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  1. SilverDoctor

    What Are You Tying 2018 Edition

    I'm short on extended body flies, (those darn large Browns and Cutties) time to start topping off my and my buddies fly box. This is a new one. I've been looking at Stoneflies that hatch on smaller streams and creeks that they are a bit smaller than say the bow river. Wanted a few that are in the #18 size with foam bodies and deer hair to float but ride low in the meniscus of the surface.
  2. Lake Sundance? I remember Phyllis BP (before perch) what a crime that such a great little Trout fishery went that route.
  3. Alberta Environment and Parks would like to hear from you! Provide your input on proposed fisheries management objectives and 2019-2020 fisheries regulations by completing the online surveys below. Survey questions are specific to each of the waterbodies open for consultation HERE
  4. SilverDoctor

    Looking to take photos of fly anglers during the winter

    Still trying to warm up after our last trip Murray.
  5. SilverDoctor

    Vote Day Olympics .yes/no

    No is my vote. it does not make financial sense. And I don't' want my home taxes to soar.
  6. SilverDoctor

    Wow - just Wow

    Gorgeous looking Rainbows.
  7. SilverDoctor

    What Are You Tying 2018 Edition

    Traditional quill wing female Adams
  8. SilverDoctor

    Old Doc's last trip of 2018

    Thanks Ralph.
  9. SilverDoctor

    Old Doc's last trip of 2018

    I have not posted a trip in a while so goes. review the full article
  10. SilverDoctor

    What Are You Tying 2018 Edition

    bruiser blend dubbing is just a mix of existing available dubbing. Don't get caught up on specific materials. Not hard to mix your own. Just look for long fiber translucent materials. some flash on the body to show through, EP fibers for the top wing. I use post para material (which is Antron or Zelon) for the belly covering. Macrome also works great. Hope this helps. I might be doing a demo after Christmas on a few flies.
  11. SilverDoctor

    What Are You Tying 2018 Edition

    Been playing with some Low Fat Minnow patterns. Nice looking profile and weighted with a large tungsten bead. Fist pix is tehtied versign and then what they look like wet.
  12. Hi Guys, the site has been updated to hopefully resolve issues we have been having. Give me a shout if you see anything amiss.
  13. Yes, we are having problems with the site. Not sure if we have been hacked or what. Please bear with us.
  14. A very Happy 92bd Birthday to Joan Wullf. A wonderful teacher and truly great fly fisher.
  15. SilverDoctor

    What Are You Tying 2018 Edition

    Here you go Thread: White Top Fold Wrap: Green Falshabu Body: Pearl Falshabu Gills: Red Thread Tail: Tied off top and bottom fold wrap Eyes: Stick on Finish: Solarez UV Cure