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  1. Just bought it... Anyone wanna float the bow together on separate boats?
  2. Thanks. I'm gonna look more closely at these boats. At $1200 CAD, it doesn't seem like a bad buy. Anyone else have any thoughts on these boats? What about an 8' vs a 9 footer? Which one should I get?
  3. Hi, I'm looking for a light frameless water vessel and want to see some of your opinions on what to get. I like to wade in rivers and wanted a personal inflatable to access more water in the bow and southern Alberta rivers. I was looking at a watermaster as it suited my low key fishing style, but found a similar Canadian boat from BC, called the Nile Creek Kick Boat (7 feet, 8ft, and a 9ft). There's not much info on the boat online, but asking the shop guy it sounds very similar to a WM. The guy told me their shop was the first to distribute WM in Canada and later branched off to make the
  4. Thank you for the opportunity to do it, but Edmonton is too far at the moment, sorry.
  5. Hi, I just started fly fishing but what I'm really interested in is taking photos of people fishing and their environment. Anyone want a photo op?
  6. Hi everyone, I've read a bunch of stuff online but don't really know where to start. Anyone wanna take me fishing in the city?
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