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  1. fishinglibin

    Vote Day Olympics .yes/no

    Could not vote, in Okotoks. Would have been NO.
  2. fishinglibin

    AEP population survey: Volunteers

    9 am to what time??
  3. fishinglibin

    Upper Access Limit For Jet Boats?

    A few years ago I called in a jet boat up by the sewage treatment plant. They said it had a permit and was hired by the city to do a study.
  4. fishinglibin

    Upper Access Limit For Jet Boats?

    I think the Deerfoot bridge down south.
  5. FHD, Very frustrating. Motivates a person to not be so trusting and generous. I have lost a rod, someone let go while casting, broke one, they closed a trunk on it, and many albums. None ever replaced. I do not loan any gear out anymore, but will share flies only. How about getting back into your video of adventures FHD. They are missed. FL
  6. fishinglibin

    Pinched barbs on 20s

    Welcome to FFF. Good point. I would try barbless, but also break that small.
  7. fishinglibin

    Tacoma Tire Recommendation

    Karen took her car in as she had a low tire that needed a patch. The Costco rep said a nail went in the side of a 1 yr old tire. and the tire was not repairable. He wanted to sell us a new set of tire and the others were almost new. We went to Rim to Rim, and they said it was not in the side of the tire and repaired it. Their prices are extremely competitive, wide choice of tires, and great service. They are my choice now. But easy for me as I live in Okotoks. It is always worth a phone call. Always smart to do your research.
  8. fishinglibin

    Tacoma Tire Recommendation

    After what Costco pulled on my wife, I will never use them again. A bit of a drive, but call Rim to Rim in Okotoks for a quote.
  9. fishinglibin

    Be careful when grazing!

    With berries, I too was waiting for the bear. Ouch, I fished on after dislocating my thumb. A cold drink in the hand helped reduce the swelling. Wink Wink,
  10. fishinglibin

    Felt Soled Boots

    Troutlover. Thanks great info. WhAt types of soles can bd interchanged on the hodgeman?
  11. He is a fricken idiot goof. Hope it was a huge fine. That was a slab. Biggest brown I ever caught was there. People crapped when I put it back.
  12. fishinglibin

    Prussian Carp

    He said kill or eat them. Would not think they are very tasty. I hate the species. F ing idiots who introduce them.
  13. fishinglibin

    Road to Redemption ...video

    Great video Rob. Amazing what a person or two can bring to a community. Glad he turned his life around and the lad is well. Dream spot to fish.
  14. fishinglibin

    Felt Soled Boots

    As my boots are felt soled, and between water I want to fish just opened, and concerns for whirling disease, is soaking my boots in a bleach solution adequate for protection until I can replace them ? What do you guys use to clean your gear after?
  15. fishinglibin

    flies for kids

    Sending PM