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  1. Frank Lake is a great place for birding.
  2. The local shops also support local fly tiers. The supplier up north seems to be an importer from overseas tying houses. Their prices are way too low to be anything else. Just my thoughts.
  3. Backcountry Hunters and Anglers , Alberta Chapter has a call to action on this subject. Visit the website and send your views on this important matter. This is a great conservation organization that has helped with many issues regarding the preservation of public lands.
  4. North to the Yukon or the North West Territory’s for a brand new area to fish and enjoy the scenery and culture. Travel Safety
  5. Thank You for posting Silver Doctor. Great information to see the process and how it works.Sustainable stocks are important to ensure the future of the fish populations in the years ahead. Travel Safety
  6. Supporting your local independent businesses is the way to go. These shops are more than willing to order items for you if it is not in stock. Their wealth of information and willingness to share is far beyond that of a big box retailer that only cares about the corporate picture. Fish Often Travel Safely
  7. Call Fish Tales and see what they have in stock. Sometimes they have some in different shapes.
  8. Our public lands here in Alberta are a wonder to explore and enjoy. So uplifting to be so close.
  9. Hopefully anglers can see the big picture and not get in the same mindset as golfers. Stay Healthy
  10. I sent my views to my MLA as well as the minister for Alberta Parks through the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. A great organization with a strong voice. Hopefully someone in government will listen and see the dreadful impact this proposal will have on our public lands. Travel Safely
  11. Tried to post a picture to the forum using the instructions provided above. Took the picture with an iPad. All went well until the file was too large for the site. The instructions were fine until the last step. Do I need photoshop to resize the file or should I use a potato for the camera lens? ( ha ha ) . Thank You.
  12. I have been semi retired for a number of years now so I’m use to the down time in the winter. Up to date on fly tying so it is fun experimenting with some Pike patterns. I like to go for walks each day ( weather permitting) at one of the many parks in and around the Calgary area. There have been many wonderful photography opportunities with a lot less people out and about. Now I want to make a camera upgrade, again. Better think on that for a while. Travel Safely
  13. Maybe Polar Chenille might work. Many colours and sizes to choose from. It lays down nicely and is easy to work with. Adds almost no bulk and sheds water.
  14. If the Pike are that size I will buy a boat and head there. A lot cheaper than flying to far northern lakes. All ready have the rods and tie my own Flies. Usually go on a northern trip every year. Not the same but can go for a day and return home.
  15. When I sit down to tie I will normally make each pattern and size by the dozen or more. This will keep me going for a while. I only have the materials that are needed on the tying table to reduce clutter and mess, this also makes the tying process more efficient. You don’t need to spend more time than you have to.
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