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  2. This week, my guest is Joshua Simmons [44:00], who with his brother Caleb hosts the podcast "Dads on the Fly". (It's not just for dads, it's for moms and families as well, but they just both happen to be dads and brothers who wanted to give back to the world of fly fishing.) In their podcast they explore the ways families can get together through fly fishing, and have talked to many people across the country about this subject, so Joshua has a lot to share from his conversations and research. If you have always wanted to bring your family together in fly fishing, you'll pick up some great suggestions. In the Fly Box this week, we have an eclectic mix of suggestions and questions, including: Why do I have trouble mixing my dubbing in an old coffee grinder? It comes out like rope. I have trouble tying with a hackle cape with thick stems. What can I do? I have trouble hooking steelhead. What am I doing wrong? A comment from a listener on the growing movement that helps fish and game departments protect all aquatic species, not just gamefish and game animals. How can I practice casting before my next bonefish trip? What footwear do you recommend for wading the flats? It seems like I can get closer to bonefish wading that from a boat. Is that usually the case? I have a new baby coming. How can I childproof my tying area? Phil Rowley says that eutrophic lakes offer the best trout fishing, but all the eutrophic lakes I fish in New Hampshire are too warm for trout. Why the disconnect? Someone told me to switch from left-hand wind to right-hand wind when I go saltwater fishing (I am right-handed). Should I heed their advice? Why don't more fly anglers wear a PFD? If Tom had one final trip, where would he go? A great tip from a listener on pre-rigging flies at home I can't cast a Euro rig with my 905 rod. Should I invest in a specific Euro nymphing rod and what will it give me that my current rod does not? View the full article
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  4. I go to Mexico every year. Trip coming up in a few weeks. I always bring my fly rod. I carry on my backpack and place the rod tube vertically in the backpack. It sticks out a bit but it looks like one carry on. Once on the plane, I take the rod out of the backpack and place it in the overhead bin and the backpack stays with me under the seat. I check in my suitcase. It has my waistpack, reel, flies, plyers, nippers, leader material. I always debate putting my reel in here as opposed to carrying it on but so far, no problems. I usually fly Westjet. When going through customs, they will usually want to open up the tube to have a look. I did see another guy a few years ago with the rod tube in the backpack like I have it. It prompted a question from one of the passengers "what are those things?"
  5. You will have to check both rods and reels upon your return to Canada! Mexico no longer allows them to be carried on!! This has been in effect for about 5 years or so... Peter P.S. be careful with pliers, etc. I've had to fight many a time with the CATSA agents! Make sure you understand what you can and cannot bring through security (they don't alway know their rules)! Also be sure to take photos of your gear before checkin in Mexico so you can prove they weren't broken if they arrive broken!
  6. Thanks for the info screaminreel. It is very helpful to me.
  7. I've never had a problem with bringing on a rod tube with both Westjet or Air Canada to Mexico. My tube is 4" which will hold 5 saltwater rods. Your rod tube however is classified as your carry-on so you are allowed a personal item but not a second carry-on bag. Sometimes people get lucky but I have never tempted fate. I also bring all of my reels in my personal bag with line on the reels flus one day of fishing clothes. Arrive early as security sometimes will make you take each section of rod out to be examined. You are also allowed to bring on flies that are 6cm or less so it doesn't hurt to throw a dozen Bonefish/Permit flies in a zip lock bag so you have something when you arrive. There was a law years ago on the Mexican Government website that stated any more than three rods and reels you could be charged duty on the value cuz they think you are going to leave them or sell them. To me it is pretty clear on the Catsa website that you are allowed to bring rods on board as carry-on along with reels and lures 6cm or shorter. Enjoy!
  8. I'm in the middle of planning a fishing trip to Mexico in February. The carry on rules are a little vague for fly rods. Has anyone recently taken a rod tub as carry on ? If so which airline? It's pretty clear that saltwater hooks would not be allowed as carry on. I'm wanting to avoid checking a bag mostly because of the number of connections required to get to Merida. The flight options do not inspire much confidence in me for a checked luggage arriving with me. Thanks for any insight
  9. This week, since we have not had any hard-core fishing podcasts in awhile, I thought I would give you all some tips on winter fly fishing with Chip Swanson [40:09] of Breckenridge Outfitters in Colorado. Chip won the Orvis-Endorsed Freshwater Guide of the Year in 2019 for good reason. He's fun, patient, superbly knowledgeable, and a terrific teacher. He also does a lot of fishing and guiding throughout the winter, no matter what the weather. He has some great tips on staying warm, techniques to use, and what conditions are best for winter fly fishing. In the Fly Box this week, we have some especially helpful tips from listeners as well as some questions that will be helpful to many fly fishers, including: Is using a scented fly for sturgeon not fly fishing? And do you have any tips for catching these giants on a fly rod? I am having trouble casting a double nymph rig plus split shot and an indicator. What casting advice do you have? When is water too cold to try a dry dropper rig? Some good advice from a listener on kneeling instead of sitting in a canoe for easier casting A fly shop owner told me not to fish a local river because the flows were too low. Why is this bad in the winter when oxygen levels are higher? How can I use online product reviews to inform my tackle purchases? Which ones are the most reliable? What should I look for in a pedestal for my vise? What are Tom's top 10 fly tying materials for fresh and salt water? What is Tom tying right now? Great advice from a listener on kayak fishing and first aid kits for fishing trips How long will it take my local river to recover after severe wildfires last year? What can I use to hold those tippet scraps I want to dispose of? View the full article
  10. size 18 Ahrex jig hook
  11. Princess Auto is selling off the remainder of their Tear Aid repair kits. On clearance: $5.73 ea. I carry both Type A & Type B in my safety kit. Even at the regular price, they are well worth the money. These patches will get you back on the water in no time. I've had to use them on two separate occasions.
