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  1. Welcome to Calgary. The bow is your best bet. Where you are is ok in terms of fishing. I find the more south in the city is better on my opinion. If you are looking for a outfit and on a budget some good ones are the orvis encounter (what I started off with and loved it) echo has a few good outfits and Tfo as well. Check out a local fly shop and they’ll help out tones. In your case iron bow fly shop is closest to you or bow river troutfitters. Pm me and can show you what to look for fishing the bow in the spring as she can be a mystery sometimes. hope this helps duke
  2. Looks great. Have had some sketchy moments on the old road glad it’s done
  3. Going to cast a couple hardy rods today. From what I hear about them I might Be switching from orvis lol
  4. I’m in the market for a 6wt. Just seeing what ya guys are using and like about what you’re using. Budget is 400-600. My 5wt is a orvis h3f I have a 3wt in the new orvis recon which I love and might consider in a 6wt but been reading good things about the sage pulse too.
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