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  1. Thanks for posting..It does present an issue.That i have had ,for years.That being ice fishing,at a C&R lake.The fish,generally is caught.Dragged up onto the ice.Pictures taken[guessing].Then kicked down the hole.The article speaks to handling & the loss of the protective slime.Well i am only surmising that the cold exposure,would definitely effect that slime.Being that it might very well be frozen.Gone is the gentle release,allowing for the fish to recoup.Just dropped into the hole. Shame to see this happening & not just on our trout lakes.What about Walleye,Pike etc.
  2. So it would appear that 3 members of the AB.Legis.Enjoy fishing,maybe they'll get down to business of recreateing our fisheries.I for one would love to see more QSF trout spots.Better reg's .When dealing with catch& keep limits.More C&R QSF'S.User pay,for all fishermen,men women children seniors etc. http://www.outdoorsmenforum.ca/showthread.php?t=371595
  3. http://www.outdoorsmenforum.ca/showthread.php?t=367276
  4. www.hatchmag.com/articles/could-sex-change-operation-be-key-restoring-native-trout/77
  5. www.hatchmag.com/articles/could-sex-change-operation-be-key-restoring-native-trout/77
  6. I used 2 25 lb pyramids for my old 1756 jon boat.Using scottie anchor locks, 50' of braided marine rope,11/2feet of galv.chain.When it was windy i added the same on the opposite side.So in this case 1 out front,1 on ea.corner This boat had a lot of surface are & ,mostly flat & close to the water.V hull you might get away with less,of course wind being the major factor...Play safe
  7. I have the same reels.Good .GREAT for attracting loons IMO. The spring broke in the same reel 2x.I fished them ,for 10-15 yrs,only issue the noise.When Frenchy's went up in smoke,i bought complete sets for $25.00 .Smoke damaged...Still have 2 left..
  8. Give Brunsie a shout out .He was looking last year..My memory is the shits,i think he said they don't make them anymore..
  9. You should try & post that on the AB.Outdoorsman forum..
  10. Don: May remember this.Anyways was at a mtg.in either Edmonton or Red Deer,when the chair told us of the illegal stocking of Bullhead fish,in a pond in FT.Mac[2015].F&W had to bring in a tech person from the US.Because none of our F&W staff knew how to handle Roetone.They killed of that pond off & trained appropriate{F &W] staff on the handling of Roetone.To this day the only other place that i have heard Roetoned ,were in the town of Okotoks.That town killed of a pond infested with goldfish,because they didn't want them getting into the Bow/Highwood/Sheep drainage.They did this at the towns cost..So F&W staff are trained & still no action.Why. Is it costs.Then have a habitat regeneration fund ,dedicated specifially to iradicating invasive fish species.If they are not to be in a said lake.Then action should be taken...FT.MAC eg.happened in 2 days........
  11. Once the hordes of dog owners,at the dog parks by the bow.Incounter them ,the screams will come out,they stink,drown my dog,killed my dog etc.They won't be so fricken cute then..
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