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  1. What emergency makes them drive within 10 feet of me at full speed in a narrow side channel? They didn't even pretend to throttle back and pummeled me with their wake. I've had only bad encounters with the fire department boats. The less they're on the water the better unless they change their ways.
  2. I saw a similar camp on the FTR, with the same types of tents - could it be for logging? Looked like there might have been some wood processing equipment at the one by Maycroft (it was dark so I couldn't see too well).
  3. Any idea as to the whereabouts of put-in and take-out points on the Clearwater? I've never fished it before.
  4. I've done a lot of drift boat fishing on the Bow, but lately I've been wondering what else is out there (meaning rivers) in the neighborhood that's suitable for a drift boat trip. Any wisdom to share as far as places, access, shuttle availability, and so one would be greatly appreciated. I'm aware of the Elk, and I don't want to mess with Montana for now (my last trip was a real pain in rear with repeated boat inspections and a long customs wait). What about the lower Oldman, or the Red Deer?
  5. I have the Fishpond Summit - been using it for two or three years now. It's a good mid-sized sling. Comes with a velcro foam patch for the outside of the bag, and has velcro pile on the front of the strap (so, on your chest ) for another patch if you want one there. Connections points for nippers, foreceps, tippet spool holder, etc are all well-placed. There's a sleeve in the back of the bag that fits a long-handled net, but I use a magnetic net holder on the top of the pack (very similarly located to what Haggis57 posted above), and I find it quite easy to reach and replace the net from my back. It holds enough for a full day outing, and has a good waterbottle pouch on the exterior that doubles as a garbage receptable for me. Also has exterior strap points for a raincoat. The extra snap connector (for the secondary strap) didn't stay on very well for me, but fishpond mailed me like three extra ones for no charge when I asked them. All in all, I'd buy one again. I hated my first vest (I tend to tangle on stuff hanging on my front), and this was a great solution.
  6. It was more a matter of the little guy wanting to go out in the boat. We ended up at Burnstick anyway and got skunked
  7. Does anyone know if it's possible to get a drift boat on a trailer into Winchell Lake? I'm looking at options not too far from Calgary to take my youngster fishing this weekend and I can't tell from the Google Maps image if there's a ramp or suitable spot to put in. A quick Google search didn't tell me anything definitive either way. Thanks!
  8. I've certainly considered this when washing (or, more's the case, not washing) my car. What would be the most responsible way to handle the suds/rinsewater from washing cars and other things that don't fit in your house?
  9. Tubifex worms are endemic to pretty much every body of fresh water in North America. Not sure what you're going on about.
  10. I'm guessing there aren't many of those posting on this board
  11. Do suckers spawn in the river? That might also be a good time to try. I've caught rainbows in the fall on a yarn egg.
  12. I did get an email from AEP at the address I used to register for previous surveys.
  13. I talked to the staff a couple of weeks ago. It sounds like the plan is to try to maintain the usual stocking program by beefing up operations at the other hatcheries, but I don't have much detail - it was just a quick conversation in passing.
  14. After going through a few cheap ones, I bought a retracting keychain off Amazon and it has been fantastic. A little bigger than some, but I've had no problems even after visits to salt water, and it only cost me 12 bucks. Here's the link to it.
  15. I've gotta say, the hatchery pond is pretty tough fishing a lot of the time. There are plenty of fish, but they see so much pressure that they're pretty jaded. A very small nymph or egg pattern can work.
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