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  1. There is a fixed jack plate on the market, I did the same thing on my boat a few years ago
  2. I recently won a trout spey rod in a raffle (Redington Hydrogen trout spey 4wt 11-6). I don't know much about it so Im asking if anyone has any info on the appropriate shooting heads and tips to match it. I like to swing big streamers off the bottom and throw indicator rigs and swing the odd soft hackle. I understand the 2 kinds of line (Skagit and Skandi) but am wondering if anyone knows first hand what brands and weights cast best, before I invest a bunch of money in it. I would like to have the versatility of being able to switch between a skagit and scandi shooting head so Im not really interested in a Integrated trout spey line.
  3. Gloomis IMX-pro, I used to use sage exclusively as well but these rods are just as fast and 2/3 the price. I have a 5 and 6 weight and they both cast streamers beautifully
  4. Im looking to find some new water this summer. As most of you know Southern/Central Alberta has become over run, so living in Edmonton the obvious choice would be to go North. I have spent a fair bit of time through the Simmonette and Little Smokey area but am wondering if anyone has done any floats (specifically) on the upper Smokey, Athabasca, or Kakwa river. I have a raft and a drift boat and am always looking for a partner
  5. The increased volume of anglers is annoying, but it’s only going to get worse. You can’t really blame them though, it’s a really fun hobby
  6. My brother and I are taking the boat down to the Bitterroot Valley, Montana the first of April. We have our backup rivers (lower Madison and the Missouri) in case the Bitterroot gets blown out but we are getting excited to fish the first substantial meal of the year (skwalas). Has anyone fished Clark fork or the Bitterroot that time of year? What can I expect?
  7. I’m sorry but this is all just painful. I myself have contributed to the doom and gloom, but someone for the love of god post something positive. This forum is about something we all love and posting our edgy opinions isn’t solving anything, it’s just creating segregation.
  8. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XdNJ0JAwT7I Anyone watch this? What’s your thoughts?
  9. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XdNJ0JAwT7I 

    I’m wondering if anyone else has watched this documentary, it’s done by Patagonia and has lots of good points on hatcheries and migratory salmon and steelhead but comes off as a little bias to me. 

    What’s your thoughts? 

  10. Definitely won’t see that happening at the cross iron mills bass pro. The trout have too many bulging tumours to fit in a bass’s mouth
  11. I agree! I think there needs to be more awareness on catch and release coming from Alberta conservation. Lots of people release fish but to them it means exactly that (just throwing the fish back). They just don’t know that holding a fish up right by the gill plate and out of the water for 3 minutes will more than likely kill the fish. Most anglers are guilty of this, myself included but it’s time for a change, how many pictures do you need.
  12. I went to the Alberta Fisheries Public Engagement Meeting in St. Albert last night, and I have to say it was well done all around. I was thinking it was going to be a “torch and pitchfork thing”, but the the format turned out to be be excellent. There was multiple booths with subject matter experts at each one talking on one specific topic. Topics ranging from the decline of the Bow River, whirling disease, the Pembina Grayling program, and bull trout populations. There was also lots about stocking both trout and prairie species, tags systems, and current licensing. Each booth had lots of information about the topic it was presenting and literature to take away. This was good but what I really liked was each one were taking suggestions for solutions of problems our fisheries currently have. Was anyone else there? What did you think?
  13. Before Christmas I found myself walking around Crossiron Mills in an effort to kill time. I had travelled down from Edmonton and was waiting to meet a guy about a drift boat in the parking lot. Like many other Canadians I try not to support big box outdoor stores, given there effect on local economy and low quality of products, but when you have nothing but time to kill, the flash of one of these stores is hard for any angler to resist. So after doing a few laps of the mall I walked through the turn style and into the multi billion dollar corporation that I now feel is destroying not only local economy but our fisheries as well. Call me a wet blanket, call me a downer but just see where I’m coming from until you pass judgement. After entering the store I went where most people using this forum would go, the fly shop. I spent about 10 minutes looking around at the far inferior selection that put a Canadian born chain out of business two years ago, all the while thinking we lost that for this? That may be a matter of personal opinion as these things usually are, but it’s what I saw at the check out that for lack of a better term “really pissed me off”. Near the front of the store at the exit displayed so proudly was a one of the many old black and white photos of “the good old days”. Now just to be clear I have nothing wrong with eating an occasional fish but the display of a picture with 15-20 trout on a stringer seems inappropriate to say the least. And it’s not like it’s just one they are all over the place, picture after picture of dead fish. We all know those are not the fisheries we have today, my argument is that it’s because of the “good old days” we are dealing with such fragile an venerable fisheries today. The scenario that happens way to to often in our province is this. There’s a guy watching tv, he sees an ad for one of the many big box outdoors stores, he thinks “well fishing looks pretty fun”. What’s his next stop? You guessed it! So he walks into one of these stores, takes away from local economies, walks to the register to have one of these pictures staring him in the face. This is a person Who knows nothing other than what the store staff just told him and what is displayed on the walls. We have all heard the guy “what do you mean catch and release”, or “it’s not even worth the time if I can’t keep fish”. Well I think it’s this mind set that is a contributing factor to the decline of our fisheries. So I have just thrown out a lot contentious arguments and I’m not asking for any kind of conflict I’m more just wondering if this bugs anyone but myself? Solutions? Well I know it may sound silly but I think you have to look at where the problem starts and no I do t think it’s the pictures hanging on the walls of a store. Education! It’s always the answer and it should come from the start. The reason hunting education courses are mandatory is to promote safety and CONSERVATION. So would it really be a bad thing if we did the same for fishing? No this won’t solve the problems we have now days but the the problems we have will not be solved by any one thing. Long winded, I know but it’s something I felt had to be said.
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