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  1. Very cool, could use a bit of TLC. Someone in the past has rewrapped portions of it, different colors, doesn’t look factory. Without a decal and writing on the rod it becomes extremely difficult to ID and date. My best guess is it looks like a T.H. Chubb fly rod by the style of the locking seat. Chubb was both a component maker and a rod company, and many rods of early 1900 were built with Chubb reel seats. The West Woods stamp could signify it was built for specific sporting goods or store. A brass reel seat generally could be early 1900’s. Would look great rewrapped in period colors and stripped/varnished properly.
  2. Is there a decal or decal shadow on the rod, Anything on the end cap? Do all the snake guides look the same? What is the total length of the rod?
  3. From what I know it looks to be from the '70s, the spools on them was silver like you'res, they later went with a solid grey spool in the '90s. The earlier ones came with a blue vinyl case. Hope this helps.
  4. Love vintage Hardy's and other old reels have a modest collection amassed over the years. If there is enough interest In vintage stuff I'll start posting some.
  5. Wow great find, Hardy the Marquis are great reels, last for a life-time. It’s the workhorse of the line with a palming rim & classic sound. I’ve taken quite a few Steelhead with a #2 Salmon sized one. Would be nice to see the face of the reel to try to date it as the color of the face changed. This is the Trout/Light Salmon sized one. The Hardy hardy Fibalite Perfection is a nice find, owned on many years ago. The spigot ferrules help to more efficiently transfer energy for a smooth cast. Medium-fast, action bit faster than most glass rods of this time period with lots of backbone and sensitive tips.
  6. It's Humpy my mistake, corrected it. I like tying this fly, can work like a charm and the deer hair floats forever. What part gives you trouble?
  7. Robin redbreast checking out the old nesting box this morning singing his song. Love spring.
  8. The new Regulations are out for 2019 Here. Don't forget to pick up a new sportfishing fishing license.
  9. Sims Guides where nice but too stiff for long walks (my poor aching feet) and only lasted a year and a half the same as the Headwaters which fell apart at the seams and opened up at the sides. Too darn much money for that. I got 2 years out of Korkers Devils Canyons but the entire master soles on both boots let go (a week apart) and failed resulting in a very long and uncomfortable walk over miles of freestone rocks to get back to the truck. Not an experience I want again. I've had it with these so-called top brands. My backup boots where Chota Abrams Creek,.That pair is now over 10 years old and still in good shape. The year before last my fishing buddy and I after lots of discussion and research picked up the Chota "STL" Plus Wading Boots. I have to say these are by far the most comfortable boots I have had. Don't even feel like I am wearing boots all day long. Another big plus is very easy to slip on at the start of the day and really easy to slip off at the close of the day. No more tugging and gyrations hopping around like a crazy fool trying to free yourself. Important factors for this old guy. Everyone's feet are different and your experience may not be the same, but I do curse the amount of money I've spent on high-end throwaway brands. Might as well have bought regular hiking boots and oiled the heck out of them. A great many years ago my first pair of leather lace-up Hodgeman wading boots. You needed to add waterproofing every 6 months to a year. But I had 18 years out of those boots.
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