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  1. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mhdk6iuotzvifhw/AADmDNsCZNq9ly9s5WlI6n18a?dl=0 · TABLES · Updated table of fishing regulations for Northern Alberta trout lakes. · Updated table of camping details etc. for Northern Alberta trout lakes. · Updated table of all stockings in Northern Alberta trout lakes. (My thanks to Craig Copeland for the 2019 data) · New table of last 3 years of Brown Trout stockings in Alberta · New table of last 3 years of Brook Trout stockings in Alberta · New table of last 3 years of Cutthroat Trout stockings in Alberta · New table of last 3 years of Tiger Trout stockings in Alberta · New Brookie Lake – Shuster · You can print or copy, any individual file, to a phone or tablet. Take the map with you to the lake. Don’t lose your phone overboard. · Please feel free to pass this link along. Save the link (I don’t intend to discontinue it). · Please comment and send corrections or photos to neilstuartsutherland@gmail.com
  2. I have updated “The Trout Lakes of Northern Alberta” Same link:- https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mhdk6iuotzvifhw/AADmDNsCZNq9ly9s5WlI6n18a?dl=0 Any comments:- neilstuartsutherland@gmail.com
  3. Sorry, I live in Stony Plain and my experience is in Northern Alberta. Also, I'm 83 and not looking for another career. Good luck to all Neil
  4. The first 2019 stocking report is out. https://open.alberta.ca/dataset/be2e3289-2f94-461d-b4b9-ef50216b8157/resource/19385bc7-6ceb-45c3-887a-b66757d2e70c/download/albertafishstockingreport-2019.pdf Please see the note outlining the plans for the Cold Lake and Sam Livingston hatcheries. Cheers, Neil
  5. The best plan is to take lessons from an expert. The second best thing to do is read what the experts say. Since the Internet, today is a great source of information, here is a link to a reading list that I would recommend. https://www.dropbox.com/s/w373c3fewjb3gnq/Useful%20Internet%20Sites.docx?dl=0 – Useful articles for the trout fisher
  6. Attached is the link to Brian Chan’s excellent chart on what bugs hatch when. It is for BC but it applies just as well to Alberta. https://www.dropbox.com/s/v6cvdi80o0mw8xe/Brian Chan's Bug Chart.jpg?dl=0
  7. Here's where they are :- https://www.dropbox.com/s/lnahkih96wf1hm9/Tiger Stockings.jpg?dl=0
  8. See:- https://flyguys.net/fishing-information/muddy-tasting-fish
  9. This presentation has been updated to include the changes in the 2019 Fishing Regulations. The next update will be in Nov. 2019 to include the 2019 stocking data. Good 2019 fishing, Neil https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mhdk6iuotzvifhw/AADmDNsCZNq9ly9s5WlI6n18a?dl=0
  10. http://albertaregulations.ca/fishingregs-pdfs-2018.html
  11. Excellent photography. Very dangerous-looking boarding.
  12. Follow my fishing cartoons on "Featured Articles"
  13. The LED lights for resin fusing are 395nm. The visible spectrum that our eyes can see is 380-740nm, so the LED lights are barely into the UV (UVA)
  14. fsa313

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    I tried my "when all else fails site" http://www.flytierspage.com/ but it blanked out
  15. Hi Don, Thyx I will remove. Cheers, Neil
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