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  1. Awesome photos. Looks and sounds like it was the perfect trip!!
  2. Oh man thats so messy. Then when you see the guy in the second video, its not a surprise...
  3. Try tying up some Pheasant Tail Soft Hackles with a red thread head. I posted a pick in fly tying 2018, its a deadly pattern.
  4. See Leisenrings Lift. It works deadly when using a soft hackle. If you dont mind a bit of read... Just What Is A Leisenring Lift? James ("Big Jim") E. Leisenring of Allentown, PA, was a tool maker by trade whose expertise at fly fishing led to him becoming known as the Wet-Fly Wizard of the Brodheads. He published The Art of Tying the Wet Fly in 1941 and died ten years later. His name has endured among fly fishers because he invented the "Leisenring Lift," a technique of fishing a wet fly or nymph underwater. I thought I understood this technique: you fished the fly in the typ
  5. regardless, theres still people here that think what they do is it and feel the need to complain about others. I actually have a good idea of who one of my complainers is.
  6. Yeah I found it very easy to see. Mind you I was there lol so I wasn't trying, I knew there was nothing wrong. Thats why I reposted a made a thing out of it. For these guys that complained, why? if you couldn't tell what you where looking at, why complain first? If you could tell what you where looking at, why? I guess some people really have nothing to better to do. Whats funny is not one of them has come onto this thread and openly said "I did, this is/was my reason" I personally cant believe a moderator looked at and removed it. Its over now and Im sure the complai
  7. Im okay with misunderstandings, disagreements and debate. If you misunderstand something, seek knowledge. If you disagree, go away or a have a healthy debate. No need to be tattle tailing
  8. It rained the other night when I hung that fish and dragged it across the rocks after gilling it And then this happened I picked up this beauty last night, thought it was nice enough for a quick pic. I hope you can see the water all around this fish, its almost completely submerged with exception the two fins sticking out. They seem to be pretty fat and healthy coming out of winter! If your eyes dont work right then please
  9. Its all good man. I actually laughed out loud when I read "bet that fish didn't swim straight for a week" is that a reference form the movie "The Bad Santa" by chance?
  10. Yeah def above the fish. I thought the gill plate was damaged as well but, it was the same on both sides.
  11. I dont care where Im fishing or for what species, I always try to be as fish friendly as possible. Thats why it bothered me that anyone complained about it in the first place.
  12. Not pulling on it, that fish is basically flat, simply holding the line. I was pulling on it while fighting the fish after it ate the fly. Thats how you fight and land fish, you keep your line tight while stripping line/reeling it in, while the fish fights to try and get away. Fishings a bloodsport homie. How do you do it, whistle and hope it swims into your net…come on now
  13. Word brother!! The only time I would have a fish on the rocks is if I was gonna bonk it!!!
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