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  2. I sent my views to my MLA as well as the minister for Alberta Parks through the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. A great organization with a strong voice. Hopefully someone in government will listen and see the dreadful impact this proposal will have on our public lands. Travel Safely
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  4. Im partial to very old British made stuff, due to my heritage in part i suppose. Thanks for posting it. Was a great hour and some particularly when practising isolation.
  5. Was by the Canadian Tire on Richmond Rd and they were selling licenses. This was last Tuesday Mar 31.
  6. I sent a letter to the (dis)Honorable Jason Nixon and got the standard form letter back that says nothing, in fact a friend got exactly the same letter the only change being the my name. Just full of political double talk and it is absolutely clear that those boneheads in charge at the Legislature have no work-life balance and that anything that isn't profitable is on the chopping block. Heaven help us all.
  7. As some of you may know I love vintage FF equipment and have a modest collection. Here is a cool documentary on Hardy
  8. Last week
  9. Thanks for the responses. I purchased an Echo 3 486 from Out Fly Fishing. I'll really work it out next week and tell you all my thoughts. I'm sure there are tons of rods out there like the Sages from the 00s .
  10. I know that Quarry Lake in Canmore is stocked with Grayling, but I have never caught one. Not sure if this stocking programme is still running either. -M.
  11. An Index of Internet Files of Interest to Alberta Trout Fisherpeople Please free to pass along this link to your fishing buddies. To view at full screen, remove sidebar and use “+” to expand. You can copy or transfer any folder or file to your phone or tablet. Please comment (Pro or Con) to neilstuartsutherland@gmail.com Link - https://www.dropbox.com/s/rh06jqfzubmn3mp/An%20Internet%20Index%20of%20Links%20to%20Trout%20Fishing%20Information%20for%20the%20Northern%20Aloberta%20Angler%20-%20Copy.docx?dl=0
  12. well, as someone who gets to deal with water act and public lands act daily, this is just the reporting requirements, not the actual approvals. Better yet, most of the reporting requirements were due on March 31. Seems like an attempt to bump market with a news article in my mind
  13. Kenney strikes again... https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/jason-nixon-covid-19-coronavirus-martin-olyszynski-alberta-1.5518567
  14. Higa's SOS has worked well for me
  15. Scott Radian is a cannon. Can get the 4 wt in either 8' 6", 9' or 10'.
  16. Mayfly Genus Baetis (Blue-Winged Olives) hatch throughout the year, in the spring and fall thy do tend to be smaller than in the early spring and fall. There are in fact dozens of different types in our province. I have often chased pods of Rainbows and browns during these hatch cycles. You also have to look at stages of nymphs that are pre-emergers for a complete cross section in your box. Often anglers look for that one magic fly that works all year instead of looking at what is on the water at different times of year and differnt nymphal stages(an insect screen can be your best friend to determine size and color). Here are a few that work for me throughout the year. Some are original others specific to well know patterns. I tend to bend my patterns to what I see on the water. Red Headed Step Child mentioned here in #16 and #18 My Doc's BWO (personal favorite) in Size #20 Suspended BWO Nymph #18 - #20. The large tail is pre-shuck Bars Emerger is a good one fished in a Leisenring Lift manner. Tie it in Green and brown. Doc's Gilled Baetis Nymph Hope this helps a bit in chasing the BWO hatches. keep up your social distancing and keep safe and may wee all meet at some time on sparkling waters.
  17. Gloomis IMX-pro, I used to use sage exclusively as well but these rods are just as fast and 2/3 the price. I have a 5 and 6 weight and they both cast streamers beautifully
  18. I like all my RPL+'s pushed one weight class
  19. [Interview starts at 38:00] This week I interview Mark Melnyk, host and producer of The New Fly Fisher TV show and the co-producer of The Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing Season 2. We tell some stories about what it's like filming a show and share some nasty tricks we played on cameramen over the past year. The Orvis show premieres this week on World Fishing Network, but shows will also premiere for the next 13 weeks every Sunday on The Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing You Tube Channel. Season 2 will also appear on PBS and on Amazon Prime later in the year, once we have all the shows completed. In the Fly Box this week, we have a couple good tips from listeners (actually adding information to topics previously discussed on podcasts) including more detail on polarized lenses and why tilting your head helps, and also some additional information on keeping your muscles and joints in shape when fishing. We also have these questions: Should I wait to buy a first fly rod now, or should I wait until I can go to an Orvis FF101 class once the stores re-open? What suggestions do you have to help me tie on those size 20 and smaller flies? I need up to 8 false casts to cast 60 feet. What am I doing wrong? I enjoyed watching you tie a Clouser Minnow. How should I fish this fly for smallmouth bass in a river? Why is it not OK to trim hackle on dry flies? What data would you add to a streamside journal? Do you think personal hygiene affects the sense of smell of trout? Once I start traveling again I want to try some saltwater species. Which ones should I target on my trip? View the full article
  20. I have a 5wt 8' 6" RPL that rotates between dries and a sink tip(6wt line...still works). I casted a friends's 5wt Recon....nice fast rod. It could do a sink tip
  21. Pretty good course. Lots of information that many anglers could use
  22. Brian, how about we all do it. I suspect based on nothing more than the lousy success rate of FF types IDing fish species for Quirk Creek experiment we all need a tune up. Don
  23. ha ya, they weren't overly politically correct when naming flies
  24. BWO killer, pheasant tail, red headed stepchild
  25. Does anyone have a Baetis nymph pattern that has worked well on the bow ?
  26. Logging in..They sure ask,some very delicate identity questions.For a free test..Not for me,this test...I do agree with the need for new fisher's,to be able to identify fish.Fishing ediquitte.etc.
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