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  1. Monger; As long as they choose to allow ice fishing,in a QSF.IMO you'll never see it.The popularity is so great,to catch a fish over 6" is enormous..Pine coullee,is an example.I'll use.There was a tremendous burbot fishing there.Popularity ,over limits has diminished there catch.As long as trout are susceptable,to walleye & pike .Trout 6-12" are lunch ,for these predators.Pine Coulee is doomed to slow death,as a mediocre fishery Police; for now has survived a few winters .Allowing the fish to grow too what there potential,of there strains .Were developed to achieve.Also having no access,during typical ice on seasons,has created this fishery.Thankfully a c&r of a fish less than 50cm MUST BE released. When have you ever seen the campground at Police.Fully booked !!
  2. Monger; My answer is Yes .We need more , QSF.When you look at the the,popularity now of Beaver,Police.The loss of Bullshaed ,Cavan,Dipping Vat.Then if you factor in the perch invested trout lakes [6] in the RMH area alone.There ideaology is that once,perch have been infested in a trout lake.They no lnger stock trout into the waterbody..
  3. https://globalnews.ca/news/8425389/invasive-species-federal-money/
  4. Was a baby bottle floating by.Followed by a guy,with baby .Drifting down the river.In the hard top,of a tent trailer
  5. I forgot to add,predation from birds.Mainly cormorants,pelicans.I think,that Ont.has a pest control,bylaw in place.To allow shooting of cormorants.
  6. Motorised boats,not allowed.Single barbless hooks,or the very least barbless.Increased fees for out of province or country.
  7. Thanks for sharing...Good also too see that AB.Fisheries is trying them.Great work thanks
  8. Your welcome..I thought it was interesting,the Whirling Disease work.Being done for Parks Canada.For guys wanting multi species .in stillwaters.The difference in fishing for Browns,in stillwater.Where to put your offerings for catching Tigers.Blood Indian update.Total upgrades on all of our hatcheries.Replenishing Bull trout,through a quarantine trailer.So as not to contaminate our hatcheries..Yes it's a long vid.That's why i highlighted some of it...
  9. https://albertaregulations.ca/ Quick note Police changes Yes it's 3 fish BUT only 1 over 50 cm Please read them
  10. This is 2 years ago So what have they done SFA Just allowed the buggers to invade,nearly all waters south of Edmonton https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=fly+fish+food
  11. The 2 lakes in harvest hills,have thousands.They aerate the lakes.Why can't F&W force them to shut the aerators down.Hopefully there by killing,them.in the winter.They're storm water lakes that eventually sees the .The over flow making it's way into the Bow River.
  12. The Alberta Conservation Association (ACA) would like to increase the opportunity for kids to use flies as another alternative to worms and power bait at its ‘Kids Can Catch’ events throughout the province. We offered to help them out and some of us are sorting through our fly boxes or tying a few extra to donate flies that would work well in a lake under a bobber using a spinning rod. We’re aiming for 500 but would like to make the number much higher to help ACA keep this going for a few years. We're hoping some AO members might be interested in helping out. Suggested patterns include small woolly buggers, chironomids, scuds, leeches, caddis pupae, dragonfly or damselfly nymphs. Anything that would look edible to a 12" or so rainbow or brown. We’ll also put together a ‘kid-friendly’ handout about fishing with flies and what the flies imitate, for ACA to print off and hand out. Maybe it will help increase knowledge of, and hopefully interest in, fishing with flies and what lives under the water that trout like to eat. If you’d like to help out by donating a few flies you can send them to: Northern Lights Fly Fishers, 1112 116A Street NW, Edmonton, AB T6J 6Y7 This is posted on the AO site.I believe that it's a great thing.Get kid's more in the sport ,that so many of us love..Thanks again to the efforts of Peter L & the Northern Lights Flyfishers & ACA...
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