the frustration.
  13. Sorry I missed sharing this, but someone did anyways. Fibrefix was great for me and the work was done on time and as quoted. Easy peasey. Cheers
  14. My guest this week is Peter Jenkins [33:40], longtime striper angler and owner of the Saltwater Edge Fly Shop, outside of newport, Rhode Island. Peter talks about the seven different seasons of striper fishing on the coast, and also about the plight of the striper populations in the Atlantic. It's still an awesome and productive fishery, however we know it could be even better with proper conservation measures. In the Fly Box this week, we have some thought-provoking questions and comments, including: A comment on the lack of small fly shops these days and the bewildering variety of equipment Do I want a Spey rod for shoreline fishing and smaller steelhead rivers? Do you think that trying different fly sizes is something that applies universally Should tiers have more than one fly-tying vise? Since most people fish nymphs these days and they catch more fish than other methods, should we be limiting the number of fish we catch and release> Is there ever a time when you should go a size or two larger on a fly? What feathers should I save from grouse, pheasants, and wild turkey? I lost two large rainbows because I had trouble handling my slack line. What can I do to prevent this? View the full article
  15. At the end of each season I clean my boat with a cutting compound, then polish and wax. I also repair the chines with a marine compound. This is all done while my boat is off the trailer and put on a stand in my garage/shop. Throughout the winter I’ll have a lot of extra time so if anyone is interested in having the same process done to their boat send me a message and maybe we can arrange something. Cheers
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  17. Patagonia has the best warranty/repair service in the industry. I returned two pair of waders, full chest wader and their original waist high. They then informed me that the chest high were repairable but they couldn't fix the waist high and gave me a $200 credit toward the purchase of any Patagonia product. When I contacted Patagonia to spend the credit toward a new pair of waist high and pay the difference ($200) they sent me the new pair for no additional charge, just the credit I had. They were shipped immediately and I received them within a week. The only cost to me was the initial shipping of two pair of waders. Worth the effort to send them back for sure!
  18. Does and anyone experience with these waders? I like the idea of being able to slide down the chest part of the waders to be similar to wading pants. I wondering how bulky they feel when the chest part is lowered. I bought a pair of Patagonia waders about 6 years ago for the padded knees. They were expensive waders around 700 dollars. I was hoping to get 10 years out of them. I did do a fair amount of bushwhacking with them in the first 3 years. but since them I haven't used them that hard. They have been okay but started to leak last season. I seal the leaking seams but they started to leak above the heel on the neoprene boot. I'm debating about living with them a couple more years since I'm not fishing that much anymore. I'm tempted to go the cheap wader route and just plan on buying a new pair every 3 years which would work out the same price as an expensive pair. There's so much to choose from out there.
  19. Just had gel coat work done in my Hyde. https://fibrfx.ca/ Turned out great. Not sure about how easy it is to do the Clackacraft dimpled hulls. cheers, Dave
  20. Leigh H. Perkins, or LHP as he was known, was the driving force behind Orvis from 1965 into the 1990s and was a legendary marketing and outdoorsman. He passed away this summer and I wanted to interview some of his favorite guides and fishing buddies to give people a sense of what he was really like in the field [47:52]. He was fearless, always cheerful, and never had a bad day of fishing no matter what the conditions--a lesson for all of us. I hope you'll enjoy LHP stories from John Kowalski, Lori-Ann Murphy, and Rick Ruoff. In the Fly Box this week, we have some great questions, including: Which kind of poly leader should I get? How do I keep my hands warm when fly-fishing in the winter? A new fly fisher shares stories of rudeness and kindness on the water I have been fishing a variety of fly patterns on a North Georgia stream, all in size 14, and can't catch any fish. What am I doing wrong? If I am catching whitefish and suckers, am I fishing in the right place? How do I sort out the trout from the whitefish and suckers? Why are the trout that used to eat my black Woolly Bugger still striking at it but not connecting? Can I fish tenkara-style with a standard fly rod? Does Tom have any questions for the listeners? Are species-specific fly lines any good or is it just marketing? I have some hooks that are marked as 2X long with a 2X extended gap. Aren't these just hooks that are one size larger? View the full article
  21. I would like the contact as well thx
  22. A friend suggested Halloween Mask materials for pike flies. The stuff comes in many obnoxious colours. Right time of the season to acquire a selection. I tie Clousers out of the stuff. I think the stuff is Poly Vinyl. The best body material I found was Easter Egg basket stuffing material. Like the masks, it comes in weird colours. And I make my own leaders. Tools and materials are cheap. Consider a stainless meat cutters stainless glove. This one works well. https://northwoodsoutlet.com/product/normark-fillet-glove/ Don
  23. Yeah this would be great to know. Thanks
  24. My guest this week is Daniel Ritz [1:00:58], who recently completed the Master Caster level of the Western Native Trout Challenge. We talk about how he did it, what flies worked, and had a lot of discussion about what actually counts as a subspecies of trout. If you want to view his entire journey, it can be found at www.tu.org/magazine/author/daniel-ritz/ In the Fly Box this week, which was unusually long (either I talked too much or chose too many questions), we have these questions and tips: Why does my line get twisted when I try to shoot line? How do I know if the fly pattern I developed is really something new? What would you recommend for a wing material on bonefish flies? A question on exactly what hook shank measurements like 1X and 2X long mean, and what are they compared to? Does a 10-foot 5 weight Recon have a softer tip or a heftier butt section as compared to shorter rods? Is a 7-weight rod too light for pike fishing? How do fall leaves in the water affect fishing and what should I do? How do I get a non-weighted streamer deeper in the water column? My old floating fly line has a tip that is sinking. Is there any way of fixing this? Do brookies really drop down lower downstream in the fall after spawning? I fish a small high-altitude stream and only catch small trout. Do you think there could be larger trout there? What is a good step up from a cheapo fly-tying vise? How do you gauge your speed on how fast to move in a small stream? How do I catch the large trout in a small, clear stream with slow current? Is it ever appropriate not to tip a guide? A transcript of this podcast will be available in approximately three weeks at howtoflyfish.orvis.com. View the full article
  25. Maybe just post it here, there seems to be a lot of interest.
  26. Can you send me a PM as well, thanks.
  27. Ditto to 50lb fluoro, stuff is pricey but never had a bite off and of course doesn’t kink. I just tie a snap swivel on so it’s easy to change out flies. Bass or pike don’t care about a little swivel when using big flies.
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