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  1. You must now fill out and deposit a self-certification permit for non-motorized watercraft and water recreational gear in Banff National Park. You can get the permit and more information here.
  2. Nice, fewer and fewer companies stand behind their product. Had a small plate fall out a Hardy reel of mine, they sent a replacement no probleml
  3. Looks like someone defacing a city sigh to me. On a different note I always cringe when I see some of these guys use words like "slay" or "kill" and such. I know that it is often used as a volume saying for really catching a lot but the connotation to people outside of our bubble is very bad. Its also very disrespectful to our sport. Its unfortunately used a lot by so called professionals.
  4. The same every year the meters have not been set up as yet.
  5. All great stuff, good start on the seasons flies GGP, beauty ties as usual. I love the Yellow Sally Bow, the bead will sink the back end and be really attractive to cruising trout. Great Lighting bug, its a killer. Thinking of tying a lot more small flies, #18 and #20. Have samples of midges, Tricos and BWO's and have been fooling with some new Emerger patterns and some simpler Dries with silhouettes in mind. Does anyone else Tie to suit particular rivers or areas? I am a firm believer that if fish have seen the same pattern over and over they learn not to touch. But more unusual patterns
  6. Extremely cool picture Monger, thanks for posting.
  7. Here ya go fixed it for you. Get rid of the two wraps [img]picture[/img]
  8. March Brown Emerger in #14
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