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  1. ram creek rd. is the one you turn off the main morrisey/lodgepole fsr
  2. Couldn't follow your link, but googled it and found the correct link from this blog, good share https://thegunblog.ca/2019/06/10/take-this-5-minute-survey-on-shooting-hunting-for-ofah-csaaa/
  3. Lots of good lakes, but for rivers, he wasted his money for that area. Gold creek and kootenay river would be the closest besides flathead, but better water on the east slopes.
  4. depending on your budget, minn kota deckhand is pretty slick, have one myself, pulls a 40lb anchor, and has a remote (corded) operating switch.
  5. Was there on Tuesday and it was fine, even caught a couple trout!
  6. "simply disposing of infected fish parts in a clean drainage could provide enough spores to start an infection" Only a qualified biologist could know for sure though!
  7. Actually the quote BurningChrome posted first tells you to put the infected fish in the landfill so it doesn't risk getting back into a water system... http://whirlingdisease.montana.edu/about/anglers.htm Dispose of fish entrails and skeletal parts properly. Never discard fish parts in or near streams or rivers. Because an infected fish may harbor tens of thousands of myxospores, simply disposing of infected fish parts in a clean drainage could provide enough spores to start an infection. Do not discard fish parts in a kitchen disposal. Whirling disease myxospores can survive most wastewater treatment systems. Instead, discard in dry waste that would go to a landfill.
  8. Put the fish in the garbage so it ends up in a landfill
  9. I always bring my spin rod with a small sinking rainbow rap on there, even catch jumbo whitefish with it! Deeper the better, make frequent pauses.
  10. stein

    A Few More

    Sweet shots!
  11. Subaru Forester Touring...AWD,heated seats, huge sun roof and 7.0L/100kms on the hwy. I test drove everything mentioned above and this was my choice because it was the most comfortable and the best on gas.
  12. just take a couple boxes of one type of fly and toss them on the water, create your own hatch!
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