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  1. Hey guys, im not one to spam *hit ever but this one is important. Compilation of links to petitions you can sign and write letters NOW to voice your opinion. The deadline is coming up and we need as many signatures as possible to stop this horse *hit. I implore you all to research what is happening and sign at least one if not all of the petitions listed on this website. There is only a few days remaining to have your voice heard. This is some of the most vulnerable and priceless land we have access left to. Please do your part and sign, share with your friends and put a stop to this. https://albertacoal.squarespace.com/
  2. Anyone have any gear stolen recently? http://www.outdoorsmenforum.ca/showthread.php?t=359150
  3. https://calgaryherald.com/news/local-news/significant-chemical-spill-shuts-down-fishing-in-west-central-alberta-rivers
  4. Wow. You held your composure there pretty well. Can't say I would have stayed so calm. Thanks for making sure this guy was fined. He should have his license suspended imo (If he he even had one)
  5. Dxh


    Apologies for the short tempered edit of my original post. It was not any comment on the thread that led to the edit, it was a few PM's from some gentlemen that are old enough that they should know how to better approach a situation without involving threats and name calling. I did not blur the background, however I did not hotspot any of this "secret" stretch of river. As far as I'm concerned if you are able to tell where I was from the trees in the background, then you have put in your time and deserve to know. There were no GPS coordinates, type of fly or time of day included in the post. I simply stated I loved cutty fishing in AB. When I return to town at the end of the week I will repost the pics for those who will enjoy and not ridicule. Again, apologies for my short temper and instant deletion. Is not the first time I've been called out for hot spotting because I didn't blur out some trees.
  6. Dxh


    These were taken before the ban was put in place for the area.
  7. Dxh


    Hmm guess I wont be posting anymore pics here on this site. Didn't realise fishing for trout was such a big secret. Can delete admin.
  8. All really good ideas guys thank you for the input ! Pick him up on Thursday, I'll let you know what we pick and ill post a picture of him. ........@FlyFishingEMT LOL Flyfishy will be a close second im sure.
  9. Hey guys Picking up a new pup next week. He's a Mini Schnauzer. Throwing around some name ideas stemming from fishing and wondering if anyone had any good ideas. So far thinking Loomis, Tippet, Caddis (sounds female to me) Thanks in advance !!
  10. http://i350.photobucket.com/albums/q437/Dxh/IMG_20161124_111958_zpsrqvvzuqt.jpg Wish I had more than my phone to upload more pics! Taupo is an amazing part of the world
  11. Hey guys, Going on a trip of a lifetime to NZ on a holiday working visa leaving November 9th. One way ticket landing in Wellington but after that I have no set plans! Im wondering if anyone has been over there before for fishing and has any tips or suggestions on where I should set up home and find a job to be close to some great fishing. Been doing some research online and have an idea where I want to go, just looking for others input who may have some experience. Thanks guys!
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