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  1. Size #20 Trico Spinner Stage Box, Males and Females.
  2. Thanks for pointing this out will read and take time to digest.
  3. Hatch of #20 BWO)'s, short tail with CDC wings.
  4. Mallard Point, Fish Creek Park. The reason is there is a Bird Sanctuary there.
  5. I bought all mine at Fishtails but years ago. think I have about a doz.
  6. SilverDoc, is Fish Creek still considered part of "the Bow River System?"

  7. Much fewer fish in this section, I live up here also. You do have to look for the right kind of water. there are some decent fish but you do have to put in the time to find them. Trico's and small Mayflies on the river now.
  8. Been just using machine screws and replacing them every couple of years. The Kold Kutters look nice but the shipping is heavy. Should check out some local motocross shops to see if they carry them.
  9. I had a pair of Simms G3’s with Vibram soles. For a couple of years. Sold them and went back to Felt soles for this old guy again. Much more secure grip and so much safer.
  10. I'm just writing some new rules for the Buy and Sell area to be in line with other forums. Looking for feedback on any thoughts. We have had quite a few new users with only one or two posts placing ads and never being heard from again. I would prefer something like 30 days membership and 20 posts.
  11. Map of the zones affected by Whirling Disease. A more detailed map of areas here. Good reading, WD has been with us since 2016. Many of us have reported it over the years. https://calgary.ctvnews.ca/parks-canada-drains-alberta-lake-where-whirling-disease-was-first-discovered-1.4639220 https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/040b86889ae54c4ab93ae299b9b9397a https://awc-wpac.ca/2019/05/whirling-disease/ https://www.alberta.ca/whirling-disease.aspx
  12. Thanks, we will all keep our eyes on the water to help bring closure to this family in need.
  13. Also have been seeing the odd rainbow dead along the bank. Not a lot but a few
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