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  1. If you eventually want to fly fish. Might as well dive In head first. My dog can run a spin casting reel and decide if she wants to run a spoon or a rapala. You will thank yourself if you get the learning curve out of the way and start getting into fish on the fly. I did not pick up a fly rod till I was 27 and have kicked myself for not getting one sooner. thats not to say gear fishing docent have a place, but if your focus is going to be river/stream targeting trout, fly fishing is the golden fun ticket
  2. Have you heard of bridge fly fishing? They are BC locals that have designed some lines you might want to check out.
  3. Does anyone have a spool of Glamour Madeira that they could part with, or have a spot that sells the stuff anywhere in town.. turns out it’s a finicky material to get a line on. Thanks in advance.
  4. I run korkers. Had a pair a little over a year now. I fish a lot. Especially during this COVID. At least 5 times a week. I also use the interchangeable soles fairly often. That all being said they stood up really well for a long time . Three or four months ago the rubber in the sole “locks” has become very uhhhh playable and I have lost a few pair of soles. Just on the right foot. One being the sweet aluminum bar kind that I was really sad about and one felt. Check your feet after stepping in mud to make sure they are still there. Also the glue around the toes on both feet are now peeling off
  5. Felt, or them aluminum bars kick some serious butt. Little heavy, but the snow sticking to felt issue is gone.
  6. You can manage with a spotter. A friend managed the back up in one shot. We considered taking the trailer off and walking it down then backing the vehicle after. Give it a shot friend you might surprise yourself.
  7. Does anyone have a Baetis nymph pattern that has worked well on the bow ?
  8. Worth a shot. Lost one out of my wading belt when I was fishing the elbow were it meets the bow. Clear mesh. I believe it was a rushton. Bought it at Hanson’s some years ago. Has a little hand scribed signature of the maker on the handle. And there is a worn couple spots in the top side from me ramming it in the rafters of my jeep
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