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  1. snuffy

    Alberta River Basins

    Maybe he's still using the old site? Last I checked, it was still up, but frozen in time.
  2. snuffy

    Materials Online?

    Anyone have a favorite? I find myself living 300k from the nearest shop and, despite stocking up before the move, am running short of some things. So far the only thing worse than the websites has been the service.
  3. snuffy

    Fly Fishing Related Workout/exercises

    Have you considered XC skiing?
  4. snuffy

    What Are You Tying 2017 Edition

    Yeah, check out what I found when I googled your name for it: http://www.backcountry.com/montana-fly-company-jakes-gulp-beetle-6-pack $3USD is a lot for any fly, but for THAT one??? Nice tie Doc, kinda like the love child of a beetle and klinkhammer. I might tie some up and inflict them on cutties.
  5. snuffy

    What Are You Tying 2017 Edition

    I take it back: yes, but I came up with the exact same thing independently!
  6. snuffy

    What Are You Tying 2017 Edition

    I haven't named it, but it's a basic pattern with a peacock ice dub underbody and midge floss legs. It's my go to fly on the small spring creeks with heavy brush I frequent. I lose a lot, my friends lose more, and many more get chewed to bits. It lands with a satisfying little plop that gets their attention, but rarely spooks them - kinda like what Jensen was doing with his beadhead in his latest video. I'm hoping 210 get me through the season!
  7. snuffy

    What Are You Tying 2017 Edition

    I am officially sick of making beetles!
  8. I've been using the Boa system on Korkers boots for several years now and I don't recommend it. Depending on where you fish, it can get really jammed up with clay. The boots never really get tight and need to be re-tightened several times at the beginning of the day. I had one break deep in the woods near Water Valley and the walk out was horrible. As noted above, streamside replacement pushes the envelope of practicality. The initial attraction was the swap-able soles, but Sticky Rubber soles are worse than old running shoes. At least it's easy to pull the soles off and bleach, but I'll be going back to laces when these wear out.
  9. Thank you all for your input. Truly, these are first world problems and, yes, she is a keeper 100 times over. Roast - steel is real! I got so sick of swapping to my back up frame and playing warranty tag with Drek my last few years of racing that I bought Ti and put the warranty frame on ebay.
  10. Sage advice. She was my most reliable fishing buddy until we spawned recently! More than anything, I have grave reservations about the durability of the waders and there's nothing worse than having to sit out most of the season because of dodgy equipment. [Pet peeve: high quality waders for women are rarer than hen's teeth.] Orvis is blowing out the Mirage reels at half price, so the difference would cover most of the difference between the silver sonic convertibles and the silver sonic guides. I seem to recall that a few years back Orvis had so many problems with their waders that a lot of shops stopped carrying them, but I'm stuck with them.
  11. So my darling wife got bored on her academic days and, knowing that I needed waders and a new reel for my 3wt, bought me some Christmas presents. However, she doesn't know much about gear and didn't solicit my advice, so what she bought is a tad bizarre. I don't want to unnecessarily hurt her feelings by exchanging these items, but neither do I want to end up throwing good money after bad. Waders - Orvis Silver Sonic Convertibles. These seem like nicer versions of your typical lightweight waders, but my experience with lightweight waders consisted of using them a few times, waiting 2 months for warranty, using the replacement pair a few times, waiting 3 months for warranty, and giving up and buying something more durable. It doesn't help that most of my fishing involves epic bushwacks on streams like Stauffer. Anyone know if these buck the trend or if they are a PITA? Reel - CFO. I know that these have a following amoung collectors, but they strike me as being akin to brazed steel bicycle frames in the age of carbon fiber - i.e. one uses one not because it is the best tool for the job, but because one want to use a CFO. Meanwhile they are selling the top of the line Mirage for $150 less. Worth hanging onto from a utilitarian perspective?
  12. It really depends on how resilient the spores are. Certainly bacterial spores would laugh at your efforts, but these are Cnidaria. It's not obvious from the reading I've done and BurningChrome is right that a negative is hard to prove. I assume they are using a PCR based assay, but while very specific, those aren't always all that sensitive. (Really interesting life cycle though. I had no idea there were fresh water Cnidaria!)
  13. snuffy

    Korker Boot Bow Out

    Nice things about korkers: easy to swap or replace soles Bad things about korkers: lethal "[not the slightest bit] sticky rubber" soles, boots don't last much longer than soles, so so support
  14. I agree, but as has been pointed out elsewhere, in the case of another event like 2013, these dry damns would merely delay the inevitable for a matter of hours. They are driven by political optics, nothing more.