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  2. It was a fabulous evening and we had a full house. Congrats to the incredible Lorene Shyba for getting this book across the finish line and hosting such a memorable launch party. Bravo! As of today, Wisdom River is the top selling fishing book in North America. Pick up your copy before it sells out. Also available on Audio book. https://www.durvile.com/books/Wisdom.html
  3. Great event, thanks for posting about it on the forum. The flyfishing community is so awesome, not many other pursuits where some of the most respected people in the game are so gracious with their time and approachable.
  4. It's free to attend and everyone is welcome. Hope to see you there. https://www.durvile.com/books/Wisdom.html
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  6. Apologies if I missed it the details but do we need to buy tickets in advance or just show up for 7? Looks like an awesome book and a great get together - hoping to come with my son. Cheers!
  7. Here's a peek inside! https://www.durvile.com/ARCS/Lookinside_Wisdom_Sample.pdf
  8. Our Signing Party and Book launch is coming up on Monday, September 25th, 7:00pm, at the Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Area. Wisdom River: Meditations on Flyfishing and Life Midstream is a collection of stories, essays, poetry, photos, art and recipes that celebrate the wonders of flyfishing and the wisdom that can be gained from spending time on the river. Contributors from Alberta, Montana, and Nova Scotia each bring a unique perspective and voice as they share adventures and memories from times they have spent riverside and midstream. Local authors attending include, Jim McLennan, Larry Kapustka, Greg Allard, Chris Pibus and Greg Shyba. There will be music, readings, snacks, beverages, book sales and signing. Author/photo royalties and a percentage of book sales will be donated to the Oldman Watershed Council and Montana's Clark Fork Watershed. We hope you will join us in support of these great Conservation/Education organizations! Book Info: https://www.durvile.com/books/Wisdom.html
  9. This was at Millers Lake, West of Edson. I'm not aware if there are shrimp or not.
  10. Your right Don.I didn't no where Komp,was fishing.Places like Police,have good shrimp pops.Especially after a WK.
  11. The Battenkill is an iconic and often frustrating trout stream. It's a gorgeous river with a healthy population of wild trout but it has had its ups and downs over the years. Doug Lyons [49:48] is a lifetime Battenkill expert and knows the river perhaps better than anyone, and his new book Fly Fishing Guide to the Battenkill unravels many secrets of this special river—perhaps more than many of us locals are comfortable with! Doug and I had fun sharing our theories and thoughts about the river. In the Fly Box this week, I have some especially interesting questions from listeners, including: I have been experimenting with streams on a floating line with a short leader with no success. What am I doing wrong, and what do you suggest? Is there a way to tell the various subspecies of cutthroat trout apart? What are the pros and cons of smooth vs. textured lines? Why are reel prices so expensive these days? Aren't they just used to store line? How can I tell what line size a bamboo rod takes? I bought an old rod that has no markings on it. Why don't more fly shops sell nymphs with matte beads? Will I save money by tying my own flies? How can I identify the various mayflies and caddisflies I have in southern Michigan? Why do I get tippet curls just ahead of my fly when I tie it on? I have tried a couple knots and they still seem to do it. Will a Spey rod with a larger line size cast farther than a lighter one like a 6-weight? A reminder from a listener about the perils to wildlife of using lead weights in fishing. Will it hurt to store my fly line on the reel in the off-season? What tools do you personally use in fly tying and which are the most important? If I am making my own leaders should I use blood knots or surgeon's knots to connect the sections? Does it matter which way your fly is oriented when fishing? View the full article
  12. Brian, In the hundreds of fish pumped out lakes west of Highway #2, I’ve only seen shrimp in Cow Lake. I think the pH doesn’t favour them. Last pH I saw out of Beaver were sub 7 regards, Don
  13. I was definitely hanging around the same area but I was not paying as much attention to what was happening in the water. I'll blame my head cold.
  14. Good choice Don..How about lowly gammarus shrimp
  15. Komp, Wander into the weed growth and see the pile of minnows, that will make you a believer. Don
  16. Appreciate the responses! I was stubbornly sticking with different presentations of the boatmen as I was getting JUST ENOUGH action with it (although I changed things up with a booby pattern briefly to no avail). Thanks for the minnow/streamer suggestion. I'm heading to a river tomorrow night but going back out to this lake again on Mon or Wed. If it works I'll give you all the credit.
