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  2. This week, my guest is Orvis casting guru Pete Kutzer, and we talk about casts for difficult trout. Often you don't need great casting skills or special casts to catch trout, but there are times when a little razzle-dazzle will make the difference. Pete talks about those situations and what to do--and he also introduces a new way of making a Bow-and -Arrow cast that was new to me. I think anyone can benefit from Pete's advice. In the Fly Box this week, we have these great questions and tips from listeners: What do you think about tying on eyeless hooks and making eyes out of silk bead cord? What do you mean by the term "swinging flies"? Can I target grass carp on a fly? Can you ice fish with flies? How do I fish a lake for trout from my kayak? What do you think of the electric socks that are controlled by an app? A great tip from a listener on avoiding spooking trout in small streams. Can a figure-8 knot be used in fly fishing? What do you recommend for a rod for fishing larger eastern rivers? How can I correct a casting issue where my fly gets caught on my line-to-leader connection? Do I need to buy a specific saltwater outfit for Belize or will my current steelhead rod work? Do you recommend weed guards for fishing in Belize? How much do brown trout move in the fall? Do you think it's possible that a stocked tiger trout could have moved 30 miles from where it was stocked? Can I overline my 3-weight rod by two line sizes for really short casts? My wife has problems with glare on the water. Do you think there is something wrong with her eyes? Which precautions should I take releasing trout in subzero weather? View the full article
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  4. This is not a new project, it is a new allotment of funding for a project that has been ongoing for several years. It has wiped out some very productive fisheries in the name of progress. I have a concern that some of these lakes have an inflow and outflow. How are these being protected from Rotenone?
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  6. I frequently get questions about CDC or Cul de Canard, a special feather found on ducks that makes very effective dry flies, emergers, and nymphs. What is it? Where does it come from? Why is it so special? What kinds of CDC are there, and how do you use it? And when fishing these flies, how do you treat them. My friend (and friendly nemisis from our monthly fly-tyig tie-offs) Tim Flagler [46:41] and I tell everything we know about CDC and its uses. I hope this answers many of your questions. In the Fly Box this week, we have great tips from listeners and questions, including: A tip for fly fishers who suffer from arthritis Would it be better for me to take lessons on the water or hire a guide? What are the best saltwater knots? How do I avoid hitting myself and other people in the boat when fishing a heavy streamer? Tips from a listener on repairing old bamboo rods, and advice for finding them at tag sales and reconditioning them How do I pick up small hooks and beads that I drop off my tying table? Can I overline my 3-weight fiberglass rod by two line sizes for fishing small streams? Advice from a listener on cleaning and maintaining cork grips What do you wear under electric socks? Can I take some old flies and add a parachute to them? What do you recommend I tie with all these game bird feathers I have been saving from my hunting trips? When do you use wire, and when do you use beads on nymphs? Do stocked fish push wild fish out of their normal places? How do I keep my Elk Hair Caddis wing from rotating after I fish them for awhile? View the full article
  7. Basically the story of all biology Don. Everything is an invasive.
  8. Yes Don, it seems obvious doesn't it. Police lake parking lots are full of fisherman as well. But there are still those locals who are not satisfied (though poachers like catching the big fish off the bridge at Police) More complaints come from the put and take crowd that they need to continue to fill their freezers. Those complainers are potential UCP votes.....
  9. What I find curious is why the concept of build it and they will come! if Beaver Lake was a business, the owner would make or build another instead we have Twin Lake where perhaps one fishing boat is afloat. Struble is much the same why does the Govt worship mediocrity? Don
  10. At about 21:05 just after the young lad had opened the valve, there is a goldfish visible at the lower part of the screen in the dark tank.
  11. I have a Ross FLYRISE 2 reel and am looking for one or possibly 2 replacement spools as the original has been discontinued. Can anyone help?
  12. I don't think there is much for walleye reproduction at Pine Coulee. The walleye didn't appear to get much over 16" there. Therefore the walleye population should disappear with angling and old age. The lack of whitefish has limited the pike size as well. I don't know what the percentage of trout stocked make it to a size that makes them unattractive to the pike, or maybe there is just some trout that learn to hide well enough. Perhaps the trout stocking numbers need to be increased a bit to allow more trout to evade the pike. No bait or ice fishing would help more trout make to 3 years old as well.
  13. Monger; As long as they choose to allow ice fishing,in a QSF.IMO you'll never see it.The popularity is so great,to catch a fish over 6" is enormous..Pine coullee,is an example.I'll use.There was a tremendous burbot fishing there.Popularity ,over limits has diminished there catch.As long as trout are susceptable,to walleye & pike .Trout 6-12" are lunch ,for these predators.Pine Coulee is doomed to slow death,as a mediocre fishery Police; for now has survived a few winters .Allowing the fish to grow too what there potential,of there strains .Were developed to achieve.Also having no access,during typical ice on seasons,has created this fishery.Thankfully a c&r of a fish less than 50cm MUST BE released. When have you ever seen the campground at Police.Fully booked !!
