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  1. Auto Marine is great. Stay away from B and L.
  2. I am sizing down from my 16 ft jet to a 14 ft alum. I would prefer a 15hp short shaft, but the are not easy to find used. I used to get up river no problem with my old 15. Do you think a 9.9 has enough power to go up river. I question that. Paul
  3. Largely budget and weight. I will look at both though.
  4. May be in the market for a 15 hp. 2 stroke, or 4. Also prefer short shaft. Anything out there. Get in touch. Paul
  5. Mtg at MacKinnon at 11am. Likely going up river, as car was found at Deerfoot Bridge a few weeks ago.Could be anywhere south.
  6. Thank You, a getleman has come forward to volunteer.Good on FFF.
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