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  1. Gang, Trying to get a hold of Jeff (Deeppowder) in Bozeman MT. When I send him a message I get a message that he cannot receive messages... Anyone have any personal contact info for him. Also tried to contact him through his wife business Pioneer Mountain Pantry - website no longer viable. If you have his contact info, please pass it along. Thanks Peter
  2. Hey Jeff,

    Hope all is well!

    Not sure you'll get this or not, but please let me know if you do...

    My wife, Deb and I are planning trip down to Bozeman week of Aug 26th. Planning on backpacking and fishing somewhere. Did some preliminary research for the Gallatin National Forest. Any other beta or suggestions you can give?

    If I hear back from you I'll ask some more questions give more deets.

    Email me Peter@thealpineexperience.ca or text via WhatsApp +1.403.614.1556.


    Peter & De

  3. Mike Does your school board require youth hire a guide (or have a minimum of an OCC Field Leader cert) for this type of thing (some do)? Peter
  4. Shawn, Do you know which specific lakes? Certainly not all of them?! P
  5. How much are the paying me for my opinion? They have lots of money and can afford to pay us for their market research!! P
  6. Yeah... Didn't work for me.. Sorry Darren, I have to block you!
  7. Im not sure why the consistent Transalta flow fluctuations weren’t address ( or commented on) in the article!! That’s a MAJOR factor for sure!!
  8. Yeah it was a great project!! I posted this video before ( before this website was changed). Deb and I were at the TU Headwaters Chapter premiere a few years ago. Peter
  9. Always entertaining...
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