  14. I wish they would make the size limit 1 over 56cm for Police and Pine Coulee. One more year makes for some 22"+, then they become something special
  15. Todays guest might make you mad. If you’re a trout angler he will certainly make you feel uncomfortable. Doug Thompson [37:29] is the author of The Quest for the Golden Trout, and the book is not what you think it might be from the title. He is a professor in geoscience and environmental studies and does research in geomorphology and hydrology. In examining critically what we do to ensure trout fishing, Douglas Thompson gores some sacred cows, including our obsession with stocking trout, non-native species we introduce, the way we manipulate the physical structure of rivers to benefit trout, and even the fishing tackle industry itself. You might think this book would make me angry, but it’s carefully researched and argued and has made me look differently at the structure of our entire trout-fishing industry. In the Fly Box this week, we have some great questions and tips, including: How do I repair an exposed thread and a bent ferrule on my bamboo fly rod? How do I know when it's time to replace my sinking line? How can I distinguish between weighted and unweighted flies? Do people fish for walleye and American shad with a fly rod? If so how do they do it? Why do I foul hook fish when fishing with two nymphs? Which floating line is best with my 10-foot 3-weight Clearwater? Do you have some tips for casting with a sinking line? A tip on feeling better about getting skunked A story about why we should always debarb our hooks What does Tom do when he is in a slump? View the full article
  16. You forgot a couple Brian, Heninger and Phillips. I answered yes as well even though I think they should change the retention size to a limited slot size or even managed more like the walleye special harvest lakes.
  17. Monger; My answer is Yes .We need more , QSF.When you look at the the,popularity now of Beaver,Police.The loss of Bullshaed ,Cavan,Dipping Vat.Then if you factor in the perch invested trout lakes [6] in the RMH area alone.There ideaology is that once,perch have been infested in a trout lake.They no lnger stock trout into the waterbody..
  18. Part of Zoom meeting with Southern AB fish biologists tonight. One thing that was of interest for us was the plan for Pine Coulee Res by Stavely. Biologist said the plan is to let the pike and walleye fishery continue to degrade to the benefit of the trout. The biologist sounds open to making it a Quality Fishery, but it depends on the public desires. The regulations need to be changed to open only Apr1-Oct 31, limit 1 over 50cm and NO bait. You can express your views here: https://www.alberta.ca/2022-23-sportfishing-regulations-engagement.aspx I asked if there were any plans for additional quality lakes......No was the answer. So if you want to catch bigger trout, let the government know
  19. Howdy folks I am looking to give a few fly tying materials to Healing Waters ,but can't find anybody that will contact me about it here in Alberta, I live in High River south of Calgay I will never use this amount in my life time. I have hooks,feathers ,thread, fur ect. email me please kjarvis2@msn.com
  20. I was nymphing in the Springtime, in murky, knee-deep water, having a fun day. All of a sudden, it felt like something was thumping the bottom as I was wading. The banging and thumping got more and more pronounced and I promptly got out of the way as a full-sized semi wheel and tire bumped and rolled down current no more than 1m away!! One day later, there was a weird scraping, banging and thumping yet again in the same channel. I looked upstream to see a giant root system from a severed tree flipping and rolling and tumbling downstream. It was at least 2m in diameter, and whipping in the runoff. Weirdness!
  21. You can file the teeth off the jaws of your forceps to make them flat if you need to
  22. This week, my guest is Tim Landwehr [43:50], of Tight Lines Fly Fishing De Pere, Wisconsin. Tim has decades of experience guiding for smallmouth bass and is co-author of a book on fly fishing for smallmouths. He shares some innovative and modern techniques for catching difficult smallmouths under all conditions, some you have probably never heard of or thought about. In the Fly Box this week, we have some great questions, including: When I am Euro nymphing, why do trout always take my fly on the swing, after it has finished its dead drift? I have trouble seeing my beetle imitations on the water. What can I do? Why did trout, after refusing countless dead drifts during a spinner fall, take my fly as I stripped it back to me? If you had to fish nymphs that only imitated one order of insects, which one would it be? If I simplify my nymph collection to more generic imitations, will I do as well as if I worry about imitating specific insects? What is the difference between a Comparadun and a Sparkle Dun and which one is better? If I have the same guide two days in a row, should I tip him or her both days? How many indicators should I carry for a day of fishing? Do you prefer the Helios 3 D or F model in a 9-foot, 5-weight rod? A fly shop owner told me not to submerge my reel. Was he right? What is the best way to store dry flies? A listener gives another good reason to always tie or buy three flies of the same pattern How can I eliminate wind knots in my dry dropper rig? What is the best way to fish in the surf? View the full article
  23. If you are able to become involved. https://www.alberta.ca/2022-23-sportfishing-regulations-engagement.aspx Register Here https://goa.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_CV32rNj7R0SHvtqDIv801g
  24. Should have added while I was at it, I considered going the wood carving route. The guy I talked to out of California would have done the carving plus a watercolor painting for $1100. The price was a bit much but it would have been done right....Next time.
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