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  1. Don check out 406 Fly lines. They are true to weight and DT. You might like them. I've gone down the fly line rabbit hole a couple times and bought a few too many fly lines because there is nothing like testing them yourself. I'm an average caster and when I'm having a bad day casting I like a weight forward line . I have a 5wt royal wulff bamboo fly line and I cast much further with this line than my other 5 weight lines but it's not a very forgiving line. I cast further with a 4 wt 406 line than a 4 wt Rio Gold WF line. I'm thinking the popularity of weight forward, 1/2 size bigger line is they are easy to cast? Fly lines are all over the place now for weights and tapers so it's hard to know what to buy for a graphite rod and even harder for a bamboo rod with out actually testing a few lines.
  2. I broke my 6wt. sink tip line late last fall on a rock. I can't remember what the line was but the fly shop set it up by cutting some of the tip off ~10 or 15 feet. The line must have been 10 years old so a lot has changed since then. I really dislike the line memory on the running line portion. I was using it to toss streamers from a boat. I was thinking Orvis Bank Shot might be a good replacement and will probably give that a try. I have an AirFlo SteamerMax WF7 with an 18' sink tip on my 8 wt rod and that seems a bit on the heavy side. I should clip the the tip I think. How do you decide how much to clip off a sinktip? I noticed that Orvis has a new to me line: Power Pro Taper in a fancy black box and is 190 dollars. Does anyone have experience casting this line? Is it any better than what's out there to justify the price? Thanks
  3. I started these March 20th. I need to find a better spot for them in the yard this year.
  4. I went down this rabbit hole on refugia Grayling populations in Alberta and area. Interesting stuff to me https://www.zoology.ubc.ca/~etaylor/Stam&Tay2004.pdf A grayling fossil was found in January Cave ( Cataract Creek Region) that dates from if I remember correctly ~23,000 thousand years ago so I guess they were once native to southern Alberta
  5. It's a long read. Originally they used 50% mortality for catch & release bull trout for their modelling. It was later reduced to 33%. Unfortunately there isn't much measured data for catch & release on bull trout in Alberta. So what is the real number? No one really knows but 33 percent seems high to me. Obviously if you are a biologist advocating for closing a river you are going to pick (guess) numbers for your model that supports closing a river to fishing. When the Pembina reopens to fishing I'm sure it will be deemed a success by the biologists and used as the "proof" for more river closing.
  6. I found this link https://www.mountainviewbearsmart.com/bear_activity_report.php looking for the news article. I was surprised to see there was grizzly sighting east of Bergen.
  7. I'm curious Don, do you try out a few fly lines to find out what works best with your rods? There are just so many choices for fly lines these days I'm not sure if it's a bad or good thing. And on top that you have all the hype to wade through.
  8. Here's a link to a trailer to a documentary on bamboo rod makers that I came across today. I thought it might be of interest to those who are into bamboo. I guess they need to build up the drama with the synopsis of dying art kept alive by a few master craftsmen ...vanishing legacy . Regardless I look forward to seeing documentary when it gets out. Edit I forgot to mention it's called " Chasing the Taper" https://tinboatproductions.com/
  9. I would need to see the "three different quantitative models " to decide on the seriousness of the problem. My first thought is perhaps the spawning grounds in the Highwood River might be under pressure. Have the rainbow spawning grounds been looked at in this study? There are a lot of factors involved and how do weight each stressors in your quantitative model? The thing that worries me is they say don't know from their model/data what caused the population decline but are quick to suggest an easy "fix" of limiting fishing? Perhaps there are more serious factors in decline that need addressing as well.
  10. I'm curious how has the 12'6" 7 wt Sage Accel worked out for you?
  11. FYI There might be deals on some fly fishing items. "The operation owned by Calgary-based UFA Co-operative Ltd. closed stores — including two in Edmonton — on Thursday afternoon to tell workers their jobs would be ending by year-end. Inventory liquidation sales are to begin on Friday and run until Dec. 28." http://edmontonjournal.com/business/commercial-real-estate/calgary-company-closes-12-store-wholesale-sports-chain-in-western-canada
  12. Thanks everyone for the advice. I think I might try the key chain idea and fishpond. I was concerned how bulky the fishpond &simm's zingers are but it sounds like it's not a big deal.
  13. I think they should have something like a 1/4" key chain ring instead of clasp for attaching equipment. Kickstarter here I come lol
  14. Can anyone recommend a bullet proof zinger? I had two loon zingers. In the middle of yesterday I pulled my nippers out and the string broke. I was going to switch the nippers to my other zinger. That's when I saw the clasp broke and I had lost my tippet rings and new zealand strike indicator tool earlier in the day. Thanks
  15. I think whirling disease in the North Raven goes a long way in explaining why the trout population is smaller than it was in the early 90's
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