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  1. Can you send me a PM as well, thanks.
  2. Disturbing as it appears that this invasive species is thriving in Frank, maybe it can be looked at as an opportunity to implement a "treatment" program to remove them.
  3. Hoping to make the drive and take in a float on Friday. With all the rain lately, is the hill at McKinnon in good shape?
  4. Thanks for the reports guys. Guess I will have to re-think the float this weekend.
  5. Hi guys, I see the dam opened up to 200 M/sec, hoping to do a float either tomorrow or Saturday and wanted to know if anyone can comment on the visibility.
  6. Anyone know for sure when they lock the gates at the boat launches for the year. The forecast for the weekend looks pretty good and a float might be in order.
  7. Saw this on another forum. Might be helpful to some. http://www.ginkandgasoline.com/fly-f...st-blood-knot/
  8. Thanks for the info, I will post a report of how the day went.
  9. Hi all, I am coming in from out of town and hope do a float this weekend. Wondering if anyone can comment on the river flow from McKinnon to Carseland. I know that the Alberta river basin flow figure shows the river is within the yearly average for flow rate , just not looking to do any heavy rowing near the end of the float. Thanks
  10. Very nice photos. Looking at these makes me want to get out there one more time before the white stuff stays for good. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Welcome to the world of " one man's art is another man's eyesore". In Edmonton, we got the Talus Balls...... $600,000.00
  12. My guy is a black lab / shepherd cross, heavy on the lab. I fish a lot on my own, so for an ever ready fishin' buddy and my wife's peace of mind , she surprised me with him. Don't know what I would do without him now.
  13. This is long overdue. Unfortunately, the "irresponsible few" negatively impact the enviroment and the majority of people who enjoy the outdoors. The need to be held accountable and deterred.
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