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  2. This week’s podcast is fun to listen to, even if you don’t need any tips on how to get a friend into fly fishing. Charlie Berens is a talented writer comedian with a midwestern flair (check out his You Tube videos) and Adam Greul is a musician with the band “Horseshoes and Hand Grenades” and also has a number of solo albums. Adam recently introduced Charlie to fly fishing and their experiences are both valuable and funny [42:20]. As a bonus, we’ve included a song they did together at the end of the podcast. In The Fly Box this week, we have some great questions and tips from listeners, including: Sometimes I see trout from a bridge, other times I don’t. Is this unusual and why? What is the difference between a $100 fly rod and a $1000 fly rod? A suggestion on how to arrange your flies and droppers to lessen tangles A suggestion on how to instill better etiquette on our waters I keep losing fish once they are hooked. Do I need a better hook-setting strategy? A great suggestion from a listener on how to tie a weedless bass fly—and techniques for fishing it. If you find nothing is working for you on a trout stream, what do you do? What is the best way to fish plunge pools on small streams? What is the difference between a slow rejection to a fly and a splashy one, and what can I do when a trout rejects my fly? View the full article
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  4. 2499SPBL. Best.hook.ever. Domo arigato, Shimazaki san.
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  7. I get a lot of questions about how fly rods are designed and I think there are a number of misconceptions about where that new rod, like the Helios Blackout series, came from. Where did the idea come from? How is the design created? If you want a 9-foot, five-inch 5-weight rod, do you just add five inches to an existing rod design? I think you’ll be surprised at what goes into a new fly-rod design, and think you’ll enjoy peaking under the hood with a rod designer [41:04]. In the fly box this week, we have some great comments and questions, including: A great explanation of the spirituality of fly fishing When I move from one tailwater to another, my techniques don’t seem to work. What should I change? My small stream fished well last year. This year the water is colder and higher. What should I do? Is it OK to cut my fly line back if it’s cracked? What would you do if you see trout in shallow, clear water and they are not rising? Do you have any suggestions for detecting carp strikes in cloudy water? Is there a largemouth fly that is as weedless as a rubber worm? What flies do you recommend for bonnethead sharks? A cool suggestion for adding a dropper fly What organizations do you recommend if I care about climate change and the environment? View the full article
  8. Brian R has clearly explained a very good set-up. Its what we use too. Nobody mentioned it but the last bit of line you have after installing a swivel to the end of the leader allows you to go from shallower down to 19-20 feet if necessary by just replacing the last section of line with a new length enabling you to go deeper. A bugger to cast, but in that depth you don't have to get it far from your tube/boat etc.
  9. Not for everyone,however if you use your imagination,they do resemble bonefish. The bonus is within driving distance and without the expense.
  10. Watched it a month ago I think on youtube. It was enjoyable.
  11. Greetings, My Dad was a huge fisherman here in Alabama. He fished for all species, but he was a great catfish fisherman. I inherited his equipment when he died in 1963. One of his roads is a Richardson steel baitcasting, with an oak handle that is 24" from its rubber tipped end, up to the steel rod. The rod is 40" from the oak handle, to its tip. Any information about the history of this rod would be appreciated. Thank you! Dan Schmidlkofer Decatur, Alabama
  12. You may wonder why I’ve done a podcast about beavers. You may be greatly surprised by the beneficial interactions between beavers and trout habitat—I know I was after talking to Ben Goldfarb author of the book Eager [43:26]. Beavers have a much more positive effect on trout streams besides just making deep pools, and they don’t present any problems to migrating fish. And, yes, we do talk about how to fish a beaver pond, and how to find a good one. I think all fly fishers and nature enthusiasts will learn something new in this podcast. In the Fly Box this week, we have some interesting comments, questions, and tips, including: The state stocks big rainbows in my wild brook trout stream. What are your thoughts on this issue? I saw large trout jumping out of the water during a caddis hatch and could not catch any. What do you think they were doing? What are the advantages of a double-taper over a weight-forward fly line? A great story about how an injury caused a fly fisher to re-think priorities What size leader butt should I put on my saltwater lines? And should I use the permanent loop in my fly line for big fish like tarpon? How have Vermont trout streams fared after hurricane Irene? If I pinch the barbs on my flies with forceps, am I legal in places that specify “barbless hooks only”? A comment from a listener on how a generic description like “fly fisher” is also inclusive of people who identify as non-binary A comment from a listener who believes that encouraging women to fly fish will cause our rivers to become too crowded. A story from a listener who cautions us to be careful about sinkholes along the banks of trout streams. A great tip for practicing your cast before a big trip. What can I do to keep my large dry flies from twisting my leader? View the full article
  13. This is the issue....so much disturbance, and there is no way to collect all the runoff from snow melt/rain events. The amount of water that will get treated (with limited success) in comparison to all the runoff is insignificant. Therefore we are left with a giant, ever-increasing problem of Selenium accumulation that will continue for centuries. Is the benefit of making steel with a cheap heating fuel greater than a legacy of selenium pollution? There is already technology available for making steel that does not use metallurgic coal....it just costs a bit more. We are not making any new mountains or rivers. The value of clean water is only going to go up as this messy planet ages
  14. Thanks for the link. That was a really informative read that covers all sides of the dliemma. I am now more educated on the fact that selenium is a natural contaniment in the huge waste rock piles left from the digging that leeches into the environment when exposed to rain and snow. No quick or easy solution
  15. I kind of like it when someone says they are just staying at the one hole. I like to wade and cover a lot of ground, so it leaves the rest of the stream open for me to walk (and the water is undisturbed). Now, if there is someone parked at every hole, that's a different situation.
