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  1. Black posts are more visible in low light? Never tried that, thanks for the tip.
  2. danhunt

    Picky Cutties

    I remember a situation I came across once at about this time of year where I found a nice cuttie rising in a pool in a side channel of a good sized river. Very similar sounding circumstances - I tried matching the naturals in dry form, switched to emergers, then to a greased nymph, and finally to terrestrials. All the while it continued to rise, and a couple of times it even bumped my leader taking a natural and it never balked in the least. In the end, I had to lay on my side about 40 feet from the water and make a cast where I more line on a gravel bar than in the water before it finally came up. It rose on the first cast and I missed it, but it came back for the same emerger it had previously refused twice more with confidence before I finally hooked it (its not easy to set the hook lying on your side). That fish never seemed spooked in the normal sense, but when I could see it it could see me and it wasn't happy.
  3. I know what you mean - I took the boy there for the first time last summer with the same result. Its a shame as its a nice little stream, but..
  4. Historically, there would have been griz all across the prairies, but they would have been killed and/or retreated to the mountains to avoid human contact. I wonder now if the population has expanded significantly (as some think) or if the bears are being pushed out of the non-park mountainous areas due to the amount of human activity in terms of logging, O&G, recreation, etc. Thinking back to where I grew up, it wasn't unusual to have bears come down out of the hills in the fall to eat silage corn, or oats, or what ever, but it was more of transient thing.
  5. https://calgary.ctvnews.ca/calgary-family-has-close-encounter-when-grizzly-charges-truck-1.4528545
  6. Can anyone recommend a good glue for attaching canvas patches to a tent trailer? I tried some 3m super 77 spray adhesive based on some recommendations I read online, but it doesn't seem to be holding up.
  7. danhunt


    I sat down at the vise last night to tie up some damsels and as I was picking through my marabou looking for the "right shade of green" it occurred to me that in lakes where I've seen a damsel migration I've often seen the nymphs in various shades from dark olive to almost chartreuse during the same event. Has anyone else noticed this and/or has anyone noticed an appreciable difference in effectiveness using different colors? I think Dave Whitlock had a two tone light & dark olive pattern, maybe this is the way to go and save some space in the fly box instead of having multiple patterns?
  8. Terrible! I would like organize some sort of brown trout relief effort, if you could just PM me the GPS co-ordinates of where that fish was caught I'll go on an immediate fact fishing... er, I mean fact finding mission... lol Nice catch!
  9. Last year I found some indicators by an outfit out of Maple Ridge called Top Shelf floats - they have a hard-ish rubber insert in the middle and a hollow plastic peg that secures the line in same manner as the Rowley style indicator. They aren't cheap, but I've been using the same one for more than a season now and it's still going strong and doesn't have the issue of the leader wearing groves in the foam of the indicator body.
  10. danhunt

    28" Trout

    That's chunky lass, nice work!
  11. No worries - beautiful pram, BTW. FWIW, I bought the Marlon to fish two adults comfortably or one adult and 1-2 kids and it does that very well, and it's very manageable with two people. That said, I found it too awkward to load and unload by myself (my kids are too young to help) and so I ended up trailering it. Had I known I was going to go the trailer route, I would have probably looked harder at a 14' boat, as I think it would have been a little more versatile. Just a thought, and YMMV...
  12. Can't help you with the Spratley, but I have a 12' Marlon if you're looking at that option.
  13. I like the intent of the idea Flyfisher, but that would be a tough one to enforce. The first illegally stocked perch I ever caught was in Gardom Lake on a snow cone chroni pattern.
  14. Saw my first road killed skunk this morning... lol
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