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  1. I don't have personal experience but I roll with some goofs that only fish walleye on some tour thing. They both use Livescope and when both of them got the systems last year neither could stop freaking out about how awesome the views are. One even said like you, almost too good. I understand the system isn't even close to cheap. I'd like to hear more from others.
  2. Monger, wouldn't said fish farm be responsible for the clean up if they are in fact guilty of fish the dump?
  3. could you get the same material and just use an appropriate adhesive? I don't know myself as I have little experience with rafts. Possibly the costs involved makes this a moot point.
  4. Hey Bcubed, I haven't looked at the "towers" in real life but in looking at the pictures from outcast, those towers would be a very easy build for a fabricator, use a base of .500 UHMW..... now finding a fabricator in AB that will build anything not industry based is tough.
  5. Oh Sparkplug, the solution is already in place. When it all hits the fan us tax payers will here to foot the bill. I can't determine if our current government is incredibly arrogant or remarkably stupid by their handling of governing this province.... and I voted for them.
  6. Arg if the oldman doesn't have enough going against it. This government is concerning, as an social liberal with fiscal conservative roots I feel like I'm a political red headed step child. One side wants to negatively impact the places I play in and the other side wants to remove the tools I use to play with. I guess it's just the way politics are but in the situation I am in and place we are as a family I very soon may stop voting with my wallet.
  7. I have a love hate relationship with rip rap, it's ugly, it's dangerous, it destroys any opportunity for an undercut bank, but come stampede season those rocks are crawling. I find myself not wade fishing rip rap locations, even though some areas were my favorite to fish prior to the deposits, I'm a young man in my mid forties and some of those rocks concern me when navigating them.
  8. Why does that matter? If client did minimal research and got a lame guide, well that's why buyer beware is a statement. The betterment of the resource has nothing to do with good business practices. No where in the Charter is it written that the government must protect the people from making stupid decisions
  9. if we have seen these to be a problem in the past I would agree; High-water temp advisories, yes, the fish get hot but guides will still guide and most will still fish, regardless of the impact on the fish unless the advisory is changed to mandatory order there is no desired change. This forum itself has shown on numerous occasions that the members here can't self-limit themselves. If an advisory has no teeth it is a waste of ink and paper. Out-of-province incursions The ever so often complained about but rarely proven destroyer of our resources. This is a red herring, yes out of p
  10. fishteck I have to wonder what you are getting out of guides being licensed? I say this because who cares? If a "guide" is not experienced, or just not good the market will correct the situation. What is the underlying benefit to the public and resource if guides are licensed? Once guides are licensed the rates will go up, the ability for young people to get into the industry will be greatly hampered and guides will have more rights to the water due to their need for an income, this dance has been done many times across this continent and the only ones that ever benefit are the
  11. I am 100% against a CW system, it benefits one user group, Guides. If you think BC is a model of fishing quality let me know when you land a steelhead in spences bridge. so lets get to the meat and potatoes of this issue, you want more fish and less people around YOU when fishing. well unfortunately we live in an area where the population is rising and resource isn't. So what's the solution? Taxation? Taxation is the solution? If too much of something is being consumed and we want less consumption, we should tax it? Like carbon? Isn't there easier solutions than getting t
  12. Hey Bro, Fill up your tub, roll waders inside out, roll up the chest to trap air in the legs, submerge. Bubbles will show, mark them with a jiffy marker and then seal. As for where to get aquaseal??? who knows. I recently ordered some off of amazon
  13. current merc 15HP comes in dry at 99lbs, so about 110lb when coming off the transom (standard 15" shaft of course)
  14. I've drifted the NW section a lot. I think you'll find lots of small rainbows if you fish nymphs or hopper dropper. Look closer there are many stone fly shucks through out that drift currently on river left. I often reflect on the vast numbers of fry and small fish through out that drift. There are quality fish there you just have to crack the code
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