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  2. I’ve also been having issues viewing threads and post being double posted.
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  4. I have also noticed that you can only see the first page or the last page of a thread by clicking on the last post. Unable to view page by page. Frustrating when trying to follow a topic or look at posts from the past.
  5. I am having issues with this site too. Posts are glitchy, PMs I can't even get out, looks like a lot of people are double posting. Maybe a bug? I am no tech guru especially with websites.
  6. Introduction

    Westjet will have the new 787s flying out of London in early 2019. These are the most comfortable planes I have flown on. JAL 747s were a close second as the upper deck was economy, but the row #s led people to believe that it was the back of the plane and was usually only half full and very quiet.
  7. Introduction

    Westjet will have the new 787s flying out of London in early 2019. These are the most comfortable planes I have flown on. JAL 747s were a close second as the upper deck was economy, but the row #s led people to believe that it was the back of the plane and was usually only half full and very quiet.
  8. Introduction

    Delray, For your next trip you might consider Air Canada from LHR to YYC return. I share your dislike of flying - economy class is a dreadful, thinly disguised medieval torture with whomever one flies with. Air Transat also offers a once per week service from LGW to Calgary. A family member used this service recently and found it satisfactory. Westjet operates this route as well, and though it is a Calgary based company and I have many friends working there, their trans-Atlantic service is relatively new and the aircraft type is the now aged B-767, and Westjet is operating old Qantas airframes with associated reliability issues. I missed this whole thread until today... but I am sitting in Southwest London as I type... I’ll send a PM at a later date with a few questions if you don’t mind. Cheers and tight lines.
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  10. https://youtu.be/8wH63zk7NuE
  11. Did something change in the forum? Now when I click on the button to mark as read a message comes back as There was an error marking this item as read. I can still do it inside the forum but not on the main page. Seems odd I can no longer do that. Any ideas?
  12. What Are You Tying 2018 Edition

    Here you go Thread: White Top Fold Wrap: Green Falshabu Body: Pearl Falshabu Gills: Red Thread Tail: Tied off top and bottom fold wrap Eyes: Stick on Finish: Solarez UV Cure
  13. Biology is weird

    Interesting, thanks for sharing.
  14. What Are You Tying 2018 Edition

    That’s awesome. What’s the recipe if you don’t mind? I have an idea, want to confirm.
  15. Biology is weird

    I saw one crawl out of a squished cricket once... Vomit inducing to say the least.
  16. This is an interesting, if creepy, read on what might lead hoppers to land on water. https://www.ginkandgasoline.com/trout-fishing/horsehair-worms/
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  18. Woohoo!! Internet hero!!!
  19. And Neanderthals such as your self who think that violence is the correct form of action in a situation like this is the definition of being an idiot.
  20. I’d walk up there and break his rod in half. If he got pissy i’d give him one shot to the jaw and game over. There’s quite a few idiots out there that need correction.
  21. Solarez Experience

    I find Solarez cures better than Loon... less tacky anyway. I'm not convinced it is any more durable though.
  22. Solarez Experience

    I am using a much better light than before and keeping the battery fresh. Hoping that was the problem last year and this will remedy it!
  23. Stream Access Now! This is the title of a very useful guide produced by Back Country Hunters and Anglers (available on their web site or on the Orvis Learning Center) that gives you the stream access laws for all 50 states, plus some fascinating essays on the varying ways states treat stream access. It’s also the title of this week’s podcast with Rob Parkins, Public Waters Access Coordinator for BCHA. Rob details how laws vary from state to state, how you can find access points, and dos and don’ts of fishing on both public and private lands. It’s essential knowledge for the traveling angler, particularly if you don’t fish with a guide and are unsure of the legality of entering a stream in a state where you have not fished before. In the Fly Box this week, we have the usual mix of great questions and suggestions from listeners: If my fly comes back with empty caddis cases on the hook, does that mean the caddis hatches are over and I should not fish a caddis? Are sea-run Pacific steelhead any more delicate than Great Lakes steelhead? If I harvest a deer, should I try to use any of the hide for fly tying, and how do I deal with it? Is it OK to fish a click-and-pawl reel for smallmouth bass, and does reel “balance” matter? Why don’t people fish much with winged wet flies anymore? How do I keep my Double Bunny Rabbit strips from getting stiff? How can I see my dry fly when looking into strong glare? What is the best camera for capturing the brilliant colors of fish? View the full article
  24. Cold weather/gloves

    Gotta get them likes tho!
  25. Cold weather/gloves

    This time of year i don't touch'em if I can help it.... quick release tool comes in handy with the small dries.....
  26. Hey all, with the cold weather (and even sun gloves imo) please consider taking them off before handling fish. Quite frankly, I don’t know why You wouldn’t want to keep your gloves dry, but seems Iike quite a few like to leave them on. Only Takes a second to rip them off with your teeth and throw them at the bank or stuff down the front of your waders. Cheers bron
  27. Solarez Experience

    I haven't used Solarez, but I have had the same problem with Loon UV resin. That said, what are you using for a light source? I just picked up a better quality UV lamp this past week and it makes a world of difference. Specifically, I found in the past that the outside was mostly hard, but still had a bit of tackiness to it and the underside of the resin didn't seem fully cured. Now the tackiness is gone and the resin seems hard all the way through. I need to see how the new flies actually perform, but its something to keep in mind.
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