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  2. This episode was originally posted on March 10, 2022. Josh Nugent of Out Fly Fishing in Calgary has been doing a series of “Seven Deadly Sins” podcasts with me over the past couple of years and this one is chock full of great advice [38:38]. Josh is a very preceptive angler and thinks deeply about how flies behave in the water and how trout react to them, and in the interview we go off on a number of tangents—all interesting and all about nymph fishing—and all of them with great advice on how to make your indicator nymphing game more fun and productive. In the Fly Box this week, we have some great tips and questions from listeners, including: A terrific tip on why tying tube flies is a great way to get kids started What kind of other storage systems does Tom use around his roll-top desk? Where can I learn more about fly fishing for largemouth and smallmouth bass? What do you suggest for preventing cutoffs by chain pickerel? Can I use sitka or axis deer, antelope, or goat hair for fly tying? A great tip on replacing wing cases on smaller nymphs with a drop of UV cure resin Should I use my leader straightener? Can I do longline French/Spanish nymphing with a two-handed rod? How can I locate pinhole leaks ion my waders? How do older series of rods compare to the modern ones? What is better about the more recent models? I know your higher-end rods are made in Vermont, but where do the components come from? Why do Americans shoot and kill birds? What is a good two-line rotation for streamer fishing in Michigan? I kept my fiberglass rod in a hot car and now I notice it has a kink in it. Could the hot car have been the reason? View the full article
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  4. Last week we looked at urban fly fishing in the Rockies. This week we venture into the American south with Orvis Atlanta fishing manager Devin Lancaster for an expert look at how to find and catch interesting fly-rod species within your own city limits by using a method he calls Blue Dotting. You'll need to listen to the podcast to find out exactly what that is. In the Fly Box this week, as usual we have some interesting questions and helpful tips, including: If I am fishing for smallmouth in a river that also hosts trout and the water temperature is 68 degrees, what should I do? How can I cast to smallmouth in a river where I have almost no back-cast room? In lakes with multiple species, when fishing from shore should I expect to find different types of fish at different times? I have difficulty setting the hook on trout with a "trout set" and do better with a strip set. Why is the 'trout set" recommended for trout? Do you have any tips on fly fishing for walleye? Why do some nymphs call for a partridge collar and other nymphs use a CDC collar? Is there any difference? A listener relates that the Ralph Cutter podcast on wading safety literally saved his life. Are all the new Helios models four times as accurate, or just the 905? Are there any dry flies tied with cork these days? How can I get my fly into a deep pool directly below a waterfall? What do you know about the old PM-10 and T-3 Orvis rods? Is a double or triple surgeon's loop better than a perfection loop in lighter tippets? Does hook shank shape affect hooking qualities? How can I swing wet flies in small streams? A great tip from a listener on wearing wool socks underneath neo socks when wet wading to avoid sand between your toes. Is a George Harvey leader the same as a braided leader? View the full article
  5. It's no secret that the more popular trout rivers in the Rocky Mountains have gotten more crowded in the past few years. Yet there are so many species of fish that are fun with a fly rod, closer to home, and that live in places that are far less crowded. Davis James shares his experience with the "25 On the Fly" event, where anglers in the Front Range try to catch 25 different species of fish on the fly rod in two days (no one has ever done it). He share his tips for what species are available, how to find them, what tackle to use, and what fly patterns to try. We all need to embrace these wonderful fish to have fun closer to home and to take pressure off our more productive trout streams. In the Fly Box this week, we have some great questions and tips from listeners, including: What percentage of the time do you use a dry dropper or double dry rig? What weight fly rod is best for panfish? And what flies should I use? How do we ensure our fly fishing traditions are passed on to the younger generation? How can I make my dry dropper rig drift tight to the opposite bank? Is fly fishing for carp popular in Europe? How do I organize and carry my wide assortment of trout flies? How does Tom do it? How can I fish for panfish and largemouth bass in an old gravel pit that drops off steeply? A great tip from a listener about how to tie a more durable egg pattern I was fishing a double dry rig for fish rising to small mayflies and my imitation was perfect but I didn't fool as many fish as I should have. What should I have done differently? I have trouble threading my tippet onto a small dry fly. Can I tie the tippet to the bend of the hook instead? View the full article
