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  1. Its a start, in the link you can see the sampling of sampling. https://www.calgaryriverusers.org/1581-2/?fbclid=IwAR04spm6M6OnoUHJoziDXxrq-QPjk-Yo0nCALkiedZoQ-TRPPQvTSOE-7IU
  2. If you can send back for warranty, if not just as Murray said hit it with nail polish or epoxy and fish it.
  3. One of my earliest memories was my Dad taking me fishing on rivers like the Humber, Niagara, Restigouche among others for salmon. It was tiny fish cabins with pot bellied wood stoves crowded with old guys, Bamboo fly rods everywhere and silk lines drying in the rafters. Whiskery, damp wool, cigar smoke and laughter was a heady experience for a young kid taking it all in.
  4. Gramps and Dad tied in hand, Dad switched over to a vice in the late 50's. Learned to tie in hand but switched ot a vice fairly quickly, as I tied for a lot of shops in BC in my younger days.
  5. Wish they woud do stocking in some of our small streams, they are suffering.
  6. Vancouver Island would be great with beach fly fishing and small streams.
  7. Tried a few methods of finding leaks, the flashlight was the best. But it seems once they start going it accelerates. After repairing my old Simms last year over and over I got tired of wet feet. Did get 5 years out of them. Have had 3 pairs of Simms, good waders but getting rather pricey for the name. Needed a new pair this spring and darn happy with my new Redingtons Sonic-Pro's. Time will tell but they have been great.
  8. Size #20 Trico Spinner Stage Box, Males and Females.
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