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  1. Biology is weird

    I saw one crawl out of a squished cricket once... Vomit inducing to say the least.
  2. Upper Access Limit For Jet Boats?

    Quite possible... I didn't see rods out.
  3. Was at an office ballgame yesterday about 2pm in Shouldice Park by Bowness, and saw a jet over the bank from a distance. Green jon style, looked set up to row. (It was definitely NOT the Fire Dept. boat). They fired up and ran back upstream from there. What is the upper jet boat limit anyway, if someone can comment with accurate info?
  4. Relics on the bow

    There's an old steel wheeled plow on the east bank in Fish Creek park, just out of the water. The buffalo jump is cool. Arrowheads, found lots over the years but never along the Bow. Ammonites are a common find way downstream also.
  5. Anchor rope for drift boat

    If you run a double line, having the swivel on the anchor/pulley end is more ideal for moving water (looks like the previous pic was a jon boat in a lake?). I looked at the MEC swivels, and realized that the extra connections to mate up to the pulley I had put the achor in the water enough when hauled up to be a pain in the ass.
  6. Anchor rope for drift boat

    The Zigco is killer. Bought one on the Missouri last fall due to heavy weed in the water, couldn't reliably raise or lower anchor (I run a double line). Depending how your anchor bracket is set up, some swivels are hard to mount properly. Have had zero issues with the Zigco, it works slick as hell. http://www.zigcollc.com/pulley/
  7. Log Haul near North Ram River

    Usually the radio frequency band is posted on the access sign to the haul road, and km's are marked going in and out. I spent a pile of time driving logging roads going to rigs, and yes, the loaded logging truck has the right of way, for obvious reasons (Taco has a way with words as always....) Call "empty" going in, and "loaded" going out, with your km marker. It's easy to get lost in remote areas, or get off the main road, or hit the ditch/get stuck, so having a radio isn't a bad idea from a safety standpoint either.. I've had to change my shorts once or twice after near misses with fully loaded logging trucks.
  8. Passing of Norm Norlander

    Mechanical genius....... RIP
  9. Shuttle Service

    Mel Franklin is solid. Cell is 403-510-0138
  10. Yep, liberalism is a mental disorder for damn sure.......... and the sooner we send that imbecile packing the better.
  11. You'd be surprised..........
  12. Been on here off and on for a good few years now, seen a lot worse believe me....
  13. The sarcasm is heavy on this site....... just a heads up.
  14. Likely the same old, ages old situation of people who have never actually caught or landed a fish on a fly rod criticizing the technique of someone who did...
  15. Left Kreh

    I have a copy of his Fishing Knots book, that has the added bonus of his signature in the front couple pages that I didn't notice when I picked it up. Probably gonna pass that one down one day. Ken from Springbrook had some pretty cool stories about him the last time I stopped in there also. RIP