  6. I get lots of questions about polarized sunglasses—how are they made, what exactly do they do, glass vs. plastic, what color lens should I pick, and do expensive ones really offer an advantage? And why can't I get clear polarized sunglasses for low light? My guest, Renato Cappuccitti [41:51], is an expert on polarized sunglasses and will answer your questions and mine about one of the most essential pieces of gear. In the Fly Box this week we have some thoughtful and interesting questions and comments, including: Why can't I get braided leaders any more? Can I just put a long level tippet on a braided leader? My brook trout stream does not seem to have any fish larger than five inches. Do you think there are any bigger ones in there? I was fishing a sulfur hatch and it started raining and the fish turned off completely. Why do you think this happened? How can I eliminate wind knots when fishing a dropper rig? My girlfriend has trouble stripping in fish. Do you have any tips for improving her coordination? What are the pros and cons of furled leaders? My floating line starts to sink after fishing for a while. Can I apply gel flotant to it? A listener reminds us that for many balance problems while fishing the best place for help is to find a licensed physical therapist My fly line broke eight feet from the tip. Can I still use it? How many leaders should I carry in my leader wallet? A listener reminds us that too often when wading we worry about dropping our rod or phone in the water at the expense of safety. An expert on UV cure adhesives gives advice on using the right wavelength of light and the correct amount of time and distance to use the light. If you have a 9-foot 5-weight and a 10-footer in the Helios models, what reason is there to have a 9-foot, 5-inch model? How can I avoid putting a set into my bamboo fly rod? How can I catch brook trout in high water? View the full article
  7. What is a delayed harvest stream and how do the regulations work? Do you use different flies and methods for hatchery fish? How far do hatchery fish move and in which direction? You'll learn the answers to these questions and many more with Dustin Coffey [46:39], the winner of the 2024 Orvis Endorsed Guide of the Year award. In the podcast this week, as usual we have some interesting and thought-provoking questions, including: Does fly line color matter? Why don't my subtle baitfish patterns work in Patagonia? Can I use my big brown trout streamers for Atlantic salmon since they are related to brown trout? How deep do you insert studs when adding them to felt-soled waders? How do I get my streamers deeper when fishing for sea-run brook trout in rivers where weighted flies and sinking lines are not allowed? Is it acceptable if I troll from a kayak for striped bass, and what rod should I use? A listener writes in to tell us that the orange goo found in some rivers is a natural phenomenon What do I use for a practice streamer when casting on my lawn? Does the noise from my wading shoes and wading staff scare trout? Do trout live in streams with mucky bottoms? Any other casting methods besides the roll cast I can use on smaller streams? I fished over some rising trout with my nymph rig and didn't catch them. Should I have switched to a dry fly? How should I rig for pike? What are the pros and cons of using an 8 ½ foot rod vs. a 9-foot rod in Colorado tailwaters? When do you put down your rod and take photos? How can I get the cement off my hooks when I want to re-use the hooks from beat-up Clouser Minnows? View the full article
  8. Hi Clive-= Steve and Betty MacKenzie here from up Lacombe way. We met you out at Paterson Lake about 8-9 or so years ago. Glad to hear you are still in the game!

    We were thinking of heading south to Police and Summit as or northern haunts have smoke problems and campgrounds are being used for evacuees. So I would ask if you have any recent intel on these spots to help us decide before making the long drive down that way.




