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  1. This should make for interesting Guided Fishing trips for sure.. I imagine that it will also effect every Drift Boat owners Fall plans as well. Looking forward to a much improved road in the future..
  2. Toolman; I agree on making Adult choices.. However, I do not want a $1,200 fine for clearly violating Alberta's Decision..
  3. As I sit here on May 17, 2020 I am feeling uncertain of how best to proceed with Recreational Drift Boat Fishing and Guiding for this COVID Season. I have retired from Guiding (2012) with the exception of Very Interesting Clients or well referred Good Joes. As I read it and try to get a sense of Government Direction, No Non Family Trips should be contemplated as 6' Distance is impossible to achieve in a Drift/Jet Boat. I had a Handful of Interesting trips booked for this Summer, Music Business Folk, All of which I have turned down, as the Covid situation has dictated no close contact etc etc. Told them to hold tight for info or just take a pass for 2020. How to move forward.. How to observe others behaviour.. How do the few Guides who actually try to run a good business move forward.. I have been hopeful that some type of discussion on Public Forums or media would have started about this issue. Curious as to what the Community in Calgary has to say about this. If I am going to sit it out, as per Direction from Government. I will be very disappointed to see a bunch of over busy Boat Launches..
  4. I believe the term for the piece is called a Jack Plate. I have seen many versions of this from scrappy to very professional. Contact a few welders and get some ideas. Probably $500 to $800 ish. I have used Automarine for many years and highly recommend this shop and people.. I can't speak personally of the shop but heard good things about the guy in Carseland..
  5. Imagine if only 50% of Calgary Anglers "Go Solo" like Jayhad. Pretty easy to imagine with rampant unemployed and bored, frustrated citizens. I would think that every run or 2 or 3 will have a person in it. Our Government is trying to lessen the overall problem of Transfer by hoping to instill an old term which still has great resonance. "Short Term Pain, For Long Term Gain. STAY HOME !
  6. Head over to B&E Electronics.. They have many colours and sizes.. SE Off of 42 , West of Blackfoot Cycle..
  7. Monger; That was the best piece of Fly Fishing Film work I have ever seen. Most clips leave me bored and I click out after a few minutes.. Talk about getting pumped up!! Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Hi Foggy; Jayhad was not speaking to me personally, but made a direct comment which was directly pointed at My Generation. I call bullshit on your response [ All one of your posts.] . His too.. If anything, it is his generation causing the most damage.. Check out social media for all the Squeeze, Grip and grin photos..20 to 30 year olds grinning like Hyena's.. He has called out an age group which generally has the most time on the water and the most time to reflect on the things they have witnessed. I have reduced mine and my boat passengers fishing to single fly, Dry and Streamer only..No Nymphing from boat.. Never fish in front of bank anglers etc. etc.. No Pictures on the Bow..The fish go from my net back into the water with no above waterline time. If I could make my impact on the Bow smaller I would be staying at home. I am not perfect but have been trying to minimize negative effects. .I adopted C&R in 1975.
  9. Folk`s I myself fish the Bow in the NW during the week , very often after dinner. Enjoy walking and casting Dry Flies. .Most often just getting exercise and fresh air. I take my boat out about 24 trips per season. I fish with about 12 people each year. Aged from 40 to 70.. I myself only fish Dry flies to fish which I stalk. My boat partners fish Dry Fly attractors or Streamers, while drifting We get out often and walk and wade. Looking for snouts and willing dance partners.. Jayhad..Give your head a big long shake..Speak for yourself and not others. My generation is mostly filled with experienced , well balanced Fisherman. Do not generalize others behaviour and try to fit it into your very limited experience. My friends and I have traveled the Earth and enjoy the day, the place and the fish are a distant extra. I am open for any Fish closures and anything else to help....
  10. I have Fly Fished the Bow for 5 Decades at least. Over 2,000 Float or Day Trips. The last decade has been the hardest to take. Guide boats fighting for position on every good bank. Cutting each other off, low holing, high holing. I have had the same "Guide" float a very small back channel 3 or 4 times in the last season. I was at the bottom, gently fishing dry flies, with a good friend as he rowed thru, while fishing and then asking me how is it going..15' feet wide.. How the **** do you think it is going ***hole ? Fishing in front of bank anglers.. etc etc etc etc. It is up to every angler to determine there own, lowest common denominator.. My advice to all anglers is to try to be invisible, make no impact on others. Be kind, laugh lots and enjoy the Day. To all the Hipster "Guides".. Maybe go back to school or get a part time job that doesn't effect the health of the Bow so much. The first and most important job and ethic of a "Guide" is to provide GUIDANCE. In all things, not just the total catch and Tip received.
  11. Any one who doubts the effect of Guiding on the Fisheries experience should take a float down river from McKinnons behind 5 to10 Guided boats from 2 well known Swathers. 1 cast every 5 or 10' of bank, every day for 3 months or more.. The gullible Fish get educated quick, the experience is sure not "Blue Ribbon . I have wondered why they don't spread the Love Around a bit better, but I guess Corporate Customers want to be together... Why not add 24 more "Guides" per season.. Gotta justify all those expensive Simms waders, Boats etc.. At what point does this become unsustainable? I would say we are past the threshold. So this is what unrestrained use has allowed.. Hoist the Jolly Roger and onwards towards Profit at any cost.
  12. Once upon a time.. This forum was enjoyed and used for the propagation of good sporting values. Now, it is a sparring ground.. BTW Don.. Thx for your uplifting commentary and much valued opinion..
  13. I have spent 45 years Fly Fishing in BC for your so called Garbage Fish. BC Is Light Years ahead of Alberta in the Management of The Fish and Experience . Jayhad, I think you have a very narrow view of the Bigger Picture.. In my experience all Trout are a Precious Resource and should be respected. And I can Guarantee you, I have caught more Trophy Brown Trout than you in my 50+ Years of Fly Fishing The Bow River.. Go Enjoy your vision of Gold and allow others the same respect.
  14. I must be old.. I do not get this bashing of Dirty Rainbows.. Hopefully it is all in Jest.. Rather a Rainbow than just about any other..
  15. Talk to Brian at Auto Marine Specialty in SW Calgary. Zodiac and Yamaha Jet Experts..
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