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  1. nothing beats a 4wt.... with a full sink
  2. I've fished tigers in Duck mountain park, they are incredible sport fish. I hope our tiger fishery can be half of Manitobas, if so I'd call it a win.
  3. I agree, 30 fish out of a creek could set it back for years to come... I also fear the cost of replacing some nets is not going to be much of a deterrent. They will just move further upstream where access is more difficult.
  4. They counted over 30 fish in the live well, removed some of the traps and they will be checking the left ones regularly. This may be difficult to catch the offender.
  5. They said they would; I had to go pick up my son and couldn't wait for them. I expect to hear back from them today. I would assume there will be some late nights and overtime for those guys this weekend.
  6. Well said, mind you I tend to call the Bow a creek quiet often.
  7. Hello All, The point of this thread isn't to give myself a digital pat on the back, it's to bring you all aware of what's going on out there. I highly promote self limiting pressure and not fishing during the brown trout spawn. Today I saw the negative of this approach, more fishing equals more eyes on the water. I was out looking for redds and I noticed a huge trap in the water, the size of a 50 gallon drum, just like a crayfish trap magnified 10xs. I had never seen one of these so I pulled it in for a look. inside were some suckers and a brown. I was weirded out. I walked up the creek further and found another, and I started to notice at most of the animal slides into the water were fresh, new cable snares.... weirded out more. Further up the creek I found a make shift live well, stuffed with fish.... stuffed. I didn't go further and called RAP. The CO was horrified as I am. This appeared to be fairly new gear and I speculate this gear was placed after the slow of fishing pressure due to the spawn and/or the snow. Get out there and walk your favorite brown trout haunts, I was last out in this area 3 days ago.
  8. Historically stocking has been attempted across the west with mixed results. My personal experience with stocked fisheries is from the salmon rivers of the west coast where stocked fish were thought of as inferior to wild stocks. The other issue with stocking is it can be perceived as a band-aid solution. As long as money is at hand it is conceivable, but when the funding runs out and the fish flow stops the decline of trout populations typically has not been dealt with and your fishery is no further recovered. That said IF anglers are the issue stocking is a solution, if something else is causing the decline and not uncovered; then stocking is flushing cash down the drain that could be used to address said issue. It is a complicated issue indeed.
  9. I don't believe so, only due to the fact that I have a few buddies that were specifically targeting big browns above the weir starting 30 years ago, those fish have always been there.
  10. Eagle, I will attempt to answer your questions. Once again I have nothing to base my opinions on but my experience. To me it is very encouraging, the previous years legitimately gave me sleepless nights. I basically only fish meat so that cuts out fish that aren't pescatarian, basically never giving me exposure to sub 16-18" troots. This year on good drift days the amount of fish chasing to the boat has been astounding.... one can only wonder why guides are now running this section. a section they didn't care about or fish until last year. Fishless days aren't bringing them up there. I see bundles of Cormorants, I want them dead just on principal. Not many pelicans, Every year there will be 4-8 downstream of Edworthy park, river left in all the reeds. Then I'll see them again down around the Zoo. The ones just below Edworthy are only there until mid July. Fishing pressure has been increasing but yes it is considerably light, and that has to help. There is at least one boat a day there now. If you fish from shore it's tough, real tough. I think most of the action is seen off the shore. Yes cleaned water enters the bow above the calf robe. This effluent warms the river in colder months and dramatically increases the nutrient load both benefitting the "Blue Ribbon" section of the Bow
  11. Drive to the Shuswap. Find any creek entering the lake. Fish the huge rainbows (yuck) chasing the salmon.
  12. I don't have the experience fishing the Bow like some of you do I've only been on it for maybe 17 years. That said in the last decade I have drifted from Shouldice Park to below the weir hundreds of times, literally. This season is by far the best since June 2013, both in size and catch rate. Please forgive my ignorance as I am not a scientist but I have a few questions; Isn't this perceived lack of quality fishing what one would expect after such a dramatic flooding situation? From my understanding we don't have any historical data on trout populations after such a flood, is this correct? I don't really see anyone discussing biomass, just fish numbers, are we sure we are loosing biomass? I am not trying to sound arrogant and my experiences are not scientific evidence but they do not mirror those commenting here. In referencing my own catches, social media and discussions with guys I fish with, there are bundles of huge browns out there, bundles. I caught a brown on Tuesday and it barfed up a 8" brown, it made me think how much these tanks need and eating BWOs must be laborious. Is there much thought given to the predation by large troots? By all accounts rainbow numbers are down, so they should be I throw them to my cormorant anytime I catch one.
  13. Years ago I ordered a knee brace, it was almost $1000 to get it here, their shipping rates were crazy. I won't buy anything from them. Walk the halls of bass pro's boat section and they have a few aftermarket cup holders.
  14. I think I wouldn't attempt removing the fly yourself. imagine fighting a 40lb water rat that uses his teeth to bring down trees, just to save him. If you call ASRD I'm sure they'll say "thanks, we'll look into it." and then nothing. If not ASRD who would you call? Nature has a way of figuring things out. I've seen 3 legged, 1 eyed mammals many times thriving in the wild. The hook will most likely fall out in a few days, or the beaver will suffer adverse effects and feed a hungry coyote. I personally feel bad for you Scel, a double articulated streamer gone.... ouch
  15. Hello All, It has been a long time since I've beaten boots along the shore of the Highwood and I don't get down there often so I typically ignore news of the area. I know, how ignorant of me. I was out there yesterday and noticed in one of the rebuilt day use areas just downstream of strawberry (I think) there is a traffic/launch circle and a boat launch. I'm fairly confident my jet will run that section with no issues, but in many areas you see the "No Motorized Vehicles beyond this point" signs in the area. I assume the signs are to keep folks off of the terra firma as they have pics of ATVs. Where would one find regulations on boats on the Highwood?
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