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  1. There's a name I haven't heard in a long time. Spent may hours in CP when he, Jennings and McClennan ran it on 36 ST SW. First tying lessons with Rick Harding there as well. Ahhhhhh...... memories.
  2. YES!!!! I do this often on lakes I am somewhat familiar with. Motor up wind to where you want to start how it out, get your line out and go. I use the motor occasionally for direction changes - you know the wind changes as soon as get set up. As wind changes the sock is deployed and retrieved as needed. And if you are looking for one I got one to part with. I didn't realize sizing so I bought one on-line only to find it is too big for my 12'er, almost 8 months after purchase with no option to return. Let me . I'll send pic and price.
  3. Yeah Dave is a pain to contact and get action from. BUT when you can get his attention he does stand behind his products. Now may be a good time as all the spring trade shows are done. Pm me for his cell number if you need it. I found comments on his fb gets pretty instant reply. He has replaced the h frame and credited me the cost of the oars or rather SUP paddles he uses so I could buy proper OARS from outcast. A pain but came through in the end. Yeah it took almost 6 months of sometimes heated discussion, luckily only Sept to March so not much fish time lost.
  4. It’s behaviour like this that leads to gates and no trespassing signs. if you can carry it in full you sure as hell can carry it out empty.
  5. Yup. A hunting requires that you be able to identify critters. Fisherman need to know f a . Make the course compulsory. No course no permit. Simple. Caught without = a MEANINGFUL fine and ban for one year. Costa day ban increases exponentially for further infractions. 1 2 4 8 16 etc.
  6. Yes! Good news indeed. A good friend works for AEP as a fisheries biologist. He called the other day to let me know that Dixon is all ears and WANTED the portfolio so he can do some good. Lets hope. My opinion have been sent.
  7. I've fished Whiteswan a handful of times. Always stay at Home Basin. Much nicer campground and more dog walking opportunities - and no logging trucks. Yes the east end gets windy. Had one of my best days in a light gale. Motored out to beyond the drop off, pitch out a pumpkin head on an intermediate sink tip, and a drift sock and go with the flow back well onto the shallow flat. A fish a drift for nearly two hours. I did motor down to the west end one day and did well in the trough. Alces is a pretty little lake. Fish aren't huge but they sure know how to throw a hook. Often o
  8. Spent the morning on the Highwood. After a 20 minute hike downstream from the Highwood day use area near the park boundary I went to land a fish and no net. Its a medium size Brodin I got as a gift nearly 40 years ago. Unlikely anyone will find it as I was bush whacking some vow and game trails. Fished back to truck then spent the next 40 minutes trying to retrace my steps. Geez there a lot of small tracks heading every which way. Small reward on offer. Oh, and I was calling out for Yogi as I walked.
  9. And don’t forget that the long range plan is to end all fishing in the mountain parks. Every year they seem to chip away. More lakes closed. More areas closed to ALL human access. Writing is on the wall. Just gotta look for it.
  10. Following is a letter I sent to the owner of 4 Boys Mfg after a disastrous adventure relocating my loader from a 1997 to a 2019 Ford F250 dsl. The root cause is the shape and dimensions of the box rail of the 2017 and newer F250/350 Superduty trucks and 4 Boys failure to address the 'new' dimensions. As expected,I have not heard a peep. So, as far as 4 Boys is concerned - buy our product, The end. It is unfortunate that Curtis is so unwilling to help' or even accept that their product, as configured, does not safely/securely mount to some vehicles. It is also unfortunate
  11. Yup. Too bad because I find the fb sites get overloaded with stuff I don’t give a **** about. I prefer the forums as easier to pick out the threads of interest.
  12. Yeah seems he’s found a way around the rules hey moderators, maybe only registered users can past angling with a link to elsewhere. Take a look at pacres history. He has NEVER posted ANYTHING except links to his blog.
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