  16. I’ve been asked to touch more on the spirituality of fly fishing in my podcasts, and honestly I’m not very good at that. So I asked a thoughtful friend and author, Dylan Tomine [32:54], to touch on these aspects of fly fishing. I don’t think we got very spiritual, but we do ramble on about the other aspects of fly fishing we enjoy besides catching fish, casting, and tying flies. It’s mostly about the people. In the Fly Box this week, I had some great questions, including: I am going backpacking and want to travel light but fish some streamers in the middle of the day. What should I take for lines? Will my 6-weight Helios rod be too heavy for fishing Slough Creek in Yellowstone Park? How do you decide when to give up when fishing a small stream? For fishing the banks of small ponds, will my 6-weight Pro line be OK or should I try a Bank Shot line for roll casting? Can I use straight level fluorocarbon for a leader for lake trout and small mouth bass? My polarized sunglasses don’t work well for spotting trout. Are all polarized sunglasses equal in terms of seeing fish? What line should I use on my 9-foot, 8-weight Encounter rod when fishing 10 to 15 feet of water? What do you do when switching from nymph fishing to fishing a hatch? What about furled leaders? I keep losing large rainbow trout when they jump. I am indicator nymphing. Am I doing something wrong? View the full article
  17. Trout Unlimited Canada BOW RIVER CHAPTER 29th Annual Tackle Swap Fly fishing gear of all kinds MAY 8, 2022 10 AM - 1 PM Triwood Community Arena 2244 Chicoutimi Dr NW Calgary Entry By Donation Garage Sale Format Sell your used fishing gear! $30 for up to 3 tables To book or for more info, contact: tubowriverchapter@gmail.com
  18. Good to see you back, Diddy and Deano.
  19. Join Diddy on a spring adventure where he uses the ol "Day Dream" to turn a fairly uneventful blustery early May style prospecting trip into an early July fly fishing bonanza !! ... all this in the latest episode of - The New Wave AnglerUno De Mayyo ... Uno Julio
  20. Folks, The the charges were to be dealt with In December but were stayed. The charges are coming before the court May 11/22. https://www.aer.ca/providing-information/news-and-resources/news-and-announcements/news-releases/news-release-2021-10-21 Don
  21. This week, my guest is Thomas Larson [45:47] from the Orvis Outfitters team. Thomas is a stillwater expert and gives us some great tips on how to find trout, and how to target them, when you don’t have the benefit of a watercraft. Maybe you don’t have a boat, can’t afford a raft, or backpack to high mountain lakes—this podcast is for you. In the Fly Box this week, lots of good comments and questions as I have been gone for a couple weeks so the mailbox is filling up. Thanks from a listener to turning him onto the Griffith’s Gnat dry fly Euro nymphing seems just too efficient for me. Am I being irrational by fishing less effective indicator rig? A customer relates a great trip he had with Orvis-endorsed Brown Trout Flyfishing What are the five or six “must have” items (after getting a fly rod outfit) you suggest for someone new to fly fishing? Please give me five or six recommended flies for starting out. I had a snapping turtle eat a trout as I was landing it. What effect do catch and release fishing efforts have on fish populations? For fishing the beach and canals and creeks in Florida or the Carolinas, what is the best all-around fly line? I want to tie my own leaders. What sizes of tippet do I need? And can I tie my entire leader with surgeon’s knots? Is a wire shock leader too much for lake trout? And what flies should I use? How long does it take trout to recover after a spell of warm water? If I can only catch trout on Rapalas and crankbaits but not on flies, what other types of flies should I try? Great advice from a beginner on how much he learned about fish behavior by fishing dry flies If fish can always see tippet, why is there a difference in effectiveness between tippet sizes? What should I do if my fly line is cracked? What is the difference between a standard clinch knot and improved clinch knot? Why, when I catch multiple fish out of the same run, is the third or fourth fish often bigger than the first ones? A guide attached my leader to my fly line loop with a clinch knot and the coating on the loop cracked. Should I cut off the loop and put my leader on with a nail knot? View the full article
  22. Look into driving to Southend on Reindeer Lake and charter a flight out of there.
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