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  1. Fly007

    Dubbing Brush Table

    Fish Tales carries the Norvise dubbing brush table. I have one and it works well. The table is adjustable so it will work with the height of the vise that you have. It also has a non slip pad on the base so it doesn’t slip around as easily. The table is a good length for one or two brushes. Happy Tying
  2. I have also noticed that you can only see the first page or the last page of a thread by clicking on the last post. Unable to view page by page. Frustrating when trying to follow a topic or look at posts from the past.
  3. Fly007

    Spey Swivel?

    A swivel is not needed , your line will be fine. Enjoy the two handed casting. Safe travels .
  4. I am not loyal to a preticular brand and have had good success with the following. Bridgestone Dueler Revo , Wildcountry, B.F.Goodrich All Terrain T/A K02 which are currently in use. All have the snowflake and mountain ratings so no need to make seasonal changes. They are a little noisier on the highway than others but this is the compromise I put up with for the performance off of the pavement and during the winter. The trend patterns are aggressive and will pick up and spit rocks, this is a hazard that I accept to get to those wonderful out of the way spots. Rock chips and cracked windshields are common living in this area, glass insurance is cheaper than paying out of your own pocket. The vehicle I drive is a Jeep. Tight Lines and Travel Safely.
  5. I also use RX Progressive Maui Jim’s. Yes they are pricey , but you get what you pay for. I have never had a problem with them and now have 2 pairs. Always use Chums so they don’t accidentally float away.
  6. Fly007

    Wiggle Tails Calgary

    OutFlyFishing usually has them as well. If not you can Mcgyver the system with small swivel clips by cutting the swivel off and using stiff wire for your attachment.
  7. Fly007

    Wiggle Tails Calgary

    OutFlyFishing carries the Pacchiarinis wiggle tails as well as the dragon tails made by the same company. Right now they have a pretty good selection of both, but don’t wait too long. They will get picked over pretty quick. Watch out Pike! Those tails work awesome. Happy Tying
  8. Fly007

    Epoxy Heads

    I use the Loon UV cure as well. It seems to work fine. Apply thin or flow and cure longer than the instructions, repeat if necessary. Hope this helps.
  9. Fly007

    Saddle hackles

    Good selection of hackles. I have found that Coachman Brown, Black, White, Honey Dun are versatile colours for a large variety of patterns. Happy tying.
  10. Fly007

    foam cutters

    I find that foam cutters are very useful. They offer consistency, ease of use and reduce setup time when tying multiples of a pattern. You can always tweak the shape after cutting, smoothing sharp edges and such. Since they are available in many shapes and sizes you can customize your collection as you like. Please support your local independent fly shops. Happy tying.