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  1. The other decline is food base. Invertbrates such as Stone Flies, Mayflies and Caddis numbers have dropped. We are no longer seeing the super hatches as in past years. You flip stones and notice the decline.
  2. Most of us "Old Timers" would have recoiled at this sort of idea then and now.
  3. Not a bad season overall but didn’t get out as much as I would have liked. Prowled streams and tribs Met a bunch of nice Browns that came out to chat with me over some Dry flies and unfortunately only one Cuttie. Smelled the earth Freaked out some squirrels Studied insects under rocks Watched hatches ebb and flow Mostly watched trout sip on Mayflies Chatted about life with good buddies No bruins this season but lots of tracks Listened to nothing in the woods and everything Fished 2 solid hatches where trout fed with abandon Thought about new dry flies and emergers for next season Saw deer cross streams I was fishing without them seeing me Listened to leaves rustle and called out their summer and fall sounds. Ate some nice lunches but promised myself more hot coffee and food using my Coleman stoves. Remembered those who I fished with who are no longer on this earthy plane. Was happy! My waders ended my season early on my behalf. First pinhole leaks which where easy to fix, then both seams where they met the backs of both booties. Oh well 8 years is OK for a set of waders I guess. A shootout to all I met on the waters this season from this old Doc.
  4. Wow good on you for reporting to RAP. We need more good eyes on the water for just this reason.
  5. yep dark colors are more visible in low light. Also have some posts made of Flashabo for early mornng.
  6. SilverDoctor


    Midge clusters are great.
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