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  2. Fish Cat released a newer light weight model. The fishin hole has them in stock online actually. https://thefishinhole.com/index.cfm?action=product&kw=/OUTCAST/FISH-CAT-RISE-NAVY/&se=33881 Hope this helps!
  3. Tried your tip that’s some cool stuff, sharpies at least 40 holes patched them up with Loctite LePage *hit didn’t work. that is going to be on my Christmas list new breathable waders with neoprene bootees hate to start, a new topic but any tips on buying new waders? Lol
  4. Hi, I'm finding that my Cat 4 float tube is too heavy for the long hikes into mountain lakes. Since I can't really eliminate the other basic gear. waders, rod, etc. I thought maybe there is a light weight float tube option. I have googled it, but the only alternative I see is a very expensive tube made in the U.S. Anyone know of other options? Thanks!
  5. I’m so grossed out I don’t know how to respond. after 30 plus years of adventure on this amazing stream. Not knowing the exact answer how did the rivers in US manage through this ? Restocking ?
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  7. That’s crazy! A day you won’t soon forget haha.
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  9. i learned a bunch about WD attending the virtual symposium. If you would like to watch the symposium, here is a link. It had a bunch of very informative info:
  10. Hmmm what will kill the river(s) first? Coal mine or whirling disease?
  11. Thanks Jason. We need to consider the grim evidence that we already have concerning the Bow river. The collapse of one - two year old Rainbow stocks. I've seen AEP boats out doing their survey recently, so if this year's numbers show no recovery, it would suggest a worse case scenario, like the lower Crownest and, that we may only have a couple of more years before there are no longer sufficient numbers of adult spawners left in the river to sustain reproduction. I'm expecting the worst...
  12. The AEP Whirling Disease task force that produced this report has had its funding severely decreased. Much of the work that they have been doing is going to be discontinued unfortunately. Last year they hosted an online virtual WD conference which I attended, where a lot of the research was presented. It really opened my eyes to the work the task force was doing. Dont get me wrong, work will still be done on this portfolio, but just not same amount or scope. BRTF was approached by the U of A looking for some financial support to do some site specific research on the Bow River. We are now looking into see what help we can provide them. Will get back to you with the progress once I have that info.
  13. Oh man that was lucky. I have lots of gear but... I was out there with a buddy and his brother. I did the row of shame out of there about 11 (was just hammering big fish too) he sent me a picture of it at about 230 lol! had two bent hooks
  14. Well that turned around quickly! Nice.
  15. It was inevitable that it would end up here in southern Alberta, in spite of any attempts to prevent it. It's like trying to stop a common cold virus from spreading. Question is, where to from here?
  16. I hope the Govt takes this report and specifically the Recommendations section seriously and gets serious about WD. In the meantime, the only thing we can do (besides petition the Govt) is to be extra careful. The COVID thing has had a positive side-effect in limiting the American anglers, albeit too late.
  17. And the ugliest part. WD infestation can be laid at the feet of Govt,, Guiding industry and anglers should took no effort to keep it outta Canada. This type of stupidity will destroy Alberta. Don
  18. Thanks for posting this, Don. Not good news for our Alberta fishery.
  19. It’s been recovered! Woot woot!
  20. The Job lake cutthroat trout originally came from Marvel lake in Banff. Marvel lake cutthroats are 100% pure strain Westslope species. as are some in a few remote lakes somewhere in other parts of the park.
  21. I lost my rod in Mckenzie Lake today. If anyones fishing out there and happen to reel one in. I will identify it
  22. Size #20 Trico Spinner Stage Box, Males and Females.
  23. Thanks for pointing this out will read and take time to digest.
  24. I read the entire study, and I agree. The Crowsnest river Rainbow trout fishery is headed for some very hard times for years to come. Thanks for downloading this latest information, Don. It is very eye opening.
  25. ...and a Sz 20 'caddis' emerger...I probably wouldn't tie this small if they didn't catch fish...but they do!
  26. Silver Doctor and ggp, you have both inspired me to continue with my Sz 20 journey. Boy these hooks are tiny! Sz 20 'october' emerger...whewph!
  27. https://open.alberta.ca/dataset/564d1c08-bf40-4f5e-bef4-b80d2c8d205e/resource/70d3f48e-3a7e-4224-86b7-7ac3bad5e6b1/download/aep-whirling-disease-2019-technical-report-crowsnest-river-2020-09.pdf
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