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  1. Anyone know where to purchase a new fishing license? Is Canadian tire still open for business? I actually never checked to to see if you can buy them online.. but I don’t have a printer either. Thanks
  2. Lol. I found it. Thanks anyways
  3. I had the map book.. can’t seem to find it. Thanks bud
  4. Well I managed to get a single rod day on the Wigwam this weekend(Sunday). It’s been quite a few years since I’ve been down there and I don’t want to get lost finding the way to the trailhead parking spot.. I know what road you take to cross over the Elk.. but after that I’m not 100% sure what road to take. Also I have my 9 year old with me this time and he is hoping to find a bull on the fly. (Fingers crossed). Any help getting there would be awesome. Thanks and message me if you can help out
  5. I have a free clear bag off an admundson I broke this summer.. located in Cochrane though
  6. Did anybody see a net floating in the highwood today? lost mine today.
  7. Big Fry/ Biggy J Thanks but I would never expect that from anyone. greatly appreciate the offer though.. sometimes it is nice to see there are still a lot of decent people out there.. I just want this guy to get what he deserves..
  8. Lol. I offered to take exchange on gear for the guided walk and wade he owed me.. not a chance he said.
  9. Biggy I was just looking for a day on the water.. possibly new river I hadn't fished.. it's always nice to possibly learn something new.
  10. I wish my wife didn't just go ahead and buy me the trip last Christmas without checking with me first.. live and learn at this point
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