  9. I got Auto Marine in SE Calgary to patch up the leak. It's a one piece with 4 separate bladders .
  10. Are the bladders rubber or “plastics/poly!)
  11. I've got an older Scadden Outlaw,,X5 Has a leak on one of the bladders. Any suggestions on repair in Calgary area ?
  12. Breckenridge Outfitters is this year's winner of the Orvis Endorsed Outfitter of the Year Award and Tim West [44:07] is the glue that holds this fabulous guide service together. In the interview, Tim talks about how to decide which fly to tie on at the beginning of the day, or when you first approach the water. Do you start with a streamer, a nymph, a wet fly, a dry fly, or some combination of them? What clues should you observe to decide which one to try? We have some fascinating questions this week in the fly box, questions I am sure many of you think about yourself, including: Can you explain the difference between fast, medium, and slow fly rods? I noticed a bright orange sludge-like material on the bottom of my stream. Should I stay away from this one? Do you think kayaks spook trout more than belly boats? After a rod, reel, and line, what piece of gear should I consider next? When tying to fill a fly box, should I tie one of each pattern or 4 or 5 of the same one? Is there a disadvantage of using a perfection loop instead of a non-slip mono loop when tying on a streamer? If I see a heron in a pool in a small stream, should I move on and avoid that pool? Would it work to have a leader with a very long butt section, a short transition section, and a very long tippet? Why do trout eat or reject an imitation of a midge pupa in a lake? Do you think a 5-weight outfit is a good rod for taking to Alaska? Why don't my marabou flies stay fluffy once they have been used? A listener tip for tying a dropper to the bend of a hook. View the full article
  13. Thanks JA Found a Rising Lunker 38" handle aluminum at BRT and it was the older version so 100 bucks off so sprang for that yesterday. First float of season tomorrow so hope it gets dipped and baptised . My wife already jinxed it saying I don't get fish that big!!!!!
  14. I use a Lucky Strike net with a retractable handle that I've extended then filled the handle with spray foam and wrapped the frame with foam pipe insulation so it floats. Its cheap and candle handle large fish with ease. The rubber mesh also seems to aid with removing hooks and often pop out with minimal handling if the fish. I run a 14" Koffler Rocky Mountain Trout so room isn't an issue. I have a long handle $300 fish pond but that is now reserved for steep grassy banks on Stauffer and Raven.
  15. Hi all. As title states what do you like for a net from a boat? I am using a drifter on the bow and need to upgrade. Was thinking on a clear rubber mesh with something telescopic. Was trying to stay away from the $300 ones but could end up there!!!!!
  16. Hi ntsougri, is the "Fly Fishing the Livingstone River in early October" story posted somewhere else? The URL given, flyfishingexplorer.com does not work. Thank you, Joe
  17. Carp are difficult any time but around spawning time they can be extremely frustrating. But they can be caught on a fly. You need to know where to look and which fish to target. Guide Rowan Lytle [44:38] has it dialed in, and if you always wanted to catch a carp on the fly you need to listen to this podcast. Rowan, not yet 30 years old, has already caught 202 different species of fish on a fly rod, and some of them will surprise you. But you'll need to listen to the podcast to find out what they are. In the Fly Box this week, we have some great questions and tips from listeners, including: I tip for taming your line and leader when you don't use a hook keeper How far do I hold my UV lamp form the fly when curing UV epoxy? What do I do on my local lake when the Power Bait crowd out-fishes me? How do I catch catfish on a fly rod? Do you fish different caddis pupa patterns for cased vs. uncased caddis? How do different holes in a river change throughout the season? Should I fish dry flies and nymphs in a lake different from the way I fish them in streams? Do weed guards on flies actually work in thick vegetation? If we see mayflies about size 12 hatching in our lake, should we use a size 12 nymph or one smaller? What is the difference between flow, thin, and thick UV resins and when should I use each one? My size 20 grizzly hackle keeps breaking. Do you have any tips for keeping tension and not breaking the stems? What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying a complete outfit vs. separate components? A tip from a listener on whether to use your wading staff upstream or downstream of your position. I want to start tying flies. What pattern would you recommend I start with? What are your favorite bass and bluegill flies? View the full article
  18. I believe the boat is still structurally sound,it was built well.It needs a lot of sanding and a new layer of 6oz glass on the sides.The bottom is ok.It will need paint and some new seat supports. I have all the materials.Epoxy,glass, foam etc. send me a PM if interested
  19. Working on pics they’re out of order but you can tell before and after fire.
  20. Hi all. This boat was sold and now it’s back in my hands. The boat was stored in a metal sea can. Unfortunately the building beside the sea can started on fire. Boat was basically baked inside. My plan was to repair the damage which is mostly cosmetic but I just don’t have the time or space. I’m putting it up for sale for anyone who’s interested in putting in the time to repair some of the fibreglass work. I have all the supplies and knowledge and I’d be willing to help anyone who purchases it. ill up load some pics of before and after. This is boat only. No trailer. I’m not sure of the boat’s values but I can say it rowed super easy on the bow. Fits two people and weighs around 140 lbs. maybe I’ll start a new thread in the for sale area. Thx Mike. Ok tried loading pics. Crap. Too big. Will try again. Later.
