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  1. bowbonehead, ----- Thanks for your comments. I agree with most of them, but have resorted to some of the rock pile areas since many of the usual places on the Bow have become much more crowded this year because of Covid conditions. Actually, many of these areas are wadeable, especially during the low water level periods since mid-September of this year. One example of a possible stairway design could be a simplified version of a stairway shown in the link below --- a secure, flood-resistant stairway constructed alongside a drift boat slide-ramp on a steep river canyon in Oregon
  2. Recently, I've spent some time going back to some spots on the Bow that I haven't been to for over 8-10 years. Unfortunately, I've found that many of them are now much more difficult to access because of gigantic piles of very large, sometimes sharp and jagged, rocks and boulders used as flood control berms that extend down to river. Some of these are not only within city limits but also are several kilometers below city limits. I guess the City of Calgary has authorized these, but what about those far downstream of the city? I'm not the most agile person around, and getting down so
  3. If anyone is interested, Water Master (Big Sky Inflatables) in Stevensville, Montana is having a Black Friday Sale on for a few days with 20% off raft prices.
  4. Sometimes the fish seem to bite the the tail end of a streamer. Adding a small stinger hook (with a short piece of mono) that is flush with the tail end of the streamer might increase your hook up rate.
  5. For streamer swinging, I recently have begun to use a 9ft 5wt Z-Axis rod with a short 11ft, 200g Rio Trout Max #2 shooting head with a 10 foot MOW tip attached. The Trout Max was attached to 30lb Rio Slick Shooter mono running line. One handed Spey casts of 50-65 ft or so are surprisingly easy. I no longer need room in back for the backcast, as was previously needed with a Teeny 200 sink tip. I also use a 12 foot Spey rod for streamers, but for the Bow I think that I'll be using mainly the 9ft rod with the Rio Trout Max from now on, as it is much lighter.
  6. Broken Simms wading staff--Free to anyone who wants it. Took a spill on a wet slippery streamside grassy bank on the Deschutes R. this October. Top section of the staff broke in two near the locking eyelet hole that is close to the top of the staff. The lower 3 or 4 folding portions are OK. Possible that someone with welding skills might be able to repair it. It comes with a sheath, but not with the retractor and clip which I have transferred to a new staff that I purchased in the US. Let me know if you want it. I can leave it at my workplace for pick up.
  7. There was a tippet test published a few years ago. Trouthunter came out on top. I ordered some and was happpy with it. See test results at http://www.yellowstoneangler.com/gear-review/tippet-shootout-seaguar-grandmax-trouthunter-orvis-mirage-riopowerflex-pline-dairiki-varivas-sa-climax-maxima-froghair-stoft-umpqua
  8. CDone, Don't know if this would be helpful, but you might want to check out "Fishpond Sushi Roll" lfy holders. See http://www.caddisflyshop.com/fishpond-sushi-roll.html
  9. I drove through Whitefish to get to the Kalispell last Friday, using the Roosville crossing. I chose this road as some days last week the Going to the Sun Road on the Carway route was reported to be closed closed or slow. (possibly due to fires). I overheard several people in Kalispell complaining that they had several problems on Friday using the Highway 2 Caraway route instead of the Roosville crossing. There were one or two delays of 3 to 5 minutes or so on my trip due to road construction near Whitefish, but otherwise conditions were good.
  10. I have taken a walk and wade trip with each of them several years ago. Both are excellent guides that have a lot of useful knowledge to share. Don't know if both are still guiding this year.
  11. I have a Metal Detector MD510 12ft spey rod that was designed by Brian Niska. I'm not an expert (just learning) but I'm very happy with it. The craftsmanship is very good, and warranty issues or repairs are handled by Geoff Pieroway who has a store and workshop in N.E Calgary near 40th Ave, not far from the Deerfoot. (use Google) . However phone first as sometimes he is not at the shop. Was able to land a few coho on the Skeena last fall on the MD510, with some great casting lessons from Brrian Niska and one of his guides up there. Was pleased with the performance of the rod. My o
  12. It's OK. I've taken bear spray across the border several times at checkpoints in Montana and Idaho. Just be sure to tell them that you have bearspray and you are going fishing.
  13. You might want to check out Jim McLennan's Drift Boat School at http://www.mclennanflyfishing.com . He probably can provide a wealth of knowledge.
  14. It was probably the Fishin' Hole at 3320 Sunridge Way NE.
  15. Just an aside----there have been some days when there have been numerous party rafters, bikini hatches, and some Jet Skis below 22X. One day in particular several years ago during a heat wave of plus 31 to 32 C temperatures (I think it was during a September Labour Day Weekend), we had to park our drift boat several times in a stretch below Policeman's in order to avoid the constant ongoing raft and bikini traffic. There were even 4 or 5 law enforcement officer-types on jet skis going back and forth all over the place. In fact, they were the main problem since they seemed be ma
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