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  1. Dr. told me about this Corona thing. Said take 2 Pils and call him in the morning.
  2. I have recently survived 2 torn knee's and a brain injury, and as a result have not fished in 3 years. No flu is going to keep me off the river. Lol, Feeling much better thank you.
  3. Look often for those creapers.
  4. Couldn't see them for the fish, you poor guy.
  5. I can see a phone for safety backup, but not for photo posing. I at one time was guilty of it, and won't anymore. If you have to, take a pic while largely in water.
  6. It was an interesting night, but I was hoping Paul would have touched more on potential options to get the trout numbers back. I too was curious how much effect the flood, river snot, whirling disease, and more so, Trans Alta has on the river. I wish the govt would also give a higher budget to the CO's. And nice to see you there Eagle FF. PL
  7. Going.. I know it is cold out, but we fishers need to show up in numbers to hear what is going on, and what can be done. PL
  8. I would like that Ralph. All the best to you and yours. I would love some rowing practice on a drifter.
  9. So Ralph, maybe you should change your tag to cowyguy.
  10. Since it is that time of year, my wife Karen and I want to wish all fellow members, a Merry Christmas and Great 2020 for all. Due to an injury I didn't fish this year, So Bring On 2020. Tight Lines and Good Health from Paul and Karen
  11. Nice... Does it come with a seeing eye dog too?
  12. Time for some stakeouts. Thr Brown Trout Panthers. Led lights, lawn darts and tazers.
  13. Try the fLat channels first. I like Alce/Moose, the small lake before Whiteswan,skuds and streamers
  14. Does Trans Alta have some of the blame as well?
  15. Have also seen guys go over the weir. Not a good outcome. I saved another guy in a dead jet boat from going over years ago. We were the last 2 boats on the water. Lucky for him, I was still around. Things can go wrong in a second even for experienced boaters. Stay safe Guys and Gals.
  16. Sorry for loss Ralph. I lost my two best buds to cancer 3 years apart. The first who passed, Greg was my fishing Bud for many many years. I always think of him especially when fishing. Put quite a void in the life for a while.
  17. Or Motoburitto in Turner Valley is good for killer burittos tacos and burgers, outdoor lunch food trailer, lots of room, then can go to Blue Rock and hike.
  18. Now that I am 65, do I have to buy a license in any province, or are we license free?
  19. That is nuts. Have seen it pretty bad on the Harrison or Fraser, but that is crazy.
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