  21. My guest this week is Sarah Foster [54:15], executive director of The American Museum of Fly Fishing, on why she thinks learning about the history and traditions surrounding fly fishing are important and add to our enjoyment. She talks about recent exhibits and acquisitions, and what is in store for the future of the museum. It's a must-see for anyone visiting southern Vermont. In the Fly Box this week, we have some especially interesting questions and tips from listeners, including: Why do I keep getting strikes on nymphs while stripping them upstream like a streamer? Is the throat of a pool a common place to find trout feeding? At what temperature does a brown trout start to actively feed? When I see a pod of rising trout, why can I only fool one fish even though the other ones continue to feed? How do older Orvis bamboo fly rods compare to contemporary models? I found eggs in holdover brown trout in the spring. Were these fish that never found a mate? I have trouble with rabbit's foot hair coming loose on my flies. How do I secure it better? If you only had one line for striped bass from shore, what line would you choose? How much time before the incoming or outgoing tide should I fish for striped bass? Can you explain exactly what a shock tippet is? What is your "last fly" during the evening hatch when it gets tough to see? Do polarized sunglasses lose their effectiveness over time? A listener gives a tip for an easier way to tie a surgeon's knot A listener gives a caution about fishing below sewage treatment plants after a major flood event My 70-denier thread keeps breaking. What could be the problem? What feathers from a chicken are useful in fly tying? I fish a 6-weight rod and want a different rod for smaller streams. What should I pick? I always use a wading staff. Is the metal tip on the staff an alarm clock for trout, and have you ever put on a rubber tip to prevent this? View the full article
  22. Why such a focus on reducing angler catch rates? If we are trying to reduce the amount of times each fish is caught per year, shouldn't we be trying to increase fish numbers rather than reducing angler hours and catch rates. Their data, and most angler's personal experience is the bow river has a good percentage of big fish. However, their slide on Recycle Rates claims a ratio >2 will result in fewer big fish seems to contradict that statement. With the Bow river currently over 5 on recycle ratio, are we as anglers willing to catch 5x less fish, to get to their numbers? Shouldn't their be further look at increasing numbers via habitat improvements? Rip-Rapping banks, widely fluctuating water levels, and apparently less consistent and prolific hatches all seem like they should be considered just as much or more than angler success.
  23. Oh wow, the Bow River Fisheries education session was such a cool experience! It's awesome to learn about local wildlife and the importance of preserving our natural habitats. For any students looking to dive deeper into topics like environmental conservation, I totally recommend checking out resources like https://essaypro.com/assignment-writing-service. They're great for getting help with writing assignments on complex topics. It makes understanding and explaining all these important issues so much easier! Plus, you end up with a killer essay that’s both informative and super engaging. Definitely a win-win!
  24. Anyone know if the boat launches are open?
  25. Scott [41:18] is an assistant professor of motor control and learning at Long Beach University, as well as a fly fisher and podcast listener. He has a small number of quick tests you can do at home to check your balance, and then simple exercises you can do at home without any special equipment to improve your balance in a matter of weeks. Wading safely and comfortably on a river involves both balance and confidence, and what you learn here will give you help with both. You'll enjoy your time on the water more. In the Fly Box this week we have so many great tips from listeners that I may be able to retire and turn the podcast over to you. But we also have some interesting questions that I'm happy to answer as best I can. Some of these include: A listener suggests when a self-inflating PFD may be a good option Two listeners weigh in on how to access scientific articles on fisheries science with paying a fee for access A listener offers a great suggestion on how to easily attach a dropper to the bend of a hook. Should I be concerned about fishing below a sewage treatment outlet? A listener tells a great tale of his momentous catch on one of the new Helios rods Should I be concerned about angling for fish when they are on their spawning run? With the new Helios rods, do you still prefer the F version for trout and the D version for salt water? If I dispose of the shiners I catch will it help the local trout population? What do you think of using an indicator with a big nymph or crayfish fly for early season smallmouth? Can you explain the difference between a shooting head and a sink-tip line? A listener gives some expert advice on the choice of insect repellents I am having trouble with short roll casts. Do you think it's my casting technique? Is it helpful to pre-treat dry flies right after you tie them? If I fish an indicator and split shot and a nymph, should I use a double taper or weight-forward line? View the full article
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