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  1. Big eddy on the Riverside part of Whitehorse (below the dam but just above the intake where kayakers play) is a good place for grayling. Jackson Lake just outside the city off Fish Creek Road is also a good spot for grayling (turn left when you get to the lake and fish where the creek enters the lake). And if you’re heading to Dawson - the Klondike River is also good for grayling - especially just up the Dempster.
  2. Love the wet flies. As Bcubed says they can be effective on picky trout.
  3. Had some success on a classic wet fly this weekend - olive body with white duck quill wing. Haven’t had a lot of luck on them up until now. Dressed the wing with floatant - I’m sure that’s a no no - but it worked. Thinking they probably took it as a crippled dun? If there are any frequent fishers of classic wets out there who are willing to offer some advice for fishing themon local waters I’d be grateful for it. Tx
  4. Walton


    The rainbows were feasting on dragons this weekend in the Kootenays...
  5. Thanks everyone for the help and advice. Much appreciated.
  6. Any suggestions on the best all around head length for the Bow? Do I really need a 30 foot head? Would tend to get hung up a lot would it not?
  7. Sngle hand Sr Croix LU 9ft 6wt and St Croix LE 10ft 6wt. Primarily from a boat. I'm thInking get a 30 foot piece of T8 and chop it into 5, 10 and 15 ft heads. But I suspect it would cast like crap.
  8. Hi folks... Any advice on a good 6wt line for stripping streamers on the Bow? Can I make my own? Tx
  9. http://www.alberta.ca/release.cfm?xID=433953CA3458B-B50E-57D4-A97FD2549BE284E2 CFIA confirms whirling disease in Bow River Today, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), the lead federal agency responsible for preventing the spread of animal diseases within Canada, confirmed the presence of whirling disease in the upper Bow River, downstream from the confluence of the Bow River and Cascade River within Banff National Park.
  10. Fishing for Arctic Char in Pauline Cove on Hershel Island Yukon as the fish gather for their run up the Firth River to spawn.
  11. For lakes I have great success on pumpkinheads in olive and orange, CDC Prince Nymphs, peeking caddis and halfbacks. If you want dries, try some parachute Adams, and Frying Pan Green Drakes. Traditional wets like Partridge and Orange, Lead Wing Coachman and Gold Ribbed Hares Ear are lots of fun to tie and can turn a fishless day into a successful one.
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