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  1. Excellent Photo !! Remember him and the good times ..
  2. Brian and Sue run a truly fine business. 15 years of great service on 1- Merc Jet and 2 -Yamaha Jets..
  3. I have both.. 9' Gull Oars 10' Island Oars Counter Balanced.. I prefer the unbalanced oars now after using both for a number of years.. BTW.. I prefer Wood Oars as they allow a lot of natural flexibility during your stroke.. It results in less Oar Fatigue for me, Shoulders really appreciate the difference.. My 2c
  4. I used to hear about how great this Fishery was for Giant Brown Trout on Dry Flies. I fished it with a Guide 4 or 5 times in the early 2000's and it was wonderful.. I recall that there used to be a guiding community located in Red Deer to facilitate tourists etc.. What happened ?
  5. I have a Power Drifter and can go.

    Let me know

    James (403)-242-5167

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    2. fishinglibin


      Hi  James, Have passed the info on by pm..As well as you number. I thanks you. 

    3. fishinglibin


      They will call this evening. Very thoughtful of you James. If you need an extra set of eyes, I may be available.

    4. fishinglibin


      Is  this the James with the two weiner dogs? And of course power drifter. We have met a few times over the years.

  6. Funny; People used to give me the gears about using my Power Drifter on the Bow. (2008) Huge River.. Now we can expect a Tribe of Small Jet Knuckleheads on small waters.. Oh My How .. Things change.. If I was wading and fishing and I came across Jayhad blasting up towards me. I would throw Big Rocks at him.
  7. This should make for interesting Guided Fishing trips for sure.. I imagine that it will also effect every Drift Boat owners Fall plans as well. Looking forward to a much improved road in the future..
  8. Toolman; I agree on making Adult choices.. However, I do not want a $1,200 fine for clearly violating Alberta's Decision..
  9. As I sit here on May 17, 2020 I am feeling uncertain of how best to proceed with Recreational Drift Boat Fishing and Guiding for this COVID Season. I have retired from Guiding (2012) with the exception of Very Interesting Clients or well referred Good Joes. As I read it and try to get a sense of Government Direction, No Non Family Trips should be contemplated as 6' Distance is impossible to achieve in a Drift/Jet Boat. I had a Handful of Interesting trips booked for this Summer, Music Business Folk, All of which I have turned down, as the Covid situation has dictated no close co
  10. I believe the term for the piece is called a Jack Plate. I have seen many versions of this from scrappy to very professional. Contact a few welders and get some ideas. Probably $500 to $800 ish. I have used Automarine for many years and highly recommend this shop and people.. I can't speak personally of the shop but heard good things about the guy in Carseland..
  11. Imagine if only 50% of Calgary Anglers "Go Solo" like Jayhad. Pretty easy to imagine with rampant unemployed and bored, frustrated citizens. I would think that every run or 2 or 3 will have a person in it. Our Government is trying to lessen the overall problem of Transfer by hoping to instill an old term which still has great resonance. "Short Term Pain, For Long Term Gain. STAY HOME !
  12. Head over to B&E Electronics.. They have many colours and sizes.. SE Off of 42 , West of Blackfoot Cycle..
  13. Monger; That was the best piece of Fly Fishing Film work I have ever seen. Most clips leave me bored and I click out after a few minutes.. Talk about getting pumped up!! Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Hi Foggy; Jayhad was not speaking to me personally, but made a direct comment which was directly pointed at My Generation. I call bullshit on your response [ All one of your posts.] . His too.. If anything, it is his generation causing the most damage.. Check out social media for all the Squeeze, Grip and grin photos..20 to 30 year olds grinning like Hyena's.. He has called out an age group which generally has the most time on the water and the most time to reflect on the things they have witnessed. I have reduced mine and my boat passengers fishing to single fly,
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