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  1. They're definitely in the southern reservoirs fed by the Bow, 30 years ago they were non-existent.
  2. Almost as funny as my musings on the logistics of rowing off the river with a single oar.... 50°56'02.2"N 113°59'37.6"W
  3. Found in the city, I believe a Cataract. In serviceable condition, one piece with blade and oar stop intact. Aside from the 6" of aquatic weed growth, nothing wrong with it. Can be located at: Latitude 50.9339 Longitude -113.9938
  4. Did they seriously think they could manhandle a half submerged boat into the launch like that? Wow...
  5. Seems to be a more and more common thing these days.. Lucky nobody was hurt.
  6. If its somewhere aside from the 22 maybe.... Nothing going between Calgary and the Pass when I drove through.
  7. Drove by there the other day, anyone know what the camp is for?
  8. He is. They're transitioning it sounds like. The issue doesn't seem to be whether or not they're willing to do it, but whether or not they can find willing drivers for later in the day.
  9. Got one... and can't run it above the bridge unfortunately.
  10. Would be likely 22X - Police in the evenings. Had considered the Uber option, but time is usually the biggest factor involved, the added time of +/- 1 hour to self shuttle is generally not an option.
  11. Anyone have a secret shuttle service I've not heard of? I use Mel Franklin pretty exclusively, but they're not really into the late afternoon/evening game, which I get, given the nature of the job and the retiree - type nature of shuttle driving.
  12. Terrible thing to say the least, but I can't think of a worse watercraft to take on the Bow than a canoe. Aside from the cheap inflatables of summer, the type I'd personally be hard pressed to use in a swimming pool. https://www.westernwheel.com/article/policemans-flats-boat-rescue-20181115
  13. These are the "winter" Olympics we're talking about, correct?
  14. I saw one crawl out of a squished cricket once... Vomit inducing to say the least.
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