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New Format, or what?

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Howdy All. So I got on FFC via Fly Fusion Forums yesterday, and now it is in a different format. Is this the new format for everyone, or can I somehow switch back to the old format that I liked. Usually had it on New Content, which showed newest of all categories. Paul

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It would seem to an outside observer like myself that the ownership of this forum is slowly trying to plow this forum into the dirt.... why else would you make the changes to this forum that have been complete against the user experience. I wonder how long it will be before this comment gets deleted?

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Does anyone know what the platform used before was?  Currently says Invision down below, so not sure if that was the case before.  I actually prefer the new format, cause it works... whereas for the week or so leading up to the switchover, I wasn't able to access it at all from my home computer or tablet for some reason.  The one thing I do like about the new forum is that it seems to reload the page when you pop back from a thread to the forum index page, showing what is read and isn't read; on the previous iteration you had to manually refetch the index page to see that.  I can't remember exactly what the old, old version was like (before it became fly fusion) but this one seems closer to it.  If memory serves you all complained about that new format when it switched over ;) 

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11 minutes ago, Tungsten said:

Is there still a new content icon?Cause i cant find it.WTH is a leader board?This is now a competition??

Mike, hit "Unread content"!


I think the leader board is for all the millennial gamers on here to make them feel loved! :huh:

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