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  1. jet boats will take their rightful place as the rulers of the Bow.... All hail the inboard
  2. Realistically its probably a different guy, I roll brown trout streams in the fields and most are bordered with private land. I hide a lot just to avoid confrontations. Its part of the reason I'm building a mini jet boat, if I see a guy coming on his atv I'm just going to jet out. It's a shame, I'd love to post up the names of the land owners that are totally cool, but then id have to see all of you.
  3. I recently had the exact same interaction, but I asked the guy his name and if his property operated a business. I then pulled out my phone and made it clear I was calling the cops. I told him I needed his info as I needed to know who I was going to have charged and sued for violating my charter given rights. He stated we didn't need to do that but I still had to leave, I responded with he has 3 options, 1 me calling the cops 2 me posting on all my social media where the best brown trout fishing is on this stream and he'll have to deal with all of us legally fishing 3 he can walk back to his house educated I also told him at the end of this id still be fishing it. He walked away muttering. We have to stand up to these guys. I have talked to anglers that have been scared off of this property numerous time. The land owner does it because he gets away with it. I also go to local detachment if the land owner gets threatening, even if nothing happens just to have the record. Stand for our rights guys, we loose stuff daily.
  4. In 2014 someone put new signage around the shouldice launch indicating where to launch and how, I assumed it was the city because it looks just like a city sign and is professionally done. I have launched at both locations while SRD and CPS members have watched, talked to me and wished us well. I haven't done this one or two times a year, its dozens of times. Multiple times have been with members of this forum and with owners of local shops , never have I been questioned. I'm not arguing just stating what I have experienced. Guess I've been very lucky
  5. Hmmm closed you say, I wonder what will be different from the last 10 years of launching at those locations now that they are "open"
  6. Fishteck, that is just not true. I have taken out at the zoo once and done the drift far more times than that, It is the only take out prior to the passage though.
  7. theres a considerable amount of water from bowmount to the zoo and that would be a long day. I've had good days from shouldice to Glenmore that have taken 16 hours, but there's Not much of a drift before you get to Harvie Passage so probably better to stay below glenmore
  8. TSC

    Hey.  You don't know me but I read a post or 2 of yours about running through the city - Schouldice to glen say.  I have been drifting the bow for 20 years but haven't ran through Harvie Passage ever.  I'm wondering of you can let me know how you get through?  Just point er down or is there a preferred line for drift boats.

    Thanks man, I appreciate any insight!   

    1. Jayhad


      I stopped counting how many times I've gone through the passage after 600, so I've ran it in all water and weather conditions.

      There are two passage points, a Class II channel and the Class III main stem.  Stay to river right for the class II, when the water is low your oars will hit the cement sides so counter rowing abilities is a must.  It is fast, and hard to row but over quickly.  There are boulders right in the way of your flow outs but typically you have time to get around.

      Now the Class III section I've done once, I completely swamped it on the last 17' drop. A hide side boat will make, I run an ultra low profile.

      If you want I've been really wanting to get out. We could organize a group float and I can take my boat down in front of you.


      Good Luck, any questions fire them my way.


    2. TSC


      Thanks for the info very much appreciated.  

      Do you typically put in at Shouldice and float to Glen?  I assume its fishes ok at certain times for brownies hammering juicy streamers!

      Thanks again and I may take you up on that group float sometime in May.

    3. Jayhad


      Yes shouldice to Glen or to the zoo.  I enjoy this section as you typically have it to yourself but the numbers of fish is considerably lower than below the treatment plant.  That said you, maybe see 5% rainbows and I'm a brown  guy. 

  9. Jayhad


    The 8 weight will it be a spey as well? I would rethink an 8wt for small creeks and smaller trout, it is more targeted toward larger stronger fish, perhaps look at a 4 or 5 wt
  10. I'll fish solo or with my boy within an hour of my home. I don't have to come in contact with anyone. Its easy. Or if you have a 22' or larger jet you can fish a couple buddies. Haha
  11. I am of the opposite thought, I am a Sage fan above all. That said when they have tried to duplicate actions previously they have fallen short. I prefer the VXP over the XP but hey are not the same, maybe the 690, but the rest of the line wasn't the same. I think if they went to original graphite III, wrapped on the original mandrels they'd sell a bundle, I don't own a multi million fishing product empire. Think of an RPL remake, it gives me tingle.
  12. Thanks for the responses. I purchased an Echo 3 486 from Out Fly Fishing. I'll really work it out next week and tell you all my thoughts. I'm sure there are tons of rods out there like the Sages from the 00s .
  13. What are your thoughts on the echo 3
  14. I've been fishing Sage rods exclusively since 89, and I currently have 11 of them that need to go into warranty. I haven't purchased any current models as owning ONEs has made me concerned about quality control. After shattering my 490VXP last season and being told I will probably get a new model I don't really want to push my smaller sage sticks anymore. I fish meat on all of my rods from 2wts and up, coupled with heavy full sinks, most of the small rods aren't designed for this, hence $1500 of "shipping and processing" fees. I am a fan of fast sticks. There isn't much info out there for small creek streamers rods, so I come to you. If you were looking for a 4 weight 9' to toss full sinks and big streamer what would you use? No grass or glass Thanks
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