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  1. $30 a year.......for a public lands bonanza of beautiful mountain streams. You can't beat it...... Unless your 65 and the license is free
  2. Be careful out there guys, especially if you’re able to wade out to an island. The flows can come up quick if you’re not paying attention I know from experience, that was not a fun return to shore
  3. I have a gen 1 Recon and love it. However, it's a pain in the rear end sending a broken rod to Orvis, in Vermont, for fixing. This is the 3rd time i'll be sending it, $50 CDN to ship and $60 USD to "Handle & fix". They guarantee 4-6 weeks return time, however it'll probably take canada post that long to get it to Vermont. On the bright side, I just talked to orvis and with their new generations of rods (Ie. clearwater, recon, helios), they'll just send you a new section of the rod after you give them a credit card #. If you don't break rods like me though, you have nothing to wo
  4. You also need to understand that simple human interaction isn’t always simple for some people. A lot of fisherman are introverts, including myself, and go fishing to take a break from people. I’m like Jayhad and avoid all human interactions while i’m out. No fisherman needs unnecessary harrasment/yelling while out recreating in a lawful manner. There is no excuse for trespassing or failing to contact a grazing lease holder for access. However, some of these landowners/lease holders don’t help the situation either. I’ve been chewed out just for phoning a lease holder and requesting access.
  5. I found this, which basically regurgitates what bcubed has posted..... https://www.nrcan.gc.ca/sites/www.nrcan.gc.ca/files/earthsciences/pdf/Water-bounds-monograph-English-web.pdf It's always good to be confident in dealing with these interactions, thanks bcubed
  6. I've been under the same interpretation as you fella's , however that's just from word of mouth from different fisherman and forums. What is the actual legislation that states that being within the high water mark is public land? I'm just speculating, but isn't the actual legislation listed under the federal ocean's and fisheries act? If someone could chime in with that, that'd be greatly appreciated.
  7. Just looked, and the flow data is up now............at least in my neck of the woods, and north to west central alberta
  8. I’ve noticed the same, be patient, they’ll have the flow rates up soon. By next week at the latest
  9. Just joined, looks like you guys are on the right track to elicit change. I’m glad someone took the reigns to confront this issue. The sky is the limit for a group of passionate people that respect such a precious resource
  10. Thanks for this thread, I'm glad there is an advocacy group for this. All season long I've been looking at consistent, and serious fluctuations in flow from ghost reservoir to bearspaw (60 3m/s -187 3m/s on a daily basis since the middle of June). Now I'm not a biologist or even that scientifically inclined, however, looking at that data I often wonder how many adverse effects it has on this stretch of the bow. Although it's not a blue ribbon stretch, it's still a place to recreate for local fisherman. Which raises the question, could it be improved with flow stability? This year I've noticed
  11. Thanks for the post, looks incredible. Had to wipe the drool off my chin, the colors on those fish.........
  12. Looks like a hobo picked a good spot for a shower Foam is home, toss one in and see what happens lol
  13. I agree, way too extreme. Although it's all good for fisherman and hikers, the hunters are getting the bone. OHV use should have exceptions, like for the purposes of assisting disabled outdoorsmen and game retrieval. Although I don't agree with all the flat-brim wearing, public land abusing OHV user's, the NDP have taken this whole thing way too far
  14. Says I need a password to watch the video, good job turning him in! My bad......i got it now hahahaha
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