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  1. Power drifters etc

    UHMV- I don't see why it couldn't be installed. Not cheap.
  2. Tying Travel Bag

    Briefcase- gives you a nice sturdy platform to tie on if your riding shotgun
  3. Bow River Etiquette

    I love going up stream (in the most respectful and safest way of course) and waving to shore fisherman and drifters... only to receive a *hit stare or arms raised in the air almost saying "are you f--n kidding me?" I think some of the biggest idiots on the bow are the guys that believe that they have some sort of superior position in comparison to others, not the hated gear chucker or jet boater. Public resource. Period.
  4. Policeman Area

    You should grab a calgary road map - tons of places to access the bow both in and out of city limits.
  5. BFG All-terrain. Radical tire. dont know if they come in that size. I have dealt with tire rack and they were awesome.
  6. Jet boaters are people too.
  7. Feeding Browns

    That right there... is pretty awesome.
  8. Skeena In September

    I like an 8wt rod in the 12-13 foot range. Its nice to have a variety of tips in different lengths. I also like to have a few of the same patterns with no dumbells, medium bells, and heavy bells according to the water conditions. As for specific flies- who knows? What ever jumps out at ya and one that you wont second guess half way through a run. Fish Tales can custom weld tips in any length and sink rate that you want.
  9. Light Spey Lines.

    I personally like the airflo lines, never fished quite that light. Skagit lines are designed for turning over sinking tips and generally larger/heavier flies. Scandi heads are longer and used for fishing small flies /dry flies. Another option that is kind of a happy medium between the two is the new switch chucker line from Rio. Designed for lighter shorter rods and eliminate the need for running line make is easier to nymph if need be. Best thing to do would be to stop by one of the local shops and borrow the scandi-skagit demo kits and see what suits your casting style/rod. Shops can also set you up with lesson to get ya started.
  10. Best Bang For Your Buck?

    Give fish tales a shout... they have some deals on at the moment.
  11. Think I might be following Tungsten on this one... Is there a big difference between the two stroke and four stroke in terms of winterization? why?
  12. Hey all, Anyone have any recommendations shop wise for boat winterization? The jet is a Yamaha. Is winterization something that I can do by myself? Not incredibly mechanically inclined. Any ideas about ballpark cost? Cheers.
  13. Strange Lake Phenomenon

    Any minnows breaking the surface? Maybe they were crashing on schooled up minnows?
  14. Bugs And Flooding (Omr Area)

    I think it might just be that all of the alders and riverside vegetation got a good scrubbing with the floods. This weekend there was a decent hatch of pmd's but no body was too interested in em. Same story as the bow perhaps?
  15. Jet Boat

    Worried about the transom capacity of the 1648. Can't seem to find an answer online or get a confirmed answer from the dealers. The 40 merc is 267lbs dry... Might have to get the transom reinforced ? Once you started getting into welding I imagine you're jumping drastically in cash money.