  17. I did the same thing yesterday picking up Tigers and rainbows using a very simple minnow pattern. Floating long belly WF with 14’ leader. Don
  18. I've spent the last couple of evenings after work out chasing Tigers with some success. However, yesterday evening there was another fellow that caught my eye. He was hanging around the shallower part (~4-6ft deep, vegatation on the bottom, near a weed bed) of the lake I was on and he was out fishing me probably 4 to 1 in the later part of the evening (after 6:45pm as the sun goes down). It looked like he was using a floating line or sink tip and was doing longer strips (6-8") at moderate speed. Whatever it was he was absolutely dialed into what they were going for. I should have just asked the guy at the time (side question - is that appropriate?) but I can't stop wondering what he was using. Doing some googling this morning I'm thinking it might have been damselfly nymphs but am curious what the wiser minds on here might say as I'm always up for learning. Reid
  19. This week, my guest is long-time Orvis-endorsed guide George Hunker [49:26], who has won two awards (guide of the year and the coveted lifetime achievement award) for his excellence in creating wonderful experiences for his customers. George has a lifetime of experience in fishing alpine lakes in the Wind River range in Wyoming, and his tips will be valuable to anyone who fishes these wilderness gems for trout. In the Fly Box this week, we have a varied assortment of questions about tackle, fly tying, and techniques, including: Am I missing out by just fishing close to home and not putting more exotic trips on the calendar? How can I stop my streamer tails from wrapping around the bend of the hook? Can I use a heavy switch rod for fishing in the surf in North Carolina and also for king salmon in Michigan? Can I tie large nymphs or streamers on some old Mustad salmon hooks? How about saltwater flies? I want to get an 8-weight rod. Should I get a Recon or Clearwater? How do you fish scuds in lakes? What is the best way to fish a short, narrow, deep, and fast pool in high water? Why can't I catch many trout on dry flies in small Missouri wild trout streams? Why do some 6-weight rods have fighting butts? Do I need one to fish for trout in Virginia? What fly line do you recommend for striped bass in the Chesapeake region? How can I keep the eyes from coming off my deer hair bass bugs? Why not use a small perfection loop instead of a tippet ring? Why would you not fish a dropshot rig with nymphs all the time? How can I explore other parts of a favorite trout stream? What should I look for? View the full article
  20. Suzizewhoq, Canadian Tire offers no consideration for any type of military veteran or first responder or police. The CF 1 card is not valid for a family of veterans. One must use the CF1 page and register each member of your family such as spouse. I am not sure if children are eligible but I do believe they are. The CF1 card will not work at Canadian Tire for a fishing license - no retailers know about the licensing arrangement as that is provided by the Province of Alberta. Therefore, as partially explained above, one must register one's proof of service with the designated provincial provider, called AlbertaRelm. https://www.albertarelm.com/ THIS is where one registers their military proof of service and so far there are only two cards accepted, the CF1 card or the NDI 75 Record of Service. Then, when fishing one must carry two pieces of ID, the CF1 or the NDI 75, PLUS another form of photographic government issued ID such as an AB Driver's License. I hope this helps. I tried very hard to get Alberta Relm to understand how poorly they had performed in this matter. (Politely of course and patiently - one must after all be patient with those types of folks) I also contacted the government of AB and they indicated a willingness to listen to what I reported about the defincies. That person must have got *hit-on by their boss because all correspondence stopped qucker than you can say "fish on!" and that was it. Remeber your time in the serice? The Government NEVER admits mistakes and it NEVER apologises. Good luck and tight lines.
  21. Do you know if this is valid for family of veterans. I have my cf1 card and just got my fishing license last week. The lady at Canadian Tire in Edmonton did not even know what the CF1 card was. Nor did she look into it at all. She just charged me and that was the end of it. She did not want to hear it was a military veterans card.
  22. Northern pike are a fascinating and explosive fish to catch on a fly rod. There is not much that beats a big northern smashing a streamer close to the surface or eating a popper. Josh Nugent [47:05] is a very experienced pike angler and has a host of tips on tackle, leaders, flies, retrieves, and how to find pike all year long. This episode should really be called Everything You Need to Know about Fly Fishing for Pike, but Josh loves those Seven Deadly titles so I'm going with it. In the Fly Box this week, we have some great questions, both basic and more advanced, including: What rod and reel do I need for chasing king salmon in Great Lakes rivers? Are posts on parachute flies for us or for the fish? Do they imitate wings on a mayfly or are they just a strike indicator for us? How do I keep my line from tangling in a canoe? I have trouble seeing small ants and beetles on the water. What can I do to help see them better? A listener offers another reason why we love trout fishing so much. What is the best strategy for fishing in the rain? What do you do when dry-dropper fishing in small streams with varying depth? Do you constantly adjust the length of your dropper? Why do I see only one brook trout in a series of pools in tiny streams? And do brook trout populations fluctuate from year to year? What detrimental effect would ammonia have on breathable waders? If it is not recommended, what should I use to wash my waders? Is there a store-bought solution for leaders longer than 12 feet long? And do you have any tips on getting them to straighten? Why are tarpon guides so obsessed with tying their own leaders? How much does time of day matter when trout fishing? View the full article
  23. I find if the threads are waxed from the factory, the Loon does flake off. With waxed threads, the Solarez seems to turn yellow, but it holds. Some of the Loon gets very yellow, and almost rubbery. For some reason, the red is very soft. I’m sold on the Solarez thin for sure. If a UV laser is being used, the resin doesn’t seem to hold up as well, almost like it cures too quickly. It also smokes up like crazy!!. If I use the UV laser on the Loon, however, it seems to be bulletproof. Weird. The Solarez instructions say to use a 3-step method with a ‘traditional’ UV light, ( 6” away for 5sec, rest, 3” away for 2sec…etc. ) but a long soak with light layers of resin has worked for me. I’m sure getting sensitive to the ‘ Loon stink ‘ however, so moving away from their non-water based products.
  24. Looking at buying some new oars. I have a 16 foot skiff hyde/premier and enjoy the boat and have had for 3 seasons. Floating the Bow tomorrow!!!! The oars are 9.5 feet, carbon fibre with the diamond shape paddle but really heavy!!!!! Probably going with some Sawyers and asking if anyone here uses the Smoker bandidts? like dislike? Am also looking at the square top style for counter balance . Probably going composite but really need something lighter than what I have. Any input appreciated. Tight lines!!!!
  25. It can be quite frustrating at times, and then I have used it and was slicker than ... through a goose
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