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  1. Just joined, looks like you guys are on the right track to elicit change. I’m glad someone took the reigns to confront this issue. The sky is the limit for a group of passionate people that respect such a precious resource
  2. Bow River Flows

    Thanks for this thread, I'm glad there is an advocacy group for this. All season long I've been looking at consistent, and serious fluctuations in flow from ghost reservoir to bearspaw (60 3m/s -187 3m/s on a daily basis since the middle of June). Now I'm not a biologist or even that scientifically inclined, however, looking at that data I often wonder how many adverse effects it has on this stretch of the bow. Although it's not a blue ribbon stretch, it's still a place to recreate for local fisherman. Which raises the question, could it be improved with flow stability? This year I've noticed a significant decline of rising trout, in a spot that in the past, usually displays many juvenile trout boiling the surface on a nice summer night. Are the bug hatches being effected by the wild swings in flow? Another point of contention is safety. When I moved to Cochrane a few years ago, I was still fairly new to fly fishing. One day I got trapped on an island that I had waded out to in ankle deep water. By the time I noticed the fluctuation (half hour later), it was waste deep. Needless to say, I put myself in a dangerous situation and got swept away trying to cross back to where I came from. If there were a consistent flow, that never would have happened. Without someone telling a new fisherman about the Alberta River Basins website, how is a person supposed to find out about these crazy fluctuations? Food for thought. Does the Bow River Foundation advocate for this stretch of the Bow too? If so, I'd like to become a member.
  3. Alaska: Aniak River Lodge

    Thanks for the post, looks incredible. Had to wipe the drool off my chin, the colors on those fish.........
  4. Bow River Shampoo

    Looks like a hobo picked a good spot for a shower Foam is home, toss one in and see what happens lol
  5. I agree, way too extreme. Although it's all good for fisherman and hikers, the hunters are getting the bone. OHV use should have exceptions, like for the purposes of assisting disabled outdoorsmen and game retrieval. Although I don't agree with all the flat-brim wearing, public land abusing OHV user's, the NDP have taken this whole thing way too far
  6. Says I need a password to watch the video, good job turning him in! My bad......i got it now hahahaha
  7. Sunglasses! What are you using?

    That video just answered all my questions, thanks KL!
  8. Sunglasses! What are you using?

    A guy at work had a pair of ray-bans that I tried on. Their new polarized lens is called the chromance. The pair I tried on had a bronze lens, I really liked them. Seemed to really brighten things up. I’m going to look into Costa and then make my decision. I’m leaning towards either Oakley’s or Ray-bans because of their availability in most Rx sunglass stores. For guys that have had bronze and blue lens’, do you notice much of a difference in terms of spotting fish in a clear stream or lake? Hard to form an opinion when you can’t borrow the glasses from the store
  9. 3rd Worst Yard Guy

    Pretty..pretty...pretty...sure I can’t LOL
  10. Sunglasses! What are you using?

    Good to know i’m not the only one with a small face, I think thats why I ended up with oakleys as well I need contrast too, having trouble finding my dry fly in low light conditions lately. Thanks
  11. 3rd Worst Yard Guy

    So true it's hilarious! First thing that came to mind when reading this was "this would make a great curb your enthusiasm episode"
  12. Sunglasses! What are you using?

    Thanks for the replies, got some new brands to check out that i’ve never heard of. I try not to explore fishing gear too much until I need it, keeps my wallet and wife happy hahah
  13. Sunglasses! What are you using?

    Good call, didn’t even consider plastic scratching easier than glass.
  14. Always used polarized oakleys, found they scratched too easily, and then I started using cheap replacement lenses off amazon in the same frames. They do ok and I spot fish, but I'm ready to step it up a notch, obviously you get what you pay for. I've tried mirrored, blue, and green polarized lenses. I found the blue to work best in relation to small - medium sized mountain streams. What is everyone, including guides, using these days? I'm going to be buying prescription lenses and frames with my health spending account
  15. Gotta wonder about FF types

    Everyone took days off to fish during the week because of the the dismal forecast for the weekend. That's what I did. I'd assume that place would be a gongshow on the weekends and I've only ever fished there once.