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  1. are you sure none of fishtales and ironbow flies are made in china?
  2. i have very good luck with small and slim damsel nymph (size 12 c49s/gold rib/marabou/bead) in mountain lakes. light green is the colour i have most success with. through out the past years fishing ab/bc lakes, most common damsel sampled from fish were baby damsel in light green - to pale or almost transparent colour.
  3. i felt silly last time i put in a small pram to winchell. that lake u can fish all around from shore, and fish are not that far from shore.
  4. costco sells kirkland brand sunglasses for $40. it's actually pretty good... they are real glass, pretty light, and polarized.
  5. i tied most of chironomids in C49s hooks, never have any issue. if you like bent hook, give TIEMCO 200R a try.
  6. this closing deal is no better than their regular sale.
  7. Don, I have Telus, coverage for telus is close to none down there. Friend has Rogers, full signal. I think Telus is lack of tower down there, not sure if adding roaming will help.
  8. Don, I fished upper k lake couple times since the ice came off. Fishing was great during first couple weeks after ice off, fish seem to hold nearby where water enter the lake. I caught more bull trout than cuttie this year in upper k. As for now... fishing will be tough as water is much higher and fish are more spread out. I prefer fish smaller hike in lake this time of year, there are many to choose from within kananaskis to banff. Late fall is good fishing on upper k lake, but you will need a boat/motor to go around the lake to find fish. Wedge pond is tough to fish without a boat, seems like these graylings are much smarter compares to the ones in bear pond. I dont know what's the size in wedge pond this year (got skunked last time fishing from the shore), but I think they are generally bigger than bear pond. I have caught grayling from wedge pond ~18" couple years ago before it got winterkilled.
  9. there are Prussian carp in two toed pond in calgary.
  10. try open private window in safari (file > new private window. this mode set safari in a clean state) and check if the video shows up. if not, you might want to reinstall/update safari.
  11. I called the shuttle guy last week, it's open.
  12. btw. wholesales is having stupid sales again. 30% of all waders/reels/lines/rods - yes including simms/sage/etc.
  13. Im pretty sure I caught couple fish like that in Arbour lake. I thought it was due to poor handling fish from bait chucker. These fish come from hatchery somewhere.
  14. wait... he has the money to hire lawyer but not refunding people money?
  15. police outpost provincial park. great trout fishing (must have boat/float tube). $24 per night, $7 firewood a bundle.
  16. Tackle box works great. http://www.wholesalesports.com/store/wsoo/en/Categories/Fishing/Fishing-Accessories/Tackle-Boxes/c/tackle-boxes?sort=price-desc&q=%3Arelevance
  17. how about graphene? http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-36333474
  18. rio indicator line is nice to cast long leader with weight and bobber on lakes, and you don't need to over line them. I have 4 of them on different reels, one thing tho, the line is not made to last long. I pretty much have to replace one every year (depending on how often you use). The front orange part cracked up over time. I have seen more indicator lines in BC interior lakes than any other lines.
  19. Get a gas motor 3hp weight 40 lbs. never have to worry about running out of battery.
  20. 4wt 10ft better for lake, much easier to cast long leader. I think sage one has but might be over your budget, maybe look into TFO/reddington? no trout in the lakes around AB/BC needed 8wt.
  21. i like my islander more than hardy.
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