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  1. Good on you I nailed a few on the Bow, Have it on speed dial, I figure anyone I get helps protect what I love.
  2. I love tying Soft Hackles, gets you concentrated on the body more. Soft Hackle here is actually grey but a bit of yellow marker makes the color tick.
  3. Just curious, is the Superfine a Carbon or Fiberglass Fly rod.

  4. Hell I have a lot of vintage stuff. Helps when Mom, Pop and Gramps where all fishers and tiers.
  5. Late 50's early 60's Hardy Bougle Mk IV, only 100 Limited Edition made so they are rather rare. This one was never lined with box pouch and paperwork. I also have the matching Lee Wulff 6.5 ft Bamboo fly rod.
  6. The leather is in great shape really flexible, the strap needs a bit of work but not bad. I am looking into a good quality conditioner. The wicking/drying areas are felt, see below. Took a pix of the inside leader and accessory pockets also.
  7. Fantastic with a red Agate and box no less!
  8. fly boxes and holders have changed through the years. Here is Grandpas Fly wallet, these leather pouches where incredibly versatile with a big variety parchment of compartments for leader and fly storage. In the middle is a couple of pages of absorbent drying sheets for wet flies. Both outside pages have flapped pockets also.
  9. Over the years I have collected or been handed down vintage fly fishing items. Have a modest collection of reels and other items that I will post if people are interested. Here is a Hardy St John these early reels where hand made and often had the makers initials stamped inside. Some of these where tagged with the companies name. This one according to the data base was made by James Smith for James Niel and Son's in Nova Scotia.
  10. Blue Wing Olive in size #20. I like these little guys on a wide gap hook.
  11. Its almost March Brown time
  12. Aaaaaaaa!!!!!! My eyes, my eyes!!!!
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