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  1. We get wrecks every year, a few years back we resued a couple of guys from Montana whos boat swamped below Police, it was a lucky outcome for both boat and fly fishers. Barry White's book "My Bow" records a number of victims of the Bow.
  2. As we get older we do lose those we love. Sorry for your loss. I've lost a couple of fishing buddies dear to me over the years including a previous Admin of this site "Flytier". Memories and pictures are what we have thank goodness. If you have a picture of an old buddy you miss feel free to post it here.
  3. I do mine with 2 mixed colors of Olive marabou for the tail and body, and a flashback using Flashabu. Mixes it up nicely.
  4. That was a fear that I had, but so far so good, low memory foam of some kind. If mine eventually wears a bit it looks easy enough to replace or jab more foam in there.
  5. Would be nice to start a list of hotspots for Prussians so we can all take time to target them.
  6. Another emerger version I want to try out.
  7. Running off some Midges for a buddy.
  8. Wonderful, thanks for posting.
  9. Soo many nice color variations in Browns.
  10. Always hold the rod secure, would probably come off if I was chased by a bull through a half mile of willows and a couple of barbed wire fences.
  11. Nice job, I always enjoy cool ideas like this. I've been using the smith creek rod holder for a couple of years now and really like it. Originally looked for a rod holder after stepping on a rod tip and needed something better. Especially for changing flies, releasing trout etc.
  12. That is a great job, congratulations, I tend to think of Cerakote for firearms coating but this is a very cool application.
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