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  1. Too many guides (experienced and inexperienced, alike) put on a triple worm rig and dredge the bottom to get their clients into fish... Is that lazy or good business practice?
  2. Be sure to bring your own reels with the line you normally use!
  3. Best to go cast a bunch (if that's possible for you). As I'm sure you know, what works for one may not be the best for someone else... I use Winston rods and had 5 wt, 6 wt, 8 wt & 10 wt BIIIx rods (which are medium fast action rods) in my quiver. While my wife and I were taking a casting lesson with Linda McLennan (to improve our casts for a salt trip to the Corn Islands in Nicaragua) she noticed that they were too soft for my casting stroke... So I purchased Winston Plus rods for me (which are fast action rods) and now cast much further, smoother and more accurately. Thankfully the BIIIx rods worked well for my wife.
  4. Yes the entire island is off limits, but you can access the water via the shore (not the bank), just can't step on the land. Though there are better stretches of water to fish!!
  5. Yup felt on the Bow, and be sure to get studs for your rubber soles!!
  6. Add to the fact that there is one idiot that has started a "Random Camping (Crown land) Facebook Group"... Just what everyone needs more rednecks disrespecting the outdoors (yes I'm making a huge judgment with that statement)!!
  7. I actually have pulled Landtitles (or have copies) for "Sara's" (the land mentioned above) and for a place on the JP, proving them wrong when confronted (hasn't come to that, but I'm prepared)... P
  8. Be sure to get your file number so you can collect your reward!!
  9. No, a guide that was floating by (pleasure trip) saw it smouldering and put it out as well as picked up al their garbage!!
  10. Pretty much all of my clients have cancelled (all from the U S)... They said they will all book with me next year (I have given refunds, a few wanted credits for next year)... I know most (in both the Mountain Guiding stream and fishing guides) are in the same boat (no pun intended). AEP and Parks Canada haven't even approved my permits... That's after I've paid for my Kananaskis Business License and liability insurance... I'm already in the hole and doubt I'll bring in any revenue... Tax loss this year, I guess...
  11. If anyone knows who camped on Must Be Nice Island Friday night, please punch them in the face!! Apparently they didn't put out their fire Saturday morning!!
  12. Probably a few more mistakes in there, as there are every year...
  13. ÜberFly


    8 wt will be too much rod for smaller creeks and smaller trout!! If you are new to fly fishing, I would recommend a 5 wt (to start)...
  14. Gang, Trying to get a hold of Jeff (Deeppowder) in Bozeman MT. When I send him a message I get a message that he cannot receive messages... Anyone have any personal contact info for him. Also tried to contact him through his wife business Pioneer Mountain Pantry - website no longer viable. If you have his contact info, please pass it along. Thanks Peter
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