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  1. Thanks for the responses. I purchased an Echo 3 486 from Out Fly Fishing. I'll really work it out next week and tell you all my thoughts. I'm sure there are tons of rods out there like the Sages from the 00s .
  2. I've been fishing Sage rods exclusively since 89, and I currently have 11 of them that need to go into warranty. I haven't purchased any current models as owning ONEs has made me concerned about quality control. After shattering my 490VXP last season and being told I will probably get a new model I don't really want to push my smaller sage sticks anymore. I fish meat on all of my rods from 2wts and up, coupled with heavy full sinks, most of the small rods aren't designed for this, hence $1500 of "shipping and processing" fees. I am a fan of fast sticks. There isn't much info out there for small creek streamers rods, so I come to you. If you were looking for a 4 weight 9' to toss full sinks and big streamer what would you use? No grass or glass Thanks
  3. I was going to say online, then I saw that you don't have a printer.... I guess no fishing for you. Alternatively many of the local shops are providing curbside order pick up. Perhaps they will process the license for you.
  4. https://www.amazon.ca/NTE-Electronics-47-20506-CL-Shrink-Tubing/dp/B007Z7XEK4/ref=sr_1_1?crid=KVZPQYLZPTG8&keywords=nte+electronics+47-20506-CL&qid=1585165338&sprefix=NTE%2Caps%2C288&sr=8-1
  5. Got 10' off of Amazon for $11.82. Thanks. Best thread for a long time.
  6. awesome, thank you Sir. Where do I source out the shrink wrap?
  7. Lornce, How do you weld the loops, do you use one of the fancy heat gun setups the fly shops use?
  8. Cool, can't wait to utilize the new launches. it would be great if we could access the launch just upstream of the peace bridge on the south side. It would allow for really sweet night floats lit by the city
  9. Foggy, public waters in Colorado are stocked with rainbows, some stocking is bi-weekly, if we look at the White River in Arkansas, it is stocked with 1.5 million rainbows annually. I think down south they understand there will be losers when we practice this blood sport. Those losers are the fish, down south they support the economic and cultural impacts fishing has on the community and they are clearly putting thier tax dollars to work to bolster the stocks. Interestingly it seems they dont stock near as many browns and most of the rivers can support the browns reproducing naturally, I wonder if we see the same trend here?
  10. Some good sports there, it should be mandatory viewing.
  11. Monger, I personally believe nothing will happen, I have suggested many times on this forum that we as anglers stand true to our beliefs and limit our rod days and catchs on pressured waters. What has been the response; those of an older generation yell and scream about impacting their time on the water. If we are not prepared to sacrifice our time on the water we will sacrifice the fish in said waters. 90% of this forum has count downs to the hills opening, they will come on here complaining about the available runs, the amount of anglers and how the fish are beat up from hooks..... all the while being part of the problem. There are so many waters where you can get stupid tourist troots across this province but you just want to hang out with the crowds in the SW. And now we refuse to give the fish a break, I see fly anglers casting to redded up browns on the bow, and as soon as the weather is acceptable fly anglers are catching slow troots under bobbers, on nymphs in -1. Is this really something your egos need? We are the ones in control of our angling impact, we have the science and the ability; but we as anglers are choosing to not impact ourselves for the betterment of our chosen hobby, shame.
  12. Yonderin, everyone knows only recreational users transfer problem organisms
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