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  1. Why does that matter? If client did minimal research and got a lame guide, well that's why buyer beware is a statement. The betterment of the resource has nothing to do with good business practices. No where in the Charter is it written that the government must protect the people from making stupid decisions
  2. if we have seen these to be a problem in the past I would agree; High-water temp advisories, yes, the fish get hot but guides will still guide and most will still fish, regardless of the impact on the fish unless the advisory is changed to mandatory order there is no desired change. This forum itself has shown on numerous occasions that the members here can't self-limit themselves. If an advisory has no teeth it is a waste of ink and paper. Out-of-province incursions The ever so often complained about but rarely proven destroyer of our resources. This is a red herring, yes out of province guides and anglers come here, just looking at non-resident license sales in comparison to resident license sales would show that our efforts should be put elsewhere as the change that will come from this is marginal, if it is even able to be tested. Charging more money for non-resident licenses and dumping it into general revenue isn't the solution. Use restrictions how can you feasibly restrict guide use? well you can't without restricting all users, so a separate channel to restrict guides isn't needed. Restricting ALL ACCESS blocks both guides and anglers. Safety The City of Calgary requires PFDs to be worn while on the water in the city section, most drifters ignore this, most don't wear PFDs below Calgary. Currently there is a law for safety purposes on the water, the users choose to ignore it. We have not seen a run of guide boat going down or loosing guests, if we had I'd be all for it. But once again the market will correct this, if a guide looses a client he is possibly subject to litigation. The thought of being sued into non-existence should be rational alone to be safe, have insurance and is the way most other businesses are run. I am sure guides will get regulated sooner or later, I was deep in the industry when this happened in BC, if these actions were to help the resource I'd still be fishing Spences Bridge and guide licenses wouldn't be "worth" millions. BCUBE this isn't an argument with you, but the points you put forth. I understand that you are one to put the fish first and are just putting forth solutions for a betterment of the resource.
  3. fishteck I have to wonder what you are getting out of guides being licensed? I say this because who cares? If a "guide" is not experienced, or just not good the market will correct the situation. What is the underlying benefit to the public and resource if guides are licensed? Once guides are licensed the rates will go up, the ability for young people to get into the industry will be greatly hampered and guides will have more rights to the water due to their need for an income, this dance has been done many times across this continent and the only ones that ever benefit are the guide companies... good work guys
  4. I am 100% against a CW system, it benefits one user group, Guides. If you think BC is a model of fishing quality let me know when you land a steelhead in spences bridge. so lets get to the meat and potatoes of this issue, you want more fish and less people around YOU when fishing. well unfortunately we live in an area where the population is rising and resource isn't. So what's the solution? Taxation? Taxation is the solution? If too much of something is being consumed and we want less consumption, we should tax it? Like carbon? Isn't there easier solutions than getting the man involved? The question is how do we get less anglers on the water any given day? why cant you guys complaining start by not fishing these areas? you know the problem is too many anglers, why do you compound the problem? You have the power to self limit but you need the government to make the decision for you, I don't understand that. if just the regular users of this forum didn't hit the SW streams for a season there would be an improvement. limiting out of province users is a red herring in 2015 we had 303,212 Resident licenses and 10,193 Non-Resident licenses sold; 2017 saw a decline to 294,037 Resident licenses with 4225 Non-Resident licenses. So by limiting out of province anglers we can at best make a 3% change.... come on. The guys from Alberta fishing the SW streams are responsible for the quality of the fishing on said streams. If fishing was banned there for a few years when returning the fishing would be amaze balls.
  5. Hey Bro, Fill up your tub, roll waders inside out, roll up the chest to trap air in the legs, submerge. Bubbles will show, mark them with a jiffy marker and then seal. As for where to get aquaseal??? who knows. I recently ordered some off of amazon
  6. current merc 15HP comes in dry at 99lbs, so about 110lb when coming off the transom (standard 15" shaft of course)
  7. I've drifted the NW section a lot. I think you'll find lots of small rainbows if you fish nymphs or hopper dropper. Look closer there are many stone fly shucks through out that drift currently on river left. I often reflect on the vast numbers of fry and small fish through out that drift. There are quality fish there you just have to crack the code
  8. Pretty sure any mercury dealer could order the 15 HP for you , code is 15MH for the standard tiller, pull start. electric start would be a 15EH.. (I think) BPS has the best price on Mercs. That's for a 17" or smaller transom
  9. Felt for everything, I've switched to vibram recently and they suck. When drifting and not wearing waders I'm often found wearing soled crocs. They kick ass
  10. any reason you prefer a 2 Stroke? the modern merc 4 are heads an shoulders above older 2 strokes. BPS has the best prices on mercs in Canada.
  11. I drift this upper section fairly regularly and I have seen some fish belly up as of late. I have noticed the fish I'm seeing are only rainbows, and large ones, that doesn't mean no browns but I haven't seen any and it seems odd.
  12. If you do go after them remember it is prohibited to be in the possession of live crayfish in the province of Ab, and they must be killed upon capture.
  13. Thanks Monger, as you know I've been walking in your DP footprints and I thank you for the work you guys did so long ago. Your work is directly responsible for the enjoyment we experience on that creek.
  14. you wouldn't want to use a low degree hull on lakes the lack of V will beat the crap out of you. Jetboats are generally built to run rivers, a prop is far more efficient, so typically you'd want to use a prop on lakes. A jet hull typically won't hold the turns in the way a prop hull will. A jet hull that is specifically built for rivers wouldn't be the ideal boat for lakes as a prop glass hull isn't something you'd want to run up the red deer.
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