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  1. stonefly tails - alternatives

    body thickness is an issue too, ive had refusals on 1/2" wide chernobyls on the bow, only to have the same fish take a 3/8" wide stone pattern ( at 9am)
  2. stonefly tails - alternatives

    not much of a fan of thickly hackled flies as a general rule whether wet emergers or dry i think sparser flies get more snouts
  3. hi guys instead of adding more fly boxes, im looking at thinning out some less used patterns. i would like to give flies away to kids. I was wondering if anyone was in a lake community or fishing a lot of smaller stocked trout, as i have a tonne of floss bodied chironomids to give away for free. I can throw some marabou leeches and other flies in there too. If ya give me your address I can send them for free. tight lines Adam
  4. Heading To The Skeena?

    I think what we can't argue is that our impact, impacts steelhead and salmon. Commercial and native fishing used to be well distributed over many river drainages across the pacific rim, feeding a smaller world population that wasn't obsessed with eating "wild salmon or steelhead" We now are promoting "wild salmon" still with more people to feed and less river drainages to get the fish from. I think we all know where this will go eventually, and that's what is sad about it. We should probably not be eating wild salmon any more, too many people in the world for it to be sustainable, and too few fish. I think we should be eating farmed salmon, not in the ocean but inland, but alas its expensive, so it won't happen until all the wild fish are gone. Sure we can give certain alaska or BC salmon silly little decals to say its sustainable so that profits can be made today, but for how long? negative point of view, but coast to coast, salmon and steelhead fisheries have only gone in one direction
  5. Interestingly some are even tied with snells tied into the heads..enjoy... https://www.facebook.com/canadianrockiesflyfishingschool/photos/pcb.1106076969498128/1106066759499149/?type=3&theater
  6. Hi guys I wrote this post trying to encourage new fly fishers to keep fly selection simple, and not carry too many fly patterns that represent the same thing. I think we need to pick the best tried and true patterns, and if fish don't want one food item, try another rather than trying numerous versions of pretty much the same fly... https://www.facebook.com/canadianrockiesflyfishingschool/posts/1022282597877566:0 tight lines Adam
  7. Didymo Study

    without a doubt brown trout populations can't be what they used to be, the rainbows seem more resilient for some reason, from what I have observed anyways
  8. hey why don't we go fishing instead...
  9. Worm Nymph Rig

    I think I am convinced, the fluoro passes the eyeball test for me, it just looks less visible than the mono, and sinks a bit better apparently, getting flies down better potentially. It held up to a 20" trout no problem too, suffix was only $8 a spool too at w/s sports, so not too expensive when only using 2-3 ft of the stuff at a go, damn I'm cheap hahaha
  10. Worm Nymph Rig

    I just bought a trial spool of 6 lb fluoro, never used it before, but I always hear the upside, I'm gonna try it on the last 2 ft of my 6 lb maxima leader, with a surgeons knot to stop split shot from slipping..we'll see, more fish? I'm not sure....if I can't convince myself I'm getting more fish, then I won't be able to justify paying more for it. I may start using a 2-3 ft top section too of 8 lb maxima to avoid losing my strike indicators when I get stuck on a piece of canada, but this is getting to be a lot of knots, and I may just want to get fishing ahaha
  11. I think signs are a good idea for the honest mistakes, when I was at a multispecies lake last yr talking to some real nice fellas, they had the trout species confused, so I helped them out; they meant well, great guys, but I think some of the big signs like in k-country showing real trout pix and ID can help I also had a 70 yo neighbour, great guy in every respect, but with fishing, he thought he could just go down the bow, and fish, with powerbait, didn't know any different, someone told him it was fine, he got fined, as he should, but sad part is turned him off, will never fish again he said, maybe a sign would have helped, maybe not if it wasn't right where he was standing I think signs can help the honest mistakes, but I assume most poaching isn't about the honest mistakes...there are folks who just don't care, and RAP is a great tool, but it can be tough in the backcountry where some guys poach bull trout and eat them on site; I saw a few of these makeshift "ovens" last summer with large entrails, tinfoil laying there in a crumple amongst a few jigs, discarded line, and powerbait close by; how fast can RAP get into the backcountry if I ever came across one of these "chefs" and I'm a few km away from a road, and it is a no ATV zone?
  12. Worm Nymph Rig

    good point, ya can also mash the wire down a bit with a pair of pliers to take the sharp edges off, or likely even forceps would work too the other thing to look at too if these points don't help is to make sure your improved clinch knots are good and snug (using saliva, and even your finger nail to push the knot tight)...it's something that can get taken for granted by all of us when all ya want to do is get those flies out there in front of a big tank trout another thing is to make sure the line ya buy isn't from Wally world either, I had a buddy buy some tippet from there and it was rotted, I don't think the turn over is very high at times in the sporting goods section of the land of the blue (and yellow sun)
  13. Hey guys, Unfortunately, at glenmore yesterday, I saw probably half a dozen guys launching boats on the gravel bar to the north of the bridge, and ignoring the sign that says...wait for it... stay off the gravel bar to the north of the bridge. There is lots of room on the south side, and I saw many guys doing that with success, not sure why all these guys felt the need to ignore the sign. I am still more on the side of being indifferent (this will probably change) about the increased boat access issue now, but I thought I would mention this as there is a group of our fellow fly fishers that are trying to increase boat access, and I think if we want access to new boat launches throughout the city, we should respect the existing ones, or we as a fly fishing group are just weakening our position in talks with stakeholders who obviously already have concerns or we would already have access to some of these areas. There may also be fish habitat reasons they want us to stay off the north gravel bar, I'm not sure, but just in case, I think a good idea is to use the south gravel bar, and keep everybody happy. my 2 cents, hopefully this doesn't sound like a john lennon song, it didn't go well for him...
  14. Worm Nymph Rig

    I fish maxima, it is strong at 6lb, highly abrasion resistant, and when I tested it, breaks closer to 7 or 8 lbs, I am thinking of trying 2 ft of fluoro next yr, still too cheap now hahah but honestly, the fish don't seem to care, I'd try 6 lb maxima ultragreen, it won't break! the salmon, and steelheaders have used it for years too, as it is reliable for big strong fish.