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  1. Not sure if they both stuck, but I know charges were mentioned for failure to release in least harmful way as well as use of bait on restricted water-
  2. Just got a cheque in the mail from RAP today, was blown away that it was for $600. When they mentioned that they'd be sending me a reward I wasn't expecting it to be more than $50-100 tops. I was more than happy to do my part for zero reward, and I really wanted to share this with the forum in the hope of encouraging others to report poachers any time they can. Huge thank you to the Province of Alberta and the outstanding officers and wardens working to protect it, and to everyone who helps them in their efforts!!
  3. Thanks UberFly- The guy’s face is visible in the second video if you give that one a look (the one where I’m ‘talking’ with him. Incidentally, he was caught by the F&W officer just off the description of what he was wearing / looked like. The video wasn’t provided until after he’d already getting a statement / partial admission from the poacher.
  4. Thanks everyone for taking the time to read the post, if any of you are in the Lundbreck Falls stretch of the Crow watch out the for this individual and his bacon-slinging buddies- other anglers are reporting seeing this same group using bacon (or some other fatty meat) as bait the night before in the same area. Also, despite the ease of reporting and getting an officer dispatched it's often very difficult for F&W officers to get charges to stick. "beyond a reasonable doubt" is a high burden of proof) so record everything you can, reliable evidence (rather than fists lol) is the best weapon against these guys!!
  5. Yesterday, July 1, I was fishing right under the falls at Lundbreck when a bait rig got plunked in from the tourist viewing deck on the canyon rim above. I was obviously pissed that this idiot had the nerve to; 1. Cast his line directly into the water I was fishing 2. Did the above using bait in waters where bait is restricted, C&R only 3. Continue to do so after I gave the “are you ****ing kidding me” death stare with accompanying hand/arm gestures My first thought was to go up there and snap his rod and maybe his neck etc. but being a law abiding citizen I decided calling RAP and reporting the unlawful use of bait was the appropriate remedy to the whole unfortunate scene. No cell service at water level so I’d have to go up to the rim either way. But before I could do that, the poacher hooked into a large (22-26”) bull trout and began attempting to haul it from the pool up to the canyon rim where he was positioned. This is probably 50 feet. I immediately started yelling at him to stop. Which he didn’t. I got my net out and yelled at him to steer his line towards the net (fish was already dangling in the air at this point) hoping that some reason might prevail and that it could be safely landed and released. He refused that too. After a minute or two of yelling with no response from the poacher I got the phone out and started recording video. Once his bobber was at the end of his rod he started trying to walk backwards to pull the fish up, no longer able to reel any further. It was obviously a struggle and in the video you can see the fish go higher into the air and then lowering back down several times. Another minute or two of his stupidity passed before his line finally snapped from the friction of dragging it over the guard rail and the fish fell 20-30+ feet, hitting rock at the edge of pool and splashing back into water, probably no longer alive or certainly dying shortly thereafter. I ran up to the canyon rim, recording again, and confronted this ***hole who, incidentally, was now trying to rig up another bare/snell hook when I tore into him about what he’d just done. As I walked away dialing RAP I could hear him asking me if I got any pictures, he actually thought I was taking photos for him to keep as souvenirs. A CO was dispatched and I got in my vehicle and followed the poacher, who was on foot, and watched where he went. The CO found him, charged him to failure to release a fish in least harmful way, and is organizing evidence to hopefully lay an additional charge for the use of bait. Keep an eye out for this guy and if you see him doing anything questionable call it in. PW for videos is protect our waters (no spaces). If any issues with the video links let me know
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