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  1. Sorry about your friend, I think we can all relate.
  2. Thanks! Last week when I looked the info was not updated yet.
  3. Thanks for the input guys. I should have mentioned that I already have 6 and 8 weight rods.
  4. Hi everyone, I received a bit of an income tax refund this year, and I want to treat myself by replacing an old 4wt rod with a new one. My budget is $800ish or less, rod only. While I've fly fished for a long time, I would consider my skills sort of in the middle of the pack. Also, if it makes a difference, most of my fishing is for trout in lakes from my Fishcat 4. I also like to use both sinking and floating lines. Some of the models I've been looking at are the mid-priced Sage models Accel and Pulse. Just wondering if anyone would like to offer some opinions on similar priced / quality rods from other manufacturers? Currently my 4wt is a TFO entry level rod, medium action. I've actually liked using this rod, but it's time for an upgrade. Before I go try casting a few of these rods, I'm open to any suggestions / opinions that anyone can offer me as to what to look for. Thanks!
  5. This is my experience too. I have a magentic release, and the net it's self is what causes all my troubles with snags.
  6. Thanks for all of your advise - I do currently have an 8' 4wgt TFO rod, but it's their entry rod, and I would like to upgrade as a BD present to myself. I also have a 6 and 8wgt rod, but find myself using the 4wgt most of the time, unless I'm nymphing the Bow.
  7. Any suggestions on what kind of 4 weight you would recommend (rod only - no reel or line) for a guy who owes himself a shopping trip? 90% of the time I will be fishing trout lakes out of a float tube.
  8. Does anyone make higher end stocking foot neoprene waders any more, or have most companies gone to breathable waders? I have a pair of Bare neoprenes that are just about worn out, and I'd like to replace them with something similar, but few vendors seem to have better quality neoprenes any more. I like the neoprenes when I'm float tubing in the spring and fall.
  9. I'm sure fishing the Bow is a draw for some of the golfers to be here.
  10. Just single tags, at least as far as I know.
  11. We got our antlerless mulie and whitetailed draws down in 108.
  12. I didn't fish, but the Castle and Crow looked high, but certainly clear enough to fish on the weekend.
  13. Hunting is a valuable management tool. Since grizzly boars sometimes kill grizzly cubs, what's wrong with a controlled hunt for them? Their numbers might actually increase with properly managed hunt.
  14. I enjoy hikes that I consider to be medium difficulty (like Rawson) where I can hike up with my belly boat. Like others have mentioned, a good backpack makes a huge difference.
  15. I've been up to Barnaby Ridge a couple of times and caught fish both times. The hike is about 3 hours, and is rated as moderate, although I've always found that rating hikes isn't very useful, it all depends on a person's fitness level.
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