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  1. It has never recovered from the floods, and whirling disease is/was likely part of the problem.
  2. Another option might be to reach out to a local rod builder and see if they can make a repair for you. I don't know what the "going rate" might be, but if its less than the cost to sending it back to Sage...
  3. Thanks for the heads up, Ray! I was just contemplating putting in an order with them.
  4. My understanding is the same as yours provided that it is a navigable waterway (not flowing only seasonally or prone to drying up completely in certain years), not federally controlled land (eg military bases and/or native land reserves) or lands that were originally deeded by the Hudson's Bay Company (there is one of these on the Crowsnest where the bed and breakfast is). I'm curious, was this just upstream of the campground? If not, the land owner who owns the home on the north bank of that section upstream of the bridge seems to have a creative interpretation of river access laws as well.
  5. Hello All, I'm wondering if anyone out there would be able/willing to turn a wooden reel seat insert for me, or if you could recommend someone? Long story short, I got a bad spacer from a manufacturer and they don't seem to want to do anything about it, so I thought this might be an option to use the skeleton rather than throwing in the parts bin and ordering a whole new unit. I'd be happy to pay for the time and materials, just let me know. Thanks!
  6. I don’t know if this is might be one of those things that is so dumb it’s brilliant, but here goes… I have a jon boat with a regular height transom and I have a long leg outboard. I was thinking of selling the outboard because I really didn’t want/need the prop sitting that far down. On the other hand, the tiller of the outboard isn’t quite high enough for my tastes, as it kind of hits my leg when I try to change direction, and then it occurred to me - could I build an extension to raise my transom 4” – 5” out of plywood (I’m picturing kind of a U shaped sleeve) that slips down over the
  7. danhunt


    As others have said, you'd probably be better served something in the 3-5wt range for the kind of fishing you describe. To give you some perspective, an 8wt is commonly used for coho, steelies, chum, and it might be on the light end (depending on the rod) but do-able for springs. If you're on here I'm guessing you're in AB, and looking to fish AB streams - a 5wt may be overkill for some of the truly small stream fishing, but it's a very versatile weight for the east slopes and it will work well for about 90% of what you're likely to encounter. A medium fast action rod is probably where you'
  8. There is nothing corrupt about the concept of farming fish for food (or any other intensive livestock operation), the corruption comes when it is done at the expense of the public interest or (in the case of terrestrial based intensive livestock) unless the animals are being raised in a less than humane manner or fed an improper diet. If poultry producers (just a for instance, nothing against them and I’m not suggesting this is how they actually operate) were indiscriminately spraying waste, feathers, entrails, parasites, viruses and chemicals in the surrounding environment how long would the
  9. Great video, thanks for sharing! I’ve been intrigued by the GT since I saw that Blueplanet video of them taking sea birds out of mid-air.
  10. Fishteck, how exactly are you involved in fisheries management? The reason I ask is because of your comments on the “Artifishal” post where you mentioned you thought the crowd over-reacted with respect to the potential impact of fish farms on wild stocks, the cost of fish hatcheries to society, and rationalized fish farms as “ a commercial cost efficient food source”. The literal decimation of socially, culturally and economically valuable wild salmon and steelhead stocks, to the tune of millions of fish, in order maintain of cheap source of protein hardly speaks of the "enlightened" c
  11. Thanks for the post, I really enjoy Todd Moen's work. Cool fish too, kind of like fishing tarpon in a farm pond!
  12. Hi Don, Did you make it to the meeting? If so, how did it play out?
  13. Fishteck, Does the creel survey capture the average size of fish caught? Another conclusion that could be drawn from that data is that if the population is falling, and if there is a collapse in certain age classes but catch rates remain relatively stable then those age classes that are collapsing don’t make up a significant portion of the catch and never have. I am not trying to say I think I have the right to fish how and when I want, fish populations be damned or something stupid like that. What I am saying is something more substantial and more meaningful needs to be done to preven
  14. So on the one hand AEP is saying that there are enough juvenile fish to support natural recruitment, but something is happening to the 1+ & 2+ age classes that is causing a significant portion of these fish to die (presumably before they can spawn?). The parasite that causes whirling disease is in the upper Bow Watershed, but no clinical cases have been observed in the “Blue Ribbon Stretch” of the Bow, so it is unknown what impact (if any) whirling disease is having on the fish population. That said, the report notes that biologists on the Colorado river in 1993 & 1994 observed a com
  15. Sorry, I should clarify as the intention of having adult fish return to spawn is also the goal with pacific salmon fisheries. The difference in my mind is that the salmon fisheries have a commercial component that harvests a certain portion of the return, so continual input is required.
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