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  1. I feel that the study is somewhat myopic. However, I also feel that the old data was wildly optimistic. 4,200 Trout per Mile ?? Bullshit.. It used to be advertised on Country Pleasures Brochures, Pre Dating Internet.. Wonder where that Data came from.. I feel that our Bow is going Downhill, FAST.. I believe Whirling Disease has been here for over a Decade. I believe that Trans Alta is Hugely responsible.. Spin the Dams Up For Profit,, I have never scene the Bow at 52 CMS IN September until this year.To Hell with any environmental Considerations. I feel That Fishing pressure is A Main Factor.. I have never witnessed the pressure of 2018.. As far as The Guiding question...Might be a good time to cap the number of Rod/Boat Days and totally Shut Off BC and Montana Guides.. I have Fished the Bow in the 60s.70s.80s,90s.2000s and the 2010s.. I know that Single Hook, Barbless and Seasonal Closures would Help, Immensely.. Very Complicated Issue and no EASY Answers...
  2. 1961flyman

    Vote Day Olympics .yes/no

    Every day for the last week I have had robocalls from the YES VOTE.. Just received one From **** Face Nenshi to vote yes. **** this BULLSHIT.. This is not a Democracy.. VOTE NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. 1961flyman

    Pinched barbs on 20s

    I keep the barbs on my hook until usage. I have 4 big boat boxes and without the barb, I find a big surprise of loose flies when I open the box. I also have great pliers and a file for de barbing.. Barbless is much better especially if you have to dig them out of your clients heads etc ..Much easier on Fish too..
  4. 1961flyman

    Upper Access Limit For Jet Boats?

    I have witnessed a very similar boat as described on the stretch just below Bearspaw. They were working for the Engineering company doing the assessment for the rebuild of the Back Channel by the Bowness Train Bridge. They were taking turbidity measurements as well as depth and GPS co-ordinates. Probably the same type of situation..
  5. 1961flyman

    Power drifters etc

    My Fish Rite 16' is 450-480 Lbs My Yamaha 40/30 is 208 lbs. Plenty of Power and Rows Fine. I have had many boats including a Clacka for 18 Years.. No boat is perfect at everything, but mine is very good at Bow River, Mountain Lakes and also Bigger Rivers for Steelhead. The boats that Hyde and Superdrifter now make are Bloated , Fat Pigs. 18 ' With too many options make you need more Power,900 Lbs without gear or motor... It is not only much heavier, it is also 8" taller to cast around out the back. I have rowed most manufacturers Drift boats and still like the Clacka best. I would never have a Glass Power Drifter..
  6. Bitch at your local representative. (Provincial ). Not many feet on the ground and the territory is huge. If it is easy to do, take pictures and as much evidence as you can produce. If nothing else, It puts these D-Bags on Notice.
  7. My take on the Press Release is that any publicity is Good ! We can`t expect to not see numbers of Trout declining.. In the last 20 years the number of anglers has grown a huge amount.. Guess would be 100% to 200% more . Poor Release techniques don`t help. Environmental concerns and changes take more Fish. Whirling Disease has been here for decades in my opinion. I myself no longer take pictures of fish, rarely for Friends, unless it is a monster. BTW If you haven`t witnessed the raw predation of the Pelicans, you were too busy looking at your rod tip or whatever. The Bow is doing a great job !!
  8. All I can say is based upon MY observation. They were not here at the time. I had already spent 15 ish years fishing the Bow by the Mid 70's..Calgary to Carsland. No Pelicans.. Still.. I have been on the river 15 days this year.. Watching them push the fish into the shallows and then gorging on the fish is alarming. I wouldn't mind open season on them.. Just Saying.. If it was legal I would bring my AR-15
  9. I grew up on the Banks of the Bow River. First sighting was about 1975. Maybe go and give one a hug..KRK..
  10. Pelicans have increased greatly in my fishing life. From nothing to huge Flocks. They are an invasive species which should be culled. Starting right now ! 5 Years in a row of killing every Pelican on the Bow would be a good start. NDP surely wouldn't have the fortitude to do it.
  11. 1961flyman

    Pike fishing ???

    Go to Badger Lake, by Lomond.. Lots of big Pike and lot's of Bays, which can fish well..
  12. I went to the Calgary store on Friday. Not much stock and no super deals. Orange tag, Dutch Auctions on most everything left. They are staying open until May27. I must say that I hated the management and that they had the worst returns policy. Happy to see them go !
  13. Photo looked good and respectful. Not sure why anyone would get bent.. I haven't been here that long, but it seems like a good core of Sportsman, and a few anal dickheads.. I have always been catch and release, but also my view on fish, was that for those who like to harvest.. Okay by me as long as within the regulations. Everybody should try to do a good job and return the fish to the water unharmed.. Keep in mind that we live in a society filled with **** ups and malcontents..
  14. 1961flyman

    NRS Drift Boats

    I am wondering what the performance verdict was on the smaller NRS Drift Boat. I see that Bow River Troutfitters is no longer representing these boats. I am looking for a smaller boat which I can either trailer or inflate as needed for smaller waters. I have had a 13' NRS self bailing raft in the past, but this boat looks like a big upgrade.. Think St. Marys river, Oldman etc etc.. Hopefully someone has experience..
  15. Hello; I have read that the Bow River Org has plans on a semi fix on the boat launch at Policeman's Flats. Is that work going to occur this season? I have avoided drifting into or out of that launch since the flood of 2013. I had a couple of close calls and decided to just fish elsewhere.. I do miss that upper stretch and am curious. Thanks for any info.