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  1. You may want to check out Kijiji, there’s a drift boat for sale that looks just like the one you have posted. Best of luck getting your boat back.
  2. I’ve made several purchases, great quality and fast delivery here to Calgary.
  3. I purchased the G4 Simms last year with Vibram soles for the bow, not nearly as grippy as my old felt bottoms. (Disappointing )I have actually gone back to using my felt soles just for fishing the bow.
  4. Looks like a blast!! Great photos, thanks for sharing.
  5. Otiswag1

    28" Trout

    Beauty!! Nice work
  6. If you google— standata wireless smoke alarms— and pick the municipal affairs link it will give you everything you need to know. Cheers
  7. I turned mine inside out, rubbed dish soap all over them and inserted a leaf blower as I held the top tight around the blower shaft. Bubbles right away, just go easy with the blower as you don't want to,damage any seams. Hope this helps
  8. Old format for me too, way easier to navigate and see new posts.
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