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  1. I think I wouldn't attempt removing the fly yourself. imagine fighting a 40lb water rat that uses his teeth to bring down trees, just to save him. If you call ASRD I'm sure they'll say "thanks, we'll look into it." and then nothing. If not ASRD who would you call? Nature has a way of figuring things out. I've seen 3 legged, 1 eyed mammals many times thriving in the wild. The hook will most likely fall out in a few days, or the beaver will suffer adverse effects and feed a hungry coyote. I personally feel bad for you Scel, a double articulated streamer gone.... ouch
  2. Hello All, It has been a long time since I've beaten boots along the shore of the Highwood and I don't get down there often so I typically ignore news of the area. I know, how ignorant of me. I was out there yesterday and noticed in one of the rebuilt day use areas just downstream of strawberry (I think) there is a traffic/launch circle and a boat launch. I'm fairly confident my jet will run that section with no issues, but in many areas you see the "No Motorized Vehicles beyond this point" signs in the area. I assume the signs are to keep folks off of the terra firma as they have pics of ATVs. Where would one find regulations on boats on the Highwood?
  3. Hey everyone, BBT bailed out for NW Bow drift for Friday 9/8/2019. Streamers will be thrown, browns will be caught. Do you want to Join? Do you have big streamers and a heavy sink tip? If you know how to row even better. I'll need 1000 words on your Fly fishing pedigree, and your justifications for even looking at me drifter, in cursive, or fire me a message. Leaving shouldice @ 6:00 The HMS Barbara is an inclusive vessel that is 420 friendly.
  4. When I grew up we called those course fish..... apparently that's not a PC term
  5. Aug and sept I have a couple of open days on mondays, lets go
  6. So I have a little boy, almost 4. He got an Echo practice rod when he was 2. He fished a Sage TXL2710 with a Sage Click II, he's really got a handle on streamer angling and has just started mixing it up with hopper-dropper rigs. He's banged out some sweet gold during high waters, I couldn't be prouder. We recently got back from a camping and fishing trip, and he said something that cut me to the core. He got his hands on classically coloured rainbow, he was blown away. He then told me the rainbow is now his favorite fish..... WTF? What did I do as a father to fail in such a manner? Rainbows.... come on, I told him they are the equivalent to Instagram butt models, no substance, no soul, just the same looks as next one. I did the only things I could think, I sprayed bug spray and SPF on his flies, broke his TXL over my knee and then took him to WalMart bought him an uglystick and some Raps. I think I'm going to head to the downtown browntown section with a bottle of wild turkey and contemplate my very existence. Thoughts? Flyfishy where you at sucka?
  7. THis is the best news ever, I drift the upper /NW Bow a lot. There has been weeks where everyday the water pigs have pulled up aggressively asking about liquor, life vests and even a business license. I utilize auto-inflating PFDs in my drifter for myself and guests on one occasion I told the same officer that had questioned me 7 days in a row, "we are wearing the same vests we've been wearing all season and I can't imagine you see many boats like mine so one would think it would be safe to assume we don't need these aggressive checks daily" The officer responded with, "if you wore the normal red or orange hi-Vis PFDs like everyone else we wouldn't have this issue. what would happen to me, if someone drowned off your boat and I didn't check that day," Water pigs, probably rainbow anglers.
  8. agreed, i swamped my drifter a few years back going over the weir, a lesser boat would have been lost. The Harvey Passage should be left for kayaks.
  9. I sure hope not, all river users have the same rights as us anglers. There is no telling where anglers are going to stand to fish and many jet boaters aren't serious anglers, they think you standing in water is crazy...... Perspectives, we all share the Bow in a city of over 1,000,000
  10. Schaeffer J. S., Hoffman E. M.. Performance of barbed and barbless hooks in a marine recreational fishery, North American Journal of Fisheries Management, States the authors concluded that barbless hooks provided only a slight benefit at the expense of reduced capture rates. Typically those fishing barbs are fishing bait and large hooks both of which contribute to "deep takes". Deep takes considerably increase the release time and therefore the mortality. Too many have accepted the barbless argument as gospel, never looking at the data. We as fly anglers typically fish very small hooks, small hooks with barbs have been shown to reduce harm as the hook stays locked into jaw. A barbless hook creates a conical hole which can become infected. (we all see this with heavily fished cutts). Size 16 and smaller barbed flies may actually provide a better catch and release event for the trout. Now if you are a Fudd and love to grip and grin, tire out your catch or just a fish butter fingers barbless may be the way for you to go. Flame away you barbless Zealots, I also fish trebles on my flies
  11. St. Marys is an incredible drift Elbow from from Canyon creek down is pretty cool but you better have your stick skills wired, take out at redwood or near Allen Bill used to be.... really a tough put in and take out. may not be good for a typical 17' drifter Any portion of the Bow above the weir.
  12. This is pretty black and white, he either operated without a license or he didn't, don't let your feelings blind you to facts. The crown isn't going to go forward with charges unless he didn't have a license..
  13. I can see the benefit of hunting these birds as a control measure but I can't imagine they taste very good.
  14. Hmm, Bow river regulations used to include a good portion of the tribs. They are not listed now, guess they are under general regs
  15. Can you site your source for this information, as all historical data I can find shows that North American river otters occupy all provinces and territories, except for PEI.
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