  12. This week, my guest is Tom Kiernan [38:50], President and CEO of American Rivers, an organization Orvis supports and endorses highly for the world-class work they do to protect our rivers. I wanted to explore the ins and outs of the Clean Water Act, one of the most important pieces of legislation of the 20th century. I think it's important that anyone who enjoys time on the water understands just what it has done for us, and what it can do in the future. In the Fly Box this week, as usual we have some thought-provoking questions, including: What kind of personal watercraft do you recommend for lakes and slow-moving rivers? Is the abdomen of a natural insect the only important thing to imitate? What do you prefer when fishing, a rain jacket or a wading jacket? If I can't use weighted flies because of regulations, how can I sink my nymph? What's the difference between a nail knot and a loop-to-loop connection? Is there a time when one is better than another? How do I keep the bodies on my big foam flies from twisting around the hook? What do you do with your rod when landing a fish? What is a Bimini twist used for? When do you know that a fish is too much for the rod you are using? A great tip from a listener on how to teach kids to tie flies without using a sharp hook. If there are people swimming in a small mountain brook, how far away will the fish be spooked? View the full article
  13. Gold Ribbed Hares Ear
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  15. This week my guest is award-winning investigative journalist Robert O'Harrow [44:45], who has been with the Washington Post for over 30 years. Last fall he wrote an extensive article on the threats to mayfly populations worldwide and is continuing to research this issue, so I thought it would be interesting to share his findings. Bob is also a lifelong fly fisher who admits he didn't know a lot about the plight of mayflies in the past, so he gives us a great perspective. In the Fly Box this week, we have some great questions and phone calls, including: What is a good net for wade fishing when pursuing multiple species? I recently caught a bunch of large trout in a river but no small ones. Where do the small ones go? Can a "working fly box" apply to non-competition anglers as well? What does Tim Flagler use to cut his thread on his videos? I am a beginning fly fisher and the trout in the larger rivers in my area are difficult to catch. Should I first concentrate on small streams, ponds, or reservoirs? What is the best way to give a fish line when it's running without giving it too much slack? Is it a good idea to put UV resin over my nail knots? How do you determine how deep the water is so you can set the indicator at 1 ½ times the water depth? I keep getting crowded by other anglers on Colorado rivers. Should I try to educate them? I lost a big fish by following it downstream. My buddy says I should have stood my ground and not followed the fish. What do you think? Do you think it's a bad idea to use beard trimmings in my dubbing to imitate hare's ear? View the full article
  16. I rec'd a suspicious email from "Susan" and she confirmed it is not from her. See attached. She asked me if I would tell people. She is working on sorting it out. Perhaps one of you techy types could give her a call with suggestions. Clive Coaldale
  17. Well done @ggp, you beat me to it! Gorgeous fly. Here we go!
  18. Thanks Monger...from the discussion here I'd probably lean towards either AC or DV, though I'm certainly no expert. Were those Tiger photos you recently posted (lovely fish, by the way) AB-caught, or were those S Man fall colors in the background?
  19. This week, my guest is Orvis product developer Jesse Haller [43:48], who besides being responsible for products like nets, wading shoes, and fishing packs and vests spent many years as a fishing guide. Jesse discusses how to pick the right net, some cool tips and carrying a net, how to plan your netting before you get a fish close to you, how to get the fish in the net with a minimum of fuss—and some great tips on releasing the fish you've caught. In the Fly Box this week, we have some fascinating questions and some helpful tips from listeners, including: Do you think it's a good idea to blacken your tippet close to the fly with a sharpie? What conditions decide whether you should fish a large or a small streamer for bass? A listener has a conundrum about booking a guide who used to work for another outfitter. Some great tips from a listener about safety when bluelining in the Smokies. What advice do you have for fishing out of a canoe? I have trouble finding trout in larger rivers, coming from a small stream background. What should I do? Where can I find trout in winter? What should I do about families with kids throwing rocks in the water when I am fishing? How can I fish small midge emergers just under the surface? During a heavy hatch, is it better to look for an individual fish or prospect a likely seam or run? A great tip on a device for letting people know where you are when fishing the back country. If I am running multiple midge nymphs, should I use a light or heavy tippet? What is the best beginner outfit for saltwater fly fishing? View the full article
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