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  1. Thanks for sharing...Good also too see that AB.Fisheries is trying them.Great work thanks
  2. Your welcome..I thought it was interesting,the Whirling Disease work.Being done for Parks Canada.For guys wanting multi species .in stillwaters.The difference in fishing for Browns,in stillwater.Where to put your offerings for catching Tigers.Blood Indian update.Total upgrades on all of our hatcheries.Replenishing Bull trout,through a quarantine trailer.So as not to contaminate our hatcheries..Yes it's a long vid.That's why i highlighted some of it...
  3. https://albertaregulations.ca/ Quick note Police changes Yes it's 3 fish BUT only 1 over 50 cm Please read them
  4. This is 2 years ago So what have they done SFA Just allowed the buggers to invade,nearly all waters south of Edmonton https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=fly+fish+food
  5. The 2 lakes in harvest hills,have thousands.They aerate the lakes.Why can't F&W force them to shut the aerators down.Hopefully there by killing,them.in the winter.They're storm water lakes that eventually sees the .The over flow making it's way into the Bow River.
  6. The Alberta Conservation Association (ACA) would like to increase the opportunity for kids to use flies as another alternative to worms and power bait at its ‘Kids Can Catch’ events throughout the province. We offered to help them out and some of us are sorting through our fly boxes or tying a few extra to donate flies that would work well in a lake under a bobber using a spinning rod. We’re aiming for 500 but would like to make the number much higher to help ACA keep this going for a few years. We're hoping some AO members might be interested in helping out. Suggested patterns include small woolly buggers, chironomids, scuds, leeches, caddis pupae, dragonfly or damselfly nymphs. Anything that would look edible to a 12" or so rainbow or brown. We’ll also put together a ‘kid-friendly’ handout about fishing with flies and what the flies imitate, for ACA to print off and hand out. Maybe it will help increase knowledge of, and hopefully interest in, fishing with flies and what lives under the water that trout like to eat. If you’d like to help out by donating a few flies you can send them to: Northern Lights Fly Fishers, 1112 116A Street NW, Edmonton, AB T6J 6Y7 This is posted on the AO site.I believe that it's a great thing.Get kid's more in the sport ,that so many of us love..Thanks again to the efforts of Peter L & the Northern Lights Flyfishers & ACA...
  7. I fish them spring & fall. Generally in the spring.I'll put a chironomid on the bottom fly[chromie 14],top fly ultimate bt man sz10.5-10'O FOW.iN THE FALL FLOATER TOP,SINKING BOTTOM
  8. Not a very good picture.How about a caddis,or possibly a flying ant.Nice to have a side view.Tent shaped wings,would lead me to a caddis. ??
  9. Insight into why Bullshead has not been restocked? 

    1. BrianR


      Water conditions.if there is any there  guessing Shane.Petry@gov.ab.ca give him a shout out..He looks after all the lakes in the south

  10. Top of the hill ,there is a gate.So no access from there with a vechile.Today's satelite view shows that it's still ice covered

    1. mdow


      Gonna head down this next week either way. It will be nice to just get out of the city and see some country. I will let you know how it goes. Do you fish anywhere else down there? I was talking to the biologist who stocks the lake and he told me that the fish in Police are an areal strain of rainbow that he gets from down in the states. He was glad to hear how much they jump and fight... 

    2. BrianR


      Payne lake,nw of police get's the same strain[Troutlodge in Idaho].Only difference is Police is a qsf &Payne is P&T..Tight lines

    3. mdow


      Thanks. Are you affiliated with the Sam Livingston hatchery, or what is your position? I run an outdoor ed program and have been working with Ryan Lyster for a few years now and the kids and I help with the stocking programs he runs, and Ravens, for the lakes and ponds west of Calgary. 

      Do you know anything about Fiesta? or Beaverdam lake? Fiesta is close to home, but I am looking to fins some decent sized Brook trout and I think Ryan was telling me about the Beaverdam, but not sure.

      Was at Police Wednesday and had a pretty good day. That lake has some really nice fish in there. My biggest was just a hair under 25 inches... 

  11. Logging in..They sure ask,some very delicate identity questions.For a free test..Not for me,this test...I do agree with the need for new fisher's,to be able to identify fish.Fishing ediquitte.etc.
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