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  1. Gloomis IMX pro. The 4 wt is 8.5’ but handles large steamers and sink tip very well. Never thrown a full sink.
  2. that would be it..one of two rods were sold. Thanks
  3. Had a rod posted for sale and now the post is gone. Why?
  4. That is undoubtedly part of the most beautiful drive in North America. Hope it is sunny so you can enjoy the glaciers and peaks.
  5. Enjoy your vacation Del. Give Kai and his dad my best. You picked a great place to stay for your time in the Pass. Try a Good Morning Bagel at the fly shop. Like Northfork said the Rocky area has some unique places to chase fish and you will enjoy it.
  6. No intent to short change the Rocky area. Just thinking if a guy has only two days you cant go wrong with the Pass. I fish the rocky area quite often and love it with the Clearwater being at top of my preferences. It is definitely worth exploring.
  7. Early fall is a great time to fish Alberta and you should do well. The streams will be low, clear, and cool. Near Rocky the browns in the Clearwater River will be willing to play. The Raven and Stauffer are also good but quite challenging. The area of the Ram that garners all the raves is extremely difficult to access on foot. Unless you want to book a helicopter you would do well to not try. The Blackstone is easier to access but the river bed is in a high energy flood plain and the wintering holes change too much to produce numbers of cutthroat but is still fairly good. There are other strea
  8. If you like Hardys consider the Hardy Sirrus glass rod with their sintrix resin. Nice casting rod with that nice fibreglass soul but with lots of backbone for longer casts and handling fish.
  9. I believe it would require a change to the National Parks Act which would have to be passed by parliament or an order in council. Regardless we do have to be diligent ourselves. I did buy another pair of boots so that I would have a pair for the Bow and one for other waters. The first weekend in April I travelled up through the parks on my way home and renewed my parks licence in Lake Louise and just as I was walking out the door the officer called me back and showed me the new "regulation". I was a little taken aback as my new boots were felt but before going fishing in the Athabasca I s
  10. acting outside of their authority..not properly having the reg enacted.
  11. Seems the ban will come about once it is passed into law by the feds. No word exactly when and what parks they will include.
  12. They acted very quickly with out completely looking into the ramifications and have pulled the ban on felt in Jasper not sure about Banff
  13. go to a good camera shop. There was a good one down by the MEC store in Calgary and buy a good quality monopod. I bought a Manfrotto there a few years back. The leg extends by loosening push clamps. It cost less than any I have seen in fly shops and is far sturdier. You will not likely bend it under most stress levels you will encounter. In my mind without a doubt the best bang for the buck I have found
  14. I bought a 71/2' browning 5 wt in 1978. While I owned and built sage, and lamiglass graphite I usd the browning for probably over 75 percent of my fishing up until about 5 years ago. I only stopped using it because the fibreglass is showing signs of fatigue and because of the super rods g loomis is putting out. I am looking to get another fibreglass rod just because of that feel only they have.
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