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  2. The smallest rod I built was 18” six stripper. Didn’t cast well! Trying to match it too my 1” reel. Don
  3. That rod must be so out of balance with a reel/line. Ingenuity! Great effort, though. I guess one could fish with the tip and a second from a regular rod as well!
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  5. That would be interesting to try. Maybe the channels of the Bow between Glenmore and Heritage, with maybe a 7 or 8w line since the guy said a 6w was a little light.
  6. There is nothing more magnificent than a wild steelhead on the fly but because of poor returns this season fishing for them will be limited. That's no reason, though, to park your fly rods in the garage. The PNW has some alternative species that although are not native, they are a worthy target on a fly rod: carp and smallmouth bass. And they're not going away so we might as well enjoy them. Join my guest Kelsey Rosborough [52:15] from the Orvis Outfitter Team (those knowledgeable folks who answer your technical questions when you call, e-mail, or chat about fishing products) as he tells us where to find these fun fish and how to target them. In the Fly Box this week, we have some interesting questions and great tips from listeners, including: How can I stop crowding the heads when tying flies? Where does the saying "bright day-bright fly, dark day-dark fly" come from and is there any scientific basis to it? Why do I get left with curly ends when tying a clinch knot? My fly line always gets tangled when walking from one spot to another. How do I fix that? Should I expect spawning striped bass/white bass hybrids in inlets to a lake? Recommendations from a listener in Sweden about how to stay warm when fishing in the winter. How long is too long when playing a fish? What is the right balance between not horsing them in and getting them in quickly? How long does a typical fly last? What do other people do regarding fly-fishing journals? Does Tom keep one? Two tips from a listener on handling wires when tying flies A listener in Australia wonders why he has more success with an Elk Hair Caddis than an X-Caddis View the full article
  7. I have to agree, time does not always heal all.
  8. As those companions disappear, I find it very difficult to return to where nothing but memories exist. It many cases, it has taken years before the pain is diminished. Such is life. Don
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  10. Was a baby bottle floating by.Followed by a guy,with baby .Drifting down the river.In the hard top,of a tent trailer
  11. I came across a double sleeping bag draped over a large flat boulder along a river once. Contents of the sleeping bag were stacked 2 deep, moanin' and groanin' and doin' the inchworm. I don't believe they ever heard me when I scrambled by in that narrow assed canyon although I did consider tossin' rocks at them for a bit.
  12. The UCP is having meetings this weekend at the Grey Eagle casino in Calgary. There will be a demonstration on the east side of 37 Street (across the road from Tsuut'ina nation lands) to voice your dissatisfaction with the government's plans to allow coal mining on the Eastern slopes. There are lots of concerns regarding Selenium, sedimentation, water usage/loss, habitat destruction are erosion issues. If you have concerns about Bull trout and Cutthroat trout populations it would be good to let the government know how you feel.
  13. Some folks still think that an 8-foot tall bank below the walking path hides them as they smoke/snort/shoot drugs. Little do they realize there are 4-6 fly fishers across the river on the shallow 'inside elbow' watching it unfold!! Weird.
  14. I have to agree, Trout juveniles affected by Whirling Disease swim erratically and are an immediate target to predication. Mind you a few of us raised the W/D spectator years ago but it was generally ignored.
  15. Yes Don, the older you get the more you loose in that respect. I occasionally take my Dad's bamboo out to have a part of the past with me. Always an experience thinking of those friends and relatives gone but not forgotten.
  16. Lorne, Had much the same experience on the Oldman @ Bob Creek While eating my lunch I thought of all the guys who had fished in this spot over the past 50+ years. The list grew longer and longer. All but one are fishing elsewhere now. It was a good day! Don
  17. Some of us wonder if Whirling Disease might be slowly eroding the Rainbow trout populations on the Bow (As it has in many US rivers), but AEP says there is no Whirling problem. I don't have any hard evidence to argue the point. AEP is saying that Rainbow recruitment is not a problem on the lower Bow, so WD is not a likely factor. However, there hasn't been any scientific investigation conducted on the HIghwood river tributaries, where the majority of Bow Rainbows migrate to spawn, and where WD could cause high mortality to eggs and fry. If any WD infected juvenile trout survived their first year in the nursery tributaries, it's unlikely that they would be able to swim back down to the Bow river with the returning adults, post spawn, the following year. And, even if a few infected juveniles did make it back, they would likely succumb to predation very quickly. This might explain why AEP has not found any infected Rainbows in the Lower Bow during their electro-fishing surveys in the Autumn/Fall.
  18. This week my guest is Charlie Robinton [52:00], one of the experts from the Orvis Outfitter team (the people who answer your technical questions when you call, chat, or e-mail). Charlie is an expert in California fishing, and he gives us a grand tour of northern California rivers and what to expect when you plan a fishing trip there. Lots of solid information form a lifelong fly fisher and California native. In the Fly Box this week, we have some great tips and questions from listeners (as well as a complaint), including: Is there a way to determine what size fly line is best on an unmarked rod at home? What is your advice on fishing stocked-only streams? Can I practice my double haul with the Practi-Caster? A listener takes me to task for saying on a previous podcast that if I were back in the 1880s and had the choice of whether or not to stock brown trout, would I do it? As well as avoiding reds during the spawning season, shouldn't we take care not to step on them throughout the winter? Any advice for fishing for carp in moving water? I forgot my leader and had to fish with just a couple pieces of tippet material, 3X and 5X. What would you have done? How does the time of day and the moon phase affect trout fishing? I am fishing large bass flies and have little back cast room. Any advice? I can't catch fish on beetle imitations. Any advice? What advice do you have for someone who is used to small streams and wants to fish big water? Why don't saltwater guides use nets? View the full article
  19. Can't see how angling could be responsible for all the dead 6"-8" trout or minnows. Might be water quality issues (low flow, low oxygen, pollutants, entrainment), or possibly disease. Probably should be reported to AEP for further investigation. Paul Christensen, Senior Fisheries Biologist, p. 403-851-2149
  20. Some info for you all. a friend did a last of the season float this past Saturday on the lower Bow. Jensons to carsland. yes water is crazy low, water is cold, water looks clean. They floated partially through the back channels above carsland, ( little must be nice etc..) They pulled off to the side at one point and observed more than 40 6-8” dead trout around their boat. They conversed w a stranger at the launch who mentioned that they saw many dead minnows on their float. I participated in the meetings held last year covering all the posssible reasons for the low numbers.. I love fishing the Bow and have done so for over 35 years now. The past decade has been on a big decline and we haven’t made any changes. Remember when the river was closed several years back due too heat& low water, remember how “ hot” the fish were after we left them alone for a month any half. Maybe a permanent closure for a period of time then a re opening with a new game plan of regulations to protect what we have. Managing guiding, rec anglers, out of province and country better. There has been no mention of the spin casting guides on the river either. They cover water like no other and jet boat runs over and over and over. You know, gotta get em all ! Way too much pressure on a crumbling resource. Anyhow wanted to let u know about the dead fish, and I may be off base on the closure suggestion ?
  21. Can't figure out how to do this cuz I can't upload any more yet it says i've used only 3% of my quota ???/
  22. This is obviously pretty old, but I wonder if the photos can still be recovered? I'm only seeing the broken jpg symbol when I read the original.
  23. People wearing neoprene waders when it's +30 degrees out!
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