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  1. oh really. After all this time,they figure on doing something.I reported the carp in Harvest Hills retention ponds 6 years ago.Got a trespassing fine & a scolding by a Dick Tracy.That if i wasn't a resident of the Harvest Hills commune,i would have to leave.Next day C of Calgary sent some workers out,to try a net.What a shame,the drainage hooks into Nose creek.Which then makes it's way into the Bow..
  2. Smitty ; I too learnt it from Phil.Where he slides the bobber stop,directly onto the fly line...
  3. Bit of info,populations,areas where the bears are expanding there range. https://friresearch.ca/resource/studying-grizzly-bears-alberta
  4. Pretty tough fishing from shore.Boat gets you past that 1st drop off,then it's pretty well 20' deep.BLK.Leeches,wine leeches,damsels & dragons.
  5. BrianR


    Take your pick black,or grey.They're running all over,the place.Coffee grinder mix your own
  6. The Ausible fly,uses rabbit fot hair & body hair.For years ,ws my go to dry may.
  7. I have used,with great success,they are found in the gear fishing area.They are called bobber stops.They come in pks of 10-20 for about 2.00.Phil Rowley intro.them to me.He might have a demo,on installing on your line.Very easy.. https://thefishinhole.com/index.cfm?action=product&kw=%2FFALCON-TACKLE%2FFALCON-RUBBER-BOBBER-STOPS%2F&se=20459
  8. imho Most guys use too big a fly.Spring time ,always have a red butt.Bloodworm red or green.So bottom fly bloodworm,next may be a chromie with a red rib.12-14.Swivel adds weight.So my 2 fly set up in 15'0 Would Straight flourcarbon 10-12' corkie [phil rowley type],swivel.Then the rest would be split up for the depth top fly would be 10-16,then one at the very bottom.That swivel adds weigdjust tippet length to depthht ,but also acts to stop the loss of your corkie.So corkie 1st,then svivel.Adjust tippet to water depth. Once you catch a fish &is longer than 12".A very good tool ,is a throat sampler.Helps to identify the bugs that your fish ate. Tight lines & sinking corkies.
  9. The videos that you should be watching.Are those guys ,that started it all.Brian Chan,Phil Rowley.Things mentioned are what i do.But you can go witout an indicator also[naked & or dangling].Naked is generally ,dry line with long lines.Dangling is done primarily with a straight sink line & very short tippet[strong].Usally done in water depth deeper than say 25'.Knowing the depth of water,helps very much.Electronics or a simply attach .Your forceps to the hook & lower the line to the bottom.Taking note of the depth .Mark it,peg your indie.etc .Losa guys do very well fishing these bugs.Help is a pm away.IMO Jack Shaw is probably the guy that .put the works in play.But alas i don't think ,there there are any videos of him.There are lotsa video authrs out there.I just named 2 that i learned some of there teachings from.
  10. Monger; As long as they choose to allow ice fishing,in a QSF.IMO you'll never see it.The popularity is so great,to catch a fish over 6" is enormous..Pine coullee,is an example.I'll use.There was a tremendous burbot fishing there.Popularity ,over limits has diminished there catch.As long as trout are susceptable,to walleye & pike .Trout 6-12" are lunch ,for these predators.Pine Coulee is doomed to slow death,as a mediocre fishery Police; for now has survived a few winters .Allowing the fish to grow too what there potential,of there strains .Were developed to achieve.Also having no access,during typical ice on seasons,has created this fishery.Thankfully a c&r of a fish less than 50cm MUST BE released. When have you ever seen the campground at Police.Fully booked !!
  11. Monger; My answer is Yes .We need more , QSF.When you look at the the,popularity now of Beaver,Police.The loss of Bullshaed ,Cavan,Dipping Vat.Then if you factor in the perch invested trout lakes [6] in the RMH area alone.There ideaology is that once,perch have been infested in a trout lake.They no lnger stock trout into the waterbody..
  12. https://globalnews.ca/news/8425389/invasive-species-federal-money/
  13. Was a baby bottle floating by.Followed by a guy,with baby .Drifting down the river.In the hard top,of a tent trailer
  14. I forgot to add,predation from birds.Mainly cormorants,pelicans.I think,that Ont.has a pest control,bylaw in place.To allow shooting of cormorants.
  15. Motorised boats,not allowed.Single barbless hooks,or the very least barbless.Increased fees for out of province or country.
  16. Thanks for sharing...Good also too see that AB.Fisheries is trying them.Great work thanks
  17. Your welcome..I thought it was interesting,the Whirling Disease work.Being done for Parks Canada.For guys wanting multi species .in stillwaters.The difference in fishing for Browns,in stillwater.Where to put your offerings for catching Tigers.Blood Indian update.Total upgrades on all of our hatcheries.Replenishing Bull trout,through a quarantine trailer.So as not to contaminate our hatcheries..Yes it's a long vid.That's why i highlighted some of it...
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