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  4. Yep glue stick will work, clean with a bit of alcohol beforehand, preferably a Good Scotch.
  5. Is that just a regular kids glue stick? Thanks, I'll give that a go.
  6. This week, my guest is guide and author Matt Supinski [51:36], one of the most innovative thinkers in fly fishing with a long history in the business. The topic is selectivity, which Matt wrote an entire book about a few years ago. What is selectivity in fish feeding, is it always operating, why does it happen, and how can we use it to our advantage when fishing? It’s a fascinating topic and one Matt and I explore in depth. In the Fly Box this week, we have some great questions and comments, including: Do longer rods roll cast better than shorter ones? And do slower rods roll cast better? Can I use one of those yarn practice rods to fine tune my double haul? Why can I only find lead split shot? Isn’t it bad for the environment? Who were your “media heroes” when growing up? Do the vibrations from car-top rod carriers damage rods? A listener takes me to task for suggesting people use a throat pump to see what trout are eating. Why do trout sometimes not respond to heavy hatches? The smallmouth bass in my local streams are quite small. Why don’t they grow bigger? How can I catch trout in a small stream that runs into a local pond? What can I do to make stripers on the flats take my flies? They keep following but don’t commit. Why do fly shop employees get paid such a low wage? Does green-colored tippet material offer any advantage? How can I improve my dexterity and efficiency when tying knots on the water? Can I use a reel suitable for an 8-weight line on my 5-weight rod? View the full article
  7. I have the new flyweights and they are fantastic. Like someone mentioned above, they have pretty much become my all around wading boot and my heavy G3s have been parked on the bench. Cannot comment on sole durability (have been using for 3 months) but they feel very secure on rocks, etc. with no studs.
  8. Thnks curdit. Was just about to pull the trigger and get a pair. I've used boots with super sticky soles and they wear out way to fast for my liking. Just used a whole tube of AQuaseal SR on my redingtons and hopefully they'll to get me thru the season. Thnks all Ray
  9. 2 inches wont change much in casting take the previous posters advice.
  10. Take a lighter and heat the top guide until it slides off. grab a glue stick and put some tiny pieces into end of rod guide , heat it slightly again to melt glue and stick it back onto broken tip. You are repaired.
  11. Broke the tip of my vintage Orvis Western Spring Creek rod yesterday. Upon emailing Orvis for repair, I was informed that they can't do it because the rod is 36 years old and no parts are available. The rod has sentimental value to me and I was wondering if anyone closer to home than Vermont repairs rods. The tip section that broke is about 2" long, I suppose I could get by with an 8' 10" rod instead of a 9 footer. '
  12. Just a quick comment on the flyweights, I had the previous version and was not impressed with the durability. I put a lot of kilometers on them (10+ per fishing trip), found them reasonably comfortable and grippy, but had significant tears in the vibram after 3 months. Sent them back and was told it was normal wear and tear. If you average lower kilometers than me, they are great. Also, perhaps the new version is better.
  13. Thanks guys !!! I saw that one...it's so similar but not the same boat. Mine has 3 bench seats and my rear bench mounts differently (not over the gunnels) My heart jumped when I spotted that one though, same paint scheme.
  14. Earlier
  15. Yup otiswag is right, check it out here https://www.kijiji.ca/v-canoe-kayak-paddle-boat/calgary/2001-hyde-drift-boat-16-8-high-side/1627442526
  16. Simms flyweight are an awesome all around boot! I wear them with neoprene socks for wet wading and with my waders, so much that I very rarely ever put on my G3s. If it's very cold and/or fast current I'll put on G3s for safety. The Flyweight are like a comfortable hiking boot, well worth the money and have stood up to a fair amount of wear and tear.
  17. Yep that's what I did also, pick up some gravel guards to keep the pebbles out.
  18. You may want to check out Kijiji, there’s a drift boat for sale that looks just like the one you have posted. Best of luck getting your boat back.
  19. Cut off the feet of your old worn out waders....then you can use them in your boots for summer
  20. What size are you looking for? I have a pair of Simms Intruders sz 10.5 for sale.
  21. finally wore out my redingtons. need recommendations on wet wading boots similar to the simms intruder as far as fit goes. i find that my simm guide boots are way to sloopy even with neoprene socks. Have tried smaller sizes in the guide boots and still to sloppy. thnks in advance ray
  22. Downloaded the image to my phone so I have it with me.
  23. That's unfortunate... Hopefully it turns up.
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