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  1. So Ralph, maybe you should change your tag to cowyguy.
  2. Since it is that time of year, my wife Karen and I want to wish all fellow members, a Merry Christmas and Great 2020 for all. Due to an injury I didn't fish this year, So Bring On 2020. Tight Lines and Good Health from Paul and Karen
  3. Nice... Does it come with a seeing eye dog too?
  4. Time for some stakeouts. Thr Brown Trout Panthers. Led lights, lawn darts and tazers.
  5. Try the fLat channels first. I like Alce/Moose, the small lake before Whiteswan,skuds and streamers
  6. Does Trans Alta have some of the blame as well?
  7. Have also seen guys go over the weir. Not a good outcome. I saved another guy in a dead jet boat from going over years ago. We were the last 2 boats on the water. Lucky for him, I was still around. Things can go wrong in a second even for experienced boaters. Stay safe Guys and Gals.
  8. Sorry for loss Ralph. I lost my two best buds to cancer 3 years apart. The first who passed, Greg was my fishing Bud for many many years. I always think of him especially when fishing. Put quite a void in the life for a while.
  9. Or Motoburitto in Turner Valley is good for killer burittos tacos and burgers, outdoor lunch food trailer, lots of room, then can go to Blue Rock and hike.
  10. Now that I am 65, do I have to buy a license in any province, or are we license free?
  11. That is nuts. Have seen it pretty bad on the Harrison or Fraser, but that is crazy.
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