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  2. WD, Asian Carp, Zebra mussels are now just over the Sask border, exotic fish stocked everywhere. The list of lack of action could go on for pages. when in the he’ll are we gonna off our butts are really deal with what is killing our fisheries. Don
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  4. Was the disinfecting a legal requirement or guides choice to incorporate?
  5. I suspect you refer to whirling disease that likely arrived from the Sam Livingston back in the eighties via Johnson lake...... myself I always take new boots and waders on any foreign trip
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  7. Just got this from a friend fishing in South America. It was quite the trip from El Calafate! The photos don’t do it justice. Vast expanses of Patagonia emptiness and “lumpy” barely describes it. Immediately upon arrival our waders and boots were disinfected and then it was time to string up rods and fish! Are we not yet embarrassed that we don’t require visiting or returning anglers to clean their gear and the best part, please find me a guide or guiding service who asked their clients not to drag their diseased stuff into A,berta, we deserve what we got. respect the resource,, nope we crap on it. Don
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  9. Imagine having to keep living in the same house after your roommate tried to do that to you.
  10. So Ralph, maybe you should change your tag to cowyguy.
  11. I was born and raised in Duncan, and fished the Cow growing up before heading out to Calgary along time ago. There are some good runs above Skutz Falls (make sure you have a map as the Falls are wicked and you would have to get out before then. There is a nice run from Lake Cowichan to Skutz that has lots of nice runs but you really need a boat as access is little to none. Below Skutz there are lots of areas where you can do some walk and wading, or float. Be aware of high water as the river can be dangerous at that time. I did a float a couple years ago with Kenzies Fishing out of Cowichan Lake and we floated the section above Skutz and did quite well. Lots of browns! You can also check with Buckys Sporting Goods in Duncan (if there still there). They would have tons of advice for the Cow for you as well. Be ready to fish in the rain, and be wintered up as it can be cold, especially when floating. Say hi to one of my favorite rivers for me while you are there, it is a great place to spend time on the water! Cheers
  12. Hoping you have a better year next year "Fishinglibin"
  13. Since it is that time of year, my wife Karen and I want to wish all fellow members, a Merry Christmas and Great 2020 for all. Due to an injury I didn't fish this year, So Bring On 2020. Tight Lines and Good Health from Paul and Karen
  14. Thanks for the post, I really enjoy Todd Moen's work. Cool fish too, kind of like fishing tarpon in a farm pond!
  15. Talk to the guys at Robinsons in Vic. They’ll point you the right way. Some nice swinging water in the lower end of the Cowichan Provincial park.
  16. I’m going to be on the island for Christmas visiting my in-laws.... it it’s not all bad, I’m going a few days early and plan on fishing the cowichan a few days before my wife shows up. I’ll be bringing my inflatable or possibly my hard boat, and hope to get into some stealies conditions permitting or some of the browns and bows there. I’ve only ever fished it one other time in the summer and I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction. Better yet if your in the area Dec 21 to the 24 message me and we could buddy up. Even if you don’t have any clue whats going on there it’d be nice to have a partner for floating the river
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  18. order Paving meeting held Nov. 28 saw a audience of perhaps 75. The audience was composed of most of the landowners within close proximity of the proposed wet gravel pit, several downstream landowners, business owners located along the stream, Trout Unlimited representatives from Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, Alberta F&G, Alberta Conservation Association, Red Deer Watershed Alliance & Butte Action Committee, plus a number of interested Anglers, landowners and county residents. Border Paving had their Hydrologist Consultants, fisheries consultant, plus in-house staff presenting info. 1) As expected, water and how to protect the North Raven River from potential effects on the stream was the major focus of the audience. The Hydrologist presented his findings which the audience felt meager at best. Many expressed the view of why risk the stream. This section of the meeting used perhaps 70% of the 2 hour session. 2) Border provided “story boards” showing pit locations, exactions, end pit lakes and the like 3) Border outlined a desire to combine applications for both pits as requested by Dept. of Environment. 4) Road use, anticipated use of the pit, operating hours were all detailed. 5) As part of the application process, attendees could sign in for further info sent to them, use a response sheet provided by Border. All responses sent or recorded become part of tbe package provided to the County . For those who wished to comment on the application, please see previous post for letters addresses. Regards, Don
  19. Hi Don, Did you make it to the meeting? If so, how did it play out?
  20. Great video!! No way i can do that anymore! Nice to remember being that young again!
  21. This week I have another podcast with John McMillen, as I have to confess I love talking to John about fishy stuff. His knowledge and enthusiasm and passion are infectious and I think his interviews are always enlightening. This week we talk about The Colors of Trout—can we tell anything from the coloration of trout about their life history? Is there a good way to tell a hatchery form a wild fish? What does it mean when trout carry parr marks into adulthood? How quickly can trout change their coloration? And are the spot patterns on trout like fingerprints? Warning—we come up with more questions than answers and you may as well. In the Fly Box this week, we have these questions and tips: A way to get a dropper off a surgeon’s knot to stand at 90 degrees to the tippet A suggestion for an all-around rod for bass and Great Lakes steelhead How to carry a sinking line without lugging around a second rod Can I add 4X tippet to a 5X leader? What is the best way to dispose of tippet clippings? What is the difference between Euro, Tightline, Direct Contact, Spanish, Czech, and French Nymphing? Does it make sense to try a mouse fly during the winter? Do trout live in different places in freestone rivers than in tailwaters? Do mayflies live in warm waters? What is the best rod for an 8-year-old kid? What is the best way to thin UV Cure epoxy? If you see nymphs on the bottom, can you predict what adult insect to imitate? View the full article
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