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  1. Fish tales closed down guiding for the weekend and said they would go day by day for the next week.So good on them.Fish or don’t fish you decide where all adults Here I have heard.
  2. I was considering selling my drift boat and purchasing one of these in the three seater version.I really want to have the portability to take a nice inflatable camping and also float the river.I was wondering if anyone has this model here in town?Im very curious if you would feel cramped?It would be the wife kid and dog.Would you feel safe in a lake if the wind came up?Would you purchase better oars than what comes with? How is the buoyancy with three people in it?how is the rod storage you can get with them?Any other positive or negatives you have? LOL thanks for your imput. LOL
  3. I’m really interested in the Ogden road one is there a set completion date.I was just wondering as I’m a Ogden bum.
  4. All good buddy keep up the good work
  5. You forgot to mention the size of shrink tube?1/8 I believe?I bought mine at greggs distributors
  6. So every spring when the two groups of guide company’s open there annual school for guides this will add about 24 or so more potential guides to the river.This is big money for the companies so who cares about the river right just the cash coming in for the school and the clients the company can put on the river.Im down with guides on the river for the economy ect ect but really we need to get some control.Sorry to the two groups but that’s the reality.You fish the banks and there full you fish your boat you play bumper boats.When is the This all going to stop let’s get some seasonal closures as well.Just my opinion.
  7. Contact me if you want to discuss a trade option on an Islander LX 3.6 Gold plus some cash

     I could use the Hatch7 … the Islander may be good option for your Streamer outfit.  I use it with my 7wt Bow River Streamer rig

    Greg  ( Fritzy) 403 852-1356 cell,  we have met before... SE Calgary


    I can text pics of Islander

    1. Vitalshok


      Hay fritz not sure if you will get this or not?Im going to pass I’m really not into gold to be honest.But thank you for the trade offer.

    2. Fritzy


      NP Good luck with search.


  8. I second that and agree with everything you said to many people to many guides and not enough government support.Worst year I have seen in my life .
  9. Thanks for the reply’s I really wanted to new boat decals as I was going to update the paint on the boat and replace the decals but at this point it’s hardly worth my time for free advertising thanks again.
  10. I originally tried to order three bigger cup holder inserts and two Hyde full size boat decals without American conversion the price for shipping was 30 dollars more than the actual items I was going to purchase.Then I removed the cup holder inserts and just tried to order the decals and the bloody shipping was around 19 dollars more than the stickers.To me that’s bizarre why would shipping be so shitty for a big company that knows Canada Needs there products as well.Maybe I should have just bought a clacka. The older boats have smaller cup inserts and will not hold my coffee cup.Rant over I just wanted a dam coffee on my boat.
  11. My opinion it’s barbless the current should take it out as the body pushes it out just like it does slivers.He might just end up having some bruisers falling him around trying to bite the streamer lol.
  12. Look around a little I thought I read something that said kill them and eat them or throw them in the trash .
  13. I have a mini spine anchor I found it’s around 10lbs would be my guess you can have it for free if you want?Im im  s.e in Ogden if your interested?

    1. RussC


      Really looking for a pyramid anchor. Having a hard time locating one though. Thanks anyway.



  14. Thanks man had one of those and customized the crap out of it.Then I got a drift boat and thinking I might just go for a raft now so I can have a useable trailer and a boat.I like the duel purpose idea.
  15. Just sold my boat now I’m looking at one of these as well they seem pretty cool I was thinking about ordering one but I cannot decide and there is not a lot of reviews on it but it seems ok.I going to call Cabela’s and see if they can get one in or have one in stock but I would really like to see it with own hands.
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