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  1. Time to form a Fly fishing hit squad. With hotspotting and concentrated effort.
  2. They also catch fire easily if you use them to stir a campfire.
  3. I use the same Cocoon's as they fit over my glasses. Not only for seeing rises but also wading safety.
  4. Buy the reel and take it to an engraving service like a Trophy store or some Jewellers will also preform the task. A quick google search is your friend.
  5. New interactive Map to Sportsfishing Regulations Here.
  6. I have written Diaries,with drawings of flies and descriptions of trips and paces. You know the saying about old dogs.
  7. Do you have a Spey Rod etc.?
  8. Fast action rods will certainly give you more distance and power, softer action more control, precise fly placement. I like a faster action for big streamer work and throwing big bugs like hair frogs for bass. On the other hand all my Dry fly rods are softer action.
  9. Fast action rods are harder on tippets than a soft tip. The reason I love Bamboo and Fiberglass.
  10. Water - Keep hydrated Carry a Wading Staff Learn a number of fly casts Figure out what the Trout are eating Report Poachers Keep a respectable distance from other Fly Fishers
  11. Look for Macrame yarn, Don turned me on to it years ago. Floats like a cork.
  12. I bought My Reddingtons Online Pokerfish. Would have been nice to be able to check the size but with their chart it did turn out OK.
  13. I've always used Simms but my last set of G3 Guides where nothing but trouble. Leak after leak. No joy for the price. Last year I tried a pair of Reddington Sonic Pro's with a front zipperand love em. The other Idea is to look for wast high waders (Wading pants). Unless you are wading chest high they are a good bet (don't wade where the fish are). Bass Pro had a good brand a couple of years back when I worked in the fly shop, Lasted 6 years.
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