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  1. Mind you from personal experience I have caught numerous trout more than once based on teh same marking which tend to be individual.
  2. Interesting study, thanks for posting.
  3. Lets hope it rearranges things for the good.
  4. I make my own as I bought full red squirrel pelt a few years ago and it was a good buy. Also shot a grey that has supplied great dubbing. A coffee grinder is you friend for mixing as Brian said. I often just clip from the pelt. How much do you need?
  5. It makes excellent Dry Fly Dubbing. Floats well and easy to dubb for flies like the Adams. I like the course longer fibers for Wings on dry flies, float like a cork.
  6. With all respect any time you want to pick up the moderation duties here and think you can do a better job you are more than than welcome.
  7. Know how you feel, encountered it too may times to count.
  8. There are a lot of regional variations of flies like this. Tied to focus on a particular area or lake. The one you show in the box was popular for Raibow trout in the mountain Lakes in the interior of BC.
  9. Easy, its an Alexandra wet fly. Lots of slight variations of this one depending on location. Tied a lot of these for shops in BC in the 60's and 70's, named in honour of the Princess Alexandra. Basic pattern Typical sizes 6–10 Thread Black 6/0 nylon Tail Red ibis, swan or goose wing feather (this one is blue and natural dunn) Body Yellow Dubbing (often tie it with a double tinsel body) Wing Six or more strands of peacock herl over red duck, swan or goose wing feather Ribbing Fine oval silver tinsel Hackle Black or brown tied wet Head Black thread
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