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  1. Lol, but you watched to the end, didn't you?
  2. Hope it doesn't migrate up here...
  3. I pulled this from albertarelm.com Can I have my fishing license on my phone? Yes, you may take a picture of your license and store it on your mobile device as proof of having a license. ... However, we do have a mobile optimized website and those who purchase their license via a mobile device now download their license to their mobile device rather than receiving a printed license.Mar 17, 2016
  4. "The decline in Bow river trout and aquatic invertebrate populations are uniform from Banff too the Bassano dam, regardless of the degree of fishing pressure." Can you expand on this or share the reference we can take a look at? Thx
  5. Lol, such a typical troll response. Attack, vilify and criticize. Nothing in the way of constructive input or suggested solutions. Keyboard warrior of the day...
  6. Unfortunately flood mitigation trumps fisheries/recreational concerns. I'm not generally a conspiracy theorist but add to that the likelihood of power generation profiteering under the guise of flow management just may explain the weird flows we've seen the last few seasons. I would like to see the fall city closure again. Close the mouth of the Highwood/Fishcreek for Rainbows in the spring. Social media has made an Instragram gong show of those locations. Fertilize the Bow below the water intake like they do in BC to restore steelhead/salmon stream. Yes, we have world class sewage
  7. I drove by the Elbow today and saw a few pieces of equipment in the river around Wood's Park. I must have made my first observation before they got there silt curtains installed. It's cleared considerably. Doesn't seem like the most ideal time to be causing that sort of disturbance with the spawn coming on.
  8. Has anyone been past the Elbow lately? It's been about 4 days for me but it looked like your morning double/double thru Stanley Park. My guess is the dam refit may have something to do with it.
  9. I've gone to the Redington studs for a bit of cost saving. They come with a handy pocket driver. Great for the Bow slime and wear pretty good. Fishtales stocks them. https://www.redington.com/fly-fishing-waders/goat-head-sole-spikes
  10. A friend caught a shop-vac while mini mooching for chinook off Quadra island. Wait for it...
  11. I am currently tying on a Stonfo Kaiman Vice installed it on my Norvise deck. I was an early adopter of the Norvise system and after a decade or so my biggest issue is jaw deformation. The high carbon steel in the Kaiman jaw is what sold me. I know...I know it's not a Regal , but with a little tweaking/tuning it performs pretty good. So, Regal like action, good steel, on a hobo budget. IMHO
  12. Is it a tranny or not? do tell...
  13. Epic post Roast! I spent many a winter on the west coast stoking a wood fire and rebuilding old glass salmon rods. I regret selling an old Lami S glas 686 4pc. It was translucent honey brown. Is your blank see-thru?
  14. I feel compelled to use the cliché..." you can't fix stupid." As more and more people buy into the " ****in giver" mentality, imho the only option is to restrict and enforce harshly. Once these areas are cut up, it takes many years to come back naturally. Our waterways are under assault, every year another large swath of high country get hit. I would like to see much stronger liability enforcement in the form of restrictive insurance coverage. Why should those that abuse the privilege be able to avoid any culpability unless it's posted to facebook. Just sayin...
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