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  1. I use the Kold Kutters, but I ordered them on a trip to the States a few years ago so they cost a lot less. They work, but I find that they don't last too long in my boot - they usually fall out long before they wear down. That said, they give excellent traction on slippery Bow rocks.
  2. To save you all a click: Vehicle Access Closure The McKinnon Flats road will be CLOSED to vehicle access during construction (from August 31 to November). Vehicle access to the site from Range Road 274 will not be possible for the duration of construction. River users may access the site from the Bow River as a stop over point during their trip to use the facilities, however, there will not be vehicle access to the boat launch. Please use alternative public vehicle access points for the Bow River including Policeman’s Flats, Legacy Island and Johnson’s Island.
  3. Absolutely - I think this bears repeating. It's important that we assert our right to access public lands and waterways. Be polite but don't yield on the issue.
  4. Thanks for the update. If the folks in charge are looking for suggestions for future improvements, I think some signage or other indication of what route is meant for the ramp might be a good idea.
  5. It seemed clear on the CRUA/BRT pages that it's meant to be a takeout point before you get to the weir/passage, so trailered boats can float down from Bowmont or Shouldice.
  6. Hi all, I decided to go take a look at the boat launch at St. Patrick's Island (next to the zoo) since it is supposedly open for use by trailered boats. I thought it might be nice to drift through downtown some time in the near future. Here's what I found. My first thought upon arrival was, "what launch?" I checked the CRUA website again to make sure I wasn't losing my mind - they have photos of a drift boat taking out at the little pool by a footbridge (pictured below). I have to say, I would think twice about trying to use it. There is no real roadway/ramp at all - just a little gr
  7. Is it just me, or is the flow rate data for basically every river missing from the AB Rivers app and website right now? I asked someone at AEP today and they said a gauge was broken, but I think they meant on the Athabasca up at Ft. Mac. Just wondering if I'm having amazing levels of user error, or if the data isn't showing up yet. Trying to watch for when those flows start to come down...
  8. Someone has put together a google map of the Great Parks Massacre of 2020 if anyone is interested.
  9. Lundbreck Falls is on the government's list of parks to kill, I believe (along with most of them in the Oldman drainage). Better check before you go.
  10. I urge any of you who are upset about this to contact your MLA directly and indicate your displeasure. Also consider joining one of the conservation or advocacy groups organizing against this. I'm partial to Alberta Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, but there are lots of choices to direct your energy.
  11. What emergency makes them drive within 10 feet of me at full speed in a narrow side channel? They didn't even pretend to throttle back and pummeled me with their wake. I've had only bad encounters with the fire department boats. The less they're on the water the better unless they change their ways.
  12. I saw a similar camp on the FTR, with the same types of tents - could it be for logging? Looked like there might have been some wood processing equipment at the one by Maycroft (it was dark so I couldn't see too well).
  13. Any idea as to the whereabouts of put-in and take-out points on the Clearwater? I've never fished it before.
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