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  1. How many of us have caught the same trout numerous times with no seemingly ill effects?
  2. With more pressure comes more need for technical and careful tactics. I've had more luck with emergers and more exacting patterns.
  3. Lots of questions from someone with only 1 post and no community forum involvement.
  4. Made a bunch of these also using hot glue, shrink wrap is a good idea, have to try that.
  5. That's horrible Hoping you get well,
  6. Switched to Chota's a couple of years ago. My feet have thanked me.
  7. Here is a simple sign we can wear on the Bow. Only weighs about 50 lbs.
  8. We get wrecks every year, a few years back we resued a couple of guys from Montana whos boat swamped below Police, it was a lucky outcome for both boat and fly fishers. Barry White's book "My Bow" records a number of victims of the Bow.
  9. As we get older we do lose those we love. Sorry for your loss. I've lost a couple of fishing buddies dear to me over the years including a previous Admin of this site "Flytier". Memories and pictures are what we have thank goodness. If you have a picture of an old buddy you miss feel free to post it here.
  10. I do mine with 2 mixed colors of Olive marabou for the tail and body, and a flashback using Flashabu. Mixes it up nicely.
  11. That was a fear that I had, but so far so good, low memory foam of some kind. If mine eventually wears a bit it looks easy enough to replace or jab more foam in there.
  12. Would be nice to start a list of hotspots for Prussians so we can all take time to target them.
  13. Another emerger version I want to try out.
  14. Running off some Midges for a buddy.
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