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  1. I second that and agree with everything you said to many people to many guides and not enough government support.Worst year I have seen in my life .
  2. Thanks for the reply’s I really wanted to new boat decals as I was going to update the paint on the boat and replace the decals but at this point it’s hardly worth my time for free advertising thanks again.
  3. I originally tried to order three bigger cup holder inserts and two Hyde full size boat decals without American conversion the price for shipping was 30 dollars more than the actual items I was going to purchase.Then I removed the cup holder inserts and just tried to order the decals and the bloody shipping was around 19 dollars more than the stickers.To me that’s bizarre why would shipping be so shitty for a big company that knows Canada Needs there products as well.Maybe I should have just bought a clacka. The older boats have smaller cup inserts and will not hold my coffee cup.Rant over I just wanted a dam coffee on my boat.
  4. My opinion it’s barbless the current should take it out as the body pushes it out just like it does slivers.He might just end up having some bruisers falling him around trying to bite the streamer lol.
  5. Look around a little I thought I read something that said kill them and eat them or throw them in the trash .
  6. I have a mini spine anchor I found it’s around 10lbs would be my guess you can have it for free if you want?Im im  s.e in Ogden if your interested?

    1. RussC


      Really looking for a pyramid anchor. Having a hard time locating one though. Thanks anyway.



  7. Thanks man had one of those and customized the crap out of it.Then I got a drift boat and thinking I might just go for a raft now so I can have a useable trailer and a boat.I like the duel purpose idea.
  8. Just sold my boat now I’m looking at one of these as well they seem pretty cool I was thinking about ordering one but I cannot decide and there is not a lot of reviews on it but it seems ok.I going to call Cabela’s and see if they can get one in or have one in stock but I would really like to see it with own hands.
  9. Also the young kids just learning the ways of fishing and how to cast.I would agree on single barbless.I usually just cut two prongs off for the kids and remove the barb.You certainly miss more fish but that’s fishing with kids.
  10. As for the guides how many trips per season do they do on average?How Many fish do they catch a trip ?How many guides are on the bow?Take those numbers and the math is most likely outrageous .Then you ad in regular Joes fly fishers and gear chuckers man those total fish could ad up in a real hurry that’s hard on fish.I often have 5 plus fish nights or days.Not saying any one thing is the problem but the fish are really hit hard on the good months.Plus all the other bull crap they have to put up with.just my opinion it doesn’t matter like my wife says lol
  11. If the guy who asked where you where located does not take it could you please let me know I live in the s.e and could meet you somewhere when your out traveling thanks so much keith

  12. Just my two cents for what it’s worth.You can use any dropper off your hopper you like but try to Match the hatch caddis right now seems to be the go to.As for the hopper be the hopper if you fell in water and wanted to get out and couldn’t swim you would twitch and struggle so try that or dead drift the hopper till the end of the swing.The bow is a tough river but try to look at it as it’s small river pick out seems and obstructions back Eddy’s etc unless your fishing hoppers look for grassy banks or fallen off peices of shore line that’s where a hopper could fall in.This site is excellent and many people will be willing to send you in the right direction.I could go on for hours but I’ll let others chim in.
  13. Bump mine back up if there what your looking for

  14. Called one in the other night a family bombing bait got a call back from a Cochrane guy he said I’m in Canmore on a cougar call I said they will be gone by the time you get here.Then I get a call from a high river guy about 20 mins later and he says I’m just west of Longview right now so I said I don’t think your going to make it either so basically wasted tons of fishing time on the phone.Where is the Calgary cops that’s the question there are tons of visitors in town for the stampede you would think someone would be on duty but that’s a big NO.How ever I sent the one fish cop pictures of the van the people and a pin drop for location and I’m sure they will be back there soon.
  15. Where are the bugs that is a great question this year seems to be very little lately saw barely any Caddis last night.I agree with post above.
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