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  2. Since it seems we are veering away from a Bow River analysis, I'll say that my season left something to be desired. Huge rainfall made river fishing near Edmonton an impossibility. Mcleod R, for example, was pretty much blown out the entire summer. Should have been way more focused on the lakes this year, as the water levels did rebound. When dad and I finally made it down south in August, we found extremely crowded rivers with incredibly picky fish. Wasn't the most fun trip I have had in southern Alberta. Oh we found some solitude on smaller waters,...guess what? Fish were still incredibly moody. Like I was taken aback. Talked to other anglers wasn't just us; that week in August lots of zero's being posted, including a couple of guided trips out of shops that didn't fare well either. Timing, I guess. Trip was salvaged by cutting it short a day and heading to central AB for more cooperative fish. Overall, just didn't get out enough. I'll fix that next year. Oh, wait, yes, we did have a pretty awesome beginning of the year in May at some QSF coal pits. Very impressive average sizes of fish. Guess it wasn't all a downer...lol. -Smitty
  3. Sadly this isn't the first time I've heard of such things happening on our brown trout streams. Hope they catch the poachers and throw some decent fines at them.
  4. Most of us "Old Timers" would have recoiled at this sort of idea then and now.
  5. Not a bad season overall but didn’t get out as much as I would have liked. Prowled streams and tribs Met a bunch of nice Browns that came out to chat with me over some Dry flies and unfortunately only one Cuttie. Smelled the earth Freaked out some squirrels Studied insects under rocks Watched hatches ebb and flow Mostly watched trout sip on Mayflies Chatted about life with good buddies No bruins this season but lots of tracks Listened to nothing in the woods and everything Fished 2 solid hatches where trout fed with abandon Thought about new dry flies and emergers for next season Saw deer cross streams I was fishing without them seeing me Listened to leaves rustle and called out their summer and fall sounds. Ate some nice lunches but promised myself more hot coffee and food using my Coleman stoves. Remembered those who I fished with who are no longer on this earthy plane. Was happy! My waders ended my season early on my behalf. First pinhole leaks which where easy to fix, then both seams where they met the backs of both booties. Oh well 8 years is OK for a set of waders I guess. A shootout to all I met on the waters this season from this old Doc.
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  7. I’m very much the same way. I don’t need a pic to remember the time I had on any given day. It’s all about enjoying where you are, no trophy needed.
  8. There are some big rainbows, and right now the backswimmers are on.
  9. I spoke a few years ago with an old timer, I believe he passed away a few years ago. He told me that he would string a net across the creek to catch fish and leave it overnight, then haul in a load for the winter. This was in west central Alberta. Maybe that behaviour was passed down.
  10. We loose people o this lake every year. Please use all required safety gear and fish with a buddy. It’s a large lake and weather can change I just a few moments. Be aware and be safe everyone.
  11. https://brooksbulletin.com/search-continues-for-missing-boater
  12. It’s actualy a verve nice fishery, large walleye and pike. I believe the record for the lake is 34lbs “ I may be wrong” cnr only which is nice.
  13. Maybe Polar Chenille might work. Many colours and sizes to choose from. It lays down nicely and is easy to work with. Adds almost no bulk and sheds water.
  14. If the Pike are that size I will buy a boat and head there. A lot cheaper than flying to far northern lakes. All ready have the rods and tie my own Flies. Usually go on a northern trip every year. Not the same but can go for a day and return home.
  15. I hope the CO’s has enough sense to set up a few trail cams in the area in a attempt to catch these buggers poaching our streams. a case like this should have as much enforcement as needed to catch these guys then have the full extent of the laws thrown at them.
  16. The average is 45-50 eh.. Guess you’re gonna have some company next spring
  17. nothing beats a 4wt.... with a full sink
  18. The tiger I caught was about 6 inches long and that was just after it was stocked. With luck by spring they will be a lot larger. Anyone have a clue what their growth rate is like?
  19. I've fished tigers in Duck mountain park, they are incredible sport fish. I hope our tiger fishery can be half of Manitobas, if so I'd call it a win.
  20. I agree, 30 fish out of a creek could set it back for years to come... I also fear the cost of replacing some nets is not going to be much of a deterrent. They will just move further upstream where access is more difficult.
  21. Honestly I’ve been reconsidering my next rod weight since I started this thread. I already land good sized pike and walleye with the rod I have, so thinking maybe I’ll look into a TFO lighter weight rod,or another quality brand but have limited resources I’m willing to invest in it. I do tend to spend more time adventuring small mountian streams then lake fishing when I can help it. I think maybe investing in a good trout stream rod may be a better investment really. Thoughts?
  22. That would be great but I’m in brooks. The average pike I hook up with at kinbrook island provincial park is around 45-50 inches, and I do that with my 6 weight pflueger, heck of a fight is all I can say lol
  23. Hey Wayne, I have an older Sage 8 Wt FLI series that you could take out for a day if you like. Personally, I fish a 6 WT for pike. I don’t catch anything big enough to have considering a bigger rod. I know there are big pike out there, I just don’t seem to catch any over 30 inches. Murray
  24. I would absolutely love to try casting a few different rods before I purchase a new one in the spring, but I’m the only person I know that fly fishes. DoYou know of any shops that would ever let you get a feel for it in the shop?
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