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  1. bigbowtrout

    Wow - just Wow

    This awesome. Thanks for sharing Don.
  2. Last I heard he took off to BC. Scammed over a dozen locals and was doing some shady stuff with a product line he was carrying. I was hoping he was gone for good.
  3. My point was that people are quick to judge. So many possibilities and opinions. As an Admin I don't see an issue with the pic. But obviously another Admin acted on a complaint. It's a judgment call with no winners. Piss the OP off or piss off those who complain. The only ones happy are the local trolls.
  4. That wasn't my point. But carry on
  5. The funniest part is the fish was caught in a stocked Calgary community lake. It could have been bonked and on the BBQ so who gives a flying f about the pic.
  6. bigbowtrout


    Welcome, You can't and won't go wrong using Max as a guide. I look forward to seeing how your trip goes.
  7. bigbowtrout

    Country Pleasures

    Sad Sad news. I wish all the best to Mike and his family going forward.
  8. I just talked with Chris and they won't be doing the expo for 2018. But he's hoping to have something in the works for 2019.
  9. bigbowtrout

    Strike indicator

    I only fished the Taupo area so I'm not 100% sure on the rest of NZ "Strike indicators When you use a stike indicator, you can add only a dye or line floatant. A strike indicator is any synthetic or natural yarn and its means of attachment to the line or cast used by the person fishing as an aid to detecting a strike. It does not include any other material or any other object attached to the line or cast, or any synthetic or natural yarn to which has been added any material or chemical (other than a colour dye or surfactant line flotant preparation)." http://www.nzfishing.com/Regulations/RegulationsTaupo.htm
  10. bigbowtrout

    Strike indicator

    I used it when I was in NZ since you can't use thingamabobers over there. It's pretty slick and worked very well. Couple local shops had them in stock.
  11. bigbowtrout

    New Format, or what?

    I get paid in Rep. Thats it
  12. bigbowtrout

    New Format, or what?

    Hopefully I got that fixed now.
  13. bigbowtrout


    Welcome to the forum. Feel free to PM for any details of the local area. Good to have another Taff on the site. (Parents are from the Port Talbot area)
  14. bigbowtrout

    Near Miss

    I had a trout save my life on the Crow many years ago. It was a normal super windy day on the Crow and as I was getting ready to walk up to the next pool I saw a fish rise in a tiny corner pocket. So I change my attention to that fish and work him after a first refusal. Just then a big gust hit and a large tree falls into the above pool. It hit so hard it sent a wake down to where I was.
  15. bigbowtrout

    The First One

    Awesome congratulations